13 Things You Tolerate With A Party Girl Roommate

My roommates signature move is to barge into my room unannounced, dive bomb my bed and straddle me as she yells, “LET’S F***ING PARTY!” We’ve been roomies for  two wonderful years, and it’s been quite an adventure. I party quite frequently, but I’m no match for her. If your roomie is a partier, here’s a few things you’ll have to get used to as the “responsible” one.

13. Hearing the post-game arrive at 3am on a Wednesday. The dollar beer special wasn’t enough to satisfy these party animals. They need to return to my apartment to blast “Fat Lip” by Sum 41 and crush another 30 rack before their 9am class tomorrow.

12. Picking her up from the party. Sometimes she drunk types the address wrong and sends me 6 miles in the opposite direction. Sometimes I pick her up the morning after the party.

11. Cleaning the sticky counter. After every pregame full of spilled shots and card games, I have to salvage what’s left of my card deck and wipe down the counter just to enjoy a bowl of cereal without my spoon sticking to the counter.

10. Listening to midday vom sessions. I’m just in my bed reading something for class and can’t concentrate because I hear my roommate dry heaving in the bathroom. Honestly, I’m used to it by now.

9. Dealing with drunk drama sessions. Without fail, she comes into my room every night when I’m dead asleep, crawls onto my bed and tells me literally every detail about the night whether I asked or not.

8. Not knowing if people are sleeping on your couch. Every morning I peek out my door to the couch to check if any drunkies passed out there, or if it’s safe to start making eggs in my towel.



How I Established a Routine For Being Healthy in College

Being healthy in college is hard. You constantly feel stressed or overwhelmed with all the work and studying, and taking care of your body seems to drop on your priority list. You feel like you just don’t have the time to make it to the gym or to go on that run. You find yourself ordering pizza or quickly scarfing down some junk food during your study break. There’s no way you have time to actually cook a healthy, well-balanced meal for yourself. And as far as sleep goes, well it’s practically non-existent. You definitely haven’t gotten that recommended 8 hours in a longggg time (probably since the first week of the semester).

But don’t fret. I know it seems totally impossible with your crazy schedule to actually find the time to take care of yourself. But there is a way. You just have to commit to it.

Being healthy and taking care of your body and your mind is a responsibility everyone has as a human being. If you aren’t being active, or eating right, or getting enough sleep, it all comes back to you and your decisions. Bad habits can be changed, or can easily be continued. But you have to want to change.

I played basketball and ran track and cross country in high school and I was in extremely good shape. The summer after graduation I tried to keep my old habits of waking up early and going for my morning run. However, I found that I no longer had the same motivation or drive to run hard and I began to sleep in more and more. Once I started my first semester of college I was determined to start running well again. I did well at first, but with all the chaos of my first semester and rush and my difficult courses, it became less and less of a reality.

Then all of the sudden one day I decided to change. I realized that I was just making excuses for myself before because I was too tired or stressed and I really just didn’t have passion to run like I used to. But at that moment I decided all that was going to change. Running 3 miles only takes about 25-30 minutes and I definitely had that much time to spare, despite my busy schedule.

This time when I decided to stick to a running schedule every day, I changed a few things. Instead of trying to force myself to wake up early and run like I had always done before, I decided to run at night. Waking up early before my classes would just be more difficult and probably result in me pressing snooze. This was the key to me succeeding in my commitment. At the end of the day I was actually looking forward to take my 9:00pm study break to go for my run. Plus, it was cool outside instead of extreme heat. It became my way to de-stress from my hectic day and just let out any frustration or whatever. It once again, became my passion.

After I started running again and getting back into good shape, I decided I wanted to start eating healthier too. I’ve never eaten super bad and when I did eat not so great things for me it never seemed to effect me because of my fast metabolism and my small portion eating. However, I knew if I made more of an effort to just substitute some of the junk I did eat for a healthier option, it would make me and my body feel even better.

So I began to buy healthier snacks for around my dorm and drink a lot more water than I already was. I also took advantage of my dining hall and the meal plan I have which offers unlimited food in the cafeteria. Which along with all the junk and not so good foods for you, actually offers an amazing salad bar. As well as a healthy alternative to any of the usually foods on the menu. My body felt so much better. I flushed all the junk that was in my system out and it made me wake up happier, feel more energized, and be in an overall better mood.

Now to the sleep issue. I’m still at a constant struggle with this one to be honest. My whole first semester I don’t think that I was ever in bed before midnight, and most nights I was up until at least 2am studying. And I had to wake up every morning at 7:00am. I was definitely sleep deprived, as most college students are. Which makes you even more tired and have zero energy to take on the day or to study or to do anything at all really.

The only times when I would get to bed at a halfway decent hour was when I was prepared for that day. And I think that is the key. If you write down all of your assignments in your planner and plan to do them ahead of when they are due and actually study for tests the night or even a few nights before, it makes all the difference. You are not nearly as stressed or anxious and can get things down way more efficiently. So though sometimes all-nighters can be unavoidable to a college student, the key to sleep on a consistent basis is without a doubt time management and being prepared.

So if you take anything at all from this article, just remember that it is 100% possible to be a successful college student, as well as being a healthy individual. It’s just determined by the choices you make and how you decide to live.


10 Things to Do When You’re Done with Finals

The dreaded season of finals is over and we finally have some time to relax, but the question is now, what do you do with your time??

10. Sleep

I can guarantee that you are sleep deprived and probably on a major caffeine crash right now. So, I recommend that you get some sleep.

9. Get Your Nails Done

Pampering yourself can truly help you detox from all of your finals. Getting your nails done can be a simple pleasure to get you feeling better in no time!

8. Watch Obscene Amounts of Netflix 

Netflix is one of the best inventions. I suggest you indulge in it. Catch up on your favorite shows you’ve been too busy cramming to watch, or start a new series.

7. Try New Foods

You have most likely been eating Ramen noodles and fast food because you haven’t had time to cook. Try that new place you’ve been dying to go to and have something new to celebrate the end of finals.

6. Go Shopping 

Shopping can be therapeutic. It is also a great idea, because you can shop for your loved ones, or yourself, for the holidays.



Finals Week as Described by Tumblr

The semester break is so close, yet so far away. Unfortunately, the worst week of the semester is approaching. Here is how Tumblr users are feeling about finals week:


This Tumblr user knows that when it comes to when you have to study, we truly don’t commit like we should.

FullSizeRender 2

Binge Drinking

Studying for hours for a test that I still manage to fail makes me want to do a lot of things. Getting drunk is definitely one of those.

FullSizeRender 21


“Your professors are your best resource.” Yeah, maybe if I want my death date to come a bit sooner.

FullSizeRender 7

Going Home

Did you even get every thing done that day if you didn’t take a nap? No, is the correct answer, and finals week is no exception.

FullSizeRender 9


It’s finals week. Nobody is showering or sleeping. There is absolutely no time to care about your appearance.
FullSizeRender 10


8ams As Told by Arrested Development

11. When your alarm goes off and it’s still dark outside.

Why me??

10. Then you realize you’ve hit snooze one too many times and you have 15 minutes till class

9. Walking to class like…

I hate my life.

8. You barely make it to class on time 

Pheww I made it on time!

7. But then you realize you have to sit through class



10 Ways To Beat The Sunday Hangover Slump

Sunday is the day for recovering after a weekend of long nights and blurred memories. It’s always spent laying in bed, binge watching Netflix, and chugging water. There’s nothing wrong with relaxing but it would be a lot more enjoyable if your head would stop pounding and your stomachache would go away…


10) Prepare Yourself For The Morning After

The last thing you’re going to want to do tomorrow is get out of bed so put a water bottle, advil, and something solid to eat on the nightstand before you go out. Trust me, you will thank yourself later…. Now go have fun!



9) Set An Alarm

Wake up at 8, chug the water and take the Advil. You can let yourself sleep for a bit longer, but no later than 10 am. Waking up to your 7am alarm Monday morning will be like a moment in hell



8) Get Active 

Even if you’re not into lifting weights, get to the gym and get some cardio in. It will help you sweat out all of the alcohol in your system and won’t make you regret eating that fast food that you made the Uber stop for on the way home from the bar last night



7) Hit The Sauna 

If getting in the gym is too difficult, spend some time in the sauna. It is very relaxing and can burn calories without the exhaustion (and embarrassment) of running on the treadmill for 30 minutes



6) Rehydrate And Eat A Balanced Meal

You may not have had an appetite after waking up, bu after burning a large number of calories you will be starving. Eggs and toast is an easy go-to. Easy to make, easy to get down, and full of protein and nutrients that will ward off the rest of the hangover. Make sure to chug lots of water to replenish the amount that you just sweat out.





17 Phrases That Mean Something Different in High School And College

Back in high school, every teacher made you pay attention by saying “this is important, you’re going to need this in college.” Realistically, how many of those things were actually of use to you? Yeah that’s okay. I’ll wait…. Once you being the transition to college life, everything you once knew seems to change into something different.


17) We have a test tomorrow 

High School: Study the night before for a few hours, read the textbook, look over your notes

College: Better start spending hours daily studying and pull an all-nighter the night before to make sure you cram the hell out of it. Read the entire book front to back, make flashcards, ask people who have taken the class for advice, oh and cry a little inside


16) Class Starts at 8am

High School: Wake up at 7am, shower, pick out an outfit, eat a full breakfast, watch tv, do your hair/makeup, shamelessly jam out to the Top 20 on the radio

College: Sleep in til 7:45, your alarm hits you like a brick wall, you sprint to class in what you slept in, and if you’re lucky find a half eaten granola bar in your bag to make it through class


15) Lunch Time

High School: An hour or so to eat a full lunch, finish homework that you forgot to do, or figure out who hooked up with who last weekend

College: Going to the dining hall when you finally have a break in your schedule (usually varying any time between 10am to 4pm), picking something to eat that you can’t exactly tell what it is, eating your feelings and stress away with ice cream


14) Studying

High school: Doing your nightly homework that’s due the next day or copying it from a friend before class starts that morning

College: Stu-DYING







A Guide For Lazy College Girls To Be Healthier

Many people think they are too busy to make healthy life changes, but these 10 simple tips can have you feeling great in no time!

10. Drink Water

Water has lots of great benefits. It can help you feel fuller, keep your skin glowing, and give you more energy. Try swapping a soda and juice for a glass of water instead.

9. Eat Almonds

Eating a handful of almonds 30 minutes before a meal can help you feel fuller faster, just like water.

8. Stretch

A few easy stretches can help improve circulation and can even help you relax before bed.

Try out these relaxing yoga stretches for a better night’s sleep.

7. Clean your room

This is a simple way get you moving off the couch, and your apartment will thank you for it.

6. Dance

Get moving and start a dance party with your girlfriends. It’s a great way to reduce stress and have some fun.