5 Reasons Spring Recruitment is Better Than Fall

Now don’t get me wrong I’m super excited for fall recruitment. This time around I’m even the recruitment chair of my sorority. However, I went through recruitment in the spring so I still remember many of the aspects of it that put me at ease. Fall is normally a more formal affair and spring is often informal with less sororities participating. However consider your options. Don’t limit yourself to only Panhellenic options and keep an open mind. Consider a local, multicultural, service, academic, religious, or LGBTQ+ sorority.

5. There are less events to attend at many schools.


Often instead of the strict fall schedule where you might have a philanthropy round, skit night, house tours, and numerous other required events there are less events to attend. While some may see this as a con if you work crazy hours, are taking numerous upper level classes, or simply want a less hectic schedule then spring recruitment may be perfect for you. I’m in a local sorority and we often only have one or two recruitment events during spring with one being just a meet and greet at a coffee shop. Spring recruitment can really give you the chance to get to know sorority members and not feel quite as rushed. Normally there will be events like crafting, mocktails, bowling that let you get one on one time with sisters.

4. You can focus on the sorority or sororities you are most interested in.


Though less sororities participate in spring recruitment that doesn’t mean you can’t find your perfect fit. If you do your research and follow sororities on social media then you may learn one of the sororities participating is of great interest to you. For me, I had heard about my sorority during fall term but just wasn’t ready to commit to any organizations yet. I knew I was interested but it wasn’t until spring that I took the plunge and attended recruitment events. Waiting until spring gave me the chance to make up my mind and really be ready to go all in as an active member.



5 Ways to Prepare for a Little

Getting a Little in a sorority is a big deal. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Once you get a Little, it’s like having a kid… (Kind of but not really). BOOM, you now have someone who is yours and you have a special bond between the two of you. There truly is no way to properly, and fully, prepare for a Little, but some of these things might help you at least get an idea.


5. Brush up on your sorority knowledge.

This means dates, founders, fun facts, chapter rules, etc. They’re new to this whole sorority thing and it is part of your responsibility as a Big to make sure they are representing the sorority in a positive way in every way possible.





11 Stages Of Becoming A Sorority Girl

Every fall a new group of girls, fresh out of high school, make their way to college. During the first semester, the girls that chose to rush (and got a bid) transform into what we call a “basic sorority girl.”  This isn’t a process that happens overnight, but it happens in stages. (Kind of like how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly). Below is a list of these stages; Read them to see if that girl in chem is about to break out of her cocoon, with a PSL in hand, of course.

11. Your t-shirts keep getting bigger and bigger.

Meghan Trainor Music animated GIF

10. On Wednesday we wear letters.

Mean Girls Movies animated GIF

9. You can write an entire dictionary of “Frat Lingo”.

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8 Reasons Why You Can’t Wait To Be A Big

8. You automatically get a new best friend

I mean, assuming you both get along really well, this is your way of adding a new best friend to your list. Give it time though, don’t assume that if you guys aren’t super close in the beginning that it’s because she doesn’t like you, you don’t get along, etc. I know it took me awhile to adjust to the “Big/Little” situation, so I may or may not have acted like a brat at some point in the beginning of our relationship, (sorry Big Diamond!), but now she and I are closer than ever!


7. You’ll become a better role model

I think this is something that not a lot of people will listen to or even really notice, because sometimes it is just a slight change. Once you get a Little, things will slightly change. Suddenly you have this other person to look out for and be around for. In the back of your head, you’ll remember that there is someone now watching your every move. It’s a weird thing to think about I’m sure, but once you get into a habit of things, it becomes normal, and once again unnoticed.




Staying True to Yourself During Recruitment

After the application process was over and I had been accepted and decided upon which school I wanted to attend, I set my sights to what college could offer me outside the world of pure academia. For me, this meant going Greek! After looking at the sororities that my school had and some serious social media stalking, I was pretty confident that I had two houses in mind that seemed like a great fit.

When time for recruitment came around, I had my sights set on Pi Beta Phi and Alpha Phi. After the first few days, the recruitment process allowed me to narrow down my list to my top three. At the same time, many of my friends  who were going through recruitment with me, had narrowed down their “top houses” to a very similar list. Their favorite seemed to be Pi Beta Phi; I felt the same way and decided I would put that down as my “top pick” when the time came. I was so excited that my friends could potentially be my sisters soon!

Preference day brought me to Pi Beta Phi first. Their house and ceremonies were grand and beautiful. I felt confident that this is where I would be on bid day. Next, I was brought to Alpha Phi. The house felt homey and the ceremony was intimate and sweet. I put my best foot forward even though my heart was set elsewhere. When we were all instructed to put down our final decisions about where each of us ranked the houses we had visited, I put Pi Beta Phi in large, excited handwriting at the top, listing Alpha Phi as my second choice.




21 Things That Irritate Us All-Sorority Edition

Sometimes I just sit and think about all the little things that annoy me about being in a sorority. Don’t get me wrong, I love my chapter and my sisters but there are good and bad things about everything we do and many of them are just unavoidable. We really shouldn’t sit around and complain about them but every now and again we all deserve a little venting session. Here’s a list of 21 little things that irritate the crap out of all of us.

21. People assuming you and your sorority sisters are all carbon copies of each other. Not even close.

20. People saying that you paid for your friends. Our dues go to run the chapter not for the amazing relationships we form.

19. The assumption that all those hazing stories are true. Yes, sometimes it happens but overall it is not tolerated.

18. Your sisters wondering if you’ve fallen off the face of the earth because you missed an event or meeting.

17. When your required to buy something for recruitment that you will never ever wear again.

16. When we’re giving feedback during recruitment and someone says she’s really nice. Okay…. and?

15. When everyone else is wearing matching letters and you forgot. At least you’ll stand out in the pictures.

14. “Can you tell me one of your sorority secrets?” No.

13. People thinking that because your in a sorority all you do is party and hook up with frat dudes. Um, nope.

12. Wearing badge attire for chapter not knowing it was jeans and letters day. At least you look good.

11. People assuming your stupid. Actually all sororities I know of have high academic standards as a requirement to join and stay a member.

10. The assumption that you must be super rich. Almost every girl in my chapter works at least part time to support themselves.

9. “You’re just here to get your Mrs. degree”. No, I’m here for my education that I pay for myself, not to snag a husband.

8. Guy thinking you won’t date them if their not in a frat.

7. Misplacing your badge. If this has ever happened to you, you understand the ultimate freak-out you have while looking for it.

6. “Wow you don’t seem like the sorority type”. There is only one type of sorority girl? I wasn’t aware.

5. People saying that you’ve changed since joining your sorority. Yeah, and hopefully you’ve changed since being in college too.

4. Non-members imitating your handsign. You’re not even doing it right just stop.

3. Paying dues. We all know this helps our chapters but it never feels good to hand over a large chunk of your money every semester.

2. “Are you in a top tier or a bottom tier sorority?”. Every chapter has their strengths and weaknesses and one isn’t better than the other.

1. Trying to take a chapter picture. It takes forever to get right and half of you will have to sorority squat. Smile ladies!





10 Reasons to Wait To Rush A Sorority

10. It forces you to talk to new people without the help of a group.

To Rush A Sorority

While yes, you’ll meet a lot of people through Greek life, there’s also a chance you’re missing out on some other great, non-greeks! My university has a 30% Greek population. This outstandingly high number means that there are A LOT of people in letters around campus. But there are also tons of other people that you should go out of your way to meet! Personally, I met my two best friends (and future roommates) as well as my boyfriend during welcome week because I wasn’t participating in rush. Meeting them and joining later is something I would never trade.

9. You have more time to settle into the college life (a.k.a., Netflix and pizza whenever)!

To Rush A Sorority

Freshman year is hectic, to say the least. That first month after moving in is probably the most fun and stressful part. You have freedom to eat all the food and watch all the Netflix that you want. But you do have to come back to reality sometimes and settle down for classes. It’s a hard transition and having more time to figure it out doesn’t hurt.

8. There’s more time to get to know what the sororities on campus do.

To Rush A Sorority

One of the reasons you are suppose to rush right before (or the first week) of school is to give every sorority a fair chance. In other words, they are trying to cut off the bias that some girls may have against sororities due to their reputations and what fraternities they hang out with. Let’s be honest: most people have probably looked up rankings on Greek Rank anyway, so you might as well take the time to actually get to know what each sorority does on your own, with more time. Ignoring “bad” reputations is easy when you’ve seen them all through the year and can point out at least a few great things each sorority has done.

7. You figure out very quickly how badly you want to be in a sorority.

To Rush A Sorority

Obviously, I waited to join or I wouldn’t be writing this article. After skipping social rush last Fall, I realized very quickly how much I wanted to be in a sorority. I’m not sure if it was seeing everyone’s recruitment pictures, hearing about people from home finding their place, or just being a little jealous of all the cute t-shirts, but I was definitely sure after my first two weeks in college that I did want to be in a sorority – no matter how scared I was to rush originally.

6. There’s a greater opportunity to join a lot of groups at once with the greater time allowance.

To Rush A Sorority

I ended up joining a few different groups once I started classes – mostly because I figured out my schedule quickly and realized that college equals a lot more free time than high school ever did. Use the time to try a million different clubs. In the end, you might stick with one or two, but at least you had the time to try.

5. It gives you more time to talk to people, understand how rush is, and what being in a sorority means.

To Rush A Sorority

I’ll be honest – I was two clicks away from submitting my Fall rush forms, then I chickened out. After hearing some horror stories about rush, I didn’t want to go through feeling extremely judged and rejected before I even started college. Waiting to rush gave me a chance to find out what actually happens at recruitment, what sororities mostly look for, and how being in a sorority will effect my time, classes, and social life. I had the opportunity to learn much more than the internet (the place that terrified me out of rushing in the first place) could ever teach me.

4. Your judgment is no longer clouded due to the immediate change in scenery and greater freedom.

To Rush A Sorority

Like I said, college is confusing. EXTREMELY CONFUSING. Every time my friends and I do something ridiculous, it becomes a #socollege moment in our lives (and on instagram). Those memories seem to live on forever as an effect of the freshman year craze. Knowing better now how to manage school and my freedom, I’m able to choose a sorority that fits my life.

3. You’ll save yourself (or your parents!) money by not throwing in another cost to your already expensive first year.

To Rush A Sorority

As many of you may know, joining a sorority is expensive. While dues may not be that high, there is a large cost when you add up formal, social attire, fundraisers, and t-shirts (you know you want them every time). It’s also hard to say no to supporting other sororities and fraternities in their fundraisers, so those costs add up. While most of it is optional, the lower cost of not joining the first semester will help at least a little. Knowing the true cost by talking to people can help you save up!

2. You get at least a semester (or two) to figure out what exactly you want out of a sorority.

To Rush A Sorority

At first, I really just wanted something to do with my time. Then, I wanted to work with services projects (hence my service sorority). Now, I’ve realized that what I mostly want out of my sorority is close friendships with my sisters. Taking the time to figure out what you want out of a sorority will give you the chance to find the right sorority for you.

1. You always have a second chance to rush, but there’s no second chance to go to every welcome week event or have a random party in your dorm room every now and then. Having no responsibilities the first semester can ease stress.

To Rush A Sorority

I do not regret waiting to rush. Waiting led me to my best friends, my boyfriend, and countless other amazing people in my life. It let me join my service sorority without the extra stress of a social sorority. Now, I can’t wait to use my second (and last!) chance at rushing a social sorority! I’ve taken this year to learn that college is about making memories and I’m excited to expand my own friend group to include more people who feel the same way.

Wait To Rush A Sorority!!


20 Reasons Why Pledging A Sorority Can Be The Best Decision You Ever Make

Lots of girls wonder whether or not pledging a sorority is the right choice for them. I completely understand that. With many schools having fall recruitment, many women don’t have much time to weigh the pros and cons. So that I can contribute to helping girls make their choice, here are reasons I personally believe pledging a sorority is the best decision you can ever make.

Now I would like to say this before I begin: these are not true of every sorority. This is only true if you are honest and open-minded during recruitment. If you do that, then you will land where you were supposed to, and you will almost inevitably find most (if not all) of these reasons to be true.

20.) The Philanthropic Element

Pledging A Sorority

Buisness Insider

Both within and outside of your chapter, you will begin to partake in different philanthropic events. Giving back to different causes sparks passion inside of you that makes you focus on how important it is to contribute to causes that are close to your heart.

19.) The Sisterhood

Pledging A Sorority

Leah Tribbett

I know this sounds cliché, but this is coming from a girl who grew up with only brothers: having sorority sisters is one of the coolest experiences you will ever have. It’s like you have biological sisters, but you get to hear about their different backgrounds and different perspectives they have gained up until they came into college. It’s better than a regular friendship, because each of your sisters share an incredibly important bond with you.

18.) The Connections

Pledging A Sorority


Greek life is the perfect way to make a big campus feel like a small campus, and for a small campus to feel even more intimate. I know Greek life has a bad rap, but in all honesty I have met some of the nicest, most intelligent and overall incredible people through my interactions in Greek life. You will make connections that last even after your college years with both your sorority sisters and other Greeks.

17.) The Academic Aspect

Pledging A Sorority


Having older sisters who share the same major as you will help you navigate your academic courses. You will also have study buddies, girls to walk to class with from the house and people to take much-needed study breaks with.

16.) Leadership

Pledging A Sorority

Love This Pic

There are countless leadership opportunities that arise when you join a sorority. Whether you get involved with the executive board, the PanHellenic Association or you simply are a strong, active member, you will learn lessons in leadership and have many chances to be an effective, likable and unbiased leader.

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