10 College Norms That Are Actually Really Weird

Nothing will ever be like college. You really don’t realize how strange our habits are until you look at them like this…

10. Recruitment. We all wear the same outfit. We bounce and cheer in these random girls’ faces and hope that entices them to join our sisterhood. We have insanely intricate rotation systems and processes to vet girls… all in one short weekend.

9. Ending up at Taco Bell more than one night a week. Out of all the food options you have and all the places you could possibly be, why is it that you’re waiting on the TBell line more often than you’re proud of?

8. Setting alarms for 17 minute naps. College students just don’t have time management skills. Or motivation. We literally would rather torture ourselves by going in and out of sleep instead of actually just studying and then going to sleep. The ultimate form of procrastination.

7. Pregaming in the shower. There’s just not enough time between sleeping ALL day and when the Uber arrives for me to look completely on point AND be plastered for the frat party. Girls multi-task all the time.

6. Going to a stranger’s house for a party. But Sarah knows Kelly who knows Michelle who knows someone who knows one of the guys who’s in that frat.



Why I Love My Philanthropy

We all hear the anti-greek talk that philanthropies are just a way to make Greek life look better. That we don’t really care about the organization we’re tied to. I’m here to tell you just how incredibly wrong that is.

At the end of last semester, I was lucky enough to be able to go with a group of my sisters to visit our philanthropy, St. Jude. Our partnership with St. Jude has always been important to me, but actually seeing the hospital and having doctors, nurses, and parents thank us for what we do? That’s a feeling I’ll never shake.

I love my philanthropy because it has such a wide outreach.
St. Jude has patients from all over the world, from all different backgrounds. Since none of their patients pay a single cent to receive treatment, they help families from miles and miles away.

I love that the work my sisters and I put in to this organization allows them to keep a 2 million dollar a day operation running. I love that we get cards and letters and videos keeping us updated on the lives we’re helping to save. I love that nothing can make the girls in my house tear up faster than a message from St. Jude.

I love that lives are saved, scientific progress is made, and families get a chance at happy endings with St. Jude.

I love that they use little red wagons instead of wheelchairs. St. Jude takes every opportunity to help their patients remember that no matter what, they’re still kids. The walls are colorful and fun. There are toys and ice cream and 24 hour room service. I love that despite the suffering, these kids get every wish met. They deserve that.

Selfishly, I love that my philanthropy pushes me. It asks more of me than I thought I had to give. It makes me humble. It makes me work hard. Because I love it so, it holds me to a higher standard.

So the next time you hear someone call your philanthropy an excuse to get wasted on the weekends, remind them, and yourself, that’s a lie. Your hard work and passion for your philanthropy shouldn’t be another joke about Greek Life.


Greek Life On and Off the Silver Screen

While Hollywood has always shown its perspective on Greek life, there is often little truth to the images on the silver screen. When looking at a few of the well-known movies centered around Greeks, we can see the differences between cinematic myth and reality.

21 & Over Starring Justin Chon, Miles Teller, and Skylar Astin (2013)

MYTH: There are fraternities and sororities that only allow people of a certain race or ethnicity to join. In the movie, a Latina-only sorority filled with crazed, vengeful girls, armed with golf clubs and other weapons chases the main characters out of their chapter house. (No. the main characters should not have broken into the house, but that’s not the point here.)
REALITY: While racial and religious restrictions have been abolished in all North-American Interfraternity Conference and National Panhellenic Conference organizations, fraternities and sororities can be oriented towards students who have an interest in certain cultures or cultural identities.


Animal House Starring John Belushi, Tim Matheson, and John Vernon (1978)

MYTH: Anyone involved in Greek life is stupid and doesn’t work hard in school. In the movie, the Delta Tau Chi fraternity has an extremely low GPA, with all of the brothers having GPAs ranging from 0.0 to 1.6.
REALITY: At nearly every college and university that offers Greek life, the average Greek GPA is higher than that of their non-Greek counterparts. In addition, sororities and fraternities have their own standards for the minimum GPA allowed before an individual is placed on academic probation.




5 Reasons Why Delta House of Pancakes Is The Best

In Delta Delta Delta, one of our philanthropy events that supports St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is DHOP. DHOP stands for Delta House of Pancakes. It happens every year and the ladies of Delta Delta Delta make pancakes for their campus. The event is full of fun and a great philanthropy event. Here are the reasons why DHOP is the best philanthropy event.

5. Pancakes are yummy and the event is usually at night. Nighttime equals drunk. Drunk plus unlimited pancakes equals happiness for everyone involved.You can do the math.
<img src=”Delta House of Pancakes ” alt=”” />

4.There are fun events, including the pancake eating contest.
Delta House of Pancakes

3. It’s only $5 to get in. That’s really cheap for unlimited pancakes.
Delta House of Pancakes

2. It’s a fun thing to go to! What other place can you get unlimited pancakes and a dance party?
Delta House of Pancakes

1. Every dollar we make goes towards St. Jude and children with cancer.
Delta House of Pancakes


3 Good Things About Being In A Small Sorority

According to the NPC, a sorority chapter can range from “35 to 300 plus” women. Most large universities (UK, LSU, USC) will have 100-200 women in a chapter, which I am sure has its advantages. However, being in a smaller chapter can have it’s advantages too. I am an Alpha Phi at Indiana University Southeast and we have 48 active members on campus. When I tell people this, some people blow it off as if we can’t have successful Greek Life if we don’t have 150+ men and women in each Fraternity and Sorority. This is not the case.



If it weren’t for my school having small chapters, I wouldn’t be able to afford to be Greek. Our dues can be billed monthly, semesterly, or annually. For monthly, it is only $50 a month. This can be 100’s of dollars cheaper than large schools. And let’s be honest, the less dues cost, the more T-Shirts you can buy.


I really enjoyed going through recruitment. It was a little tiring, but not at all like it was for my friends at larger universities. It only lasted 4 days and we were there for a max of 4 hours each night. Going through with smaller chapters was less intimidating than what I have heard about going through as a PNM at larger schools. With less sisters to talk to, you get to know the chapter more as a whole. You also get a good idea of everyone you will be around, which leads me to my next point.


I love all 47 of my sisters. My favorite benefit of being a smaller chapter and my favorite aspect of sorority life is a strong sisterly bond. I get to know each and every one of my sisters on an individual basis. I know everyone’s names and I know majors and hobbies and favorite colors and what their favorite restaurant is. I get to know everyone personally. With a chapter with 150+ women it could be hard to know everyone and especially be close.

I am sure a lot of women would prefer their large chapter to a smaller one and I completely understand that and don’t belittle it in the slightest. However, a small chapter doesn’t deserve to be belittled either. We are all Panhell women, no matter our size.

Also, if you are considering going Greek but are worried about the chapter being small, go out and talk to the women of the different sororities and ask them how things work in a small chapter.

We are small, but we are strong ♥


“I Wear My Letters on My Front Because My Sisters Have My Back”

I know what you are thinking. Oh great another blog post about the joys of being in a sorority. Yes that is right. But I’m not talking about the joys of going out every night and drinking with my sisters or the joys of being able to say that my sorority gets the best fraternity men. Even though each chapter has those certain members that are focused on those aspects, that is not why our chapters stay on campuses.

Philanthropy, Scholarship, and Sisterhood

Each sorority has a national philanthropy that each chapter is required to raise money for. Part of our dues go towards it as well. Talk to any sorority woman about her philanthropy and her eyes will instantly light up. She will tell you about the time during recruitment when she saw the video and cried her eyes out in front of these women she didn’t even know yet. The passion that the women have for their philanthropy is so natural. They would do anything for their philanthropy, and that’s enough to inspire anyone.

Scholarship is what everyone comes to college for. We come to get a degree. This sorority stuff is not important because it will not get us closer to a degree. Wrong. When you join a sorority, you are instantly connected with women who will have the same major as you. They will tell you which professors are good to take. They will be there to help you with that very hard class, and they make the best study partners. Also, many chapters require their members to maintain a certain GPA, giving the women another motivation factor.

Sisterhood is the whole reason any woman looks to join a sorority. College can be a lonely place. It’s hard to make friends, but joining an organization gives you a huge group of friends. These women chose you and you chose them. It all feels like home. A place where you can be yourself and you still have sisters that will love and care for you. Sisters that inspire you to better yourself. “I wear my letters on my front because my sisters have my back.”

Philanthropy, Scholarship, and Sisterhood is why we have sorority. So I challenge you to put the media out of your head. Forget the stereotypical Total Sorority Move. We have added the why (y) in Sorority Lyfe. Let’s prove the media wrong.