20 GIFS That Will Make You Boy Crazy

Boys, boys, boys.

Sometimes we just wanna stare at something cute and imagine it’s also charming and rich, okay?


20. Like Channing Tatum in Magic Mike.


19. Or Jensen Ackles as the fearless Dean Winchester.



18. You could also take a shot at Jared Padalecki as his brother, Sammy.



17. Or ripped Deadpool leading man, Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds


16. And especially the hot dinosaur trainer, Owen, played by Chris Pratt.

Chris Pratt



Hot Guy Motivation For Your Finals

Its almost finals week. You’re stressing. But don’t worry the internet is here to help. Why spend time studying when all you need is hot guys to tell you it’ll be okay. It’ll probably give you more confidence than reading your notes 300 times 24 hours before the test. There is a case for everyone, or maybe every case is for you. Either way, ENJOY!!!!

In case you were worried about how you’re going to do:

In case you’re a gambling type:

In case you’re a little aggressive, but also cuddly:


In case you also need a confidence booster:




15 Times Channing Tatum Made You Drool

Two words: Channing Tatum. From being your heart throb since She’s the Man to dry humping the stage on the Magic Mike movies Channing Tatum makes you take a second to catch your breath to say the least. Honestly I think that Channing can turn anyone on, of any gender or sexuality. This ones for you Channing.

15. We can all remember that scene that Amanda Bynes or in this case Sebastian walks into the room and meets Duke for the first time in She’s the Man.  Hellllloooo Duke. channing-tatum-shirtless-gif

14. Channing makes a great cop. I mean who can resist a man in uniform, sure it was for 21 Jump Street but hey he worked it. channing-tatum-white-house-down-gifs-1

13. I mean look at this little smirk. Uggghh Channing why do you do this to me.


12. Look at him pick up that cat while chewing on a piece of pizza.. I mean I wouldn’t mind seeing him walk back trough my door with a tray cat and pizza.


11. Channing in love is the best. Channing in the Vow. He is so vulnerable, so in love, so hipster, so… hot. Rachel McAdams in one lucky gal.