30 Struggles That Only Girls Will Understand

Guys have it so easy. They wake up, throw on the first shirt they see, brush their teeth and they’re ready for the day. But girls on the other hand, it’s a process. They don’t understand all the time that goes into turning us from a zombie to a decent looking human being…. So next time your man yell at you because you’re late to dinner, tell him to cut you a break. It’s a struggle being a girl… And no, he will never be able to understand any of it….


30) The struggle of putting on mascaragirlcode_makeup_600px_blog-only

29) Pulling out half your eyelashes while using an eyelash curler


28) Looking like a raccoon after you take off your makeup


27) Wanting abs and a cheeseburger at the same time


26) Periods….. No explanation needed.


25) Untangling your hair after a shower, or swimming, or having it up in a bun, or being outside on a windy day, or just anything in general for that matter


24) Having a closet overflowing with clothes but still always needing more


23) Ripping your favorite lace thong that costs $12.50… Thanks Victorias Secret


22) Having expensive taste…. in everything.


21) Always being expected to know how to cook like a professional chef




What is Wrong With Our Generation Today

Out of every article you read online, it is always important to know whether or not you can learn from it. Luckily, this is one of those articles. For today, we’re about to go over the list of things that are wrong with our modern world. Maybe you’ll agree with me?


10. We are more focused on our phones rather than being focused on the things around us.

This is actually sad if you really think about it. You could miss out on something amazing or even miss running into a special someone, all because you’re way too focused on that tiny device in your hand.


9. We are soaked up in media/ reality TV shows

We focus more on Keeping Up With the Kardashians than being focused with our own lives.


8. We follow or are friends with people on social media who we don’t even talk to.

No. Seriously. Why not actually make the effort to go talk to them in person? There are even moments where you only talk to that person through social media, but when it comes to meeting or seeing them in person things just get awkward. What’s the point of that? I don’t understand.


7. Global Warming–Yes, we are the cause of it.

We ARE the last generation to help prevent global warming. This should not be a shocker. Why aren’t we all doing something about it?


6. Body Shaming.

This happens everywhere, and it’s been worse than ever. Body shaming is on the TV, the radio, magazines, and it even happens in your circle of friends. Why bring each other down when we can all respect the fact that no one is perfect? Everyone has their imperfections and that is what makes them unique.