The 10 Worst Girls You Know

If you can make me laugh, you can be in my circle. If you’re any of these people below… you can’t. As my bestie’s ex bf once put it, “my treehouse is full” (and nobody has room for girls like this).

You can't sit with us

10. The Drama Queen

This girl’s always startin’ something. If a friend says ‘nice shirt’, she probably assumes it was a back-handed comment about how her entire outfit sucks… and then tries to get you to talk sh*t about them for an hour.


9. The Negative Nancy

Let’s be clear: this girl thinks EVERYTHING IS AWFUL. A boy smiles at her? UGH, HE WAS PROBABLY LAUGHING AT ME. Find $10 on the ground? UGH, I’M JUST GOING TO HAVE TO USE THIS ON RENT. Get invited to a party? UGH, THIS IS GOING TO BE SUCH A BAD NIGHT. You can’t win.


8. The Girl Who Hates Girls

This girl doesn’t like you because you were also born with a double-X chromosome. Maybe she’s threatened? Maybe she’s jealous? Maybe you look better in a leather jacket than she does? There’s really no logical explanation.

girl hate

7. The Flirty “Friend”

This girl will flirt with your boyfriend right in front of your face and pretend she was just too drunk to know what was happening. Do. Not. Trust. Her.

bf stealer

6. The “Helpless Because I’m A Girl” – Girl

Nothing annoys me more than a girl who refuses to do anything for herself. ‘Help, I can’t do this hard task by myself! I’m a girl!’… ugh. This is not the 1920’s, okay? BELIEVE ME, boys, she knows what she’s doing. In reality, she’s the mastermind of us all.

help me



30 Slangs Drunk Girls Always Say

Throughout the course of Saturday night, as the alcohol goes down quicker, us girls start to have less of a filter of what they say out in public. I think we can all say we are guilty of saying five or more of these silly slangs while we continue to have drinks pouring.


30.) I’m not even that drunk

drunk girls

29.) “You look so cute!” *walks away* “omg why would she wear that”

oh thanks

28.) Where’s the funnel?

jack black

27.) I’m only good at beer pong when I’m drunk (Still is terrible)

blake lively

26.) Can we play Sorry by Justin Bieber, it is like totally my theme song

sorry by justin bieber

25.) Ew, I do not want to go there, they’re all weird. *goes and leaves being the flip cup champ*


24.) Are we going to the bar tonight?

shots poured

23.) What are we going to drunk eat later?

drunk eating 2

22.) I hate her, why is she here?

 i dont like you


21.) LOL, I just hooked up with him last night and she thinks their dating

  i regret nothing



Gossip Girl In The World Of The Elite

Stop what you’re doing! Stop tweeting, texting, taking pointless selfies, swiping left and right on Tinder and everything else and continue reading! Ladies, you may not want to hear about this because you already know and don’t want to talk about it. Every sorority girl knows those few girls in their chapter that no one really likes and you hear everyone talking about them. It’s called GOSSIP! We all do it, we all contribute to it, and we all listen to it. But why?? Why do we find pleasure in tearing others down to make ourselves feel better?? We are sisters, we should be loving to each other, motivate each other, and have each others back. We can make excuses and say it’s just what girls do. So you’re saying in order to be a girl you MUST gossip? That just doesn’t sound right, does it? As women we should want to be role models for younger girls, when they hear us bashing others what does that make us? It sure wouldn’t make me want to look up to you if you were bashing your own sisters. What if a PNM was in class with you and you were talking to your friend about one of your sisters and you had a button on your backpack of you had your stitch on, well now you have swayed that PNM not to rush your sorority.  Here are some ways we can improve our sisterly love:

1. Keep your comments to yourself..

You’re at your weekly formal chapter meeting and one of your sisters comes in with wet hair and no make up.. you’re thinking, wow what a slob, she shouldn’t be allowed to be let in like that. The first thing you want to do is turn to your closest sister and whisper in her ear ” what is she wearing? Is her hair wet!!? She looks so awful without make up on! I can’t stand her!” Although you would love to talk trash about that sister because of the appearance she is setting for your sorority, you should really consider keeping your mouth shut. If you don’t let your comments spew out of your mouth like throw up its one less conversation starter that will tear someone else down.

Gossip Girl

2. Don’t spread it..

So you always eat with your best friends, some being your sisters and others being in other sororities. One of your sisters tells the table about someone in your sorority who slept with some frat daddy after a party one night and ended up passed out in the front lawn. Number one, there is no telling who started this rumor, number two it may not even be true. You have two options at this point, continue talking about it and telling others or you can just stop it there. Even if it did happen it is none of your business and it’s not your story to tell. The best option is to stop it there, tell your sister that you don’t think you should be taking about your sister like that. Don’t go telling everyone and their mother about your sister hooking up with some fraternity guy and end up passed out in the front yard. Why would you want to give your sorority that image?

Gossip Girl

3. Don’t contribute ..

STOP talking crap about your sisters!! The bonds you share with your sisters last a lifetime! Why would you ruin that by spreading pointless and untrue rumors about your sisters? If you don’t want to be talked about in a bad way then why would you do it to others?? HELLO, did anyone teach you the golden rule?? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It’s as simple as that girls.

Gossip Girl

We as women need to put a stop to this thing called gossip! We should be building each other up, not tearing each other down. Sisters need to stop being so catty and realize that these are the sisters we will have until we die. Yes ending gossip all together seems like a huge undertaking but if each girl in your chapter strives to not say negative things about each other then we can slowly change the perception that to be a girl you have to gossip. We are better than that!

Gossip Girl



The mom from mean girls is pretty amazing. Check out the article and find out the real truth about her.


1. After becoming her rush crush and you accept your bid, she tries super hard to show you she’s ~perfect~ big material.

Mom From Mean Girls

Sorority Lyfe


2. She tries to impress you with her “edgy” slang (really Big? Swag?) and knowledge of fraternity parties.

Mom From Mean Girls

Sorority Lyfe


3. She’s your ultimate wing woman and has your back in every situation, nothing is too awkward for your Big.


4. She loves taking selfies and theme party pictures with you, and they ALWAYS go on her Instagram.


5. Your Big is always asking about the latest gossip about your pledge class.


6. And sometimes her dance moves at parties get a little questionable. *Big attempts twerking*

aisle dancing

7. But no matter the crazy things she does you love her and still think she’s the perfect Big Sis for you.