10 Times You Related to One of the Roommates on New Girl

While laying in bed binge watching New Girl on Netflix, you might realize that you would fit in perfectly in the loft with Jess, Winston, Coach, Nick, and Schmidt. There have been several instances when we all thought that we related so much with one of the characters. Which instance can you relate to the most?

10. When All Your Friends’ Sex Lives Are Better Than Yours

You can’t help but be jealous.


9. When You’re Jamming Out in Your Car

Sometimes you have to listen to your guilty pleasure song and have no shame.


8. When You’re Starving

Which is 99% of the time.

7. When You’ve Had a Bad Break-up

The best way to fix a broken heart is to throw yourself a pity party, isn’t it?

giphy (1)

6. When You Realize It’s Friday Night

After 5 long days, you are ready to partyyyyyy.




Moving Back for Spring Semester as Told by New Girl

Congratulations collegiates! You did it. You survived the awkward banter at Christmas, watched all the Netflix you humanly could, and most importantly you got through the boredom of being somewhere where there is absolutely nothing to do. Once you realize the day has finally come, you go through a few exciting steps, from catching up with friends to new classes.

10. You realize it’s THE day…the day you’re going back to school


9. You get to see your long lost friends 

Hopefully your hugs are better than this…

8. You catch up with your college friends

7. You can finally show your roommates the new cooking skills you acquired over break…

…or lack there of


6. There are so many new hotties in your classes