20 Basic Insta Captions You’re Bound to See Over SB

You smell that? Yeah, it’s the smell of freedom. Freedom from the brick jail buildings, the stacks of books we’re supposed to be reading, and the classes we’re supposed to be attending. We’ve been counting down the days since we came back from winter break. Spring Break, we missed you, you beautiful son of a bitch.

Your Insta feed will blow up with everything, from  your BFF next to a hottie on the beach to that person laying by their parents pool trying to pretend they’re on a luxurious island. No matter the picture, each caption will be as basic as the last. Something along the lines of….

A Beach Reference:

“Life’s a Beach”

“Finally getting my dose of Vitamin SEA”

*palm tree emoji* *fruity drink emoji*

“Nothing beats this view” *wave emoji*

“Beach-y Keen”

“Throwing what we know all the way in ____”


Something about De-Stressing:


“Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination”


A Drinking Reference:

“Cheers to good friends and greater drinks!”

“Wouldn’t want to spend a week drinking Pina Coladas with anyone else”

“Spring Break:1 Me:0”


Country Song or Current Top Hit Reference:
“Ass in the water, toes in the sand, not a worry in the world, cold beer in my hand”

*Anything from Luke Bryan’s “Sorority Girl”*

*Anything from one of Luke Bryan’s Spring Break Albums*

“I got hoes in different area codes”


Being Too Obsessed With Their Little/Big/BFF/BF/ETC.:

“Love you more than half priced margaritas”

“Thanks for being my partner in crime this week XOXO”

“Wouldn’t want to *insert inside joke that nobody will understand here* with anyone else”

“Shoutout to _____ for putting up with me all week and taking care of me”

“You’re my person”



Yeeeeeah, maybe it’s just best to stay off Instagram for the next few days….


11 Types of People You Follow on Instagram

Instagram offers a great way to share your photos with all of your followers. The sleek design only allows users to post photos onto their profiles. While scrolling down your Insta-feed, you might be able to see that not all of the people you follow are alike. This list breaks down all of the different people that you follow on IG.

11. The One Who Is Super Artsy

This person’s Instagram is #goals to you. You wish that you could take such an artsy photo of a cup of coffee and get hundreds of likes.


10. The One Who Posts Too Many Selfies

Every time you’re scrolling down your feed, you see another selfie from this person. What happened to #SelfieSunday? This person posts a selfie almost everyday with a caption about how they take so many selfies.


9. The One Who Posts All of Their Food

You can’t unfollow this person because they are one of you’re friends. But every time you see their posts, you can’t help but wonder why they need to post all of their meals on the Internet.


8. The One Who Shows A Little Too Much (If You Know What I Mean)

Every photo that this person posts gets hundreds of likes. How? Well, it could be that their whole chest is exposed in every photo.


7. The One Who Posts Several Photos at a Time

Maybe it’s just me, but I hate having 4 photos in a row on my timeline that are posted by the same person. Was it necessary to post all of these photos from the same occasion?


6. The One Who Is Famous

Even if you don’t want to admit it, you probably follow your favorite celebrities on IG. This gives us another inside look of their lives.




26 Thoughts When Stalking Someone’s Instagram

We all do it. One second we’re scrolling down our feed and then we somehow managed to make it all the way to that guy in our Chem classes girlfriend’s cousin’s best friend’s sister’s profile on a picture from 153 weeks ago. How does this even happen? What are we even thinking when we do this?

26. Who’s that with _____ (insert name of friend/acquaintance) ? *proceeds to click on username*

whos that girl

25. Yeah! Their profile isn’t on private!!! *now i can look at all their pictures* *evil smirk*


24. WHOA–she is super super pretty.

so pretty

23. Wow. Her bio is pretty witty, yet simple.



so fluffy im gonna die

21. AND she likes popsicles.

imso happy

20. AND she goes to GOOD BANDS concerts.

so excited may vomit

19. AND she’s in a sorority.


18. AND she takes really artsy pics.

so hip

17. I should take a cool picture like that.

cool cool cool

16. Man, that’s a really cute outfit. *I could never pull that off though*

so cute

15. AWH her and her big are perrrrrf *fam goals*


14. AWH her and her boyfriend are SO ADORABLE.

get married



The Different Types of Instagram Users. #3 is So Me

I am pretty sure 99.9879% of the world population has this one magical, God-given app called Instagram. It is the app to go to for creeping..creeping…and I suppose more creeping (I can’t think of any other reason). Based off of my own Instagram account, I have noticed these 7 different types of Instagram users. Try to see if you can relate!


7. The “Professional Photographer.”

This person always just seems to post the most stunning photos. They use the right filter and angle to make their pictures look amaze-balls. They could literally take a photo of their toes and make it look like a million bucks because they are just that good.



6. The “Look at how amazing my life is. Don’t you just wish you were me?”

This person has the life you wish you could live. They post photos of how much they’re having fun with their squad, where they go on vacation, and anything else in Heaven you could possibly imagine. They might as well be celebrities and have their accounts verified.



5. The “I like hashtags.”

This person likes to use hashtags when posting their pictures. Like really, really, REALLY likes to use hashtags. They could post a photo of a flower and then have the caption: #flower #summer #yellow #chocolate #justinbieber #hello #goodbye #yass. As you can see, sometimes their hashtags have nothing to do with the photo they posted. They have no chill.





20 Instagram Captions That Are Way Too Basic

20 Instagram Captions That Are Way Too Basic

If you use any of these captions, I can’t say I’m not judging you. I can say that you’re unoriginal, and certainly not witty. If your heart says to caption your Instagram picture with one of these captions, I hope your head says no. Talk about basic.

20. “Started from the bottom now we’re here.” Every time this caption is used, Drake cries a little bit.  Maybe try a different rap song.

Instagram Captions

Instagram Captions

19. “Dysfunctional” or “Not normal” We’re in college, none of us are normal. Just because your sticking your tongue out, doesn’t mean you or the picture is dysfunctional.

18. “Hate him” Ever since the 2nd grade we knew that if you say you hate a boy, that means you really like him. This caption is so bland. Just save your energy and instead of typing out this caption, think of a better way to flirt with your crush.

Instagram Captions

17. “Turn up or transfer” or “turn down for what” Whether you’re way too intoxicated to even type this correctly, or taking selfies in class, this phrase has been so overused that the culprit could be doing anything and think this is an appropriate caption.

16. “Take me back #InsertLocationHere” Instead of implying that you want to go back to Aruba where you drank endless drinks out of coconuts and cured your hangover with the beach, try captioning your artsy throwback with a brief description of your favorite memory… or anything else besides this cliche vacation caption.

15. #Fitfam We get it. You’re at the gym. Now stop taking mirror selfies and go work out. I mean, you’re not even sweating in the picture- and if you’re posting #fitfam on your gym pics, you probably don’t go to the gym that often.

Instagram Captions

14. “Hey what’s up hello” Yep, you’re a trap queen alright.


13. “Reunited (and it feels so good)” The fact that you’re taking a picture tells us that you’ve been reunited, duh. Have you even heard the song this cliche caption is referencing?

Instagram Captions

12. Any Taylor Swift lyrics. I’m sure even my Grandpa can spot an overused T. Swizzle lyric on Instagram.

11. “New year new me” SHUT. UP. You might go to the gym for a day or two and cut your hair. No matter how much you want this to be true, we all know it won’t be. You’ll still be basic next year.

Instagram Captions

10. “Wanderlust” Girls love this word. Admittedly, it’s a great world. It means “a strong desire to roam or travel.” Going to every bar on Mill Avenue isn’t travelling. It might be considered roaming, though. Take this out of your Insta bio right now.

9. “Selfie Sunday” I would even prefer Taylor Swift lyrics under your selfie than you stating the obvious. If it’s Sunday and you took a selfie, I understand you participated in selfie Sunday.

Instagram Captions

8. “Life’s a beach and I’m just playing in the sand” Oh goodness please no. I can’t stand seeing this caption a picture of a girl doing a cartwheel or a backbend on the beach. You’re not just playing in the sand… you’re also poorly captioning Instagram posts and giving me a good laugh.

7. “One less problem without ya” I’m sure. You might have one less problem without whoever your sub-instagramming about, but you certainly have a problem because you’re an unoriginal basic betch.

6. “Sorry not sorry” Please, be sorry.

Instagram Captions

5. “Bae” This word used to be funny, then girls everywhere slaughtered it. Now “bae” means absolutely nothing. Your boyfriend is bae, Tacobell is bae, everything is bae. This word needs to die.

4. “Because…” Don’t make excuses for why you’re posting a picture, just post it and follow it up with a witty caption. It’s not cute when every single picture on your page has a caption that begins with “because.” I don’t even know why that became a thing to begin with.

3. “No Filter” The least of our worries is what filter you used.

2. “I’m ugly but…” *posts selfie* Why are you posting a totally hot selfie followed by words of self-deprecation? If you didn’t think you looked good, you wouldn’t post it.

1.” Live laugh love.” Are you in the 5th grade? This one calls for an unfollow.


A caption has the power to make a post a quality one. Take advantage of adding words to your pictures, and don’t fall into using one of these captions- be creative and clever to create a strong personality on your page.


10 Greatest Frat Party Finds

The Greatest Frat Party

When the weekend arrives  we all gear up for the next round of frat parties. There’s houses that you favor over others, and parties can be a hit or miss. There are a few things that can make a party one we never want to leave, and they’re super simple!

10. A beverage that is not alcohol… or cranberry juice. Thanks to the cute guy that offered me the shot I’m holding, but no thanks to the frat bros that don’t have a drop of any liquid that’s not liquor. No orange juice, no diet coke- just tap water that runs slightly brown and good old natty lights. It’s a rare and beautiful thing to see a carton of orange juice following the bottle of Jack Daniels that is floating around the room. Not every girl can handle liquor straight (props to those who can) and not every girl wants to drink every single night. Sometimes it’s nice to kick back with a red solo cup of diet coke and not have to deal with a killer hangover in the morning.

 Greatest Frat Party

9. Seats. Despite how cute you look in your new heels, you’re going to be begging for a chair to relieve your already-blistering feet.  After hanging on the dance floor for an hour partying with the cute boys, the last thing any girl wants to do is stand against a wall with her feet on fire and her legs about to buckle. Is having your shoe game on point worth the barefoot walk to Tacobell? Obvs- but it would be nice if the frat house had a chair or two instead of an entire first floor with no furniture and just a DJ booth.

Greatest Frat Party


8. Games. Every frat party will feature some good ol’ beer pong and the occasional game of flip cup. A memorable rager will bring something more to the table. Maybe it’s corn hole and ladder ball set up outside (sorority sisters vs. frat bros?) or a karaoke machine set up next to the DJ booth, entertainment that doesn’t focus on drinking will spice things up and allow everyone a reason to talk to each other more than just asking who is next on the BP table. Who doesn’t love drunk karaoke anyway?

 Greatest Frat Party

7. Seeing your ex with a total downgrade. Ha. Ha. Ha. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you look hot and seeing your ex walk through the door followed by a girl who is… well, less hot. You can’t help but have a smirk on your face and suddenly that “hey can we talk” text you were thinking about sending him becomes a distant memory. You know he’s sneaking peeks at you flirting with frat guys, and his girlfriend won’t stop whispering to her friends about you. It doesn’t matter though, because you’re a boss ass bitch.

 Greatest Frat Party

6. Gentlemen. When thinking of the stereotypical frat bro, “sweet, kind and caring” probably won’t come to mind before pastel pants and beer bongs do. It’s a breath of fresh air to find a frat star who will give you his sweater when it’s chilly, not roll his eyes when you ask him to take a picture of you, and not dead you if you don’t want to hook up with him. Finding reliable guys makes the party feel safer and more inviting.

 Greatest Frat Party

5. Food. How awesome would it be to save the 2a.m. Jimmy Johns run for next weekend because the host frat ordered a few dozen 99 cent hamburgers for the tail end of the festivities? We can all agree that besides the cops busting it, the #2 reason why we dip out of frat parties is because we’re way too hungry to enjoy ourselves (and could use something greasy to sober up). Even if there were store-bought cookies and chips, any effort would be a pleasant surprise that would keep the rager going longer.

greatest frat party

4. Those super nice drunk girls you meet in the bathroom. Well, this isn’t exactly rare to find, but it definitely gives you a good laugh and a (vague) memory the next morning. For some reason, the bathroom is a magical land of cold tiles and little toilet paper that makes bitch faces and attitudes mysteriously vanish. Even if you barge through the door (because the lock is probably broken) and walk in on two girls crying, you’ll probably end up joining in on a group hug and taking an Instagram picture together.

 Greatest Frat Party

3. A Clean Bathroom. Boys are gross and so are their bathrooms. With your luck, it was hair cut day at the frat house and the entire floor is covered with excess hair. There’s mold outlining the sink and toilet, and you might even be greeted by an un-flushed toilet. You never know what you’ll get when you swing open the bathroom door, but it would be a gift from above to walk into bathroom that doesn’t make you want to vomit… and not from drinking. It’s actually attractive when guys are clean and hygienic.

greatest frat party

2. Good lighting/ Picture backgrounds. Dark frat houses aren’t usually ideal for snapping a new profile picture, but if there’s a room that actually has working lights where you can actually see how cute your outfit is, it’s a total plus! Girls’ eyes also light up when they catch a glimpse of a huge American flag, frat flag, or poster on the wall that they can pose in front of for the perfect Friday night Insta post. Pictures are the perfect memories!

 Greatest Frat Party

1. Dogs. Having a furry frat house friend scampering around in the backyard is not only great for cute pictures, but adds a massive amount of cuteness to the fun! It’s adorable to watch the guys play with their dog, and it’s nice to obsess over something that isn’t a boy for once, right?

 Greatest Frat Party

These are a few of the hidden treasures that make every frat party a bit more enjoyable. Take notes, frat boys!



7 Reasons Why The Sorority Squat Is Absolutely Necessary

Frat boys can make fun all they want but there’s some serious science behind the squat that’s basically second nature to sorority girls.

7. It makes you leg muscles (or lack thereof) look ripped.

Sorority Squat

Let’s be honest, between keeping a killer GPA and finishing an entire bottle of wine by yourself, your legs may not look as good as they did in high school soccer. But when you squat, every muscle engages so you basically look like Hope Solo.

6. It makes your butt actually visible

Sorority Squat

-While we may not all be blessed with the ass-ets that Kim K or Nicki Minaj have, we can at least look one step closer when we bend our knees and stick it out.

5. If you’re the tall friend, it’s a savior

Sorority Squat

-Leggy girls unite! The squat was made for you to be able to scrunch to the level of all the petite gals you occasionally envy.

4. If you’re the short friend, still works

Sorority Squat

-Scrunch a little less than everyone else and OMG you’re entire chapter is, like, totally all the same height and SO meant to be!!

3. How else would you fit 100+ girls in one pic?

Sorority Squat

-Come on people, fitting 100 sisters in the tiny square of an Instagram frame IS basically rocket science. Down in front, medium in middle, up in back.

2. It’s like a workout and a pose all in one.

Sorority Squat

-While our faces might be smiling, our leg muscles are crying. While 15 consecutive pictures are being taken, we will not move a finger and our glutes will thank us later.

1. It’s the perfect complement to the skinny arm.

Sorority Squat

-Another pose us sorority gals know and love, the hand on the hip, I’m basically Michelle Obama’s arm trainer pose. They’re a match made in heaven. The sorority squat and skinny arm are basically the Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds of 2015.


All in all, ladies keep doing what you’re doing every time a camera emerges. Don’t let the haters get you “up”….from your squat.


MSU Gamma Phi Beta’s Social Media is on Point

With the world of social media booming, it is almost impossible to be anyone worth mentioning if you lack this brilliant tool. From the rise of Facebook, to Twitter, Instagram, tumblr, and Pinterest booming as well, organizations, businesses, and people can be all over the web. As elections have ended for the fall semester in the world of Sororities, it is imperative the right social media chair has been appointed. This person has to understand the philosophy of, “if it wasn’t posted on social media, did it even happen?” Through various outlets of social media, sororities are able to market themselves, something crucial for not only recruiting prospective members, but for letting the rest of the world know how kick a** they are. One such sorority that is encompassing the world of college creativity, marketing, and appropriate hashtags is none other than my pride and joy, Gamma Phi Beta of MSU.