Going Out as Told By the Real Housewives

After a long week of classes you are ready to let lose and have some fun with your friends. These nights can sure be memorable, or not. The Real Housewives understand us and our needs. They are basically like our drunk spirit animal.

11.  How you say you’re feeling…

10. What you’re actually thinking 

9. You’re ready for a night on the town

8. At the pregame your friends are like

7. You’re so excited when you get to the party and they’re playing “your song”

6. Later in the night, everything is the end of the world and you end up crying on the floor



10 Times You Related to One of the Roommates on New Girl

While laying in bed binge watching New Girl on Netflix, you might realize that you would fit in perfectly in the loft with Jess, Winston, Coach, Nick, and Schmidt. There have been several instances when we all thought that we related so much with one of the characters. Which instance can you relate to the most?

10. When All Your Friends’ Sex Lives Are Better Than Yours

You can’t help but be jealous.


9. When You’re Jamming Out in Your Car

Sometimes you have to listen to your guilty pleasure song and have no shame.


8. When You’re Starving

Which is 99% of the time.

7. When You’ve Had a Bad Break-up

The best way to fix a broken heart is to throw yourself a pity party, isn’t it?

giphy (1)

6. When You Realize It’s Friday Night

After 5 long days, you are ready to partyyyyyy.




Who Says You Need To Drink in College?

It’s no secret that drinking isn’t exactly scarce on college campuses across the nation. Some might even deem it as just another part of the “college experience”. That being said, I am in the middle of my second year of college and have never had a drink in my entire life. I was focused on school and sports in high school and never felt the need to drink. Similarly, I had formed an idea in my head that underage drinking was something that only “bad” kids did; I have since come to figure out that this isn’t necessarily the case.


That being said, this isn’t an article bashing those who drink; I  no longer have any problems with those who drink, that is the individual’s prerogative. I just won’t be doing the same and I expect others to be okay with that decision. I have come to realize that I am a rare breed, not entirely alone, but not in the majority by a long shot. I would, however, still categorize myself as a typical college student. I go to class, I eat in the dining hall, I’m in a sorority, and I binge-watch Friends when procrastinating studying for exams.




How To Be On FLEEK For NYE Portrayed By Gossip Girl

For the young adults that choose to go out into the big city to celebrate New Years Eve with their squad, there are a few rules to follow. And who makes the best rules to follow when it comes to painting the town red and throwing lavish parties? Well the lovely people that make up Gossip Girl of course. Leave it to the teenagers of the upper east side to throw the most memorable party. Follow these simple rules and everyone will remember how they spent their New Years Eve with you… or maybe not.

You’re wearing a potato sack

From the wise words of Eleanor Waldorf, “If you’re going to wear one of my creations, make sure it fits properly.” This goes for anything that you wear. Yet on New Years Eve, it’s one of the few nights that you want to look oh so fabulous. So you want to make sure that your dress is fitting in all the right places and highlighting your assets.  

dress to the 9


If you and your friends decide to party at home for the night, this sets you up to turn the night into a themed party. Take notes from Ms. Blair Waldorf, the queen of parties and the themes to go with them. A themed party just makes letting lose a little more easier. So follow in the footsteps of Queen B herself and pull out your book of themes. You can never go wrong with a masquerade or A Kiss On The Lips theme just to name a few.

themed party



10 Stages of Becoming Friends in College

Because of the freedom and the fact that you’re all so close in proximity, it’s a lot easier to make friends in college than anywhere else. The other day I was thinking about how odd it is that the people that I met the first week of college are now my best friends and know everything about me. We’ve all been friends for a year and a half now and I think we all went through these 10 stages of becoming friends:

10. Hi my name is…


maybe you meet in a class or through a friend of a friend

9. The occasional greeting on campus


see each other from across the quad or in a building, give each other a wave & go about your day

8. The drunken hug


I think we all know how exciting seeing friends at parties is

7. Meeting up to do homework


unless you have an approaching deadline, this usually just results in a lot of talking and goofing around

6. Hanging out doing sober things


this includes laying, watching movies, & eating junk food- the trinity of friendship



The Competition Between You and Your Best Friend’s Boyfriend

As we all know, you and your best friend are cuter than most couples.  You will never see one of you without the other and more importantly neither of you want to be away from each other. Whether it’s the separation anxiety or just plain FOMO, you spend your whole life together. Until one day something horrible happens.  She gets a boyfriend.  Now it is not just you and her but you have to share her with someone.  Share her time, her attention, and her love. If you are reading this and think I sound crazy then you A. have not found your person yet or B. she has never had a boyfriend.  In these situations, your reactions are highly similar to that of a jealous girlfriend.  And as any jealous person knows, this is when the competition begins.  At this time you will begin quietly competing for your best friend’s time and attention but also trying to one up your competition by knowing your best friend a million times better than him (because duh you do).  This competition runs a very fine line of good-hearted fun and seriously competitive challenges but never the less you will obviously win.  And for those of you who have not yet experienced this, here are the five stages of competition with your best friend’s boyfriend.
Stage 1: Single- This is the best time to be around your best friend. She is single and not looking for anything serious.  This means that you get your partner in crime and she is wild.  She may flirt with some guys on and off but there is nothing serious going on.  She is all about her friends and lucky you, you have no one yet to compete with.  It is just you and her against the world and neither of you could be any happier.  All is good!
Stage 2: Talking- So it happened, your single best friend met someone.  It is still nothing too serious but he is slowly becoming more present in her life, and in turn yours.  She is still willing to go out, have fun, and party hard but may spend more time on her phone talking to said man.  Neither of you know him too well just yet but you are starting to hear more and more.  Maybe it is just the mention of his name and the debrief after they hangout or it has gotten serious and you are now being informed of his life story, either way, he is becoming more prevalent in both of your lives.
Stage 3: Friendship- And now your best friend and said boy have decided that they’re in love and have made things official. While they are both super happy, there is part of you that just isn’t.  Now you just want her to be happy, you don’t want to lose her to someone else so you try to make friends.  Since they are spending almost all of their time together, you happen to be there sometimes when they hangout and therefore you and him have developed a civility towards each other.
Stage 4: Jealously- Now maybe it has been a few weeks or months since they have been dating but now there has been a shift.  Your best friend has been spending even more time with her boyfriend and less with you.  They are in love and that is okay but you are also not invited to hangout with them anymore either.  This reason being that he is also very jealous of your friendship.  You have known her longer, you spend more time together and frankly she obviously likes you more.  But all of this leads to a clearly visible tension between you two.
Stage 5: Defeat- Awkward tensions aside, you and your best friend’s boyfriend both care dearly about her and have that in common.  You both may be able to move on from the jealously on one condition, he admits that you always come first.  In the end you will win because whether the relationship lasts or not, you will always remain her best friend.  He must accept his own defeat and then you all can move on and be one happy family.
You love and care for your best friend with all of your heart but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to love her boyfriend.  But you do have to tolerate him while ensuring the happiness of your best friend.  I joke about the competition for your friends time and attention which is all true but at the end of the day, you best friend is the most important person in both of your lives and that means you can put aside whatever differences you have to make her happy.  But know that you will always be in her life whether she is in a relationship or not.


The Stages of a Frat Party As Told By Disney

You’ve made it through week’s grind and decide you deserve to let loose this weekend a have a little fun. You and you friends know that one of the fraternities on campus is having a party and that’s exactly where you plan to be.

It’s time to get ready. Is there a theme you need to dress for? Toga Party? Anything but clothes? Everyone is gathered together swapping clothes, trying to figure out what will look best on everyone.


Let’s pre-game. Whether you are drinking at your place or traveling somewhere else, it’s time to get the night started. This is also your chance to take pictures without fear of “drunk eyes” or spills on your outfit.


Get everyone ready to leave. Unless you’re hosting somehow, you need to travel to the real party. You have to get everyone together and make sure the sober/designated driver has room in their car. (Pro-tip: That last girl your looking for is either downing another last minute shot, taking pictures, or in the bathroom because she already broke the seal.)


Your grand entrance. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since the fraternity began partying, as far as you’re concerned, the party didn’t start until you arrived.


Go get something to drink. Pick your poison. Did you bring your drink or will you be fighting your way to and from the bar while avoiding spilling the entire drink on yourself?


That awkward first half-hour. Assuming your pre-game didn’t run over into this time, there’s a good chance that there will be a chunk of time where you aren’t the only ones there but you’re still waiting for things to pick up. At least you have your friends to hold you over until the fun is in full swing.


The party is in ramping up. The dance floor is filling up. People are playing beer pong and slap cup, and the drinks are flowing.


It’s peak party time. You’re with all of your friends, the music and games are great, and the dance floor is full. If you’re drinking tonight, this is when you’ve hit that perfect level where nothing can bring you down.




10 Greatest Frat Party Finds

The Greatest Frat Party

When the weekend arrives  we all gear up for the next round of frat parties. There’s houses that you favor over others, and parties can be a hit or miss. There are a few things that can make a party one we never want to leave, and they’re super simple!

10. A beverage that is not alcohol… or cranberry juice. Thanks to the cute guy that offered me the shot I’m holding, but no thanks to the frat bros that don’t have a drop of any liquid that’s not liquor. No orange juice, no diet coke- just tap water that runs slightly brown and good old natty lights. It’s a rare and beautiful thing to see a carton of orange juice following the bottle of Jack Daniels that is floating around the room. Not every girl can handle liquor straight (props to those who can) and not every girl wants to drink every single night. Sometimes it’s nice to kick back with a red solo cup of diet coke and not have to deal with a killer hangover in the morning.

 Greatest Frat Party

9. Seats. Despite how cute you look in your new heels, you’re going to be begging for a chair to relieve your already-blistering feet.  After hanging on the dance floor for an hour partying with the cute boys, the last thing any girl wants to do is stand against a wall with her feet on fire and her legs about to buckle. Is having your shoe game on point worth the barefoot walk to Tacobell? Obvs- but it would be nice if the frat house had a chair or two instead of an entire first floor with no furniture and just a DJ booth.

Greatest Frat Party


8. Games. Every frat party will feature some good ol’ beer pong and the occasional game of flip cup. A memorable rager will bring something more to the table. Maybe it’s corn hole and ladder ball set up outside (sorority sisters vs. frat bros?) or a karaoke machine set up next to the DJ booth, entertainment that doesn’t focus on drinking will spice things up and allow everyone a reason to talk to each other more than just asking who is next on the BP table. Who doesn’t love drunk karaoke anyway?

 Greatest Frat Party

7. Seeing your ex with a total downgrade. Ha. Ha. Ha. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you look hot and seeing your ex walk through the door followed by a girl who is… well, less hot. You can’t help but have a smirk on your face and suddenly that “hey can we talk” text you were thinking about sending him becomes a distant memory. You know he’s sneaking peeks at you flirting with frat guys, and his girlfriend won’t stop whispering to her friends about you. It doesn’t matter though, because you’re a boss ass bitch.

 Greatest Frat Party

6. Gentlemen. When thinking of the stereotypical frat bro, “sweet, kind and caring” probably won’t come to mind before pastel pants and beer bongs do. It’s a breath of fresh air to find a frat star who will give you his sweater when it’s chilly, not roll his eyes when you ask him to take a picture of you, and not dead you if you don’t want to hook up with him. Finding reliable guys makes the party feel safer and more inviting.

 Greatest Frat Party

5. Food. How awesome would it be to save the 2a.m. Jimmy Johns run for next weekend because the host frat ordered a few dozen 99 cent hamburgers for the tail end of the festivities? We can all agree that besides the cops busting it, the #2 reason why we dip out of frat parties is because we’re way too hungry to enjoy ourselves (and could use something greasy to sober up). Even if there were store-bought cookies and chips, any effort would be a pleasant surprise that would keep the rager going longer.

greatest frat party

4. Those super nice drunk girls you meet in the bathroom. Well, this isn’t exactly rare to find, but it definitely gives you a good laugh and a (vague) memory the next morning. For some reason, the bathroom is a magical land of cold tiles and little toilet paper that makes bitch faces and attitudes mysteriously vanish. Even if you barge through the door (because the lock is probably broken) and walk in on two girls crying, you’ll probably end up joining in on a group hug and taking an Instagram picture together.

 Greatest Frat Party

3. A Clean Bathroom. Boys are gross and so are their bathrooms. With your luck, it was hair cut day at the frat house and the entire floor is covered with excess hair. There’s mold outlining the sink and toilet, and you might even be greeted by an un-flushed toilet. You never know what you’ll get when you swing open the bathroom door, but it would be a gift from above to walk into bathroom that doesn’t make you want to vomit… and not from drinking. It’s actually attractive when guys are clean and hygienic.

greatest frat party

2. Good lighting/ Picture backgrounds. Dark frat houses aren’t usually ideal for snapping a new profile picture, but if there’s a room that actually has working lights where you can actually see how cute your outfit is, it’s a total plus! Girls’ eyes also light up when they catch a glimpse of a huge American flag, frat flag, or poster on the wall that they can pose in front of for the perfect Friday night Insta post. Pictures are the perfect memories!

 Greatest Frat Party

1. Dogs. Having a furry frat house friend scampering around in the backyard is not only great for cute pictures, but adds a massive amount of cuteness to the fun! It’s adorable to watch the guys play with their dog, and it’s nice to obsess over something that isn’t a boy for once, right?

 Greatest Frat Party

These are a few of the hidden treasures that make every frat party a bit more enjoyable. Take notes, frat boys!



Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover (or a Guy by His Letters)

Everyone has that favorite fraternity. It’s the one you inevitably end up at every weekend. Whether you start there or not, you’ll always end up on their back porch at one in the morning singing some loud patriotic, country song. Maybe your boyfriend or crush is a brother, or the guys are ridiculously hot. Maybe it’s where all your friends are or where you’re the most comfortable. For me, I spend A LOT OF TIME (as in every weekend) at one house. The guys are genuine, easy to talk to, and my boyfriend is rushing there next Fall.

Now, it’s story time. Once upon a time, naive first semester me went out every weekend to New Row. This grand stretch of glorious houses, filled with more than enough new boys could entertain my friends and I for hours. In a big university like mine, there are thirty fraternities. A few are well known, either as being great or completely underrated. Everyone else kind of falls in the middle. Every now and then, we would venture to Old Row – which we viewed as the slightly forgotten area. The houses may be smaller and the amount of members typically matched it. After going to more than a few bigger fraternity parties, my also naive friends and I ended up in a quiet Old Row house (which I will continue to leave unnamed). This place was different – the bathrooms were always clean and well decorated, there were enough people to have fun without it being cramped, and you could talk without yelling to the person next to you. After going to the house once and coming back a few weekends later, I discovered the best part of the fraternity. The brothers cared to know my name.

Okay, about now you’re probably reading this thinking, so what? Maybe I’m just too quiet to approach people or no one wants to remember my name at the other houses. But that wasn’t it. It’s not for lacking of trying by the brothers in other houses – it’s just these guys were able to be friends with literally everyone who walked through the door. There were no closed parties and they could care less if you’re Greek or not. They just want to have fun, which is why I like them.

If you mentioned this fraternity to me in the beginning of the year, I doubt I would have known anything about them outside of their placement on Old Row. There are nice guys and terrible guys in every house and neither should be judged by their letters. So, my lesson to all of you lovely women (and men, if you’re reading this) is to not judge a house by its reputation or a guy by the letters he wears. Every brother earned his right to wear them and if he was chosen by an organization, there’s a reason why. Venture out from the fraternities you always hear about and meet some new people. You never know where you’ll meet the brothers who you’ll personally decide make up the best house on campus.


7 Reasons Why The Sorority Squat Is Absolutely Necessary

Frat boys can make fun all they want but there’s some serious science behind the squat that’s basically second nature to sorority girls.

7. It makes you leg muscles (or lack thereof) look ripped.

Sorority Squat

Let’s be honest, between keeping a killer GPA and finishing an entire bottle of wine by yourself, your legs may not look as good as they did in high school soccer. But when you squat, every muscle engages so you basically look like Hope Solo.

6. It makes your butt actually visible

Sorority Squat

-While we may not all be blessed with the ass-ets that Kim K or Nicki Minaj have, we can at least look one step closer when we bend our knees and stick it out.

5. If you’re the tall friend, it’s a savior

Sorority Squat

-Leggy girls unite! The squat was made for you to be able to scrunch to the level of all the petite gals you occasionally envy.

4. If you’re the short friend, still works

Sorority Squat

-Scrunch a little less than everyone else and OMG you’re entire chapter is, like, totally all the same height and SO meant to be!!

3. How else would you fit 100+ girls in one pic?

Sorority Squat

-Come on people, fitting 100 sisters in the tiny square of an Instagram frame IS basically rocket science. Down in front, medium in middle, up in back.

2. It’s like a workout and a pose all in one.

Sorority Squat

-While our faces might be smiling, our leg muscles are crying. While 15 consecutive pictures are being taken, we will not move a finger and our glutes will thank us later.

1. It’s the perfect complement to the skinny arm.

Sorority Squat

-Another pose us sorority gals know and love, the hand on the hip, I’m basically Michelle Obama’s arm trainer pose. They’re a match made in heaven. The sorority squat and skinny arm are basically the Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds of 2015.


All in all, ladies keep doing what you’re doing every time a camera emerges. Don’t let the haters get you “up”….from your squat.


20 Stages Of Every Mixer

Mixer, pair, whatever you call it at your school it is a party, a throw down, a social event. Little do many people understand that for girls, the preparations for a mixer start far before the mixer itself begins.

20.) The Shower Stage

Every Mixer

Jacqueline Abelson

In which you make sure you shave your legs. If you don’t, then you are wearing pants to the party.

19.) The Blow Dry And Style Hair Stage

Every Mixer

The Glow

The heat from the blow dryer and your styling tool makes you extra sweaty, to the point where you think the previous shower stage has been completetly un-done.

18.) The Make-Up Stage

Every Mixer


We have to highlight our already lovely faces.

17.) The Outfit Selection Stage


This is a tough stage in which you change your mind at least six times. This is the stage in going out where you room becomes a hurricane of blouses, wedges and accessories.

16.) The Teeth Brushing/Mouth Washing Stage

Every Mixer


You want to be as fresh as can be when you get to the mixer, so you make sure that you save this for the absolute last minute. You may even be gargling until you get inside the car. Just don’t get too overeager when taking the shot of mouthwash, because then you may mistake it for vodka and swallow it, and that would be horrendous.

15.) The Inbound Pledge Ride Stage

Every Mixer

Pop Sugar

You constantly thank the pledge for picking you up and continue to ask him generic questions about his hometown, his major and how he likes pledging. It’s almost always uncomfortable, because you feel bad that you are on your way to having a great night while this driver is on his way to getting 500 phone calls in the next few hours.


14.) The Pregame Stage

Every Mixer

Gif Sec

You will instantly regret the mouth wash you just used after taking a shot. The only thing worse than orange juice and brushed teeth is vodka and mouth wash.

13.) The “That Was Rough” Shot Stage

Every Mixer

Elite Daily

Typically when you take your third or fourth shot, it goes down so funny that you do not know what

12.) The Middle School Dance Stage

Urban Outfitters

The point in the night where guys are on one side of the room and girls are on the other. Thankfully, good music and alcohol bring people together, so this, too, shall pass.

11.) The “Is This My Last Shot?” Stage

Every Mixer


That one shot you take where you think it could be the last one you remember before blacking out. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t, so you never know, which is both outstanding and terrifying.


Every Mixer


When the height of people are in attendance of the mixer, it gets to a point where the combination of blaring music and people pollution disallows you from hearing anything that is being said. You keep saying, “what? What? No seriously, what?” It gets exhausting, so you just decide to give up and either drink, dance, or hook-up instead of talking.


9.) The Save Your Sister Stage

Every Mixer

Viral Gifs

There is always one sister that needs help in some way. Whether there is a creepy guy trying to grind up on her or she is about to vomit everywhere, then it is time for you to intercept and make sure that she gets the assistance she clearly needs.

8.) The Dancing Like A Maniac Stage

Every Mixer

Huffington Post

You’re in your prime. The music is on point, you’re taking shot after shot after shot and you definitely just took a picture that is worth Instagramming tomorrow. So you are basking in the glory of your undergraduate years on the dance floor until you can’t feel your feet anymore. You and your frat buddies start to get silly and bust out the best moves, making your bond even stronger.

7.) The “There’s Nicer Alcohol In My Room” Stage


This is what happens when you get lucky at a mixer, and in order to be obvious but not too blunt, you get asked if you want to take shots of something that doesn’t taste like nail polish remover.

6.) The Party Has Reached Its Peak Stage

Every Mixer


Eventually, you realize that it is time to bounce. The handles start to dwindle, the DJ starts to play slower jams and you are pretty tired of conversing with everyone there. That’s when you know it’s time to call it a night.

5.) The Outbound Pledge Ride Stage

Every Mixer


This is completely different from the pledge ride you took on the way there, because alcohol is a thing. Everybody is always yelling in the ride home, no matter what their emotion is. Happy, sad, angry, sexually charged, you name it, they are screaming about it.


4.) The Drunk Food Stage

Every Mixer


You wait for what feels like hours (though it is really 30-45 minutes) for a greasy and oh-so satisfying pizza.

3.) The PTFO Stage

Reaction Gifs

The point at the night where you cannot keep your eyes open. Drunken sleep-talking is expected.

2.) The Drunk-Brunch Stage

Every Mixer


Where everybody finds out who shacked where and what shenanigans went down the night before.

1.) The Hangover From Hell Stage

Every Mixer


Worth it? Maybe not. Will you do it all again the next night? Absolutely


Thoughts At A Frat Party

Going to fraternities are fun. Most sorority girls go to them, myself included. Whether it is your favorite house or the bottom house, you always have fun. And you always look good. But for the things racing through your head when you’re at a frat, here’s a list.

Thoughts At A Frat Party

Thoughts At A Frat Party

20. Is this outfit okay?

Thoughts At A Frat Party

Thoughts At A Frat Party

19. Do I look good?

18. The floor is so sticky.
Thoughts At A Frat Party

17. This party better have good alcohol. None of that plastic crap.
booze 2

16. I’m gonna get so turnt tonight.

15. OMG we have to dance.
Sorority Lyfe

14. Where’s the beer pong?
beer pong

13. This playlist is horrible!
music sucks

12. That guy is making me thirsty.

11. I’m not drunk enough.
drunk more

10. What is that girl doing?
side eye

9. This tastes like cough syrup.

8. I better be careful about the drinks.

7. It’s so loud in here.

6. It’s so hot in here.

5. My feet are hurting. Need more alcohol.

4. Oh she’s wasted. Better go take care of her.
oh no

3. Shots, shots, shots.

2. We looks so hot.
hot hot hot

1. I need food!
taco bell