Why Choosing TAMUC Is the Greatest Decision You’ll Ever Make

TAMUC better known as Texas A&M University-Commerce to the outer public. yet to the students here in Commerce we like to refer to it as “The Dirty Merce”, “Merce Vegas”, and “No Mercy Texas”. Well if these cool nicknames aren’t enough to convience you that choosing TAMUC will be the greatest decision that you will probably ever make, I have a couple more things that you would like to know about this East Texas school.


In college, sports is kind of a big deal especially in Texas. Here at A&M Commerce we are proud to say that our football team is Back-to-back Conference Champions with the intention of making this title 3-Time conference champions on their way to the National Championship for Division II schools. Yet football isn’t the only team that has some bling to show off. Our men’s track team just came back from Colorado with a new title of back-to-back champions as well. Oh let me not forget our women’s soccer team also has two rings of their very own. So I guess that you could say owning two rings is kind of contagious around here.

football champs

Greek Life

Though it may be small it is mighty. Our Greek life that is. Even though we only have four Panhellenic sororities, four IFC fraternities, five NPHC sororities, and four NPHC fraternities, as well as one Multicultural council sorority and one Multicultural fraternity. On paper we seem small yet next to athletics, we show up and show out. We travel deep in all school functions and we are open with everybody on campus, Greek or non, our Greek community supports everyone. Being a part of any one of our frats or sorority is a great decision that you could possibly make once you come to Commerce. Greek life gets you involved in intramurals, campus organizations, and leadership roles just to name a few.

greek lifeCampus Life

Being a small campus actually makes a life a little bit more simple for the college student attending A&M Commerce. Since the campus is relatively small you can walk to your class in a matter a five minutes at the most no matter where you are coming from. When I started my freshman year in 2013 Commerce was the definition of a small school yet three years later word has gotten out about how we are the most affordable university in the A&M school system and of course our athletics. But back to campus life! Since Commerce is basically a walking campus you are able to see what is going on as you walk through campus. Whether is music on the yard at the student center, an organization giving out free t-shirts and snacks in the cross-roads or the library giving out something free, you are able to be a part of that.


Student Unity

I feel like any college is going to help you find people that you will grow closer to over time, yet that is just you and those select people not the whole campus. In the past two years I have seen this campus become closer over one sad tragedy. A couple of summers ago our school lost two valuable players of the women’s basketball team. They also left their mark in the personal lives of the students and staff here in Commerce. As soon as we were able to make it back to campus a candle light vigil was held in Devin and Aubrey’s honor. But the honoring didn’t stop there, in the athletic tutoring center two rooms were dedicated to each athlete and their jerseys were retired at the beginning of  basketball season. A movement like this will be remembered for years to come.

candle light


Inside the Life of the School Mascot

I am a part of the club that owns and controls our school mascot. And I was asked to be inside that giant head during my school’s homecoming football game. The world completely changes once you are inside.


Before I was even allowed to touch the costume I had to sign a contract promising away my life if I did not follow the code of conduct for the mascot. I couldn’t talk, I had to be sober, I couldn’t make obscene gestures. Basically I had to behave (which for me isn’t always easy).


Then it was time to put it on. That sweaty, heavy, smelly suit. I went down in the tunnels of our gymnasium, into the dark back corner, met up with my “handler” and put it all on. First was the pants, then the chest, then the feet, then the head. There is supposed to be a fan inside the head, but its broken, just like my idolized view of all school mascots. After I was dressed with my gloves and Pep band t-shirt, I headed out to the field.


Walking as the mascot is basically walking in shoes 3 sizes too big, with a 10 pound weight on your head, and trying to balance on one foot, while trying to see out of the dirtiest glasses possible. The eyes are made out of mesh, and trying to focus past them is next to impossible. But somehow I made it onto the field! There is no line of sight other than straight forward, and with all the noise of homecoming, it was impossible to hear anyone calling for my attention. Kids were screaming for pictures, students were trying for selfies, I honestly didn’t know which way to look first, and my handler was just as all over the place. When it was time for me to go on the field and perform, suddenly everything was easier. I did’t have to look at anyone, no one knew who I was, and no matter what I did the fans thought I was adorable behind that fuzzy mask.


While being the school mascot is one of the hardest things to do, it is also one of the most rewarding seeing people be over joyed with getting a picture with you, and seeing all the fantastic photos on Insta is all worth it!



Moving Back for Spring Semester as Told by New Girl

Congratulations collegiates! You did it. You survived the awkward banter at Christmas, watched all the Netflix you humanly could, and most importantly you got through the boredom of being somewhere where there is absolutely nothing to do. Once you realize the day has finally come, you go through a few exciting steps, from catching up with friends to new classes.

10. You realize it’s THE day…the day you’re going back to school


9. You get to see your long lost friends 

Hopefully your hugs are better than this…

8. You catch up with your college friends

7. You can finally show your roommates the new cooking skills you acquired over break…

…or lack there of


6. There are so many new hotties in your classes



How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

Every year it’s the same thing….. “I’m gonna stop partying as much”, “I’m gonna lose 10 pounds”, “I’m gonna do better in school”, “I’m finally gonna get over my ex”, “I’m gonna be a better person”. They’re all great resolutions but by the second week of January, they’re out the door. We all pick a resolution that we know we can stick to but with so many changes happening in our lives, they get put on the back burner. Make 2016 different by making your resolution a top priority. You don’t have to achieve your goal overnight, make a plan to make small steps in the right direction every week.

Partying: So in 2015 you constantly wore the party hat, but in 2016 you want to get serious and change your priorities. You don’t have to rid your weekends of downtown or your favorite club, just pick and choose your nights out. Nobody needs to go out more than 2 or 3 nights a week. If you have serious FOMO (fear of missing out) and you must go out with your gals, volunteer to be the DD. Your girls will worship you, you won’t run up a pricey bar tab, and you don’t have to regret making out with that dud at the bar…. But the best part, you can actually be productive the next day rather than being stuck in bed with a killer headache.

If you’re that girl that is known for chugging beers faster than the guys than learn how to pace yourself. Drinking shouldn’t be a race to see who can get drunkest. It’s a time where you let a little lose and have fun with your friends. A night on the town is a marathon, not a sprint. You actually wanna make it to the bar and not just to the pregame. Have fun, but learn your limits.


Losing weight: It’s not going to happen overnight. It will take time and perseverance. Don’t lose weight to fit into a size 0 again, lose weight to become healthy and love yourself for you. Start by making a plan that fits you. If you don’t have the time or money to go to the gym, buy a small set of dumbbells and find some at home workouts on Pinterest. Run or walk outside a few times a week. If you have a gym membership, again find workouts on Pinterest and set up a routine of workouts for different parts of your body such as abs, legs, chest, arms, etc. Whether you’re working out at home or in a gym, find a friend to workout with you. You can motivate each other and workouts go by faster if you have someone to gossip to.

Toning up is 20% gym and 80% eating healthy. Yeah, it’s hard to resist late night Taco Bell or pizza when the option arises. Take small steps, try and limit yourself to eating fast food about once a week. If you have to eat on the go, find the healthiest options. Fresh vegetables and fruits are best and will fill you up. Soda? Cut back completely if possible. You’ll start to notice a difference in your stomach in just a week or two. That goes for mixers too, for nights out try fruit juices instead of sodas. You won’t get that sugary rush and all the antioxidants from the juice will help your hangover the next morning.

Don’t ward yourself completely of unhealthy foods. Pick one meal a week to pig out. Have a slice of pizza and a piece of cake. You deserve it. Just don’t get off track the days following that.




10 Reasons Why I’m Glad I’m Paying My Way Through College

College tuition. No matter where you go, it’s expensive. I haven’t spoken to one person that thought fondly of their college tuition. I’m one of your typical college students that is working to pay for tuition. I’ve had the odds and ends of summer jobs, and currently have three jobs on campus. It’s rough, but I’m glad I’m doing it because of these 10 reasons:

10. It teaches you how to save your money


9. Jobs ensure that you won’t be bored during break


8. Having to go to your job during the school day teaches you time management


7. You meet new people through work


6. Connections for further jobs




12 Things You Should Thank Your University For

As a college student, we each take pride in our university. We cherish the place we choose to further our knowledge and prepare ourselves for the real world. Here are things we should be forever thankful for:

12. Academic growth.


11. Credibility for future jobs and field networking.


10. A home team to call your own; sports are the heart of every school.


9. It’s the almost perfect location to get away from home and free your soul.

dance party

8. Meeting new people and finding new places to indulge in.


7. Your clubs, interest groups, etc.




10 Stages of Becoming Friends in College

Because of the freedom and the fact that you’re all so close in proximity, it’s a lot easier to make friends in college than anywhere else. The other day I was thinking about how odd it is that the people that I met the first week of college are now my best friends and know everything about me. We’ve all been friends for a year and a half now and I think we all went through these 10 stages of becoming friends:

10. Hi my name is…


maybe you meet in a class or through a friend of a friend

9. The occasional greeting on campus


see each other from across the quad or in a building, give each other a wave & go about your day

8. The drunken hug


I think we all know how exciting seeing friends at parties is

7. Meeting up to do homework


unless you have an approaching deadline, this usually just results in a lot of talking and goofing around

6. Hanging out doing sober things


this includes laying, watching movies, & eating junk food- the trinity of friendship



8 Reasons Why I’m Grateful For My Strict Parents

We’ve all screamed “I HATE YOU!” at the top of our lungs, swore that “Welcome to My Life” by Simple Plan was our anthem in middle school, and plotted completely unrealistic plans to move out and disown our parents by the age of 18. No? Just me? Okay.

I remember thinking I was sentenced to 18 years in prison with my parents as my patrol officers. Strict parents are a rebellious child’s worst nightmare, but now that I’m a bit older and wiser, I realize that there are a few things that I owe to my parents…

8. I will never curse during an interview. Growing up in a family where “shut up” was considered a bad word, I’ve been trained to get a bit creative with my adjectives. It’s always been “fudge” instead of… you know… and “crap” instead of…you know. One of the biggest strikes in a presentation, speech or interview is dropping the F-bomb when things go array. I’m proud that I don’t swear like a sailor (it’s more attractive too).

7. I’m a lightweight. I didn’t get away with sh- crap… in high school. I got caught almost every single time I went to a party. My parents were against me drinking at a young age, so I wasn’t able to get away with shotgunning natties every weekend. The brightside? I have such a low tolerance that now, in college, I get wasted way quicker than everyone else and spend less money on alcohol doing it. Thanks, dad!

6. I have an outstanding work ethic. I’m not a quitter; I was never allowed to be. My parents drilled into me that a pretty face will only get me so far, and I need brains, talent and determination behind my fake eyelashes and glossy lips. I hate making excuses for things. If there’s a will, there’s a way, and I always have a will.

5. I was accepted to every school I applied to. I wasn’t allowed to go out on school nights, especially if my homework wasn’t done. My mother sat with me every night of second grade practicing multiplication tables until I could do it in my sleep. What I’m most thankful for is that my parents didn’t push me to get A’s. My parents pushed me to want to get A’s. They just wanted me to understand how important education is, and because of that, I pushed myself harder than they ever did.




The End of Fall Semester as Told by Disney Princesses

There’s something specifically stressful and hectic about the time between the end of fall break and the beginning of winter break. It seems like everyone’s (including my own) life is in shambles as we try to survive the next few weeks.

10) When Thanksgiving is so close yet so far away.

I mean, we’re two weeks out, but we might as well be 2 years out. Time is moving so slowly it’s almost in reverse. All I want is my bed, my dog, and some pie. Is that so much to ask?

9) When you’re still recovering from your midterm grades.

So maybe you bombed a few midterms. You’ve got a whole half a semester to redeem yourself, right? Yet every day we got closer and closer to that final grade, and not much has changed. Oops.

8) When its too cold to dress cute when you go out.

You’re telling me I have to walk to a frat house with a thousand layers on, and then someone make it back with all of those layers still attached to me? No thanks.

7) When you can’t find the motivation to do anything.

All you want to do is cuddle up and watch movies. Specifically holiday themed movies. Give me a blanket and some hot chocolate while I ignore the pile of homework staring at me.

6) When you can’t decide if it’s too early for Christmas music.

When is it appropriate? November first? Closer to Thanksgiving? No one can give me a solid answer on this, so I’m gonna jam to Jingle Bells and bring my peppermint mocha, thank you very much.



7 Thoughts Every College Student Has During The Summer

For all of us who live on campus during the school year, it is an interesting time to go home for the multiple-month long summer. For some, there are summer jobs to help save up for textbooks and school supplies, and for others, summer is filled with fun beach trips, movie nights, and lazy days. Though all of our summers differ, there are seven thoughts that we all have during these long vacations away from school.

7. “I hope this summer never ends”

Everyone loves a long break away from the constant stresses of school work and full agendas from their activities on campus. Summer is a time for all of us to relax, hang out with friends that we have not seen in months, and catch up on all of the sleep that we missed while working on our multiple ten page papers. “I hope this summer never ends” is something that we all think when our summers get into full swing and we are having tons of fun.

It's Finally Summer

6. “Wow, I really dislike unpacking”

This was the most prevalent thought in my head all throughout this past summer. While away at school, I collected too many things. A friend once told me, “It’s funny, you go to school knowing you have too much, and then you come home with even more.” I guess it’s a year long process of collecting stuff you really do not need. At first, I did not know this statement would come true for me, but then I started packing to go home. Oh boy, did I have too much. To be honest, all of my dorm “necessities” sat in my living room for two months before even being touched. “Wow, I really dislike unpacking” is a thought that every college student has when they return home.  






20 Things Only Saint Joseph’s Students Would Understand

20. The Wind Tunnel

Nothing compares to the wind vortex you are thrown into walking to class in the winter, especially the Villiger Vortex.

19. BLD

BLD, BLD, BLD! The BLD, or Black Light Dance, is a freshman right of passage and one of our favorite parts of orientation.

18. #THWND

The Hawk Will Never Die

17. The Campion Scent

Campion, we love to hate it. Nothing quite compares to the Campion Scent stuck on you and all your clothes long after leaving Campion for dinner.

16. Hawk Wrap

What’s in Hawk Sauce?? We may never know, but we will love our Hawk Wraps until the Hawk dies….which is never.

15. The Perch

“The Perch is the coolest place to be on a Saturday night”…said no one ever.



The 7 Stages of Moving Back to School as Told By Parks and Rec

7. When you realize school is just around the corner and you get to see your friends

6. ….and then you realize all the packing you have to do

5. You try to ignore packing for as long as possible