30 Struggles That Only Girls Will Understand

Guys have it so easy. They wake up, throw on the first shirt they see, brush their teeth and they’re ready for the day. But girls on the other hand, it’s a process. They don’t understand all the time that goes into turning us from a zombie to a decent looking human being…. So next time your man yell at you because you’re late to dinner, tell him to cut you a break. It’s a struggle being a girl… And no, he will never be able to understand any of it….


30) The struggle of putting on mascaragirlcode_makeup_600px_blog-only

29) Pulling out half your eyelashes while using an eyelash curler


28) Looking like a raccoon after you take off your makeup


27) Wanting abs and a cheeseburger at the same time


26) Periods….. No explanation needed.


25) Untangling your hair after a shower, or swimming, or having it up in a bun, or being outside on a windy day, or just anything in general for that matter


24) Having a closet overflowing with clothes but still always needing more


23) Ripping your favorite lace thong that costs $12.50… Thanks Victorias Secret


22) Having expensive taste…. in everything.


21) Always being expected to know how to cook like a professional chef




Huge Turn Offs (Told by Guys)

Aren’t we all curious every now and then about what may turn a guy off? Don’t lie. I am pretty sure most of you would Google search for the answers and then try to see if you unfortunately fit one of those turn offs. Well, search no more! I had a few guys answer, with all honesty, in what they find as turn offs and well, here is what they said:


13. When you try to change his personality or lifestyle.


12. When you expect him to buy anything and everything. (Relationships are a two-way street–both partners must contribute because it is only fair.)


11. When you’re already in a relationship but flirt around with other people. (This is just wrong in so many levels. The amount of respect is lost.)


10. We know you love make-up…But chill. (Some guys, correction: MEN, are actually honest when they say less is more.)


9. Of course a little sass is fine, but careful on over-doing it. (You could literally come off as a total b**** and not realize it.)


8. Poor hygiene….




Hot Guy Motivation For Your Finals

Its almost finals week. You’re stressing. But don’t worry the internet is here to help. Why spend time studying when all you need is hot guys to tell you it’ll be okay. It’ll probably give you more confidence than reading your notes 300 times 24 hours before the test. There is a case for everyone, or maybe every case is for you. Either way, ENJOY!!!!

In case you were worried about how you’re going to do:

In case you’re a gambling type:

In case you’re a little aggressive, but also cuddly:


In case you also need a confidence booster:




10 Stages of Finding a Date to Functions

Date Party and Formal…oh how we love them, but finding a date to them can be such a pain if you don’t have a significant other. The stressful process all begins months in advance and doesn’t truly end until you’re getting down on the dance floor that night.

10. 2 months before

You are talking with your sisters and start thinking that you should start thinking about who to take, but say, “Ehhh never mind I have plenty of time!”

9. 1 month before

“Oh no! The GoogleDoc RSVP list is up.”next


6 Things College Guys Need to Stop Doing

Ah yes, the male species. Good looks, hairy masculine face, broad shoulders–basically everything we ladies love about them. Am I right? Although they can be undeniably hot at times they tend to be…Well, idiots. Here are a list of things guys should and need to stop doing ASAP:


6. Using the word “Exotic” towards us. I don’t understand why some men think this word will make us attracted to them. Like why that specific word out of all words? EXOTIC. Like, thank you. Thank you for calling me that. I am so glad to hear that I look like some wild unknown mystical bird from the Amazon rain forest…Because THAT’S exotic.

Things Guys Need To Stop Doing


5. Quoting Fifty Shades. Unless you’re Christian Grey…Don’t quote Fifty Shades. Seriously. STOP IT. It’s weird, man. No, it does not make you look cute. No, it does not magically turn you into a super hot, rich bachelor. Yes, in fact it does makes you look sad and desperate…And creepy.

Things Guys Need To Stop Doing


4. Having “Side Hoes.” Men, stop bragging about or even having “side hoes.” This doesn’t make you cool. You’re just another F***boy. It doesn’t make you seem desirable to us. It makes you look dumb. The fact that you may possibly carry some sort of STD. Good job. Congratulations.


Things Guys Need To Stop Doing



3. Stop sending us d*** pics. Yes, I am going to go there. What makes you think girls actually like that? Wanna know what really happens? We burst out laughing. Worst yet, she may just show it to her close friend. Then they will both laugh about it.


Things Guys Need To Stop Doing



2. Catcalling. Do you really think a girl enjoys being hollered at when walking on the street? It’s doesn’t make us go, “My oh my. That young, fine gentleman down yonder just called for me. What a respectful young man. I must find out what he needs immediately.” Like..No. Go away.


Things Guys Need To Stop Doing


1. Rubbing your man part against our booty. You know, sometimes when a group of girls go out clubbing or dancing they just want to have some fun on their own. They don’t need some random, unattractive, creepy dude trying to grind against one of their butts. Take note: if a girl keeps prancing away from you that means SHE. DON’T. WANNA. DANCE. WITH. YO. DUMB. A**…Like damn. You’re better off dancing alone if you’re gonna do that.


Things Guys Need To Stop Doing








5 Ways to Get Over a Guy you Never Dated

5 Ways to Get Over a Guy you Never Dated


5. Just accept the fact that there is nothing going on anymore and nothing is ever going to happen. If he wanted to be with you he would say something. If that girl that he’s now dating isn’t enough for you to see that he doesn’t want you, I don’t know what is. The truth hurts, but it can really help you from not making the mistake of drunkenly confessing your love for him at a party one day. You had something going, but it’s over now. You guys were never official, let it go.

Get Over a Guy

4. Take him out of your life. Stop stalking him on social media, stop looking him up on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, etc. JUST STOP. Erase his number from your phone so you don’t feel the need to text or call him, and on that note, delete all the text messages between the two of you. Don’t reminisce on photos of the two of you, delete them. These things will only make you sad and girl, you ain’t got no time to be crying over one guy who wasn’t good enough for you anyway.

get over a guy

3. Stay active. No matter the situation, it is always good to keep your mind off of it by finding a hobby or hitting the gym. You’ll be surprised how much faster you’ll get over someone by just keeping yourself busy.

get over a guy

2. Cry. Trust me, it is OK to cry and pour your heart out. Hey, exclusive or not, you had feeling for him and you got hurt at the end. Don’t let anyone tell you that crying for someone you never dated is ridiculous because they’re wrong. Sometimes it’s good to let it all out; you might actually feel better at the end of the day.

get over a guy

1. Finally, move on with your amazing life. You’re young, you’re hot, and you’re SINGLE! Go party, meet hot frat guys or go talk to the hottie who sits in front of you in your psych lecture. Have fun with your girlfriends before settling down, just do you.

get over a guy