11 Types of People You Follow on Instagram

Instagram offers a great way to share your photos with all of your followers. The sleek design only allows users to post photos onto their profiles. While scrolling down your Insta-feed, you might be able to see that not all of the people you follow are alike. This list breaks down all of the different people that you follow on IG.

11. The One Who Is Super Artsy

This person’s Instagram is #goals to you. You wish that you could take such an artsy photo of a cup of coffee and get hundreds of likes.


10. The One Who Posts Too Many Selfies

Every time you’re scrolling down your feed, you see another selfie from this person. What happened to #SelfieSunday? This person posts a selfie almost everyday with a caption about how they take so many selfies.


9. The One Who Posts All of Their Food

You can’t unfollow this person because they are one of you’re friends. But every time you see their posts, you can’t help but wonder why they need to post all of their meals on the Internet.


8. The One Who Shows A Little Too Much (If You Know What I Mean)

Every photo that this person posts gets hundreds of likes. How? Well, it could be that their whole chest is exposed in every photo.


7. The One Who Posts Several Photos at a Time

Maybe it’s just me, but I hate having 4 photos in a row on my timeline that are posted by the same person. Was it necessary to post all of these photos from the same occasion?


6. The One Who Is Famous

Even if you don’t want to admit it, you probably follow your favorite celebrities on IG. This gives us another inside look of their lives.




Why Our Generation Is The “Robot” Generation

Look around you. Whether you’re walking through the grocery store, going to class, waiting in line, or even driving your car- you’ll see a society defined by a screen and a keyboard. I like to call this the “robot” generation. Instead of giving attention to the life in front of us, we’re constantly giving it up to social networks and telecommunications. And that, my friend, is not okay.

As the years go on, we are becoming more and more consumed by technology and the screens of our phones, tablets, and computers. It’s becoming overwhelming, the amount of time we spend on electronics. Compared to the amount of technology use there was decades ago, we have certainly set a record. Now, technology is a part of us.


The amount of time people spend scrolling on a glass screen throughout the day can be shocking. Instead of talking to someone face to face, people are more prone to text that person- calling them would be a second option. Instead of venting to our significant other or best friend, we turn to social networks. Instead of watching the news on television, we’re sharing it on a Facebook post. We make technology such a large part of our lives when it really doesn’t have to be.

In the present day world, we give more power to technology than it truly deserves. We spend more than a majority of our day looking down at a screen. People laugh it off when the elder generation tell us we’re killing our brain cells.. well, research has proven they have a point. It’s been said that technology can worsen depression, anxiety, and can make you feel obligated. It has initiated drama, relationship problems, and influences a major issue among society- bullying.


Our generation can’t seem to exist without phones, social media, and technology as a whole. For this reason, we lack a lot of experience that the previous generations before us excel in. We’re more vulnerable to miscommunication and bad judgement. We don’t think, and we make the same mistakes over and over again.

There’s nothing wrong with social networking or using your phone daily. Sometimes it can be good communication. For some of us, it’s part of our job and daily routine. But, it is certainly healthier to reduce the time we invest in these gadgets. We could be spending time with family, bonding with our best friends, learning something new, or going on a spontaneous adventure. This time lost is time we’ll never get back, and life is too short for that.


So, the next time you go on a lunch date or decide to take your friend shopping, leave your phone on silent or in the car. A few hours without it won’t kill you. A break from social media and networking can honestly relieve stress and help a person feel better majority of the time.

Appreciate the life in front of you, put your cellphone down.


20 Stages of Scrolling Through Twitter

Ah Twitter… Our best friend who gives us something to do in awkward situations, allows us to creep on our exes, and share our daily thoughts. Sometimes, it’s a love-hate relationship. One second you see hilarious relatable tweets and the next you find yourself annoyed over people complaining about drama. It’s a whirlwind of different thoughts, but you can’t go a day without checking your timeline….



19) Sorry this is Twitter, not Instagram; your selfies are not welcome here.


18) Oooooh you’re hot *clicks follow*


17) Twitter got ANOTHER update?! I wasn’t even used to the old one yet…


16) Luke Bryan why won’t you follow me back or respond to my tweets?! I just want a favorite or a Tiffany ring. Either works…




7 Ways Social Media Has Ruined All Of Our Lives

Social media is one of the biggest influences of our generation. Whether it’s  because this is what we have grown up with or because all of us are attention seekers isn’t the point. It’s here and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Although it’s an awesome way to stay in touch with friends and family, get ideas, and inspire others it does have its downsides. Here are seven ways social media has ruined our lives.

7. It gets in the way of friendships.

Social Media

We’ve all become accustomed to being in constant contact with each other. When we aren’t able to see our friends all the time we assume they don’t like us anymore. But that isn’t always true! Sometimes people just get busy. Being in college and being in a sorority is already a lot, plus add in work and any other clubs or extra curricular activities and you may forget to reply to a few texts.

6. It makes us think we need to share EVERYTHING.

Social Media
You know, not everyone needs to know what your eating for dinner. With Facebook people post about all their relationship problems and sometimes that just makes everything worse. On Twitter whenever we have some issue with an ex or whoever, we always sub-tweet. It never works because you can always tell who they’re talking about. Instagram is basically a feed of selfies and of course during recruitment and big little reveal you have to post at least four pictures in a day. And don’t even get me started on Snapchat. Friday nights there’s always five ten second videos of some dark room with loud music and strobe lights. Yes, we see you’re at the same party we are also at. Cool.

5. We are more likely to compare ourselves to others.

Social Media

I know this has happened more than once. You follow some fashion blogger on Instagram or Tumbler and want to copy their style. Then you want their hair, their makeup, and then you just want to change everything about yourself to look like them. It’s a slippery slope that’s easy to fall down. Everyone wants to be unique so we try so hard to be “different” instead of just being ourselves.

4. It can complicate romantic relationships.

Social Media

You know what they say, a relationships lasts longer when you keep others out of it. Today many of us post every argument we have with our significant other to social media. This can cause fights to happen and weaken relationships. A lot of people our age don’t know how to communicate face to face but instead turn to social media to air our dirty laundry. Maybe instead of sub-tweeting about how you hate when bae chews with his mouth open, you can just have a conversation with him about it.

3. It distracts us from living in the moment.

Social Media

How many times have you been at a concert or an event watching the action through the screen of your phone? Why do we all feel the need to document everything we do. I know you want to keep your memories alive in videos and pictures to look back on later, trust me I do too. But we should enjoy the moment. Put down your phone and just enjoy. Or at least limit it to one snap per event, please?

2. It makes it easier for negativity to enter our lives.

Social Media

With the prevalence of social media it’s very easy to compare ourselves to others. Sometimes it’s hard to see the value in ourselves. It’s really easy for people to talk about others behind the safety of a computer screen. Cyber-bullying is a terrible phenomenon but as strong women we need to rise above petty social media drama. Social media is great and all, but you have to remember that it doesn’t define you.

1. It distracts us from more important things.

Social Media
Social media is a HUGE time sucker. What’s the first thing you check in the morning? I’d be almost one hundred percent certain it’s your phone. What are we usually doing when we’re supposed to be doing homework? Reading some article on Facebook or scrolling through Twitter or Instagram. I can recall so many times I said I was going to take a five-minute homework break to look at some Vine videos that turned into an hour. I feel your pain. The allure of social media is really hard to get away from when you have a term paper due in the morning.

Alright, I’ve got to go. I need to approve my new Instagram followers.


Being A Sorority Girl in 2015

Since the beginning of sororities in the 19th century, women have been growing, learning, and developing into the amazing creatures we are today. As times are changing and forever rearranging, so is the basic sorority girl. Her values are still the same – upholding the highest type of womanhood with class, dignity, and grace. However, with the date getting higher, so are the expectations of what it is to be a sorority girl.

True Girl

True Girl



It would be far too simple to give a singular definition of what it means to be a woman in a sorority, but it would also be impossible for no one woman is the same as the one next to her, even if they are in the same sorority. Physical characteristics differ, personalities differ, styles differ, and many others. Although, what they all have in common is the love for their sisterhood and the desire to apart of something bigger than themselves. I think when reflecting on our founders and where they begin, they would reflect similarly on these observations and principles. Our founders laid out for us an excellent foundation, a place to call home, and a sisterhood for life. Now, as 2015 roars on, it is our jobs to meet the expectations of our founders while defining what it means to be a sorority girl in this time.

True Girl

Sorority Lyfe


A sorority girl of 2015 has:
1. Passion
2. Grace
3. Drive
4. Class
5. Respect for herself and her sisters
6. Ambition
7. A strong work ethic
8. Responsibility
9. Obtainable goals
10. Style
11. Valued opinions
12. Power
13. Integrity
14. Intelligence
15. Knowledge of the world around her

Sorority Lyfe

Sorority Lyfe


Glancing back to the 19th century, I would say the values from then and now have varied very little. Fortunately for our founders, they only had to worry about the image they portrayed while out in public or what could be said by other people. In this day and age, we now have to be aware of not only our public image, but our image on various forms of social media. It has become far too easy for sisters to be portrayed in a not so positive light via outlets such as these. However, also thanks to social media, it has become far more simple for sorority girls to display just how awesome they are in all sorts of ways. A sorority girl of 2015 is aware that she is a role model, she is constantly watched by the public, and she has a positive image to withhold for the sake of her founders and the sake of her sisters. 2015 could not be a better time for such women to show how amazing they are, for they are everywhere and ready to make their mark on the world.

Sorority Lyfe

Sorority Lyfe



MSU Gamma Phi Beta’s Social Media is on Point

With the world of social media booming, it is almost impossible to be anyone worth mentioning if you lack this brilliant tool. From the rise of Facebook, to Twitter, Instagram, tumblr, and Pinterest booming as well, organizations, businesses, and people can be all over the web. As elections have ended for the fall semester in the world of Sororities, it is imperative the right social media chair has been appointed. This person has to understand the philosophy of, “if it wasn’t posted on social media, did it even happen?” Through various outlets of social media, sororities are able to market themselves, something crucial for not only recruiting prospective members, but for letting the rest of the world know how kick a** they are. One such sorority that is encompassing the world of college creativity, marketing, and appropriate hashtags is none other than my pride and joy, Gamma Phi Beta of MSU.