17 Wishes For My Little


You mean the world to me, and I hope you know that. I want nothing less than the world for you, and I know that you’re strong enough, smart enough, and driven enough to take it.

17. I wish that your heart never hurts.

However, I know that it will. I will be by your side when it does, though, and you will survive it.

16. I wish that you will give back to our sisterhood as much as it has given you.

Take on leadership roles, attend every event you can, spend time just sitting with your sisters. Every opportunity to create special bonds with the girls in our chapter should be taken.

15. I wish that you will sometimes be irresponsible.

Go out on a Wednesday. Stay up till 3 AM before an early morning class for no good reason. Buy that shirt that’s a tiny bit out of your price range. Don’t do this every day, obviously, but occasionally it’s fun to break the rules.

14. I wish that you will wear your letters with pride.

One of my favorite quotes about Greek Life is this: “When your letters are in front of you, you know your sisters are behind you.” I hope you never forget this.



10 Reasons I’d Never Join Any Other Chapter Than Beta Omega

Zeta Tau Alpha: Beta Omega is my home away from home. I feel so blessed to have found such a welcoming and loving sisterhood. Here’s 10 reasons I’d never join any other chapter..

10. My sisters are my support system.


9. I met my Big and joined the best family out there (the Butterfly fam, of course!). 


8. I’ve learned the importance of philanthropy and ours means something to me personally.


7. My sisters give the best advice (unlike Chandler Bing).


 6. All of the study dates in the library with my sisters. 




Why I Love My Philanthropy

We all hear the anti-greek talk that philanthropies are just a way to make Greek life look better. That we don’t really care about the organization we’re tied to. I’m here to tell you just how incredibly wrong that is.

At the end of last semester, I was lucky enough to be able to go with a group of my sisters to visit our philanthropy, St. Jude. Our partnership with St. Jude has always been important to me, but actually seeing the hospital and having doctors, nurses, and parents thank us for what we do? That’s a feeling I’ll never shake.

I love my philanthropy because it has such a wide outreach.
St. Jude has patients from all over the world, from all different backgrounds. Since none of their patients pay a single cent to receive treatment, they help families from miles and miles away.

I love that the work my sisters and I put in to this organization allows them to keep a 2 million dollar a day operation running. I love that we get cards and letters and videos keeping us updated on the lives we’re helping to save. I love that nothing can make the girls in my house tear up faster than a message from St. Jude.

I love that lives are saved, scientific progress is made, and families get a chance at happy endings with St. Jude.

I love that they use little red wagons instead of wheelchairs. St. Jude takes every opportunity to help their patients remember that no matter what, they’re still kids. The walls are colorful and fun. There are toys and ice cream and 24 hour room service. I love that despite the suffering, these kids get every wish met. They deserve that.

Selfishly, I love that my philanthropy pushes me. It asks more of me than I thought I had to give. It makes me humble. It makes me work hard. Because I love it so, it holds me to a higher standard.

So the next time you hear someone call your philanthropy an excuse to get wasted on the weekends, remind them, and yourself, that’s a lie. Your hard work and passion for your philanthropy shouldn’t be another joke about Greek Life.


Ottawa Alpha Phi Just Released Their Winter Recruitment Video!

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The fun loving girls of Ottawa’s Alpha Phi want you for winter recruitment! These girls are totally ready to get a new group of sisters and have no problem showing it!


UGA Delta Phi Epsilon Is Ready For Spring Recruitment!

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UGA’s Delta Phi Epsilon is all ready to go for their Spring recruitment! This great bunch of girls are ready to find more sisters for the Spring and they definitely show how ready they are! Check out the video below to see what UGA’s Delta Phi Epsilon is all about!


A Letter to my Parents Who Didn’t Want Me Going Greek

Dear Mom and Dad,
I owe you a sincere thank you for everything you have done for me.  You have given me the world and I feel so blessed for it all.  I know me going off to college was very new and scary for both of us but I hope you now know that that was what was best.
You have always been my biggest support system but I know me joining a sorority was something that was very hard for you to support.  I understand the concerns.  I know the stereotypes that society gives to Greek life.  I know you were just looking out for me.  So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting my judgement.
I know the beginning made you nervous.  You were worried about my academics and my sanity and I completely understand that because I was too.  But I know that you gave things time to get settled and I’m very grateful for that.  I hope you know that as independent as I try to be, I needed your blessing.  I needed to know that you understood why I was going Greek and supported that it was a good thing for me.  Because no matter how old I get, your opinion will always mean everything to me and I will always need you both.
But what I need to thank you for the most is being there through everything.  When I call you excited about the new position I received or crying from the stress of recruitment, you always pretend to know what I am talking about and support me no questions asked.  You both have been my saving grace in my crazy world and the consistency that keeps me going.
I hope you now see that joining a sorority was the best thing to ever happen to me.  It changed me for the best and gave me a second family.  It provided me the opportunity to grow as a person and a leader while teaching me that it is okay to let go every once in a while.  You both raised me to be the person I am today and my chapter taught me how to be my best self.
So for everything you both do for me, I thank you.   For all the crying phone calls, much needed trips home, and help on my homework, I could not have made it through without you.
Love always,
Your daughter
635808070695447716-771085973_cool-dad-2 635811253383407029-387256707_CoolMom


Your Sorority Sisters as Santa’s Reindeer

You know the song, “Now Dasher! Now Dancer! Now, Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donner and Blitzen! To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall! Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!”. And you can’t forget Rudolph of course. Now think about your sisters. Don’t they kind of fit those titles quite well. I mean they’re all quite different but can come together to complete tasks quite well, from philanthropy events to recruitment rounds that last far too long.

You’ve got…

9. Dasher


Dasher is the sister who couldn’t get out of chapter meetings faster. If she can make an excuse to never show up at sorority events she will. Sometimes you don’t even know why she joined a sorority but then you see her finally smiling at a function surrounded by a bunch of frat brothers basically becoming a walking standards violation.


8. Dancer


Dancer is the sister who is the first to volunteer to be Fraternity sweetheart just so she can show off her dance skills for her talent at the philanthropy event. She is the first to start a dance circle at every function and knows how to twerk, dougie, do the cupid’s shuffle, whip, nae nae, wobble, and do basically any other move you can think of. She may be a part of the dance team or maybe she just likes to dance for fun but either way you dig this sister’s moves.


7. Prancer


Prancer is the sister who’s always trying to stay positive. She’s the recruitment chair or sisterhood chair who tries to avoid drama and wants to solve problems within the sorority instead of dwelling on the past. She is a very emotional person but knows how to pull it together and be tough when needed. She prances around during discussions trying to soothe hurt sisters and build up those whose opinions are being ignored. She is one to watch and could make a great sorority president someday.


6. Vixen


Vixen is the sister who always has the hottest formal date, best barn dance partner, and cutest singing partner for any philanthropy event. She is the girl who always has a date and doesn’t want to be tied down. She gives the best dating advice and knows which fraternity guys are total losers and which are secret sweethearts. Go to her after your big breakup and she’ll tell you what apps to download, clubs to go to, and parties to check out.




Confessions of a Shy Freshman- How My Sorority Changed Me for the Better

By the end of high school, I had about four close friends. I’d always had a hard time making friends and been scared to talk in class. Meeting new people was very awkward and overwhelming for me. I have a very good memory and some people think it’s weird, so I would always wait for people to greet me before I’d say hello. A lot of people that I went to high school thought I was stuck up, when really, I was just painfully shy. Because of this, I chose a small college far away from my hometown. This way I could get the chance to start over, and start the school year off more confidently.
Freshman year, I lived on a sorority floor with a few other freshman, so I had already met most of the girls in that sorority when people started talking about the impending rush date. I had to walk around with no makeup, with tangled bed head, and no bra with the people that could potentially be deciding my fate with their sorority. Obviously that freaked me out. I had come out of my shell a little thanks to freshman orientation and the friends I had already met, but I was still very shy. I would walk past the older sorority girls and avoid all eye contact partly because I wasn’t wearing my glasses and couldn’t see who they were, but mostly just because of my terrible shyness.
So not surprisingly, during rush, the girls knew who I was but didn’t know anything about me. My friends had made lasting impressions on the girls because they are more outgoing and it’s easier for them to open up, but I had a much harder time showing everyone who I really was. I would let girls in my rush group speak over me, because I didn’t want to be rude and wasn’t bold enough to say what I had to say. This not only made me seem quiet, but it also made me seem uninterested. To this day, girls in my sorority tell me about how they thought I didn’t like them. I did like them, in fact, I wanted to be a member of their sorority, but I was too awkward and shy to express this.
I’ve always had a problem with showing people the “real me” right away, because deep down, I am a really strange person and no one has ever really gotten to see that and end up accepting it and staying except my family and a few close friends. Luckily, I joined a sorority that consists of a pack of stone-cold weirdos. These girls are seriously extremely weird once you get to know them, but I love it. Not only do these girls have similar personalities and senses of humor as I do, but they are also the most accepting group of people I have ever gotten to know. It took some time for me to open up to everyone, but when I did, I was welcomed with open arms. I wouldn’t exactly say my sorority “changed” me, as the title of this article suggests, but I will say that the acceptance of this group of girls has made me much more confident with who I am. I no longer fear how people will react to my odd personality or awkwardness, because I know I have about 100 girls in my corner no matter what these people think of me. The girls of Delta Chi Theta have taught me so much about courage and confidence in this short period I have been a member. They taught me to be myself, because who cares what others think as long as you’re fine with who you are. I not only gained sisters on bid day, I also gained a support system that would eventually push me to be confident in my own skin. I can’t express how much I am thankful to be a member of this sorority that, in a sense, changed me for the better.
Here’s to all my ladybugs,


Why Being a Rho Chi Gives You the Ultimate FOMO

There is glitter in the air, the faint sounds of chanting and crafts filling the room, this can only mean one thing, recruitment season is coming soon.  Whether you love recruitment or hate it, this is what every sorority girl lives for.  This is the happiest and most stressful time of year but in the end we all have the joy of receiving brand new girls.  While this time is clearly stressful for everyone, there is one group of people who rarely get thanked for making our lives as easy as possible.  We know them well, some may even be your sisters, but at this time, they are Greek Life’s Recruitment Counselors.
This past semester, I had the honor of serving as a Rho Chi for my Panhellenic community.  While this was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had within Greek life, it was also the most severe case of FOMO that I have ever had.  For those of you who don’t know, Rho Chi’s are “disaffiliated” from their chapters for between one and three months and during that time, they are not allowed to be seen in public with their sisters or attend sorority functions.  This would be difficult for anyone but Rho Chi’s have a special love for Greek Life which tends to make it especially hard.
As any college student can tell you, they want to be part of everything.  In a perfect world, you would never miss a party, a dinner or any event and you would never have silly things like sleep and homework to hold you back.  But the life of a Rho Chi is all about watching from a distance.  You are at every Greek wide event and spend your time talking about sisterhood but all of it has to take place across the room from all of your sisters who have made your sorority experience so wonderful to talk about.  So you stand there and encourage wonderful new college women to join Greek life and long for the day that you can re-join along with them.
The experience of being a Rho Chi provided me with many things.  It taught me a lot about recruitment and communication, it furthered my love for Greek life and my campus and it gave me the ability to learn a lot about myself.  However, it also showed me how lost I am without my chapter.  I realized that I missed sitting with them for meals, I missed going out with them, and I missed the small encounters with sisters that can sometimes just make my day.  My only saving grace during these times were the other wonderful Rho Chi’s including a few from my own chapter.  They became my home away from my sorority home.
While this was a relatively consistent factor of this experience, it began its peak during the actual week of recruitment.  The most difficult parts are sending girls to your chapter’s room and not smiling and cheering on your sisters, controlling the desire to recruit the girls you meet for your own chapter, and being on the outside of the always emotional preference ceremony.  All of these things together pull hard at your heart strings and cause you to love your chapter more than ever.
While all of this FOMO is a short time hardship, it is all worth it in the end.  Helping younger girls to find their home, renewing the love you have for your chapter and running into the arms of all of your sisters at the end of the week makes this an experience that you will never forget.  If you are lucky enough to be a Recruitment Counselor for your campus’ Greek life, remember that although you may experience severe FOMO, you will be able to change lives and improve your community.  So stay positive and make the most of this amazing experience that few people get to have.


An Open Letter to my Childhood Best Friend

To my childhood best friend,
I owe you my life.  I am not sure how I can ever repay you for all that you have done for me but I need you to know what you mean to me.  You have been my therapist, partner in crime, and sister for the last seventeen years and I need you to know that just because our lives have grown separately does not mean I need you any less.  You are my cradle to grave, my soulmate and my person.  You were with me during the greatest moments of my life and took care of me through the worst.  You are the person whose absence would leave a huge gap in my life.  You are the greatest person I know and this is me saying thank you.
Seventeen years ago we met and our lives changed in the most dramatic and amazing way possible.  Over those many years, we have managed to survive our awkward middle school years, trying to find ourselves in high school and our first efforts at “adulting” in college.  But more importantly we have survived first loves (and heartbreaks), celebrated great successes (and mourned terrible failures), and outlasted every other friendship we have ever had.  So for all of that, I have to thank you, because honestly I don’t know if I would have made it through with anyone else.
My life is a mess in so many ways and you of all people know that.  I am crazy, embarrassing, and sometimes I don’t even know what to do, but you always do.  Even now when we live hours apart, you still manage to be the person that I can always turn to.  Whether it is to make fun of the people from high school, vent about our parents when we are home for such a short time or just trying to figure out what our lives hold, it is always you that is on the other end of the phone.
I continue to be beyond blessed to have been able to survive college with you as well.  Four years ago, when we said goodbye and cried in your driveway for at least fifteen minutes (after a night of trying to figure out how to be cool in college) I was scared that we would drift apart.  While I knew our friendship is stronger than that, everyone tells a different story about them and their childhood friends.  The thought of being apart for four years after living down the street for eighteen terrified me.  But we made it through even though others didn’t.  Our friendship grew stronger as we grew older, more confident and finally began to figure out who we are.
But I think the most difficult thing for both of us was gaining the understanding that we will now have separate lives.  We each had our friends from school, our homes away from home and a new life that took over the majority of the old one.  However, I think over time we both realized that we will never be completely separate from each other.  We grew together and will continue to do just that.
You have been my life’s constant.  While everything around me is getting crazier by the second, you have been there to keep me grounded and remind me of who I am.  You will forever be my person to call in an emergency, depend on in times of need and just look to for some joy.  You are my dearest friend and I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me throughout my life.  I can’t wait to see where we end up but it has been one hell of a ride so far.
Love always,
Your best friend


30 Slangs Drunk Girls Always Say

Throughout the course of Saturday night, as the alcohol goes down quicker, us girls start to have less of a filter of what they say out in public. I think we can all say we are guilty of saying five or more of these silly slangs while we continue to have drinks pouring.


30.) I’m not even that drunk

drunk girls

29.) “You look so cute!” *walks away* “omg why would she wear that”

oh thanks

28.) Where’s the funnel?

jack black

27.) I’m only good at beer pong when I’m drunk (Still is terrible)

blake lively

26.) Can we play Sorry by Justin Bieber, it is like totally my theme song

sorry by justin bieber

25.) Ew, I do not want to go there, they’re all weird. *goes and leaves being the flip cup champ*


24.) Are we going to the bar tonight?

shots poured

23.) What are we going to drunk eat later?

drunk eating 2

22.) I hate her, why is she here?

 i dont like you


21.) LOL, I just hooked up with him last night and she thinks their dating

  i regret nothing



12 Types Of Girls You’ll Find In Every Sorority

Regardless of what letters you wear, there’s always a little bit of sugar, spice, and everything nice in every sorority. Life would be boring if every sister acted the same. Here are some personality types that I’m sure we’ve all encountered:

12. The Artsy Craftswoman.

If you need something drawn, help with a poster, or even crafting for your little, she’s always a hop, skip, and a jump away. She’s the artist of your sorority and you definitely utilize her.


11. The Party Goer.

She’s the one “for a good time call”. She’s your gal when you need a break away from your schoolwork and you just need to let loose and have fun.


10. The Grandma aka “House Mom”.

There’s always that one sister that looks out for the needs and best interests of others in the pack. She occasionally stays in, because she’s had her share of life in the fast lane, but she never minds being DD.


9. The Medical Student.

If you’re ever struggling in those hard biology or chemistry classes, she’s the answer to your prayers. There’s always the one that excels in sciences and will most likely become the doctor of the sorority.


8. The Quiet And Humble.

She’s very down to earth and loving. She pulls you back in when you feel you’ve gone to far. She has a heart of gold and prefers to live more cautiously and reserved than the rest of your group.


7. Your Go-To-Girl If You Love Food.

Whenever you’re in the mood to eat out or stop and get food between classes, just make her hotline bling. Sorority girls love food, and this one will definitely never let you eat alone.