So Your Ex Cheated On You… Now What?

Let’s start with this, your ex sucks.  Whether you thought he was the love of your life or you two were just getting to know each other, his act of cheating without a doubt hurt you.  In no way was anything you did a contributing factor to his actions.  If he has the mentality to cheat, he will find a way to do so.  And most likely you are not really sure where to go from here.  While there isn’t a set timeline to help you get through this situation, there are some stages that most people go through when trying to get over a cheating ex.  Here are five stages that you are most likely to experience:
5. Sadness-  This is usually when you first find out.  Whether he told you himself or you unfortunately heard through someone else, the news is heart-wrenching.  This stage usually involves a lot of crying and overeating.  A large portion of this time is spent in bed surrounded by tissues and candy wrappers.
4. Excuses-  Unfortunately, this is usually the time where you will make excuses for him.  You will tell your friends things like “Well I wasn’t the best girlfriend” and “He has been going through a really hard time” but deep down you know both of those do not excuse his actions.  You are trying to comfort yourself by downplaying the hurt.  And for now it works.
3. Anger-  Let’s just say, during this period you are not your best self.  There is often a lot of screaming voicemails, name calling, and text messages in all caps but honestly he deserves it.  You are angry at him, at her and basically everyone around you but you have a right to be for now.  Let your anger out but make sure you are focusing it at the right people.


8ams As Told by Arrested Development

11. When your alarm goes off and it’s still dark outside.

Why me??

10. Then you realize you’ve hit snooze one too many times and you have 15 minutes till class

9. Walking to class like…

I hate my life.

8. You barely make it to class on time 

Pheww I made it on time!

7. But then you realize you have to sit through class