10 Things to Thank Your House Mom For

Sometimes, running a house full of sorority women is a thankless job. We all love our House Moms, but in our busy lives, we often forget to thank them for all they do for us.

10. The food.

I don’t just mean the basic groceries, which we do, of course, appreciate. But the days she makes us her world famous better than sex cake? The best days ever. No where in her job description does it say she has to make us special treats, but she still does it. Because she’s the best.

9. Always saying good morning.

No matter how gross I look or how tired I am, nothing brightens my day quite like seeing my house mom as I pour a cup of coffee.

8. All of the random conversations.

Whether it be at the lunch table or in the hallway, our house mom always has time for us. It amazes me that she is able to know each of us so well. Not only can she keep up with everyone’s name and major, but she knows whats going on with us and checks in if she knows we have a lot on our plate.

7. Her patience.

Sometimes, we make messes. Or we forget to put our dishes away. And she only gets a little upset with us when we do. She loves us no matter how much junk we leave sitting in the card room.

6. The fashion advice.

She will always help you decide which shoes go best with your recruitment outfit. But we all know she’ll have the best shoes of anyone in the chapter.



10 Reasons To Love Being Disaffiliated For Recruitment

At my school, we’re Rho Gammas. Every campus has a different name for us, but every group does the same thing: we take off our letters to help you find yours. Wether you’re a recruitment counselor or a member of Panhel Exec board, it can be hard (and kind of sad) to be separated from your sisters, at least publicly. Luckily, there are some perks.


Since we can’t wear the plethora of shirts we have with our own chapter on them, being disaffiliated kind of eliminates your entire wardrobe. So, we obviously have to do an order of shirts that say Rho Gamma, or Pi Chi, or whatever on them. Right?

9. Getting to know other disaffiliated girls.

If your group is paired with the group of a girl you barely know, you’re about to spend 45 minutes eating food and sitting in a stranger’s bedroom with said girl. Chances are you’re gonna find something to talk and laugh about. The next time you see her on campus, you both smile and say hello and maybe make plans to grab coffee. And isn’t that what being a Greek woman is all about?

8. Getting the inside scoop.

As their recruitment counselor, the PNMs come to you with tough decisions. If they’re torn between to houses, you know about it. And you, with your infinite wisdom, get to help them figure out which one fits them better. You also know which girls become horrible and catty the second they step out of the houses.

7. Recruitment Week is a lot less stressful for us.

The week leading up to recruitment? That pretty much sucks. But we don’t have the pressure of impressing the girls, following your Recruitment Chair’s dress code, asking the right questions, and making sure you’re perfectly Panhellenic. We just have to put them in alphabetical order and hold their shit. Boom.

6. The questions.

The PNMs want nothing more than to figure out our affiliation. They will ask and guess and try to stalk our social media through its airtight security (thanks, Panhel). It’s fun to hear their guesses. It’s also fun to try and trick them. It’s even more fun when they figure out they get to be your sister.



The 12 Days of Srat-mas

On the first day of Srat-mas, my sisters gave to me:
An invite to a frat party.

On the second day of Srat-mas, my sisters gave to me:
Two handmade paddles and an invite to a frat party.

On the third day of Srat-mas, my sisters gave to me:
Three comfort colors, two handmade paddles, and an invite to a frat party.

On the fourth day of Srat-mas, my sisters gave to me:
Four Venti lattes, three comfort colors, two handmade paddles, and an invite to a frat party.

On the fifth day of Srat-mas, my sisters gave to me:
FIVE LEGACIES, four Venti lattes, three comfort colors, two handmade paddles, and an invite to a frat party.

On the sixth day of Srat-mas, my sisters gave to me:
Six pearl earrings, FIVE LEGACIES, four Venti lattes, three comfort colors, two handmade paddles, and an invite to a frat party.



Why Being a Rho Chi Gives You the Ultimate FOMO

There is glitter in the air, the faint sounds of chanting and crafts filling the room, this can only mean one thing, recruitment season is coming soon.  Whether you love recruitment or hate it, this is what every sorority girl lives for.  This is the happiest and most stressful time of year but in the end we all have the joy of receiving brand new girls.  While this time is clearly stressful for everyone, there is one group of people who rarely get thanked for making our lives as easy as possible.  We know them well, some may even be your sisters, but at this time, they are Greek Life’s Recruitment Counselors.
This past semester, I had the honor of serving as a Rho Chi for my Panhellenic community.  While this was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had within Greek life, it was also the most severe case of FOMO that I have ever had.  For those of you who don’t know, Rho Chi’s are “disaffiliated” from their chapters for between one and three months and during that time, they are not allowed to be seen in public with their sisters or attend sorority functions.  This would be difficult for anyone but Rho Chi’s have a special love for Greek Life which tends to make it especially hard.
As any college student can tell you, they want to be part of everything.  In a perfect world, you would never miss a party, a dinner or any event and you would never have silly things like sleep and homework to hold you back.  But the life of a Rho Chi is all about watching from a distance.  You are at every Greek wide event and spend your time talking about sisterhood but all of it has to take place across the room from all of your sisters who have made your sorority experience so wonderful to talk about.  So you stand there and encourage wonderful new college women to join Greek life and long for the day that you can re-join along with them.
The experience of being a Rho Chi provided me with many things.  It taught me a lot about recruitment and communication, it furthered my love for Greek life and my campus and it gave me the ability to learn a lot about myself.  However, it also showed me how lost I am without my chapter.  I realized that I missed sitting with them for meals, I missed going out with them, and I missed the small encounters with sisters that can sometimes just make my day.  My only saving grace during these times were the other wonderful Rho Chi’s including a few from my own chapter.  They became my home away from my sorority home.
While this was a relatively consistent factor of this experience, it began its peak during the actual week of recruitment.  The most difficult parts are sending girls to your chapter’s room and not smiling and cheering on your sisters, controlling the desire to recruit the girls you meet for your own chapter, and being on the outside of the always emotional preference ceremony.  All of these things together pull hard at your heart strings and cause you to love your chapter more than ever.
While all of this FOMO is a short time hardship, it is all worth it in the end.  Helping younger girls to find their home, renewing the love you have for your chapter and running into the arms of all of your sisters at the end of the week makes this an experience that you will never forget.  If you are lucky enough to be a Recruitment Counselor for your campus’ Greek life, remember that although you may experience severe FOMO, you will be able to change lives and improve your community.  So stay positive and make the most of this amazing experience that few people get to have.


12 Things You Should Thank Your University For

As a college student, we each take pride in our university. We cherish the place we choose to further our knowledge and prepare ourselves for the real world. Here are things we should be forever thankful for:

12. Academic growth.


11. Credibility for future jobs and field networking.


10. A home team to call your own; sports are the heart of every school.


9. It’s the almost perfect location to get away from home and free your soul.

dance party

8. Meeting new people and finding new places to indulge in.


7. Your clubs, interest groups, etc.




The 10 Different Types of Cliques In Your Sorority

Even the best sisterhoods have a few cliques. It’s human nature to gravitate toward friends you have the most in common with, after all. Unsure of which cliques your sorority has? Here are a few of the most common cliques within a sorority:


10.) The Face Team – These are the girls all over your chapter’s Instagram, and they’re always in the very front of group pics. They always look good, and they make your chapter look good just by wearing your letters around campus. They like to stick together because how else are they going to get perfect “candid” group pics?


9.) Intramural Queens – This group of friends is always killing it during IM games, and is always found at the gym. Squatting, lifting, running, yoga, these girls do it all together.They stay fit as a fiddle and help each other to do it.


8.) The Jewish-American Princesses – These are the Jewish girls in your sorority who stick together, go to temple together, celebrate Hanukkah together, and who will eventually post the most amazing pics when they all go on Birthright together. You’ll spend your summer sitting at home and living through their beautiful Snapchats and stalking their Facebook album of the amazing trip, wishing that you were born Jewish too.


7.) The 4.0 Crew – These are the girls that keep your entire chapter’s GPA up. If your sorority house has a study, that’s where you’ll most often  find this clique. They can go out and have fun too, but their grades and future matter, so you’ll never catch this friend group out during Finals week or the day before an important exam.


6.) The Typical Sorority Girls – These are the girls who were born to be in a sorority. They knew they wanted to rush before they even reached high school. They probably own a Lilly Pulitzer agenda, a pearl necklace, and at least one Alex & Ani Bracelet (the one with their letters on it, of course). They seem like the stereotypical sorority girls you see in movies and television shows, but it’s only because they love sorority life so much.




An Open Letter To My Favorite Pair Of Jeans

Dear sweet babies,

I love you.

I feel as though we were a match made in heaven. With you, I feel I am unstoppable. I feel like a super model, except not really. You’ve been there for me time after time again.. even when your time should’ve been up. I can’t imagine my closet without you. I can always depend on you, and let’s be honest, you depend on me, too.

We’ve been through a lot together. You’ve walked me through dates, dinners, and family outings. You were there when I had nothing else to wear. You’ve kept me warm when I needed you to. You gave me confidence when I wore you for homecoming court pictures as well as senior pictures. I never cared if I used and abused you, because it was all out of love.

Every girl needs a good pair of jeans to help guide her through life. It’s almost a necessity to have them. You just so happened to be my missing puzzle piece. I’m so glad we’ve found each other. There’s a slight chance I’ll probably never give you up. You’ve supported me through so much, and I appreciate you for that.

One of the reasons I love you so dearly is because of how versatile you are. You get along with every piece of clothing I wear, and nothing makes me happier. Investing in you was a decision that I am so happy I made. I can’t thank you enough. You compliment the “figure” that society thinks I have. You have the ability to make me look extravagant. You keep my secret better than Victoria. For that, I hold you dear to my heart.

Sorry for not always handling you with care. Sorry for putting you through long nights and early mornings. That time I threw up on you when I was really drunk, I didn’t mean it. Those times I left you on the floor for days, I always did pick you up after. Sorry for the grass stains and the rough scratches. I know you may have felt unloved then, but no one honestly loves you like I do. I hope you know that. I’m your person, and you’re my pants. We need each other.

I’ll miss you. I’ll miss you when I lose or gain weight as time goes on. I’ll miss you when I have children. I’ll miss you when I find another pair of jeans I like. But, don’t worry, that’s not possible. We’re a team even though life goes on. Even though we’ll soon go our separate ways, there’s nothing bad that I can say about you because you’ve never let me down. You’ve forever had my back, or, in this case, my butt. Thank you for being the best at what you do. You’re irreplaceable and there could never be another like you. You’re one of a kind.

You know you love me.

Xoxo, your life-sized Barbie


Why We Treasure Our Leggings And Oversized Tees

As much as we would love to wake up everyday and face life in some comfort colors and a pair of leggings, it’s not always socially acceptable. But it’s hard to turn away from them. So, if you’re anything like me, you’re going to understand the reasons why we treasure wearing our big letter t-shirts and our leggings- especially during the fall/winter season.

They’re called comfort colors for a reason, people. Our giant, oversized tees are comfortable. They’re the answer to a college girl’s prayers. We can wear them to sleep, wear them to class, wear them to parties (if you’re bold enough), and no matter what, you will be comfortable. We also pay a shit ton of money on them, so we shouldn’t let this good taste go to waste. Say yes to the dress, or should I say shirt?


Now, let’s talk about leggings. We hold leggings so dear to our heart  They’re like a piece to our missing puzzle. Life wouldn’t be fun if we had to wear jeans or slacks everyday. Leggings are pants. They’re the pants for when you don’t feel like wearing your “big girl pants”. As long as you wear them the correct way, you can splurge all you want. This is simply our way of expressing ourselves through our clothes.


Leggings are pretty great. I mean, they allow extreme flexibility, they’re comfortable, and they’re also versatile. You could wear them pretty much anywhere. You can pair them with just about any outfit. If you’re like me, you feel like you can take on the world in a good pair of leggings.

Sorry world, but we love showing off our greek affiliation. We take pride in our stitched letters and mandatory shirts. We earned them, right? Why not use and abuse them while we still can? Time flies, and soon you’ll be a alumnae making a quilt out of all these beautiful shirts.


So don’t be afraid to dress to your little heart’s desire, ladies; wear that XL tee and those leggings with pride and soak up all of the time you have, before you actually have to start dressing to the standards of the adult world.


12 Types Of Girls You’ll Find In Every Sorority

Regardless of what letters you wear, there’s always a little bit of sugar, spice, and everything nice in every sorority. Life would be boring if every sister acted the same. Here are some personality types that I’m sure we’ve all encountered:

12. The Artsy Craftswoman.

If you need something drawn, help with a poster, or even crafting for your little, she’s always a hop, skip, and a jump away. She’s the artist of your sorority and you definitely utilize her.


11. The Party Goer.

She’s the one “for a good time call”. She’s your gal when you need a break away from your schoolwork and you just need to let loose and have fun.


10. The Grandma aka “House Mom”.

There’s always that one sister that looks out for the needs and best interests of others in the pack. She occasionally stays in, because she’s had her share of life in the fast lane, but she never minds being DD.


9. The Medical Student.

If you’re ever struggling in those hard biology or chemistry classes, she’s the answer to your prayers. There’s always the one that excels in sciences and will most likely become the doctor of the sorority.


8. The Quiet And Humble.

She’s very down to earth and loving. She pulls you back in when you feel you’ve gone to far. She has a heart of gold and prefers to live more cautiously and reserved than the rest of your group.


7. Your Go-To-Girl If You Love Food.

Whenever you’re in the mood to eat out or stop and get food between classes, just make her hotline bling. Sorority girls love food, and this one will definitely never let you eat alone.




Why I Chose Alpha Delta Pi

“I look around me and see a sweet life.” -Jessie J

There’s no limit to the amount of wonderful things I can say about my sorority. I love each and every one of my sisters and everything that Alpha Delta Pi offers me. I’ll try my best not to sound biased, but these are a few reasons why I’m proud of the amazing decision I made.

One thing I loved most about Alpha Delta Pi was the environment and atmosphere that surrounded me from day one of recruitment. From the first night to Pref Tea, I was impressed by how well ADPi presented themselves. I whole-heartedly wanted to be them. I seen a little bit of myself in every girl. They showed me how much of a family they were and how they all loved one another. There were no bad vibes or animosity. They were all genuine and welcomed me with open arms. I felt like I was wanted and appreciated.

I never felt like I had to force a conversation. Every girl that I spoke with truly took the time to get to know me and hear my story. They showed interest in me and helped me understand their organization. There were no rehearsed, timed questions and I loved that about them. Unlike the other houses, I felt like a person and not just a number matched with a face.

There wasn’t a time where I felt awkward or didn’t feel at home. From the first night I walked in the room full of fresh faces, I felt a connection to everyone. I didn’t have to pretend to feel comfortable or to enjoy myself, because I actually did. I was impressed by every story I heard and every skit that was performed. The girls never once made me feel intimidated or scared. They showed me their true selves, and that’s what I was able to give them in return.

I fell in love with the philanthropy. The Ronald McDonald House Charities is amazing nonprofit organization, and it made my heart happy when I heard how ADPi works directly to helping the health and needs of children in need. This made me want to be a part of them even more. Alpha Delta Pi raises and donates to these children and their families, and I think that is untouchable.

I didn’t feel the need to have to change myself or adjust. I already fit right in with everyone. I was three hours away from my hometown, but this place gave me closure and peace of mind. It gave me hope and faith in what my future holds.

When I was stuck in the dark, it was my flashlight. This place was where I belonged. It was my home away from home, and I know in my heart that this is where I am meant to be.


Beginner’s Guide: Bad B’s of Recruitment

Beginner's Guide: Bad B's of Recruitment

Every incoming freshman will ask the same piece of advice upon recruitment season. “What do we talk to the girls in the sorority about?” I’m here to catch you early and tell you honestly, it’s not what you say, but more importantly what you do not say. Sometimes you think you’re doing a great job and all of a sudden, the conversation turns sour and you freak out internally. You have to keep your cool but sorority recruitment can be a little nerve racking, especially since you’re trying to make a good impression.

This is coming from a girl with a terrible lack of filter. I struggle with the everyday importance of thinking before  speaking. I admit it but now I’m here to serve you and myself a little bit of a reminder of those things that are better off unspoken.

Here is the beginner’s guide to follow by during rush week:

A little way all sorority girls have termed these topics is The Bad B’s.



An Open Letter to the Sister Who Slept with My Boyfriend

An Open Letter to the Sister Who Slept with My Boyfriend

Dear “Sister”,

I thought I would be ready to write this letter, but as I sit down to type this, I can feel my heart breaking all over again and the very fact that it’s taken me nearly two weeks to finish this piece shows just how hard it is to put the words on paper, much less read them over and over again. Long after it happened, long after we stopped talking, long after him and I broke up; I can feel the scars rip open every time I let the thought more than flicker through my mind.

love animated GIF

It’s taken me 8 months to be able to talk about what happened that night. Eight months. I’ve spent all this time being ashamed, like your mistake was somehow my fault. I blamed myself for months after it happened, convinced myself that if I had been a better best friend and sister, you wouldn’t have done that to me. The bottom line is, you did do it to me. And then you lied to me about it, to my face. It wasn’t my fault, it was yours.