What Being A Feminist Really Means

Beyonce told us all the true definition of feminism. Unfortunately, some people refuse to listen to Queen Bey, and still have a warped sense of what feminism is. I’m here to clear that up for you.

We all need feminism. Men need it. Women need it. Poor people need it. Rich people need it. People of all races, religions, and upbringings need it.

Feminism says that is okay for boys to cry and be emotional, and that we shouldn’t call them weak when they do.
Feminism also says that if you call a boy feminine when he fails, you’re saying that femininity is a failure. It’s not.
Feminism says that if women want to cut their hair short, they doesn’t make them any less of a woman.
Feminism says that if you were born with female parts, but see yourself as male, that’s okay.
Feminism also says that you don’t have to be born female to be a woman.
Feminism says that if women of color want to grow their hair out naturally, that’s their choice. It’s not unprofessional, or “nappy,” its their hair.
Feminism says that if men want to spend money on their looks, that doesn’t emasculate them.
Feminism says that women deserve to make as much as men for doing the same job.
Feminism says men should embrace that idea, because it also brings more value to their work.
Feminism says that women who don’t have the means to buy pads and tampons should get them free of charge, the way men can access condoms.
Feminism says that even women who can afford the “luxury” of pads and tampons shouldn’t have to.

Feminism is equality.


10 Reasons To Love Being Disaffiliated For Recruitment

At my school, we’re Rho Gammas. Every campus has a different name for us, but every group does the same thing: we take off our letters to help you find yours. Wether you’re a recruitment counselor or a member of Panhel Exec board, it can be hard (and kind of sad) to be separated from your sisters, at least publicly. Luckily, there are some perks.


Since we can’t wear the plethora of shirts we have with our own chapter on them, being disaffiliated kind of eliminates your entire wardrobe. So, we obviously have to do an order of shirts that say Rho Gamma, or Pi Chi, or whatever on them. Right?

9. Getting to know other disaffiliated girls.

If your group is paired with the group of a girl you barely know, you’re about to spend 45 minutes eating food and sitting in a stranger’s bedroom with said girl. Chances are you’re gonna find something to talk and laugh about. The next time you see her on campus, you both smile and say hello and maybe make plans to grab coffee. And isn’t that what being a Greek woman is all about?

8. Getting the inside scoop.

As their recruitment counselor, the PNMs come to you with tough decisions. If they’re torn between to houses, you know about it. And you, with your infinite wisdom, get to help them figure out which one fits them better. You also know which girls become horrible and catty the second they step out of the houses.

7. Recruitment Week is a lot less stressful for us.

The week leading up to recruitment? That pretty much sucks. But we don’t have the pressure of impressing the girls, following your Recruitment Chair’s dress code, asking the right questions, and making sure you’re perfectly Panhellenic. We just have to put them in alphabetical order and hold their shit. Boom.

6. The questions.

The PNMs want nothing more than to figure out our affiliation. They will ask and guess and try to stalk our social media through its airtight security (thanks, Panhel). It’s fun to hear their guesses. It’s also fun to try and trick them. It’s even more fun when they figure out they get to be your sister.



12 Reasons We Still Love High School Musical

Hey, Wildcats. How old do you feel knowing that it’s the ten year anniversary of High School Musical? I know I feel ancient. But somehow, we all still know every song, still watch the movies, and still retweet HSM themed memes on twitter. We all even paid to go see the third one in theaters. How did they get us so hooked? Did they know they were making a classic?

12. Troy and Gabriella are goals.

T as in Troy?? As annoying as they could be when they inevitably sang a {beautiful} break up song, they were the cutest couple ever. They withstood so much, from their friends sabotaging them to going off to different colleges.

11. We were all highkey jealous of Sharpay.

All that pink? People literally parting ways when you walk in the room? A literal monogramed car? I wanted to be Sharpay more than anything. And was she even that evil? I think not. She was just driven.

10. We still want to know if Ryan was gay.

They kept trying to ship him off with Kelsey, but no one I know bought that lie. It’s okay, Disney. Even as a 10 year old, I understood what it meant when a man wore that tight of pants.

9. The music is amazing.

Don’t lie to me. You still sing The Start of Something New every chance you get. We all got our heads in the game more times than we’re proud of. It’s okay.

8. Coach Bolton

What an awkward, dorky little man. But such a classic Disney father figure. “I’m not giving up MY dream, Dad. I’m giving up yours.” Beautiful.

7. Zeke’s baking.

Man, they gave him so much crap for liking something so normal. But with his mad baking skills, Zeke has won hearts, landed jobs, and made us all love him.



A Goodbye to My Past Self

Dear Past Self,
Thank you for everything.  You have given me many wonderful memories and carried me through a lot of rough times.  You have been with me for many years now but unfortunately it is now time to say goodbye to you and everything that you represent to me.
For a while you were all that I had.  Growing up I relied on you for everything and you were always there.  I counted on you to bring me up when I was sad and to encourage me to reach further than I thought that I could.  And that was good enough for then but now it is time to move on.
You stayed strong for a long time through all of the stress I put you through but over this past year I have felt you breaking down.  I know I didn’t make it easy.  I had many negative thoughts, I brought people into our life that brought us down and I severely overworked us.  I am sorry for that and I thank you for staying with me.  But I know you are tired of struggling through.
However, even more important, you kept me positive and strong enough to create this new person for myself.  You brought me to this place where I can finally let you go.  I can say goodbye to you and goodbye to all of my old insecurities.  I can leave behind my doubts about myself and forget the mistakes that I have made.  I can take down the limits and the barriers that I have set for myself and develop as a person.
So I say goodbye to you, my past self.  I thank you for bringing me to this new chapter in my life but its time that I move past the person that I once was and become someone new.  I hope to become a more confident and happy version of you.  I want to learn to relax and not take everything so seriously.  By letting you go, I will finally be able to grow.
You will always remain with me but its time for me to move on without you.


20 Signs You’re No Longer A Young 20-Something

Getting old is hardBills, jobs, marriages, BABIES! Which partying, young 20-year-old has the time for this nonsense?


If you’re wondering whether you fit into this category, consider the following:

20. Going to a club seems less and less appealing


19. You’re more careful with money


18. You don’t eat pizza for every meal


17. You’ve stopped wasting time on people who don’t deserve it

need no one

16. You get baby fever something fierce (even though it still kind of scares you)


15. You want a pet… or maybe just something ELSE to take care of

new girl

14. You’re paying your own bills


13. And therefore you’re broke… all the time


12. You have a degree!


11. And sometimes cry over it’s uselessness




The Life of a College Student Told By Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor sings my life. There are plenty of songs out there about love and parties, but only Meghan Trainor sings about the true college struggles of texting your ex at 3am and those boys who will just not make it official.  So here are all of the things you wish you could say to people in your life in the wise words of Meghan Trainor:
14. “We know that shit ain’t real, come on now, make it stop” to all those you later realized are not real friends.
13. “So don’t you let their words try to change you Don’t let them make you, into something you ain’t…” to your friend who cares a little too much about what people think.
12. “I’m sure he’s worth a lot of gold But you’re better than you know And he’s no good for you” to your friend who always seems to be dating an asshole.
11. “I got a head full of melodies stuck in my brain” to your teacher when you are trying to explain why you don’t focus in class.
10. “Kinda stressing like I’m gonna have a heart attack it’s Been an hour and you haven’t even hit me back” to the people who don’t answer your texts immediately.
9. “Of course I like you Can’t you hear it in my voice?” to the oblivious boy that you have been flirting with for months and still doesn’t seem to get it.
8. “You gotta know how to treat me like a lady Even when I’m acting crazy Tell me everything’s alright” to anyone looking to date me, sorry I’m crazy.


The Real Reason Women Are Tired of Hearing About the “Friend Zone”

The friend zone is a place that we have heard about time and time again, typically from our male counterparts who claim to really care for us, but feel defeated that their feelings aren’t reciprocated. They talk about it like it’s a dark and scary place, something out of a Stephen King novel, like being JUST friends is the worst thing that could possibly happen to them. They claim that they somehow deserve more, or expect more, of our affection simply because they have always been there for us; they have been our friend through everything. After losing one of my truly best friends because I simply could not provide him with the love he had for me, I started to wonder: why does friendship with the opposite sex so often seem to have some underlying strings attached? I couldn’t help but wonder if there was some fine print to our friendship that I had skipped over; was I obligated to return his affection? I mean, mainstream media talked about it over and over; I’ve seen No Strings Attached and Just Friends multiple times… but something about this mythical place just seems wrong.

lily collins clary fray jace simon lewis friendzoned

As a girl who typically prefers the friendship of males over females, and someone who is apologetically flirty and overly friendly, I have supposedly “friend-zoned” many of my guys friends on numerous occasions. I didn’t mean to make them feel this way, I simply couldn’t force myself to feel something that just wasn’t there. It’s not that I intended to send them to this imaginary hell that men have seemed to create for themselves because as far as I’m concerned, the friend zone does not, I REPEAT does not, exist.



18 Things Single Ladies Are Tired Of Hearing

It’s hard being single when people are constantly killing your vibe by degrading you for BEING SINGLE. Whether you’re single by choice or not, here’s the things you might be tired of hearing:

18. “How are you single? You’re so pretty.”



17. “Aren’t you afraid to die alone?”



16. “Stop being so picky, that’s your problem.”



15. “Oh my gosh, do you want me to hook you up?”



14. “You never like anybody.”



13. “Don’t go looking for love. Love will find a way.”





15 Things We Need to Stop Doing Right Freaking Now

Listen, y’all. Life is too short for a number of things: bad friends, not eating birthday cake, and missing the opportunity for a great story to name a few. The converse of that is wasting your time on a bunch of unnecessary bulls*t that quite frankly, you don’t need to be doing. Consider this your sign to quit it.

15. Being Around People We Don’t Like

Maybe this ‘friend’ talks a lot of smack behind your back. Maybe she’s full of drama and tries to drag you along… or honestly, maybe she’s straight up boring. Maybe she doesn’t like Starbucks. Maybe she steals all your clothes. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

You can't sit with us

14. Making Excuses to Not Work Out

You’ll hate yourself when your legs are too sore to walk. You’ll love yourself when you’re 40 and can still eat french fries. I’m just sayin’.

work it smoochie

13. Texting and Driving

You’re going 80 Mph in a tin can, held in place only by a thin strap of fabric. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE DAMN ROAD.


12. Getting Outraged Over Ridiculous Things

Looking at you, red cup haters. Focus a little more on real problems in the world and a little less on who doesn’t believe the same things that you do.


11. Being Rude for No Reason

Let me pass along some life lessons: Hold the door open. Say thank you. Use your blinker in traffic. AND LOSE THE ATTITUDE when not having been personally offended.




To Women Everywhere: Stop Waiting for Prince Charming

“It’s okay if your life isn’t going well.  If you wait long enough, your prince will come on his white horse and save you from the hell you’ve been living in.”  That is the message we all grew up hearing from Disney movies and fairy tales.  Now I love these as much as the next person, but they all seem to be missing one very important message: No one will come to save you until you are able to save yourself. One of the largest issues for women in our generation is that many of them are constantly waiting for someone else to give them the life that they wish for.  I cannot lie to you and tell you I have never done that before myself.  When those days come where nothing seems to be going right and I just want to change my name and start over, I hope that someone else will come fix all of my problems.  But that is the exact mentality that has been keeping my life stagnant and continuing to give me those days.

Flashback to my freshmen year of college.  As anyone who knew me then can tell you, I was a complete mess.  I came to college with very little real world experience and severe anxiety about what I was getting myself into.  However, what I did have was a huge crush on a boy back home.  We all have one of these, the guy that you know is completely wrong for you. You don’t even know why you want him, and your friends absolutely hate him.  But for some reason in your ignorant little mind, you need him.  So there I was, completely out of my comfort zone and madly in “love”.  I used this relationship to solve all of my problems.  I was homesick, stressed, and just extremely unsure of myself, but at that point all that mattered was that I had him because I thought he fixed all of that.  I spent over a year blissfully in love until he broke my heart and all of the problems that I thought he had solved were back and worse than ever.  But now in addition to that, I thought I couldn’t survive without him and no matter what I did, I still did not have him.  So I was then by myself with more problems than I began with.  If you talk to my freshmen year roommate and my sister, they can tell you I was a pathetic mess for an embarrassingly long amount of time (shout out to you two for being the real MVPs).  And then I had an epiphany: I realized that the fact that I was using a man to solve my problems only ended up causing me more.



The Story Behind The Girl Who Cried True Love

You know her, or you may have just heard of her. She’s the girl that’s known for moving from one relationship to the next.. maybe without any breaks in between. She’s always in the spotlight, but not many good things are said of her. They say she goes from guy to guy, that she’s the girl on the move. She’s someone I like to call the girl who cried “true love”, and this is her story.

You will never fully understand someone’s motive or reasoning until you walk a mile in their shoes. That’s what they all say. Well, it’s true. You can’t fully understand the actions of others until you’ve been in their place, until you’ve experienced their life firsthand.


As for the girl that only wants to love and be loved in return, no one gets her. Everyone says she moves too fast, she doesn’t want to settle down, or that she cares about all the wrong things. Well, they’re right about one thing- she does care. She cares a lot. She has a big heart, which is why she is so open and carefree when it comes to guys. She only wants what everyone wants out of this crazy life- love. She’s wants something true and sincere. Deep down, she does get tired of the constant change, match making and speed dating, and tired of the same old routine.

She believes in giving a guy too many chances because life is short. She takes risks and sometimes cares a little too much. She, like many of us, is never guaranteed a happy, loving relationship. She isn’t satisfied with what she gets often. She knows she deserves better, but she never truly knows who’s better. She’s only human. We all make mistakes. Some people just aren’t as afraid to hold back from them as others.


She doesn’t see her true worth, and this often gets in the way of her happiness. Every guy she’s dated left a footprint on her heart. She dreams of true love and a life like a fairytale. She wants to know that she isn’t wasting her time. She wants to feel appreciated and cared for. She wants a sense of closure and peace of mind. She wants TRUE LOVE; a love that will last a lifetime.

No one understands this girl. They don’t know what she’s been through. Like any human being, she is not perfect. She longs to find her person. She wants to put an end to this dating game and put a start to a brand new chapter in her life. She’s isn’t afraid to turn down opportunities, and her time is coming. She doesn’t deserve to be bad mouthed or devalued. She’s truly worth more than gold. She’s simply just the Cinderella that had to wait a little longer for her Prince Charming. And that’s okay.

Her time is coming. Patience is key. We all wish for things that, sometimes, seem impossible to get. But this makes it worth the wait when those things finally come. Love is unpredictable, exhilarating, and can often drive us crazy.

To the girl who cries true love often, with a heavy heart, I wish you well.


10 Reasons Being Greek Gives You The Upper Hand

Greek life is often overlooked and isn’t recognized for all the benefits it truly offers. From a higher GPA to a higher overall self-confidence, going Greek is one of the best decisions one could make and here is why:

10. The academic support is outstanding.

Being Greek gives you all the motivators and power sources you need to excel in school. You have study buddies, tutors, and there’s always someone to help you out on that last minute assignment. Good grades are essential, and you have all the human resources you need.


9. “Greeks Get In Free” is definitely a thing.

Throughout the semester, there’s always events, clubs, and parties that are bound to have a “Greeks Get In Free” night. This is one of the perks you enjoy the most. Think of it as your praise and recognition for being a Greek.


8. The endless job opportunities.

When you’re in desperate need of work, don’t hesitate to ask around. Someone will ALWAYS know of places hiring or taking applications. If you’re lucky, you can easily get a job just by knowing or being friends with someone in your organization.


7. Improve your confidence and leadership skills.

Being a Greek does wonders for your social and leadership skills. As a Greek, you put more effort into getting to know people and interacting more with others. You’re even given several opportunities to be a leader. You empower yourself by being Greek, and the end product is amazing.

6. You’re always surrounded by resources.

If you ever need anything- help with directions, getting test answers, or a really good craftsperson- there is always someone to save the day. When you’re surrounded by tons of other Greeks, there’s a person for everything.