10 Stages of Being Drunk As Told By Bob’s Burgers

The show Bob’s Burgers, much like your drunken escapades, is a cacophony of hilarious mishaps between people who love each other, set for the purpose of having a great story to tell. The correlation is undeniable- so why not use it represent your next night out?

These are the 10 Stages of Being Drunk… As Told By Bob’s Burgers.


10. When You’re Planning Your Night of Debauchery



9. When You Take The First Drink



8. When You Feel That Slight Buzz




7. When You Burst Into Silly Drunk Mode



6. When Drunk You Becomes Everyone’s Best Friend






This Sorority Video Is So Accurate That You’ll Be Laughing For Days

Sh*t sorority girls say never gets old. Since its debut on Youtube in 2012, this amazing video that is so true to sorority life has now reached OVER 4 MILLION views!! Can you believe it? Either way, to get a good laugh, let’s all watch the video just one more time! If you have not seen this video before, well you’re in luck! Enjoy the hilarious video below. Trust me sisters, you’ll be laughing your faces off  🙂 .