30 Struggles That Only Girls Will Understand

Guys have it so easy. They wake up, throw on the first shirt they see, brush their teeth and they’re ready for the day. But girls on the other hand, it’s a process. They don’t understand all the time that goes into turning us from a zombie to a decent looking human being…. So next time your man yell at you because you’re late to dinner, tell him to cut you a break. It’s a struggle being a girl… And no, he will never be able to understand any of it….


30) The struggle of putting on mascaragirlcode_makeup_600px_blog-only

29) Pulling out half your eyelashes while using an eyelash curler


28) Looking like a raccoon after you take off your makeup


27) Wanting abs and a cheeseburger at the same time


26) Periods….. No explanation needed.


25) Untangling your hair after a shower, or swimming, or having it up in a bun, or being outside on a windy day, or just anything in general for that matter


24) Having a closet overflowing with clothes but still always needing more


23) Ripping your favorite lace thong that costs $12.50… Thanks Victorias Secret


22) Having expensive taste…. in everything.


21) Always being expected to know how to cook like a professional chef




Best Hair And Makeup Looks For NYE

When it comes to NYE memories will be made while you’re living it up with your best pals. Nowadays a night out doesn’t count unless there are pictures to prove it. Memories are made via pictures and shared all over social media and the only way to make yourself picture perfect is to put your best face forward with the best hair and makeup combos to go with your perfect outfit.

5.Where There’s SMOKE There’s Fire

If you’re feeling a little edgy on this night then I would recommend going for a full lid smokey eye with a little bit of glitter to highlight the inside corners of your eyes. Accent this look with some wispy false eyelashes and pair it with a matte or glossy nude lip whichever you prefer.

dramatic smokey eye

If this is too dramatic for you all you have to do is move whichever dark color you’re using and move it to the outside corners of your eyes and fill the remaining space on your lid with whatever color that you are feeling for that night.

less dramatic

4.Bring It Back

Since there is so much going on in the eye area this means that a simple hair do is in store. When it comes to the more dramatic smokey eye look I would recommend pairing it with a slicked back ponytail. It’s simple and easy yet there is still a hint of edge to it.

slicked pony

If you decided to go with the less dramatic smokey eye I recommend going with your hair down in a loose wave pattern and take a risk and part your hair down the middle. When you walk into your party venue this hair style will allow you to feel like a Victoria’s Secret model up until you stop walking. Maybe when you and your friends are taking pictures the wind will lift your hair at the right time and you will be absolutely flawless.

loose wave