25 Unique Theme Party Ideas That You Should Try

Tired of the same themes for your socials/mixers/swaps/date functions? Check out the list of the best 25


25. White Trash Bash- Dress in your crop tops and cutoff shorts- and don’t forget your red lipstick

24. New Year’s Eve again- Glitter, sparkles, and suits- perfect for the first week back from Winter of Summer Break

23. Greek Sterotypes- Guys dress “Frat”-backwards caps, t shirts and sperrys, Girls dress “Srat”-Lilly dresses and monogrammed necklaces

22. Toga Party- Cause we are all Greek anyway

21. Great Fratsby- Roaring 20s with flapper dresses and gang members

20. 50s- T-Birds and Pink Ladies


MSU Gamma Phi Beta’s Social Media is on Point

With the world of social media booming, it is almost impossible to be anyone worth mentioning if you lack this brilliant tool. From the rise of Facebook, to Twitter, Instagram, tumblr, and Pinterest booming as well, organizations, businesses, and people can be all over the web. As elections have ended for the fall semester in the world of Sororities, it is imperative the right social media chair has been appointed. This person has to understand the philosophy of, “if it wasn’t posted on social media, did it even happen?” Through various outlets of social media, sororities are able to market themselves, something crucial for not only recruiting prospective members, but for letting the rest of the world know how kick a** they are. One such sorority that is encompassing the world of college creativity, marketing, and appropriate hashtags is none other than my pride and joy, Gamma Phi Beta of MSU.