10 Reasons To Love Being Disaffiliated For Recruitment

At my school, we’re Rho Gammas. Every campus has a different name for us, but every group does the same thing: we take off our letters to help you find yours. Wether you’re a recruitment counselor or a member of Panhel Exec board, it can be hard (and kind of sad) to be separated from your sisters, at least publicly. Luckily, there are some perks.


Since we can’t wear the plethora of shirts we have with our own chapter on them, being disaffiliated kind of eliminates your entire wardrobe. So, we obviously have to do an order of shirts that say Rho Gamma, or Pi Chi, or whatever on them. Right?

9. Getting to know other disaffiliated girls.

If your group is paired with the group of a girl you barely know, you’re about to spend 45 minutes eating food and sitting in a stranger’s bedroom with said girl. Chances are you’re gonna find something to talk and laugh about. The next time you see her on campus, you both smile and say hello and maybe make plans to grab coffee. And isn’t that what being a Greek woman is all about?

8. Getting the inside scoop.

As their recruitment counselor, the PNMs come to you with tough decisions. If they’re torn between to houses, you know about it. And you, with your infinite wisdom, get to help them figure out which one fits them better. You also know which girls become horrible and catty the second they step out of the houses.

7. Recruitment Week is a lot less stressful for us.

The week leading up to recruitment? That pretty much sucks. But we don’t have the pressure of impressing the girls, following your Recruitment Chair’s dress code, asking the right questions, and making sure you’re perfectly Panhellenic. We just have to put them in alphabetical order and hold their shit. Boom.

6. The questions.

The PNMs want nothing more than to figure out our affiliation. They will ask and guess and try to stalk our social media through its airtight security (thanks, Panhel). It’s fun to hear their guesses. It’s also fun to try and trick them. It’s even more fun when they figure out they get to be your sister.



Ottawa Alpha Phi Just Released Their Winter Recruitment Video!

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The fun loving girls of Ottawa’s Alpha Phi want you for winter recruitment! These girls are totally ready to get a new group of sisters and have no problem showing it!


Thoughts When Paying Dues

So, it’s that time again… chapter dues are posted.


You’ve been dodging your Big’s ‘pay your sh*t’ texts all week and the last day has finally caught up to you.


You look at your ‘payment due’ and lament the fact that you took the high road and offered to pay your own way through your sorority.


You briefly wonder whether your pride is worth it… maybe you should just call Dad?


No. NO. You’re a strong, independent woman and you can DO THIS.


Carefully, you open the details of your transactions. You read the outlandish charges on your account and begin the inner war with your past self.




I mean did I REALLY need all those date shirts? He wasn’t even that much fun.

Plus, he ended up acting like a drunken fool and I had help him walk. It was like aiding a baby giraffe.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 3.13.27 PM

You swear to yourself that you will never purchase another date shirt again… though, even in this moment, you know it’s a lie.




30 Slangs Drunk Girls Always Say

Throughout the course of Saturday night, as the alcohol goes down quicker, us girls start to have less of a filter of what they say out in public. I think we can all say we are guilty of saying five or more of these silly slangs while we continue to have drinks pouring.


30.) I’m not even that drunk

drunk girls

29.) “You look so cute!” *walks away* “omg why would she wear that”

oh thanks

28.) Where’s the funnel?

jack black

27.) I’m only good at beer pong when I’m drunk (Still is terrible)

blake lively

26.) Can we play Sorry by Justin Bieber, it is like totally my theme song

sorry by justin bieber

25.) Ew, I do not want to go there, they’re all weird. *goes and leaves being the flip cup champ*


24.) Are we going to the bar tonight?

shots poured

23.) What are we going to drunk eat later?

drunk eating 2

22.) I hate her, why is she here?

 i dont like you


21.) LOL, I just hooked up with him last night and she thinks their dating

  i regret nothing



10 Reasons Being Greek Gives You The Upper Hand

Greek life is often overlooked and isn’t recognized for all the benefits it truly offers. From a higher GPA to a higher overall self-confidence, going Greek is one of the best decisions one could make and here is why:

10. The academic support is outstanding.

Being Greek gives you all the motivators and power sources you need to excel in school. You have study buddies, tutors, and there’s always someone to help you out on that last minute assignment. Good grades are essential, and you have all the human resources you need.


9. “Greeks Get In Free” is definitely a thing.

Throughout the semester, there’s always events, clubs, and parties that are bound to have a “Greeks Get In Free” night. This is one of the perks you enjoy the most. Think of it as your praise and recognition for being a Greek.


8. The endless job opportunities.

When you’re in desperate need of work, don’t hesitate to ask around. Someone will ALWAYS know of places hiring or taking applications. If you’re lucky, you can easily get a job just by knowing or being friends with someone in your organization.


7. Improve your confidence and leadership skills.

Being a Greek does wonders for your social and leadership skills. As a Greek, you put more effort into getting to know people and interacting more with others. You’re even given several opportunities to be a leader. You empower yourself by being Greek, and the end product is amazing.

6. You’re always surrounded by resources.

If you ever need anything- help with directions, getting test answers, or a really good craftsperson- there is always someone to save the day. When you’re surrounded by tons of other Greeks, there’s a person for everything.



Dear Outsiders, I’m Sorry Joining a Sorority Was Never Your Cup of Tea

thousand islands

While entering college, I never knew I was going to end up joining a sorority. The thought never crossed my mind and honestly I didn’t even know Brockport had sororities and fraternities. I was always the “athletic girl” or the “gym rat.” However, I never knew that I would have a whole other world introduced to me besides the “college world.” My friends and family from home were even surprised I was going to become a “sorority girl” because never had I ever even brought up the topic. I think I was so caught up in going away and meeting so many people …and I did from joining Phi Sigma Sigma. I met my lifelong best friends and my future bridesmaids.

I hate when people say “sororities are stupid” “you pay for your friends” “what do you even do besides drink and party?” “Do you have friends outside out the sorority?” “don’t you have to likeeeee buy Tory Burch boots and Jack Rodgers Flip Flops oh and that new Kate Spade bag that just came out?”….like what? Where do you people get these scenarios from? Movies? Little do you all know what you see in the movies about sororities is far from the reality of what our organizations are about.

Each person in our organization brings something to the table. You become best friends with people you never EVER think you would become friends with just because maybe she has a different style than you, or maybe doesn’t like to drink three nights a week, or likes country instead of the Dave Matthews band, or is a cat lady instead of a dog lover. Honestly, who gives a shit because what we all have in common is we love our organization, what we get out of it, what we stand for, and how we give back to our campus and our community because we strive to be the best and show what we stand for besides a red solo up.

Did you know a majority of college campus campus that have Greek Life maintain the highest GPA on their college campuses? Or that country star Carrie Underwood, the lovely Tory Burch, Nashville and Friday Night Lights Star Connie Britton, and One Tree Hill actress Sophia Bush were all in sororities? More than half of girls in the United States have something in common with a celebrity and similar values other than their talent. Also little do you all know, if it wasn’t for some of this celebrities or as we like to call them Alumni, our chapters wouldn’t continue letter alone exist. It’s definitely something to think about.

While making our resumes it’s actually hard to narrow it down to one full page since the amount of positions you hold during your time as an active can be 5 or more. Whether you’re president, vice, member at large, public relations chair, recruitment chair, scholarship chair, I could go on and on, but we gain a whole lot our of these positions that are going to benefit us for life. The amount of network experience we have by the end of one semester is actually outrageous.

Also, did I mention there’s always someone to hang out with? There are usually 50+ sisters to always turn too if you want to go to the gym, grab a slice or pizza, go to the library with, or even binge watch Netflix, we have it all.

I’m not saying not joining a sorority is the end of the world. I am just trying to make the point that if I haven’t joined such a wonderful organization I wouldn’t know where I would be without these wonderful women and all the skills I have learned so far. If I didn’t go outside of my comfort zone and test the waters a little bit who know what I would be doing.

So next time you want to label a sorority as a bunch of stupid blonde girls, a cult, girls who haze, or a bunch of drunk girls, think about it, maybe if you sparked an interest or gave a sorority a chance, you could have been happier than you are now. So who knows your best friend, maid of honor, spirit animal, or hey that frat boy that you could of had that potential relationship with could be just walking around still because I forgot “sororities are stupid.”


If The Cast Of Pretty Little Liars Were In Sororities

We all know and love the ladies of our most beloved drama series on television. We’ve watched and followed behind the lives of these fictional characters, but we’ve always wondered, what letters would these girls represent if they were in sororities?


Hanna, played by Ashley Benson, would be a Kappa Delta. She is the sweetest of the bunch, and she is generous and kind. She is the boldest and the most outspoken of the girls. Even though Hanna is one of the most popular and prettiest girls at school, she is still caring, witty, and thoughtful. You can’t help but love her. As a Kappa Delta, she promotes sisterly love, friendship, and the good fellowship every sorority needs to function.


Aria, played by Lucy Hale, would be an Alpha Delta Pi. She’s the quirkiest one of the group, with a very funky and creative personality. She’s got it all put together and she knows what she wants. She cares about others and won’t hesitate to put them first. She’s very relaxed, loving, and has an old soul. Like any ADPi woman, she is truthful, sincere, and she believes in the motto “We Live For Each Other”. She’s part of what makes the show irresistible to it’s viewers.







Kappa Kappa Gamma’s Breaking Stereotypes

The Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority at Mizzou is tearing down Greek prejudice one intimate photo at a time.


KG languages


Using honest words at their shield, these girls armed themselves with truth in order to set the record straight on the Greek community; their bravery put forth a message that spread between Greeks and non-affiliates alike, asserting that everyone who is a part of Greek life is a normal person, facing trials and tribulations like everyone else.

There is a preconceived notion that paints sorority girls as ditzy, spoiled, shallow or vapid. On more than one occasion, I’ve personally had a complete stranger make a rude comment about Greek life and furthermore, an assumption about my friends and I because of the letters we wear.


The photoset that Mizzou’s Kappa Kappa Gamma’s portrayed Greek women as intelligent…

KKG chemical




Own Your Resting Bitch Face

It’s not a big deal to you. You were born with it and no one can take it away from you. People just have to accept it. They’ll live. Not everyone understands your reasoning behind it. It sucks that others don’t have a relaxed, unbothered facial expression like you do, so they attack you for it.


Friends, coworkers, and family stay on your case about it, but they’re honestly just wasting their breath, right? Your resting bitch face is YOUR FACE and you have every right to own it. Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.


It’s always been a problem with meeting new people — adults, peers, even some friends that you’ve known for a lifetime. “What’s wrong with you?” “You look mad.” “Are you okay?” Of course you’re okay. You’re just living. Isn’t that what every human being does?





Why Sisters Make the Best Roommates

Throughout my college years, I lived with six different sisters, all of various ages. The first one and I rushed together, actually, and wound up in the same sorority, a stroke of luck I am still thankful for.

we're sisters


Three of the six are still some of the best friends I have ever had, two I lived with for three years in a row, four of them were descending branches in my family tree. We were from all over the state and all walks of life, bound together by our love for our letters and each other; when you’re in a Greek system, it truly doesn’t matter where you’re from. It matters who you are. This was the reason that, even though most of them were younger than me or in different pledge classes, we still always maintained a close bond.








15 Things Only SUNY Brockport Students Will Understand

When people think of college they usually think of Syracuse, Standford, UCONN, USF, NCU or another one of those ridiculous ivy league schools that will put you in debt for 50 years. A lot of people bash state schools just because we aren’t private and our tuition isn’t $50,000 a year. Seeing as I am a student at SUNY Brockport, I can say that it was the best decision I have ever made. My friends and I sort of like to call Brockport, the hidden gem of all SUNY schools.


15.) It is totally normal to see 50 squirrels running all over campus while walking to class. They are kind of like our campus pet.


14.) While living on campus, we knew we had to wake up an extra 20 mins to make that two mile walk to Hartwell.

long walks

13.) The Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas in the Union are da bomb.com.

oh yes



If Disney Princesses Were Sorority Recruiters

If Disney Princesses Were Sorority Recruiters

Recruitment is simultaneously the best and worst time to be in a sorority. Yes, you will have multiple days where you wake up at 5 AM and go to bed at 2 AM, as well as catchy chants ringing in your ears. Yes, everyone will reach a point where they will give a verbal bitch-slap to the girl next to them if she interrupts to say “ditto” one more time. Yes, you will feel pushed, elated, underappreciated, and overwhelmed, all accumulating to an exciting weekend of new members and Greek pride. It’s exhausting, wonderful, and most importantly, incredibly necessary to expanding the Greek system.

Greek Pride


That being said, this is what would happen if Disney Princesses were in this situation?


10. Cinderella

This is the girl whose attire reflects her relaxed, carefree attitude; she’s probably sporting Norts and a t-shirt on the daily, which is a totally normal, acceptable thing to do because you love her for who she is– until she comes into recruitment dressed to the 9’s and you have to physically refrain yourself from asking if you can borrow her mice to clean your room.



9. Belle

Belle is the academic sister. She walks around with her nose in a book, lying about between breaks studying, sneaking notes into chapter, doing anything she can to keep her GPA up. She always wins the Good Grades Award and she’s always the one you go to for notes on “sick days”. She’ll quiz every Potential New Member about their grades before anyone else has to and discuss her love for Tolkien while looking equally fabulous.