Why Your Roommate is the Real MVP

College has given me many things.  It has given me an education, real life experience, and a best friend for life.  Roommates have a very special relationship that is cannot be found anywhere else.  If you are lucky, your roommate will be one of the best things that college can give you.  I have been lucky enough to have the same roommate since freshman year and she has taught me more about myself than I ever could have known.  She has knowingly taken on a huge part of my life (even though I am not always the easiest person to live with) and I am so grateful for that.  Here are some very important roles that your roommate takes on for you:
10. Best Friend- We all came to school with our best friends from home and the people we have grown up with.  While those people will remain in your life, your roommate will take this new role as your college best friend.  She is the one who understands your new life and is going through the same stress, home-sickness, and crazy nights as you.
best friends
9. Mother- Moving away for the first time is hard.  You spent eighteen years being cared for and now you are away from home with only your roommate to care for you.  So sometimes she will cook and clean and console you while you cry but you will also do the same.
8. Boyfriend- If your lucky, there will be a time when both you and your roommate will be single.  This is wonderful for going out and having fun but sometimes you still need someone to help you carry heavy things, kill spiders and open jars but will a little team effort, your roommate can help you fill that role too.
7. Therapist- Every college student has a breaking point and if you are me, you pass that far too often.  So you have your roommate there to comfort you while you cry, analyze cryptic text messages and form words when you are just too angry to do so yourself.  She keeps you relatively sane in a crazy college life.
6. Life coach- College is supposed to be a time where you can figure out the rest of your life.  You find internships, apply for jobs and try to make a five year plan but all of that is not as easy as it sounds.  Your roommate is there to help talk things out and to stress about the future with.
life coach


13 Reasons Your Dog Would Make The Best Sorority Sister

Every time you go home for the holidays you wish your dog could live in your sorority house. I mean they are your best friend and companion no matter what so why shouldn’t they be your sister too? They’re already considered a part of your biological family.

13. They love the holidays just as much as you and your sisters do. 

holiday 2

They will gladly don their gay apparel, eat some figgy pudding, play with their dog toys all day, and nap while you freak out over new shoes, chocolate, and sorority sweatshirts on Christmas, Hanukkah, or even your birthday.

12. They’ll always be happy to see you when you get home. 


When you’ve had a long day of classes, chapter, and work who better to come home to then your best dog friend? They will always be waiting with a smile and a big kiss.

11. They never miss the chance for a good photo-op. 


Whether it’s your lemonade stand fundraiser for the local hospital or a powder puff football game to raise money for the Girl Scouts they will be there and ready for their close-up.

10. They’ll always eat pizza with you whether it’s at 1 pm or 2 am. 

pizza dog

They know as well as you do that every time is pizza time whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a case of the late night drunchies. They will eat your crusts or share the whole pizza with you and they won’t even care if you get pizza sauce on the bed. In fact they’re happy to help you clean it up.

9. They understand the importance of getting your beauty sleep. 

sleep 2

They love to be active but also know the importance of slowing down sometimes. If you curl up on the couch and fall asleep they will be right there with you ready to nap the day away. It’s important to take time to relax and they’ve taught you that.

8. They share your obsessions. 


Us sorority girls like a wide range of activities so just know whether you like football, Star Wars, or crafting that your dog will be right there with you watching and taking part in your obsessions.

7. They’ll always go to the gym with you or on a run to their favorite dog park.


You know if it’s in the area. Or even ten miles away. I mean that’s totally doable right? You do want them to socialize and make new friends don’t you?



The Competition Between You and Your Best Friend’s Boyfriend

As we all know, you and your best friend are cuter than most couples.  You will never see one of you without the other and more importantly neither of you want to be away from each other. Whether it’s the separation anxiety or just plain FOMO, you spend your whole life together. Until one day something horrible happens.  She gets a boyfriend.  Now it is not just you and her but you have to share her with someone.  Share her time, her attention, and her love. If you are reading this and think I sound crazy then you A. have not found your person yet or B. she has never had a boyfriend.  In these situations, your reactions are highly similar to that of a jealous girlfriend.  And as any jealous person knows, this is when the competition begins.  At this time you will begin quietly competing for your best friend’s time and attention but also trying to one up your competition by knowing your best friend a million times better than him (because duh you do).  This competition runs a very fine line of good-hearted fun and seriously competitive challenges but never the less you will obviously win.  And for those of you who have not yet experienced this, here are the five stages of competition with your best friend’s boyfriend.
Stage 1: Single- This is the best time to be around your best friend. She is single and not looking for anything serious.  This means that you get your partner in crime and she is wild.  She may flirt with some guys on and off but there is nothing serious going on.  She is all about her friends and lucky you, you have no one yet to compete with.  It is just you and her against the world and neither of you could be any happier.  All is good!
Stage 2: Talking- So it happened, your single best friend met someone.  It is still nothing too serious but he is slowly becoming more present in her life, and in turn yours.  She is still willing to go out, have fun, and party hard but may spend more time on her phone talking to said man.  Neither of you know him too well just yet but you are starting to hear more and more.  Maybe it is just the mention of his name and the debrief after they hangout or it has gotten serious and you are now being informed of his life story, either way, he is becoming more prevalent in both of your lives.
Stage 3: Friendship- And now your best friend and said boy have decided that they’re in love and have made things official. While they are both super happy, there is part of you that just isn’t.  Now you just want her to be happy, you don’t want to lose her to someone else so you try to make friends.  Since they are spending almost all of their time together, you happen to be there sometimes when they hangout and therefore you and him have developed a civility towards each other.
Stage 4: Jealously- Now maybe it has been a few weeks or months since they have been dating but now there has been a shift.  Your best friend has been spending even more time with her boyfriend and less with you.  They are in love and that is okay but you are also not invited to hangout with them anymore either.  This reason being that he is also very jealous of your friendship.  You have known her longer, you spend more time together and frankly she obviously likes you more.  But all of this leads to a clearly visible tension between you two.
Stage 5: Defeat- Awkward tensions aside, you and your best friend’s boyfriend both care dearly about her and have that in common.  You both may be able to move on from the jealously on one condition, he admits that you always come first.  In the end you will win because whether the relationship lasts or not, you will always remain her best friend.  He must accept his own defeat and then you all can move on and be one happy family.
You love and care for your best friend with all of your heart but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to love her boyfriend.  But you do have to tolerate him while ensuring the happiness of your best friend.  I joke about the competition for your friends time and attention which is all true but at the end of the day, you best friend is the most important person in both of your lives and that means you can put aside whatever differences you have to make her happy.  But know that you will always be in her life whether she is in a relationship or not.


Why Sisters Make the Best Roommates

Throughout my college years, I lived with six different sisters, all of various ages. The first one and I rushed together, actually, and wound up in the same sorority, a stroke of luck I am still thankful for.

we're sisters


Three of the six are still some of the best friends I have ever had, two I lived with for three years in a row, four of them were descending branches in my family tree. We were from all over the state and all walks of life, bound together by our love for our letters and each other; when you’re in a Greek system, it truly doesn’t matter where you’re from. It matters who you are. This was the reason that, even though most of them were younger than me or in different pledge classes, we still always maintained a close bond.








When An Extrovert is Stuck Alone

It actually happened… you’re alone. You’re usually so careful to fill each little nick of your time with activities that even if you have to focus on a task alone, at least there’s something to do. But now, you and your perky, outgoing attitude have no one to chatter to about the goings-on of the day.

You have to spend a whole HOUR by yourself, waiting for a friend to show up… try not to go a little stir crazy.



You’ll start by telling yourself it’ll be FINE. Exciting even! You’ve done this before; you can be the CHAMPION of alone time.




A letter to my Big

Dear Big,

I’m going to try so hard not to make this sound like a love letter. But let’s face it, you’re my big and there’s a whole lot of love in this sisterhood! Normally, I am not great with expressing my feelings in any way, shape, or form, so with that being said, please bear with me on this letter.

For starters, before you became my big, I was terrified of who was soon to become mine. Although I absolutely loved the idea, it was hard to imagine having someone there to help me with things that I didn’t even know I needed help with. When I was asked who I wanted my Big to be, I honestly had no idea who I wanted. In all honesty, I was secretly hoping it would be someone who had some of the same interests as I did. She had to understand how much I love my family, and that right after them comes school. She had to understand that I will choose staying at home and watching Netflix and (or?) doing homework instead of going out. That I would much rather go out to eat than go to the gym. And most importantly that I value friendship more than anything else. I know that’s a lot to ask, but considering majority of the girls I had talked to had similar values, I wasn’t too worried. However, in a situation where there are just so many girls to choose from I truly had no idea who I wanted.

I will admit the first time I met you, I was hesitant about the situation. I wasn’t 100% sure if you and I would end up getting along in the long run, and that scared me. I had heard stories of sisters claiming that even to this day they don’t have a close bond with their Big and I felt bad for them because that honestly sucks. As the oldest in my family, I wanted to know what it was like to have a big sister, and being a sorority was going to help with that. So, yes, I did have very high expectations!

On the night of Big/Little reveal, I was honestly SUPER excited to find out that were officially mine!! Even though I had suspicions before that you were in fact my Big, I wasn’t entirely sure. I couldn’t have been any happier because I knew who you were and all that there was about you. I love the fact that you enjoy nerdy action movies just as much as I do. We both have crazy hectic studying schedules and somehow we still make time for each other. You feel my pain when I say that I want to do things but I am too lazy to do them. Last but certainly not least, you make an effort.

On that note, comes my next point. You are the greatest Big than anyone could ask for. You spoil me rotten with crafts and gifts, you come to me with any sort of crazy, exciting, or random news. We laugh, we probably will cry, gossip, and strive to succeed in our futures. Somehow you managed to check off every item on my crazy “Dream Big” checklist. I’m truly thankful for you, and I just wanted you to know that. We’re closer than I could have ever imagined and I truly look to you as the big sister I’ve always wanted! I will always support you in everything you do, and I will always be the person you can rely on. I love the bond we have and hope it stays that way forever!

With so so so much love,

Your Little <3


The Love, Hate Friendship


... are the content uploads love hate relationship quote quotes PicturesLadies, we all have that one sister or maybe more than one that we love to death but sometimes we hate her guts. She may not even be one of your sisters, she could just be one of your best friends you’ve known forever. Whatever the case may be, you know who it is. She’s always attached to your hip no matter what.

Why you hate her

She’s the girl you really wonder why she acts the way she does in certain situations and it really irritates the living hell out of you. You’re at that first frat party of the year and shes the one who is supposed to be the DD yet she acts as if she has been playing drinking games all night you try to tell her that’s not cool but why would she listen to you. Yeah she’s that girl.. you love her but sometimes you just want to shake her and ask her what the heck she is thinking.. usually she isn’t thinking. You have the flu and you’re in your tiny uncomfortable twin size bed in your dorm room trying to sleep, you finally pass out and she calls you at 3 A.M from a payphone at some cheap college bar needing you to pick her up, you have to crawl out of your bed and go find your car out in the 409. She’s also the girl who gets googly eyes around that one guy that she’s desperately in love with but he has a girlfriend..she will talk about him every time you are with her. She makes everything about her most of the time but she claims she doesn’t mean to. She acts like a baby when you don’t do what she wants to do so you eventually have to give in. She’s usually a pain in the ass 24/7.

Why you love her

She is always there for you no matter what. You fight about the most silly things but you get over it fast. The 3 A.M calls are worth it in the end, she called YOU, she could have called anyone but she chose you! She talks about that one guy in front of you even though your sick of it she does it because she knows you wont judge her and you are willing to listen. You love her because she is your best friend and nothing can change that. You have to know how to be forgiving, even though she does things you hate you will always love her. She has your back and you have hers. You should feel lucky that she is open with you because if she wasn’t and she wasn’t a pain in the ass then you two wouldn’t have the memories, you wouldn’t have anything to look back on. Its the small things that count. Don’t beat her up when she has an attitude with you, just give her one back and then make up. Just because yall have a love hate relationship just means you have a stronger connection, you know what makes each other tick.


3 Good Things About Being In A Small Sorority

According to the NPC, a sorority chapter can range from “35 to 300 plus” women. Most large universities (UK, LSU, USC) will have 100-200 women in a chapter, which I am sure has its advantages. However, being in a smaller chapter can have it’s advantages too. I am an Alpha Phi at Indiana University Southeast and we have 48 active members on campus. When I tell people this, some people blow it off as if we can’t have successful Greek Life if we don’t have 150+ men and women in each Fraternity and Sorority. This is not the case.



If it weren’t for my school having small chapters, I wouldn’t be able to afford to be Greek. Our dues can be billed monthly, semesterly, or annually. For monthly, it is only $50 a month. This can be 100’s of dollars cheaper than large schools. And let’s be honest, the less dues cost, the more T-Shirts you can buy.


I really enjoyed going through recruitment. It was a little tiring, but not at all like it was for my friends at larger universities. It only lasted 4 days and we were there for a max of 4 hours each night. Going through with smaller chapters was less intimidating than what I have heard about going through as a PNM at larger schools. With less sisters to talk to, you get to know the chapter more as a whole. You also get a good idea of everyone you will be around, which leads me to my next point.


I love all 47 of my sisters. My favorite benefit of being a smaller chapter and my favorite aspect of sorority life is a strong sisterly bond. I get to know each and every one of my sisters on an individual basis. I know everyone’s names and I know majors and hobbies and favorite colors and what their favorite restaurant is. I get to know everyone personally. With a chapter with 150+ women it could be hard to know everyone and especially be close.

I am sure a lot of women would prefer their large chapter to a smaller one and I completely understand that and don’t belittle it in the slightest. However, a small chapter doesn’t deserve to be belittled either. We are all Panhell women, no matter our size.

Also, if you are considering going Greek but are worried about the chapter being small, go out and talk to the women of the different sororities and ask them how things work in a small chapter.

We are small, but we are strong ♥


Being A Sorority Girl in 2015

Since the beginning of sororities in the 19th century, women have been growing, learning, and developing into the amazing creatures we are today. As times are changing and forever rearranging, so is the basic sorority girl. Her values are still the same – upholding the highest type of womanhood with class, dignity, and grace. However, with the date getting higher, so are the expectations of what it is to be a sorority girl.

True Girl

True Girl



It would be far too simple to give a singular definition of what it means to be a woman in a sorority, but it would also be impossible for no one woman is the same as the one next to her, even if they are in the same sorority. Physical characteristics differ, personalities differ, styles differ, and many others. Although, what they all have in common is the love for their sisterhood and the desire to apart of something bigger than themselves. I think when reflecting on our founders and where they begin, they would reflect similarly on these observations and principles. Our founders laid out for us an excellent foundation, a place to call home, and a sisterhood for life. Now, as 2015 roars on, it is our jobs to meet the expectations of our founders while defining what it means to be a sorority girl in this time.

True Girl

Sorority Lyfe


A sorority girl of 2015 has:
1. Passion
2. Grace
3. Drive
4. Class
5. Respect for herself and her sisters
6. Ambition
7. A strong work ethic
8. Responsibility
9. Obtainable goals
10. Style
11. Valued opinions
12. Power
13. Integrity
14. Intelligence
15. Knowledge of the world around her

Sorority Lyfe

Sorority Lyfe


Glancing back to the 19th century, I would say the values from then and now have varied very little. Fortunately for our founders, they only had to worry about the image they portrayed while out in public or what could be said by other people. In this day and age, we now have to be aware of not only our public image, but our image on various forms of social media. It has become far too easy for sisters to be portrayed in a not so positive light via outlets such as these. However, also thanks to social media, it has become far more simple for sorority girls to display just how awesome they are in all sorts of ways. A sorority girl of 2015 is aware that she is a role model, she is constantly watched by the public, and she has a positive image to withhold for the sake of her founders and the sake of her sisters. 2015 could not be a better time for such women to show how amazing they are, for they are everywhere and ready to make their mark on the world.

Sorority Lyfe

Sorority Lyfe



It’s a Brand New “New Year’s”

Oh hello 2015! Or at least that’s what I should say. Every year we get so excited about the next year to come. And we look back on the past year by making a flipgram of pictures that everyone has already seen.

Instead of trying to have the cutest pictures of your New Year’s eve outfit, stay at home. Sit and watch tv in your sweats and just relax for the night. Hey that’s what I’m doing.

The New Years is a great way for people to start over. For some reason people seem to think that the last year of our lives is just going to disappear.

Hate to break it to ya but its not

We all make the same goals every year that this year we are going to go to the gym and eat healthier. And then that lasts for about a month.

Let’s make some new goals.

Think about making goals for the new year as a chapter. Most of you all just transitioned to new officers. This is a great way to start new resolutions. Maybe have each officer make resolutions for their position.

Make chapter resolutions.

And don’t just decide these at your executive council meeting, decide these as a chapter. Find out what the members want to do more of in the next year. This will allow your chapter to be closer than every in the next year and your sisterhood will grow even more.


25 Things All Sorority Girls Want For Christmas

Written by: Anna Damschroder, Katheryn Sullivan, Maria Thompson, Rachael Chapiewski, Shayna Butera, Carrie Taylor, and Nicole Hardwick

It’s that special time of year for everyone to get together and give hugs and kisses!! Wait, besides the hugs and kisses, what about the gifts? We all know that you want gifts and presents for Christmas, but the question is what kind of gifts and presents do you want? Sorority girls have many ideas in mind, what exactly do they want for Christmas? Check out the list below and find out!! Merry Christmas to you all 🙂

25. A check for spring semester’s dues

24. Bean/Hunter rain boots

23. Fitbit and the Tory Burch bracelet to go with it


22. Car decals of our letters

21. Monogrammed flask/monogrammed anything!


20. New Nikes

19. Teavana tea


18. Spirit jersey with letters of course


17. Alex and Ani bracelet




Greek Life is Cool AF – Must Read!

With 3,000+ members on campus, thousands of dollars donated to organizations varying from Relay For Life to Elle’s Place, and like-minded people who like to party, it is easy to see why more and more people are wanting to Go Greek. Nowhere else will you find weekly gatherings that contain 50 or so girls plus 50 or so guys who come together to hang out and get to know one another. Nowhere else will you find a group of people who will spend weeks and weeks raising more than $30,000 for a cause they care about. Nowhere else will you find a family outside of your blood relatives. It is this beautiful thing that combines academia, social opportunities, networking possibilities, financial responsibility, and people who will become your family for life. Once you take a peek inside the circle that is Greek Life, there is no doubt that Greeks possess something special – this is something I like to call a community. Whether you are in Delta Gamma, Kappa Delta, or Sigma Kappa, all Greeks share the commonality that is Greek Life.

Something fascinating about this community is the standards in which they hold themselves to. Every single house has a GPA requirement, weekly study hours, philanthropic requirements, financial standings to meet, and a proper image to uphold. With being Greek comes the stigma – they only party, they only look a certain way, they are dumb, they are rich. It would be too difficult for people to not judge, because then they would have to acknowledge the high standards Greeks are actually accountable for. Not only are the rules laid out, there are repercussions if they are not met, setting students up for the big bad world they will be entering shortly after their time at college.

During this short time at college, Greek students get to experience it all. Michigan State University says, “The value of Greek life for students who choose to participate is the merging of almost every segment of the campus community into one cohesive program that promotes self-governance, leadership development, academic achievement, community service and friendship,” which each member can undoubtedly attest to. Members can also attest to the fact that being Greek has given them something they would have otherwise not experienced. A sister of mine says, “Going Greek is the best decision I have made in my short 20 years. If I would not have done this, I would have missed out on so many relationships, experiences, and memories that I know could not imagine my life without.” Never again will you be able to live with 50 or so of your best friends, never again will you have the opportunity to meet so many people, never again will you be able to experience this unique bond that is sisterhood. Sure, you will definitely meet people down the road and you could already have a sibling or two, but these relationships are nothing like the relationships that will be formed during your time as a Greek.