3 Good Things About Being In A Small Sorority

According to the NPC, a sorority chapter can range from “35 to 300 plus” women. Most large universities (UK, LSU, USC) will have 100-200 women in a chapter, which I am sure has its advantages. However, being in a smaller chapter can have it’s advantages too. I am an Alpha Phi at Indiana University Southeast and we have 48 active members on campus. When I tell people this, some people blow it off as if we can’t have successful Greek Life if we don’t have 150+ men and women in each Fraternity and Sorority. This is not the case.



If it weren’t for my school having small chapters, I wouldn’t be able to afford to be Greek. Our dues can be billed monthly, semesterly, or annually. For monthly, it is only $50 a month. This can be 100’s of dollars cheaper than large schools. And let’s be honest, the less dues cost, the more T-Shirts you can buy.


I really enjoyed going through recruitment. It was a little tiring, but not at all like it was for my friends at larger universities. It only lasted 4 days and we were there for a max of 4 hours each night. Going through with smaller chapters was less intimidating than what I have heard about going through as a PNM at larger schools. With less sisters to talk to, you get to know the chapter more as a whole. You also get a good idea of everyone you will be around, which leads me to my next point.


I love all 47 of my sisters. My favorite benefit of being a smaller chapter and my favorite aspect of sorority life is a strong sisterly bond. I get to know each and every one of my sisters on an individual basis. I know everyone’s names and I know majors and hobbies and favorite colors and what their favorite restaurant is. I get to know everyone personally. With a chapter with 150+ women it could be hard to know everyone and especially be close.

I am sure a lot of women would prefer their large chapter to a smaller one and I completely understand that and don’t belittle it in the slightest. However, a small chapter doesn’t deserve to be belittled either. We are all Panhell women, no matter our size.

Also, if you are considering going Greek but are worried about the chapter being small, go out and talk to the women of the different sororities and ask them how things work in a small chapter.

We are small, but we are strong ♥


SOTD: Morgan Paige Bentley From Indiana University Southeast Alpha Phi

Introducing Morgan Paige Bentley from Indiana University Southeast’s Alpha Phi! We found out that Morgan had a slightly different story than most sorority sisters out there, so we wanted her to be a “Sister Of The Day” and have a chance to tell her story!

Indiana University Southeast Alpha

Sorority Lyfe

Hi! My name is Morgan. I am an Alpha Phi at Indiana University Southeast. I chose to go to IUS because it was close to home, a great price, and had a great Greek Life Program! I knew from the moment I enrolled at IUS that I wanted Alpha Phi. I had heard great things about their philanthropy and sisterhood and that was exactly what I wanted from a sorority. I had a great time going through rush and meeting the women of Alpha Phi. The more sisters I talked to, the more I was reassured that this was the sisterhood for me. I chose to go Alpha Phi because I felt like I belonged there and I was right. I love Alpha Phi and all of my sisters and wouldn’t change a thing for the world! I also have a special situation, I am 19 years old and engaged! Yay! I have been with my fiancé since I was 14 years old (and no, we have never had a break up). He popped the question on Valentine’s Day 2014 and, obviously, I said “Yes!” I chose to get engaged young because I know where I am in life and I know that this is where my life was heading anyway, plus I couldn’t wait any longer if I tried! We are getting married on September 19th, 2015 and couldn’t be happier. I get a lot of grief for being engaged at 19, but those people can mind their own. It can be hard balancing school, work, Alpha Phi, and wedding planning…but with the help of my sisters, family, and fiancé, things are working out alright. If you are considering getting engaged young or while in college, I say “Go for it!” if you love each other enough to get married, you can survive a few hard years in college! Follow your heart and don’t let anyone get in your way.

Love and AOE <3