Womanly Struggles Men Will NEVER Understand

Let’s get one thing straight: it’s hard being a woman. Men will never be able to understand the struggles we have to face. Here are just a few of them:


10. Giving Birth. Giving LIFE.



9. Our Aunt Flo that visits every month.



8. Getting ready in the morning.



7. Eyebrows. Yes, eyebrows. They have to seriously be on point.



6. Shaving. Everything.






Why the Man Bun has Just Got to Go

Man buns- they were cool for about a semester, but I’m here to say “I’m just not that into you.”

Okay, so I was never the biggest fan, but now they just need to go. Some men can rock them, but majority (read most) can not.

Over the years, men have experimented with many questionable hair styles, from the mullet to the Justin Bieber side sweep, we’ve seen it all. As soon as I see a man bun I immediately picture this hipster in a coffee shop.

The man bun has become a way for men to express themselves through their appearance, but to me the man bun is a just a way that men are getting lazy with their appearance, and it seems that many women agree.

According to the Detroit Free Press a study claims that:

62.9% of women surveyed either dislike or hate the man bun

58% said they wouldn’t date a man with a bun

74% said their current or past significant other would not look attractive with a man bun

I’m sorry Harry, but the man bun is not for you.

We’ve now even got to the point where men are buying fake man buns. I understand some women use extensions, but this is different and totally unattractive.


So please stop growing your hair out and let the girls rock the buns boys.

xo Lo


30 Struggles That Only Girls Will Understand

Guys have it so easy. They wake up, throw on the first shirt they see, brush their teeth and they’re ready for the day. But girls on the other hand, it’s a process. They don’t understand all the time that goes into turning us from a zombie to a decent looking human being…. So next time your man yell at you because you’re late to dinner, tell him to cut you a break. It’s a struggle being a girl… And no, he will never be able to understand any of it….


30) The struggle of putting on mascaragirlcode_makeup_600px_blog-only

29) Pulling out half your eyelashes while using an eyelash curler


28) Looking like a raccoon after you take off your makeup


27) Wanting abs and a cheeseburger at the same time


26) Periods….. No explanation needed.


25) Untangling your hair after a shower, or swimming, or having it up in a bun, or being outside on a windy day, or just anything in general for that matter


24) Having a closet overflowing with clothes but still always needing more


23) Ripping your favorite lace thong that costs $12.50… Thanks Victorias Secret


22) Having expensive taste…. in everything.


21) Always being expected to know how to cook like a professional chef




Huge Turn Offs (Told by Guys)

Aren’t we all curious every now and then about what may turn a guy off? Don’t lie. I am pretty sure most of you would Google search for the answers and then try to see if you unfortunately fit one of those turn offs. Well, search no more! I had a few guys answer, with all honesty, in what they find as turn offs and well, here is what they said:


13. When you try to change his personality or lifestyle.


12. When you expect him to buy anything and everything. (Relationships are a two-way street–both partners must contribute because it is only fair.)


11. When you’re already in a relationship but flirt around with other people. (This is just wrong in so many levels. The amount of respect is lost.)


10. We know you love make-up…But chill. (Some guys, correction: MEN, are actually honest when they say less is more.)


9. Of course a little sass is fine, but careful on over-doing it. (You could literally come off as a total b**** and not realize it.)


8. Poor hygiene….




To Women Everywhere: Stop Waiting for Prince Charming

“It’s okay if your life isn’t going well.  If you wait long enough, your prince will come on his white horse and save you from the hell you’ve been living in.”  That is the message we all grew up hearing from Disney movies and fairy tales.  Now I love these as much as the next person, but they all seem to be missing one very important message: No one will come to save you until you are able to save yourself. One of the largest issues for women in our generation is that many of them are constantly waiting for someone else to give them the life that they wish for.  I cannot lie to you and tell you I have never done that before myself.  When those days come where nothing seems to be going right and I just want to change my name and start over, I hope that someone else will come fix all of my problems.  But that is the exact mentality that has been keeping my life stagnant and continuing to give me those days.

Flashback to my freshmen year of college.  As anyone who knew me then can tell you, I was a complete mess.  I came to college with very little real world experience and severe anxiety about what I was getting myself into.  However, what I did have was a huge crush on a boy back home.  We all have one of these, the guy that you know is completely wrong for you. You don’t even know why you want him, and your friends absolutely hate him.  But for some reason in your ignorant little mind, you need him.  So there I was, completely out of my comfort zone and madly in “love”.  I used this relationship to solve all of my problems.  I was homesick, stressed, and just extremely unsure of myself, but at that point all that mattered was that I had him because I thought he fixed all of that.  I spent over a year blissfully in love until he broke my heart and all of the problems that I thought he had solved were back and worse than ever.  But now in addition to that, I thought I couldn’t survive without him and no matter what I did, I still did not have him.  So I was then by myself with more problems than I began with.  If you talk to my freshmen year roommate and my sister, they can tell you I was a pathetic mess for an embarrassingly long amount of time (shout out to you two for being the real MVPs).  And then I had an epiphany: I realized that the fact that I was using a man to solve my problems only ended up causing me more.



15 Ways To Be The Chillest Girlfriend

It’s simple; guys like chill girls. When you’re down-to-earth and laidback, your relationship will be effortless. Here are some tips to saving your guy some stress and making him the luckiest guy around.

15. Watch (and understand) sports. It’s not enough to just look cute in a jersey. If you can take five minutes to grab your guy some beer and order a pizza, he’ll be thankful. Want to really impress him? Instead of surfing Instagram and waiting for the halftime show, sit down and root for a team. He’ll be surprised that you’re not just waiting for him to take you to the mall.

14. Handle your alcohol. More than once you’ll be “that girl” who throws up on her bae’s shoes and sprains her ankle after tripping in her heels. I’m just as down for a good time as the next gal, but keep in mind that guys think it’s a HUGE turn off if a girl is a sloppy drunk. Watching you throw up, stumble around or yell obnoxiously isn’t going to make a guy want to bring you home to his parents… or even to another party.

13. Drink beer. If you really can’t stand the taste of beer, then just follow the previous rule if you know what’s good for you. Guys appreciate when a girl can hang with the boys, pound back a brew and dominate in beer pong. It’s attractive to find a girl who lets her actions speak instead of being all talk. Take sips and sink cups- guys HATE hearing, “I only drink liquor.”

12. Dress sexy but classy. Your guy will go crazy if you wear a sexy outfit for a night out, but don’t go flaunting your goods to every guy on the block… especially when he’s not around. There IS a way to be sexy without being slutty. Don’t make your guy worry about who can see up your skirt or down your shirt.

11. Play sports and video games. They’ll either love letting you win or they’ll be really turned on that you’re actually some competition. Nothing is more attractive than a girl that doesn’t sit to the side and read a magazine while the guys are playing football at the beach. He won’t have to sweat keeping you occupied while he plays Xbox because you’ll be screaming into your headset right there with him.

10. Know when to dress up and when to dress down. You’ll be a buzzkill if your man invites you to an afternoon of day drinking and fishing and you’re consumed with holding your dress down against the wind and ruining your Steve Madden flip flops in the water. Be prepared.