What Your Favorite Holiday Says About You

Arguably, there are eight major holidays that people tend to consider their favorites. This is what the world thinks when you say the following:

8. If Your Favorite Holiday is… New Years Eve:

You’re all about beginnings and potential as you are probably a really positive person. You take genuine delight from the magic New Years brings with the chance at starting over. You’re a list maker and goal-setter… and probably look fantastic in a sparkly dress.

new years

7. If Your Favorite Holiday is… Valentine’s Day

The only thing you love more than being in love is the idea of love itself. You burst with affection for everyone in your life, and you show it most on Valentines Day. Your favorite color is warm… pink, red, maybe even orange. You have an acquired taste for those little chalk-flavored hearts with cute sayings on them… and probably look fantastic in lipstick.


6. If Your Favorite Holiday is… St. Patrick’s Day

You like to get drunk… a lot. But that’s okay because what else do people do on St. Patrick’s Day (which you probably affectionately refer to as St. Patty’s)? You most likely have Irish in your bloodline, which makes the holiday that much more exciting because you can claim it for your own. And as for wardrobe? You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything but green on this holiday… head-to-toe.

Bonus: Definitely check out the St. Patty’s celebrations in Savannah and Chicago… there’s nothing like it.

st pattys

5. If Your Favorite Holiday is… Easter

If your favorite holiday is Easter, chances are, you’re incredibly family oriented… because Easter is typically a family holiday. You probably go to church fairly often and genuinely enjoy spending time with your extended relatives, who are all super close with each other. You love the fluffy marshmallow taste of peeps and finding easter eggs in the yard (even at this age). It is likely that your favorite season is spring and you look adorable in pastel… which comes in handy this time of year.





Which Holidays Are The Biggest Jerks

Now, don’t get me wrong… I love holidays. LOVE them. Any excuse to celebrate is good enough for me. That being said, the Christmas season is coming to an end; with all the holiday-skipping, there has been a fair amount of whining about which ones are being celebrated the right way. Feelings are getting hurt, memes are being made on behalf of turkeys, and holiday picketers are pointing fingers at Santa like he personally offended their mothers. We get it– some holidays are bullies.

So, we decided to list them in order.

8. New Year’s Eve

You know why New Years is great? There’s magic in the potential for new beginnings and every single person is willing to get behind that. It’s short, sparkly, full of excitement, champagne, and low stress. Everyone has the potential to wake up the next year, shake off the glitter, and move on with the aspiration to better themselves.

new years

7. Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving is not a jerky holiday; Thanksgiving is the red-headed step child of holidays. Though it’s origins are questionable, the ideals behind Thanksgiving are solid… but everyone still skips over to celebrate Christmas for two months (because WHO doesn’t love listening to Jingle Bell Rock for a solid 55 days?!) Thanksgiving is usually celebrated for a total of 5 hours before switching back to 24/7 of the guy in the big red suit.


6. Easter

Easter is a religious holiday where everyone who normally doesn’t go to church suddenly decides to pay the pews a visit… And then the world just threw in a few unrelated associations. Colorful eggs with candy inside? Sure. Marshmallows in the shape of baby chickens? Absolutely. A giant trespassing bunny who breaks into your house while you’re sleeping to leave presents? Why not. Talk about unreal expectations.

Still, not as offensive as most holidays, so Easter has a pretty low jerk rating, as well.


5. Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday… but let’s be real. It gives full approval for anyone to dress as anything in a mocking way. Some people take seriously offensive ideas and like to portray them with an IRL drunken night spent as another person.




Your Sorority Sisters as Santa’s Reindeer

You know the song, “Now Dasher! Now Dancer! Now, Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donner and Blitzen! To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall! Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!”. And you can’t forget Rudolph of course. Now think about your sisters. Don’t they kind of fit those titles quite well. I mean they’re all quite different but can come together to complete tasks quite well, from philanthropy events to recruitment rounds that last far too long.

You’ve got…

9. Dasher


Dasher is the sister who couldn’t get out of chapter meetings faster. If she can make an excuse to never show up at sorority events she will. Sometimes you don’t even know why she joined a sorority but then you see her finally smiling at a function surrounded by a bunch of frat brothers basically becoming a walking standards violation.


8. Dancer


Dancer is the sister who is the first to volunteer to be Fraternity sweetheart just so she can show off her dance skills for her talent at the philanthropy event. She is the first to start a dance circle at every function and knows how to twerk, dougie, do the cupid’s shuffle, whip, nae nae, wobble, and do basically any other move you can think of. She may be a part of the dance team or maybe she just likes to dance for fun but either way you dig this sister’s moves.


7. Prancer


Prancer is the sister who’s always trying to stay positive. She’s the recruitment chair or sisterhood chair who tries to avoid drama and wants to solve problems within the sorority instead of dwelling on the past. She is a very emotional person but knows how to pull it together and be tough when needed. She prances around during discussions trying to soothe hurt sisters and build up those whose opinions are being ignored. She is one to watch and could make a great sorority president someday.


6. Vixen


Vixen is the sister who always has the hottest formal date, best barn dance partner, and cutest singing partner for any philanthropy event. She is the girl who always has a date and doesn’t want to be tied down. She gives the best dating advice and knows which fraternity guys are total losers and which are secret sweethearts. Go to her after your big breakup and she’ll tell you what apps to download, clubs to go to, and parties to check out.




10 New Years Resolutions We’re Tired Of Hearing

As the year comes to an end, behold the ridiculous, worn out New Year’s resolutions that people can’t seem to let go of. They don’t seem to change, and they make us want to punch someone in the face. Here are the resolutions that we’re all tired of hearing:

10. I’m going to starting eating better. No, you won’t. You’ll eat healthy for two or three days before cravings get the best of you.


9. I’ll make a workout plan and stick to it. You’ll make the workout plan, but, sweetheart, you will not be sticking to it.


8. I’ll start saving more and spending less. Everyone knows this is easier said than done. Have you forgotten you’re a poor college student?


7. I’m going to quit smoking. Unfortunately, some habits never really die.


6. I promise to pay bills on time and stay debt free. Life itself won’t allow you to follow through with this. But, good luck trying.




10 Ideas For Sisterhood Bonding During The Holidays

It’s important for every sorority to master the art of bonding. Spending time with your sisters is what allows you to get to know the many faces in your sorority. Here’s a few ideas for bonding during our favorite time of the year, the holidays:


tumblr_m9mqx1PWoe1qlrlr7o1_50010. Holiday decorating.

Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, grab a bunch of sisters and start getting crafty. You will be amazed on how great the outcome will be.


tumblr_n49zanciwo1tpgp6eo1_5009. Throw a costume party.

Make it a thing to throw an annual costume party during Halloween and dress to your heart’s desire with your sisters. You can even plan it with other Greeks and make a huge contest out of it.


pumpkin-carving-with-miley-cyrus-o8. Pumpkin carving.

Whenever fall is among us, we love pumpkin everything! We most definitely love going to pumpkin patches with our sisters and being kids for a change. After grabbing some pumpkins, get a large group together and decorate and carve them.


tumblr_n9yjjvTw5v1rnngzao1_5007. Have a fall/winter photo shoot.

It’s already common for sororities to take shitloads of pictures. Well, we also love to dress up nice, especially for the fall and winter season. Why not get a photo shoot together and take a few cute candid and off guard shots? Make all the memories you can.


roadtrip6. Go on a spontaneous road trip.

This time don’t plan ahead to go somewhere. Randomly pick a place to go to with your sisters. Traveling is fun, but it’s even better when you have all your best friends with you.