17 Wishes For My Little


You mean the world to me, and I hope you know that. I want nothing less than the world for you, and I know that you’re strong enough, smart enough, and driven enough to take it.

17. I wish that your heart never hurts.

However, I know that it will. I will be by your side when it does, though, and you will survive it.

16. I wish that you will give back to our sisterhood as much as it has given you.

Take on leadership roles, attend every event you can, spend time just sitting with your sisters. Every opportunity to create special bonds with the girls in our chapter should be taken.

15. I wish that you will sometimes be irresponsible.

Go out on a Wednesday. Stay up till 3 AM before an early morning class for no good reason. Buy that shirt that’s a tiny bit out of your price range. Don’t do this every day, obviously, but occasionally it’s fun to break the rules.

14. I wish that you will wear your letters with pride.

One of my favorite quotes about Greek Life is this: “When your letters are in front of you, you know your sisters are behind you.” I hope you never forget this.



Why I Love Being Greek at a Small School

When most people think of Greek life, they think of massive colleges with huge chapters. My school is small, and only has three panhellenic sororities on campus. As fancy as Greek life at big schools may seem, I wouldn’t trade my tiny little Greek community for anything.

I love knowing every single girl in my chapter well. I don’t just mean knowing their names. I can, for the most part, tell you where they’re from, their major, and something they love to do. Chances are, if you point at a girl in my chapter, I have an amazing memory with her.

I love knowing most of the girls in the other chapters. Some of my dearest friends can be found in the other two chapters on campus, and I love the diversity they bring to our friend group. I love being able to tell PNMs about all three chapters when they ask about Greek life, and not just because I was a Rho Gamma.

I love seeing a friendly face anywhere I go on campus. Because our campus is small but our Greek life is heavily present, it’s almost impossible to walk to class and not run into one of my sisters. They always say hi, ask how my day is going, and it always leaves me with a smile.

I love that I know our Greek advisor personally. I love that she’s able to be involved with each chapter because she isn’t in charge of 20 sororities. She knows us all well and knows how each house functions.

I love that because we have three panhellenic chapters, each chapter has a unique identity. I love that it’s easy for girls to find their home here because we don’t have houses that are so similar that they compete for the same girls.

I wouldn’t trade my tiny slice of Greek heaven for anything in the world.


10 Reasons I’d Never Join Any Other Chapter Than Beta Omega

Zeta Tau Alpha: Beta Omega is my home away from home. I feel so blessed to have found such a welcoming and loving sisterhood. Here’s 10 reasons I’d never join any other chapter..

10. My sisters are my support system.


9. I met my Big and joined the best family out there (the Butterfly fam, of course!). 


8. I’ve learned the importance of philanthropy and ours means something to me personally.


7. My sisters give the best advice (unlike Chandler Bing).


 6. All of the study dates in the library with my sisters. 




Sisters in Christ, Sisters for Life

Many National Panhellenic Conference sororities were founded on Christian values. Some have chapter chaplains, crosses on their crests, or bible verses within their creeds. Sororities have always been steeped in tradition and there are even organizations that were specifically founded so members would not have to compromise their values. Some of the most popular Christian sororities include Kappa Phi, Alpha Delta Chi, Alpha Nu Omega, Sigma Phi Lambda, Delta Psi Epsilon, and Sigma Alpha Omega.

I am here to tell you more about what sets them apart: 

6. Kappa Phi 

kappa phi

National Website: http://www.kappaphi.org/ 

Founding Date: 1916

Number of active chapters: 28

Mission Statement: Kappa Phi is a lifelong supportive Christian sisterhood expressed through service, study, and worship. We are lights in the darkness actively engaged as leaders in the church, the community and the world.

Emblem: Lamb

Symbol: A pine tree, lighted candle, and a pink rose

Colors: Sky blue, Pine green, and white

5. Alpha Delta Chi 


National Website: http://www.alphadeltachi.org/

Founding Date: 1925

Number of active chapters: 16

Motto: As in a Mirror

Sorority Bible Verse: “For, we all, with unveiled face, reflecting as in a mirror, the glory of the Lord, are transformed into the same image, from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.” – 2 Corinthians 3:18

Mascot: Dragonfly

Colors: Flame and Blue

Flowers: Gladiolus and Delphinium

4. Sigma Phi Lambda

sigma phi

National Website: http://www.sigmaphilambda.org/

Founding Date: 1988

Number of active chapters: 32

Vision statement: Sigma Phi Lambda exists for the sole purpose of glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ and making His name great. Sisters for the Lord is an organization of sisters for the Lord where fellowship with our most high God is fostered by growth in unity with one another.  We seek to provide a source of fellowship to Christian women who sincerely seek to know His person, His will, and His ways.

Sorority bible verse: “May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and one mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”-Romans 15:5-6

Symbol: Lamb

Colors: Red and White

Flower: Red rose

Philanthropy: World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

3. Alpha Nu Omega

alpha nu omega

National Website: http://www.alphanuomega.org/

Founding Date: November 3, 1988

Number of active chapters: 23 chapters and 1 colony

Core values: Alpha Nu Omega, Inc. focuses on four core values called the L.I.F.E. Values: Leadership, Integrity, Family, and Education.

Mission statement: The purpose of Alpha Nu Omega, Incorporated is to present a Christian alternative to the students and/or faculty on college/university campuses, to minister to the needs of the whole person (spirit, soul, and body), and to promote an attitude of academic excellence among its members.

Family structure: Alpha Nu Omega’s family structure sets it apart from other fraternities/sororities. The fraternity and sorority share one name, one constitution, one national board, and the same colors (navy blue, gold and white).  We are a family, and we often work together as one. Yet, Alpha Nu Omega is one organization with two distinct entities – a fraternity and a sorority. The fraternity and sorority hold separate orientation processes and manage different outreach initiatives.

Symbol: Eagle and Dove

Colors: Navy blue, gold, and white

Philanthropy: Live out Loud, a new evangelism campaign, as directed by National Director of Ministries Ryan M. Harrison where members of Alpha Nu Omega produce video testimonies sharing their faith using out of the box evangelism tactics in hopes of making an impact to a worldwide audience.

2. Delta Psi Epsilon 

delta psi epsilon

National Website: http://www.deltapsiepsilon.com/

Founding Date: January 16, 1999

Number of active chapters: 8 chapters and 5 colonies

Purpose: The purpose of Delta Psi Epsilon Christian Sorority, Inc. is to bring Christ to women of all races, creeds, tongues and denominations. It is our goal to spread the love of God throughout the world by the association of women. Through carrying this torch for Christ, we find ourselves humbled that He has given us the opportunity to be a witness for Him. For this is His ministry and not our own. If we didn’t allow ourselves to be used, we realize He would use someone else.

Motto: The Sorority that Puts God First

Symbol: Hummingbird

Colors: Lime Green and Purple

Flower: Purple orchid

Maxim: Faith, Wisdom, Honor, and Sisterhood

1. Sigma Alpha Omega


National Website: http://www.sigmaalphaomega.org/

Founding Date: January 1998

Number of active chapters: 32

Motto: One in Christ through Unity in Sisterhood

Sorority bible verses: “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

-Revelations 22:13

 “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.” -Luke 1:46-47

Vision: To become an international Christ-centered sisterhood that equips women to grow in their relationships with Christ, through unity and service to others, at institutions of higher learning.

Symbol: Dove

Colors: Forest green and burgundy

Flower: Lilly of the valley

Philanthropy: Ovarian cancer awareness

If you’re considering joining any of these amazing organizations you should absolutely go for it!

There isn’t just one way to go Greek so explore all that is out there. 


10 Tips for Successful Recruitment Tabling

Tabling is a very important part of the recruitment process and spreading the word about what your sorority is all about. It is one of the easiest ways for potential new members to learn about future events, traditions unique to your sorority, and the ideals of Greek life as a whole.

10. Display photos of past events you have held in a scrapbook or binder. 

hand signs

This shows potential new members how your sisterhood interacts with each other, your community outreach, and your collaboration with other members of the Greek life community.

9. Share your social media handles. 

social media

Whether your sorority has a Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter be sure to show it off so potential new members can get a glimpse into your world.

8. Give out treats like candy or cookies. 


Everyone knows college kids love free food and goodies so having these things at your sorority’s table will only help you attract potential new members.

7. Set out sign up sheets for potential new members to be added to an email list. 

sign up

This is a great way to follow up with people after speaking with them at tabling or at meet and greet events.

6. Display your sorority’s symbols and colors prominently. 


Show off your mascot, colors, flower, and what every else you can think of!



10 Reasons To Love Being Disaffiliated For Recruitment

At my school, we’re Rho Gammas. Every campus has a different name for us, but every group does the same thing: we take off our letters to help you find yours. Wether you’re a recruitment counselor or a member of Panhel Exec board, it can be hard (and kind of sad) to be separated from your sisters, at least publicly. Luckily, there are some perks.


Since we can’t wear the plethora of shirts we have with our own chapter on them, being disaffiliated kind of eliminates your entire wardrobe. So, we obviously have to do an order of shirts that say Rho Gamma, or Pi Chi, or whatever on them. Right?

9. Getting to know other disaffiliated girls.

If your group is paired with the group of a girl you barely know, you’re about to spend 45 minutes eating food and sitting in a stranger’s bedroom with said girl. Chances are you’re gonna find something to talk and laugh about. The next time you see her on campus, you both smile and say hello and maybe make plans to grab coffee. And isn’t that what being a Greek woman is all about?

8. Getting the inside scoop.

As their recruitment counselor, the PNMs come to you with tough decisions. If they’re torn between to houses, you know about it. And you, with your infinite wisdom, get to help them figure out which one fits them better. You also know which girls become horrible and catty the second they step out of the houses.

7. Recruitment Week is a lot less stressful for us.

The week leading up to recruitment? That pretty much sucks. But we don’t have the pressure of impressing the girls, following your Recruitment Chair’s dress code, asking the right questions, and making sure you’re perfectly Panhellenic. We just have to put them in alphabetical order and hold their shit. Boom.

6. The questions.

The PNMs want nothing more than to figure out our affiliation. They will ask and guess and try to stalk our social media through its airtight security (thanks, Panhel). It’s fun to hear their guesses. It’s also fun to try and trick them. It’s even more fun when they figure out they get to be your sister.



Why I Love My Philanthropy

We all hear the anti-greek talk that philanthropies are just a way to make Greek life look better. That we don’t really care about the organization we’re tied to. I’m here to tell you just how incredibly wrong that is.

At the end of last semester, I was lucky enough to be able to go with a group of my sisters to visit our philanthropy, St. Jude. Our partnership with St. Jude has always been important to me, but actually seeing the hospital and having doctors, nurses, and parents thank us for what we do? That’s a feeling I’ll never shake.

I love my philanthropy because it has such a wide outreach.
St. Jude has patients from all over the world, from all different backgrounds. Since none of their patients pay a single cent to receive treatment, they help families from miles and miles away.

I love that the work my sisters and I put in to this organization allows them to keep a 2 million dollar a day operation running. I love that we get cards and letters and videos keeping us updated on the lives we’re helping to save. I love that nothing can make the girls in my house tear up faster than a message from St. Jude.

I love that lives are saved, scientific progress is made, and families get a chance at happy endings with St. Jude.

I love that they use little red wagons instead of wheelchairs. St. Jude takes every opportunity to help their patients remember that no matter what, they’re still kids. The walls are colorful and fun. There are toys and ice cream and 24 hour room service. I love that despite the suffering, these kids get every wish met. They deserve that.

Selfishly, I love that my philanthropy pushes me. It asks more of me than I thought I had to give. It makes me humble. It makes me work hard. Because I love it so, it holds me to a higher standard.

So the next time you hear someone call your philanthropy an excuse to get wasted on the weekends, remind them, and yourself, that’s a lie. Your hard work and passion for your philanthropy shouldn’t be another joke about Greek Life.


11 Times You Wished You Were Blair Waldorf

Everyone’s Queen B has been providing inspiration to all basic bitches for years.

11. When she always looked fierce.

Blair rocked outfits that none of us will ever be brave enough to try. And she looked damn good doing it.

10. When her work ethic could make anyone feel inadequate.

Say what you will, Blair worked hard for what she wanted. Even if her methods weren’t always pure, she wasn’t afraid of dirty work.

9. When she knew the ways of the world.

She’s not wrong, is she? There’s nothing quite like spending an exuberant amount of money.

8. When she would do anything for her friends.

No matter how much she and Serena fought, Blair always dropped everything when Serena needed her. She knew Serena better than anyone, and alway knew what was best for her.

7. When she dropped this wisdom.

Blair had it figured out. Who doesn’t want to be all powerful? Cause B sure was.

6. When she never hesitated to cut toxic people from her life.

Sure, she was maybe a little dramatic when she banished Little J, but honestly, who wouldn’t?



13 Reasons Your Dog Would Make The Best Sorority Sister

Every time you go home for the holidays you wish your dog could live in your sorority house. I mean they are your best friend and companion no matter what so why shouldn’t they be your sister too? They’re already considered a part of your biological family.

13. They love the holidays just as much as you and your sisters do. 

holiday 2

They will gladly don their gay apparel, eat some figgy pudding, play with their dog toys all day, and nap while you freak out over new shoes, chocolate, and sorority sweatshirts on Christmas, Hanukkah, or even your birthday.

12. They’ll always be happy to see you when you get home. 


When you’ve had a long day of classes, chapter, and work who better to come home to then your best dog friend? They will always be waiting with a smile and a big kiss.

11. They never miss the chance for a good photo-op. 


Whether it’s your lemonade stand fundraiser for the local hospital or a powder puff football game to raise money for the Girl Scouts they will be there and ready for their close-up.

10. They’ll always eat pizza with you whether it’s at 1 pm or 2 am. 

pizza dog

They know as well as you do that every time is pizza time whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a case of the late night drunchies. They will eat your crusts or share the whole pizza with you and they won’t even care if you get pizza sauce on the bed. In fact they’re happy to help you clean it up.

9. They understand the importance of getting your beauty sleep. 

sleep 2

They love to be active but also know the importance of slowing down sometimes. If you curl up on the couch and fall asleep they will be right there with you ready to nap the day away. It’s important to take time to relax and they’ve taught you that.

8. They share your obsessions. 


Us sorority girls like a wide range of activities so just know whether you like football, Star Wars, or crafting that your dog will be right there with you watching and taking part in your obsessions.

7. They’ll always go to the gym with you or on a run to their favorite dog park.


You know if it’s in the area. Or even ten miles away. I mean that’s totally doable right? You do want them to socialize and make new friends don’t you?



Why Getting Your Little Is The Best Christmas Present Around

Getting your little is a very special occasion. There is a lot of build-up involved with all the crafting, drinking, theme choosing, activity planning, and pairing. You may even be wrapping yourself up in Christmas wrapping paper to surprise your little with your presence upon your reveal. There are numerous reasons why getting your little is just like sorority Christmas for all the future bigs out there waiting.

I’m here to name just a few:

10. They’ll be in your life forever. 


Because it’s not just four years… it’s for life. You’ll love them forever and like them for always of course. Whether she transfers, loses sight of her purpose, or makes some bad decisions along the way, you’ll be there for her.

9. She will always give you the best advice. 

big lil 4

You might be her mentor, but she can teach you a thing or two as well. You most likely will be very close in age, so you will share similar experiences but have different takes. She may be good at knitting whereas you may be a pro at random football facts and history. Sharing with each other will only help the both of you become better people and sisters. The big-little relationship is all about this growth as sisters, students, community members, and individuals!

8. She will be there for you through thick and thin. 


Whether you break up with your boyfriend, fail your midterm, break your leg, or have a big fight with your girlfriend, your little will be there for you because you would do the same for her. Just like your biological family, you would drop anything to help your sorority family.

7. You’ll get to share them with the rest of your sorority family! 

family 2

Your big, grandbig, and great grandbig will be just as excited as you to meet the new addition to your family! They will always be there to teach you how to be the best big you can be to the perfect little.

6. She will always compliment you when you really need it. swim

Sometimes you just need to hear that you look great in that swimsuit or that your little black dress does not make you look fat. Whether you’re feeling down or have gained a little winter weight from all those holiday cookies, she always thinks you look absolutely fantastic.



10 Reasons I Chose Delta Gamma

USF Delta Gamma Bid Day

Choosing a sorority is really hard, They all try so hard to get you because they feel like they are the right fit for you, but that isn’t always the case. Some just don’t feel right. Other times you just know. Here are the most important reasons of why I chose Delta Gamma:

10. Being a Legacy: Making my mom proud is one of the most important things to me.


9. The diversity of my chapter is so amazing to me. I have met so many amazing girls through DG.


8. Our Anchorman is bae. He comes to every event he possibly can. From volleyball intermurals to DG formal, to sitting just to talk, he’s there to take pictures, call cheers and give the best advice he possibly can.


7.  Despite being a legacy, I chose Delta Gamma on my own. My mother told me it was okay to pick a different chapter than hers, but I couldn’t. I loved it too much.



6. I had the “ah-ha” moment: the one that most women have when finding their wedding dress, the man of their dreams, and apparently, finding the right Greek chapter for them.

Done and Done



The 12 Days of Srat-mas

On the first day of Srat-mas, my sisters gave to me:
An invite to a frat party.

On the second day of Srat-mas, my sisters gave to me:
Two handmade paddles and an invite to a frat party.

On the third day of Srat-mas, my sisters gave to me:
Three comfort colors, two handmade paddles, and an invite to a frat party.

On the fourth day of Srat-mas, my sisters gave to me:
Four Venti lattes, three comfort colors, two handmade paddles, and an invite to a frat party.

On the fifth day of Srat-mas, my sisters gave to me:
FIVE LEGACIES, four Venti lattes, three comfort colors, two handmade paddles, and an invite to a frat party.

On the sixth day of Srat-mas, my sisters gave to me:
Six pearl earrings, FIVE LEGACIES, four Venti lattes, three comfort colors, two handmade paddles, and an invite to a frat party.