5 Reasons to Love Fuzzy Socks

I don’t know about you, but when I open my sock drawer it is made up of 90% fuzzy socks. I have always loved fuzzy socks, and I can’t find a reason not to love them. Here’s 10 reasons why you, like me, should love fuzzy socks.

5. They’re Cheap

I’ve found fuzzy socks as cheap as $1. You can find more expensive ones, but the cheaper ones are just as good in my opinion.


4. They Come in So Many Colors

You can find fuzzy socks in so many colors and patterns that you don’t have to worry about finding some that you like.


3. You Can Find Them Anywhere

Every drugstore you can think of carries fuzzy socks. Even department stores carry them.


2. They’re So Warm and Fuzzy

They keep your toes warm all day long. Need I say more?


1. You Can Where Them All Year Round

Want to wear your UGG Boots? Fuzzy Socks go perfect in them. Want to wear your Birkenstocks, but it’s a bit chilly outside? Put on some fuzzy socks and slide on your Birks.



Shopping in Bath and Body Works: A Play-By-Play

Bath and Body Works is the mega-hub for all things fragrant.

Candles? Body wash? Perfume? Body spray? Want to make your wall smell like a garden? Want to add a vanilla to your pre-scented lilac loofa?

Do you fancy yourself in a 20-candle bubble bath, complete with Country-Apple bath bombs and soothing Sparkling Champagne lotion? Whatever you’re looking for, they have it; it’s like aromatherapy for the Gods in here.

smells like tht


As any true Bath and Body Works lover will know, the addiction is real and can get a bit out of control. Better prepare yourself for the onslaught of tantalizing scents while you still have the chance.

You walk into the store because HELLO, SEMI-ANNUAL SALE. They send those little notices in the mail, as if you didn’t know what time of year it was.

talking to


Immediately, you take a deep breath. *inhaaaaaalllleeeee*. Ooohhh, what IS that?



You quickly make your way over to the new fragrances because who DOESN’T want to check out this year’s new scents?!

…as if you don’t already have the release dates memorized, though.


You see they’ve released your favorite Summer fragrance in a three-wick candle and send up a silent prayer to the scent Gods.

Thank you

Adding two to the giant tote bag you grabbed on the way in (because DUH, 2 for $22 means you can buy DOUBLE THE CANDLES!), you mosey over towards the next display of colorful enticement.

That’s when you spot it: the vanilla cupcake candle.


How does something even smell this good?! Your mind is wandering to all the possibilities… it can’t actually not be real… right?

Maybe I’ll just…


No, no that’s a bad idea. 

Quickly, you pull yourself together and move towards the scent portables.

Hmmmm… but do I want my car to smell like honey suckles or apples?



Grabbing all you can, your bag is getting full. You turn to head towards the register when the shower gel jumps out of nowhere. One little sniff won’t hurt…


You’re completely distracted with the enticing fragrance that is the Bath and Body Works Season Collection. As time passes, you’re lost to the world of aromatic distraction; Japanese Cherry Blossom has you reminiscing of a different time, long summers and and warm days.

When suddenly your fantasy is interrupted by your boyfriend walking up behind you.


 Nothing! Just moving towards the register.

Quickly, you go to check out when this rude woman pushes in front of you to grab $2 hand-sanitizer from the check-out stand near the counter. A quick glance in her bag shows that she has no idea which scents to take advantage of! WHO MIXES VANILLA AND MARSHMALLOW FIRESIDE?!

smell like a baby prostitute

Judgment kept in your own mind, you move through the line and ignore the pang of guilt you feel as your total rings up at the register.

But wait?! The cashier has a discount code for you to use!


They are always so helpful in here.

You grab your bag and head towards the doors, glancing back at the massacre in your wake. With a turn on your heel, you happily leave the store, feeling completely revitalized with aromatic bliss.

smell ya later


Thoughts When Paying Dues

So, it’s that time again… chapter dues are posted.


You’ve been dodging your Big’s ‘pay your sh*t’ texts all week and the last day has finally caught up to you.


You look at your ‘payment due’ and lament the fact that you took the high road and offered to pay your own way through your sorority.


You briefly wonder whether your pride is worth it… maybe you should just call Dad?


No. NO. You’re a strong, independent woman and you can DO THIS.


Carefully, you open the details of your transactions. You read the outlandish charges on your account and begin the inner war with your past self.




I mean did I REALLY need all those date shirts? He wasn’t even that much fun.

Plus, he ended up acting like a drunken fool and I had help him walk. It was like aiding a baby giraffe.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 3.13.27 PM

You swear to yourself that you will never purchase another date shirt again… though, even in this moment, you know it’s a lie.




10 Reasons Why I’m Glad I’m Paying My Way Through College

College tuition. No matter where you go, it’s expensive. I haven’t spoken to one person that thought fondly of their college tuition. I’m one of your typical college students that is working to pay for tuition. I’ve had the odds and ends of summer jobs, and currently have three jobs on campus. It’s rough, but I’m glad I’m doing it because of these 10 reasons:

10. It teaches you how to save your money


9. Jobs ensure that you won’t be bored during break


8. Having to go to your job during the school day teaches you time management


7. You meet new people through work


6. Connections for further jobs




8 Reasons Why I’m Grateful For My Strict Parents

We’ve all screamed “I HATE YOU!” at the top of our lungs, swore that “Welcome to My Life” by Simple Plan was our anthem in middle school, and plotted completely unrealistic plans to move out and disown our parents by the age of 18. No? Just me? Okay.

I remember thinking I was sentenced to 18 years in prison with my parents as my patrol officers. Strict parents are a rebellious child’s worst nightmare, but now that I’m a bit older and wiser, I realize that there are a few things that I owe to my parents…

8. I will never curse during an interview. Growing up in a family where “shut up” was considered a bad word, I’ve been trained to get a bit creative with my adjectives. It’s always been “fudge” instead of… you know… and “crap” instead of…you know. One of the biggest strikes in a presentation, speech or interview is dropping the F-bomb when things go array. I’m proud that I don’t swear like a sailor (it’s more attractive too).

7. I’m a lightweight. I didn’t get away with sh- crap… in high school. I got caught almost every single time I went to a party. My parents were against me drinking at a young age, so I wasn’t able to get away with shotgunning natties every weekend. The brightside? I have such a low tolerance that now, in college, I get wasted way quicker than everyone else and spend less money on alcohol doing it. Thanks, dad!

6. I have an outstanding work ethic. I’m not a quitter; I was never allowed to be. My parents drilled into me that a pretty face will only get me so far, and I need brains, talent and determination behind my fake eyelashes and glossy lips. I hate making excuses for things. If there’s a will, there’s a way, and I always have a will.

5. I was accepted to every school I applied to. I wasn’t allowed to go out on school nights, especially if my homework wasn’t done. My mother sat with me every night of second grade practicing multiplication tables until I could do it in my sleep. What I’m most thankful for is that my parents didn’t push me to get A’s. My parents pushed me to want to get A’s. They just wanted me to understand how important education is, and because of that, I pushed myself harder than they ever did.




10 Struggles of Waiting Tables

If you’re paying your way through college or just want a little spending money, you have most likely had a job in the restaurant business. I’ve had many different types of jobs, but I have to say waiting tables has to be the most stressful one I’ve had. Not only are you on your feet all day, you’re also weight-lifting (do you think those giant trays of food are light??). Don’t even get me started on the fact that customers take every problem with the restaurant out on you. Here are some struggles your average waitress/waiter probably deals with whenever they clock in:

10. “Anything to drink?” “yes.” ….f4160ccb2b1c5f7b54258ff0235ad7d4

Ok, um… What would you like to drink then?…

9. When it gets really busy and you’re literally RUNNING around the restaurant to take care of everyone

Oh yes I can go get you a take-out box, yeah I can go check on your food, order up? yeah be there in a sec. Oh you want your check? Ok let me just SPRINT across the restaurant real quick.

8. When it’s super slow and there’s nothing to do


You’ve re-stocked everything, folded all the silverware, cleaned every table, and now you’re just looking for things to do. This is especially bad when there’s a lot of you, so each one is jumping at the chance to do something.

7. When people forget what they ordered


So here’s the club sandwich… *awkward silence as everyone looks at each other and your arms are slowly giving out because you’re holding 3 other plates* “OH OH I ordered that haha”.

6. When they ask for something, but don’t use it


I’m really glad I brought that for you and am now throwing it away



10 Reasons Why You’re Broke In College

College is a time for fun, adventure, exploration, and for most, a time for budgeting. I for one always seem to be a little short in the cash department, and my bank account always seems to be lacking. Sometimes I have literally $2.34 in my account. Selling things online and to random students who need a pair of shoes I don’t wear anymore can only get you so far. While there are probably dozens, here are 10 reasons why college students are broke. 

10. I cannot count how many times I go “window shopping” and end up blowing almost all my money. I mean I didn’t really NEED that necklace and blouse.. did I?


9. Target. I mean seriously that store is designed to run us dry. You walk in and there is a whole section that is “only 1 dollar”. Walking through the store you just put stuff in your cart because everything is so cute or “affordable” until you see the grand total at the register.


8. Groceries. I mean a head of lettuce is like 4 bucks and that’s the heathy stuff! I never look forward to having to go ring up all my food at the register, but we NEED food to eat (sighs).


7. Alcohol. With all the stress of classes and having to plan for “real life” puts a strain on us poor college students. WE NEED THE BOOZE. I mean for a bottle of wine, I am dropping a good $10. Y’all can do the math.


6. Going out. Well you can only pre-game so much then when you get to the bar you have to pay cover and its $10, are you kidding me? Oh and lets not forget the expensive (and small drinks) you have to buy in order to handle this crowd at the bar.