The Life of a College Student Told By Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor sings my life. There are plenty of songs out there about love and parties, but only Meghan Trainor sings about the true college struggles of texting your ex at 3am and those boys who will just not make it official.  So here are all of the things you wish you could say to people in your life in the wise words of Meghan Trainor:
14. “We know that shit ain’t real, come on now, make it stop” to all those you later realized are not real friends.
13. “So don’t you let their words try to change you Don’t let them make you, into something you ain’t…” to your friend who cares a little too much about what people think.
12. “I’m sure he’s worth a lot of gold But you’re better than you know And he’s no good for you” to your friend who always seems to be dating an asshole.
11. “I got a head full of melodies stuck in my brain” to your teacher when you are trying to explain why you don’t focus in class.
10. “Kinda stressing like I’m gonna have a heart attack it’s Been an hour and you haven’t even hit me back” to the people who don’t answer your texts immediately.
9. “Of course I like you Can’t you hear it in my voice?” to the oblivious boy that you have been flirting with for months and still doesn’t seem to get it.
8. “You gotta know how to treat me like a lady Even when I’m acting crazy Tell me everything’s alright” to anyone looking to date me, sorry I’m crazy.


An Open Letter to Taylor Swift

Taylor. Girl.

It’s crazy to think you entered my world nine whole years ago. It makes so much sense, because I barely remember life pre-Tay. But it also makes me feel incredibly old. Looking at your first album, I see ten year old me taking goofy pictures and hanging up posters of Nick Jonas. Now, 1989 is one of two albums I always have in my car. I’m 19 and in college. I live 8 hours from home. But I don’t love you any less.

You’ve been with me since the beginning. I can’t begin to imagine surviving those awkward pre-teen years without you to PREACH my feelings. We’ve grown up a lot in the last nine years, but you’ll still find me jamming to Our Song in my car.

I love that you’re just as dorky as I am. Yeah, you’re BFFs with supermodels and you have the fiercest squad known to man, but you’re a total nerd and that makes me feel so good about myself. You’re unashamed to dance like a fool and put your heart on your sleeve: two things everyone should do



The Top 20 Recruitment Songs Used In Sorority Videos

As spring recruitment comes and goes, you and your sisters run to your favorite part of the house, the room with a nice big couch and a TV with Netflix. Everyone is stretched out on top of each other talking about how excited they are to have new sisters. Along with the excitement, there are also all the complaints of how sore you are, the blisters on your feet from those new heels you wore even though you knew what the outcome would be, now you can’t get out of your shoes because your feet are basically a part of the shoe now, and how can you forget about not having a voice from all the chants and yelling across the table to talk to a PNM just so they can hear you!

Now what???

All you want to do is SLEEP! Guess what! That is NOT an option! Now you have to get ready for the fall, yay! As you’re sitting around being lazy with your sisters someone asks… well what now? Well now it is time to make a new recruitment video! After going through countless recruitment videos from other schools, you really want to stand out and have the best video! That means the best songs, best video and best features! You have everything but the perfect song… which is why I have made this wonderful top 20 list! Enjoy!

#20: Wild Wild Love by Pitbull

#19: Young and Beautiful (remix) by Lana Del Rey

#18: Kanye by The Chainsmokers

#17: Boom Clap by Charli XCX

#16: Best Day of My Life by American Authors

#15: Wake Me Up by Avicii