Stages of picking out a formal dress

As formal season rapidly approaches, dress planing has obviously started months ago. Has he asked you yet? Probably not. Are you more than prepared to say yes even though you tell him you need to “check your calendar”? Yes. Have you been prepping for this night for like 2 months? H&ll yeah! But before you finally walk out that door in heels slightly too high, these are the steps you take to pick out that perfect dress.

Pinterest: This stage happens for months if not years. Randomly in the summer if you’re bored, when you’re at work with nothing to do,  or even when you’re watching some fashion show on TV you are on Pinterest. Every dress from every color. You have different boards for different themes, colors, seasons, level of hotness of date, even different styles of dress and different ways you want the night to end. No matter what they formal is, you are ready for anything. You clearly have a favorite style and color, but that will never stop you from pinning anything that even remotely catches your eye.

Casual mall trip: 

You don’t expect to find anything this time, but the lure of trying on every dress you see sounds like a fantastic idea. Maybe you were walking around with friends and saw the cutest thing on the rack, or you’re with your mom and hoping maybe she’ll buy that dress that makes your ass look huge and your wallet look tiny. Any way you’re basically just here for the fun. Its like a dress pregame. Soon you realize that the dress might have to wait until all that winter weight is gone, from three winters ago.


Now you actually want your dress. You want to have that moment when you know that its the one. And you hate yourself. Nothing looks good, nothing fits, nothing is your size. Everything makes you look like a fat ugly cow. No matter how many people tell you how amazing you look, you are not ready for any of this. You want out of the store as soon as possible, and you want a pizza all to yourself. This is the moment where you swear yourself to the gym, and off candy, and even maybe off alcohol. Formal season is serious business. How are you expected to take pictures when you can’t look in a mirror.

The one:

You find it. Finally after searching for what feels like forever. It fits perfectly, it shows exactly what you want it to show. You are going to be the belle of the ball. No one can top you, and you know it! HOT DAMN! You are so ready for formal, no go out there and kick its butt!!!!

The moment of doubt:

 So like you were supposed to stay off the internet for the next week, but here you are crying over your laptop, about a dress that isn’t yours. It took you so long to find the actual one, and now you’re doubting everything you once held so dear. But you realize, that the first dress you had is the perfect one, and you don’t need to worry if there is something better out there because there is not.


And maybe now is the perfect time for someone to actually ask you.


MSU Gamma Phi Beta’s Social Media is on Point

With the world of social media booming, it is almost impossible to be anyone worth mentioning if you lack this brilliant tool. From the rise of Facebook, to Twitter, Instagram, tumblr, and Pinterest booming as well, organizations, businesses, and people can be all over the web. As elections have ended for the fall semester in the world of Sororities, it is imperative the right social media chair has been appointed. This person has to understand the philosophy of, “if it wasn’t posted on social media, did it even happen?” Through various outlets of social media, sororities are able to market themselves, something crucial for not only recruiting prospective members, but for letting the rest of the world know how kick a** they are. One such sorority that is encompassing the world of college creativity, marketing, and appropriate hashtags is none other than my pride and joy, Gamma Phi Beta of MSU.