Red Flags of a One Night Stand

College is all a learning experience.  Throughout your four years you will meet new people, lose old friends and develop new relationships.  For many people, a new type of relationship, and one of the shortest you will find, will form and this is the one night stand.  Whether you met him at a bar or he’s the cute guy from last semester’s history class, your relationship will only last you until the next morning when you can walk, heels in hand back to your room at 6am.  However, not everyone is always on the same page with this casual hookup.  So to keep things from ending poorly, here is a list of red flags for your next one night stand:
10. You have to be quiet because his mom is home- Now he deserves the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe he is just trying to save some money on rent but you do not want to wake up in the morning to his mom cooking you breakfast and asking what your intentions with her son are.
9. He has a picture with his girlfriend next to his bed- Although it is just a one night stand, you really do not want to be the other woman.  While you may not owe her anything, the risk of the girlfriend calling him is enough to cause way too much stress.  You do not need that on your conscience.
8. He tells you he is a virgin-  More power to him, he has waited to have sex and that is something most people don’t have the self control to do.  However, you do not want to be the one to take his virginity during a one night long relationship.  You don’t want the risk of making it more than it is.
7. He takes you to his car, not a house- Maybe he is down on his luck and that is completely understandable.  But you do not want to be caught hooking up in a car with a stranger and certainly you are both too drunk to drive the car anywhere secluded.  At the end of the day, not a good idea.
6. He has to tuck his kids into bed first- Good for him, he is clearly a very good looking older man and can pick up a younger girl.  However, he is clearly at a VERY different stage in his life than you are.  Plus you have no idea if his ex is crazy and you do not want to risk that.


10 Reasons why College Students Are Up Till 5 a.m.

As College students our sleep schedules are shot to hell for one reason or another. We learn to sleep when we can, no matter what time. Most of the time we are up till the late hours of the night. This could be from stress, anxiety or even personal preference. Here are just a few possibilities why college students would be up at 5 a.m.

10. Cramming for a test that just happens to be at 10:00 a.m. the next day. It may be 5 a.m. but that is still 5 more hours to study, and I will use every minute I got to ensure I don’t fail.


9. I actually just got home from going out. Shoes in hand, make up almost gone and in search of a bed. I may be a tad drunk, but no one has to know.


8. I am so stressed that I am just laying in bed thinking about all the things I have to do, and how I have no time to do them. My mind overthinks so much that its impossible to sleep.


7. I waited till the last day to write a paper that may only be 1,500 words but I didn’t realize how hard it would be!


6. Two words: Netflix Binge. Anywhere to Grey’s Anatomy to Friends. I must watch one more. Just one more! before you know it it’s 5 a.m and you have class in a few short hours.




To Women Everywhere: Stop Waiting for Prince Charming

“It’s okay if your life isn’t going well.  If you wait long enough, your prince will come on his white horse and save you from the hell you’ve been living in.”  That is the message we all grew up hearing from Disney movies and fairy tales.  Now I love these as much as the next person, but they all seem to be missing one very important message: No one will come to save you until you are able to save yourself. One of the largest issues for women in our generation is that many of them are constantly waiting for someone else to give them the life that they wish for.  I cannot lie to you and tell you I have never done that before myself.  When those days come where nothing seems to be going right and I just want to change my name and start over, I hope that someone else will come fix all of my problems.  But that is the exact mentality that has been keeping my life stagnant and continuing to give me those days.

Flashback to my freshmen year of college.  As anyone who knew me then can tell you, I was a complete mess.  I came to college with very little real world experience and severe anxiety about what I was getting myself into.  However, what I did have was a huge crush on a boy back home.  We all have one of these, the guy that you know is completely wrong for you. You don’t even know why you want him, and your friends absolutely hate him.  But for some reason in your ignorant little mind, you need him.  So there I was, completely out of my comfort zone and madly in “love”.  I used this relationship to solve all of my problems.  I was homesick, stressed, and just extremely unsure of myself, but at that point all that mattered was that I had him because I thought he fixed all of that.  I spent over a year blissfully in love until he broke my heart and all of the problems that I thought he had solved were back and worse than ever.  But now in addition to that, I thought I couldn’t survive without him and no matter what I did, I still did not have him.  So I was then by myself with more problems than I began with.  If you talk to my freshmen year roommate and my sister, they can tell you I was a pathetic mess for an embarrassingly long amount of time (shout out to you two for being the real MVPs).  And then I had an epiphany: I realized that the fact that I was using a man to solve my problems only ended up causing me more.



10 Things I Do Instead of Studying

Studying is the one downfall to being in school other than tests, pop quizzes, and essays. I personally loathe studying and when it comes down to physically sitting down and getting it done, I find countless ways to avoid it. May it be reading, studying for a test or just being studious and preparing in advance for an exam I hate it. Studying piles up when you have all of these distractions, procrastination is is my worst habit.

10. I will clean anything. I somehow find that all the cabinets in the kitchen, the fridge, and my entire room needs to be cleaned. This could be at 4pm or 3 am, I love to clean instead of studying.

Brittney Gif boss asks why

9. Working out. To think that I somehow have the energy to workout when I have obligations to my studies but not any other time of the week is a coincidence. wouldn’t you say?


8. I really have to go to the grocery store now. There is no way I can wait one more day to buy random vegetables and juice until after my exam tomorrow.


7. I suddenly have a hankering to go paint this blank canvas that has been sitting in my closet for months. I mean I have to right? I mean look how plain it is.


6. There is a full bottle of wine in the fridge… lets weigh the options. Studying .vs. drinking wine alone….. I’ll pick the wine, I can study later.