False Assumptions About Greek Life

It’s not a surprise that Greek Life gets a lot of bad representation in the media and out. To lighten some of the tensions here is a list of things that you might have heard about Greek Life that is ENTIRELY false. Take a look:


10. We “buy” our friends.

This one gets said a lot and I find it pretty hilarious because it’s not true. We form friendship, we do not buy it. The dues we pay go towards national fees, chapter operating costs, and our social functions.



9. We’re cliquey.

Yeah, we like to hang around with each other a lot. So? This does not mean we’re cliquey. If you just tried to get to know us you would understand.



8. All we do is party.

No. A lot of us value education. We are still regular college students. Just because a few of us go out a few times doesn’t mean that’s ALL we do. Many of us like to keep each other grounded and even form study groups together because that’s what college is mostly about.


7. We’re a cult.

This one is my favorite. Not because it is true, because it is ridiculous. Like, OHHHH YAH we drink blood! Haha! You got us!….No.



6. We’re all spoiled little rich kids.

Some of us are friggin’ broke. Just because we’re in Greek Life doesn’t mean we’re all preppy, little, rich kids driving around in our nice set of wheels…Although that would be nice.





Why Are Sororities and Fraternities “Greek”?

While Greek life, including social, service, and other types of fraternities and sororities, is understood to be something that is present on most college campuses in some form or another, why exactly is it “Greek” to begin with? Why not Arabic, or Thai, or American?


First, we need to look at the history of similar organizations. After all, organizations focused on scholarship, rhetoric, and ethical conduct started long before the inception of Greek life as we know it today. By 1770, Latin Societies existed at nearly all schools as competing organizations on campus. The literary exercises of these societies consisted of debates, political, social, or religious discussion, and composing and delivering original poems, essays, and fiction. These Latin societies are a big part of the development of modern Greek life due to the fact that early fraternities were considered private versions of the open forums of Latin societies.


The Phi Beta Kappa Society at the College of William and Mary was the first fraternal organization in the United States, founded December 5, 1776 by John Heath. Heath started his Greek society in protest of being rejected from several of these Latin letter societies, with the intention of starting an organization with “friendship at its basis and benevolence and literature at its pillars”. This society established the precedent of using Greek letters based on the initials of a secret Greek motto. Phi Beta Kappa is named for its motto: “φιλοσοφια βιου κυβερνητης” (philosophia biou kybernētēs), meaning “philosophy is the helmsman of life”.next



20 Things Only RPI Students Understand

Getting into a school like Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and making your way through the difficult course-load is tough. As one of the proud students of RPI, you have come to find that there are certain things that those who go elsewhere just won’t ever get.

20. No, you don’t go to RIT/WPI/MIT. Going home for the holidays, every relative is going to ask how school’s going up at RIT… or WPI… or MIT. For some reason, no one can ever actually get that you go to RPI.


19. The Ratio. This one’s actually gotten better in recent years, but it still stands that RPI’s male to female ratio is a wonderful 65/35. It’s slightly offset by Troy’s other college, Russell Sage College, which is basically all girls.


18. Mascot? RPI’s had numerous mascots over the years, from the Engineers, to Puckman, to the Bachelors, and the Redhawks, it’s hard to keep them straight.


17. Shuttle Problems. RPI’s shuttle service can be really annoying. Even though there’s an app that lets you track their locations, you almost always end up watching it leave the stop and have to wait 15 minutes for the next one.


16. Frat Parties or No Parties. Being an engineering school means you have limited options for parties.. Luckily there are around 30 fraternities at RPI, most of which have nice houses and throw great parties. So where’re you going on Friday night? ZOO?, RSE?, Phi Tau?


15. Archies are a Myth. If you become an Architecture Major at RPI, you’re basically condemning yourself to a life of no sleep, and indentured servitude. The Greene Building (the architecture building), is your second home, and your friends will always be surprised when you text your group saying you’re actually free for once.


14. Psychology Classes. RPI’s classes are NOT easy. However, the lower level psychs are often GPA boosters for all the poor engineering and science students, who only dream of getting As in their regular classes.


13. Commons. Unless there’s a special event, the food there is not really any good. Mystery meat and Chinese food is always on the menu. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try the pizza bagels, if you’re lucky you’ll get a cinnamon raisin bagel…


12. The Approach. The bane of any students who live in downtown, the Approach is a huge staircase that leads up Troy’s big hill to RPI’s campus. Composed of an ungodly amount of stairs, if you’re not winded and sweating by the time you’re done lugging your heavy science books to the top, you’re inhuman.


11. Humans Vs. Zombies. It’s basically a giant game of tag with a Walking Dead theme. The random guys running around with guns and bandanas on their arms aren’t gang members (unless you’re in South Troy), they’re humans who’re fighting their zombie counterparts. If you’re lucky, one of them will disrupt your class, radio-in-hand, yelling some gibberish about a horde by the Sage building.




Greek Life On and Off the Silver Screen

While Hollywood has always shown its perspective on Greek life, there is often little truth to the images on the silver screen. When looking at a few of the well-known movies centered around Greeks, we can see the differences between cinematic myth and reality.

21 & Over Starring Justin Chon, Miles Teller, and Skylar Astin (2013)

MYTH: There are fraternities and sororities that only allow people of a certain race or ethnicity to join. In the movie, a Latina-only sorority filled with crazed, vengeful girls, armed with golf clubs and other weapons chases the main characters out of their chapter house. (No. the main characters should not have broken into the house, but that’s not the point here.)
REALITY: While racial and religious restrictions have been abolished in all North-American Interfraternity Conference and National Panhellenic Conference organizations, fraternities and sororities can be oriented towards students who have an interest in certain cultures or cultural identities.


Animal House Starring John Belushi, Tim Matheson, and John Vernon (1978)

MYTH: Anyone involved in Greek life is stupid and doesn’t work hard in school. In the movie, the Delta Tau Chi fraternity has an extremely low GPA, with all of the brothers having GPAs ranging from 0.0 to 1.6.
REALITY: At nearly every college and university that offers Greek life, the average Greek GPA is higher than that of their non-Greek counterparts. In addition, sororities and fraternities have their own standards for the minimum GPA allowed before an individual is placed on academic probation.




30 Slangs Drunk Girls Always Say

Throughout the course of Saturday night, as the alcohol goes down quicker, us girls start to have less of a filter of what they say out in public. I think we can all say we are guilty of saying five or more of these silly slangs while we continue to have drinks pouring.


30.) I’m not even that drunk

drunk girls

29.) “You look so cute!” *walks away* “omg why would she wear that”

oh thanks

28.) Where’s the funnel?

jack black

27.) I’m only good at beer pong when I’m drunk (Still is terrible)

blake lively

26.) Can we play Sorry by Justin Bieber, it is like totally my theme song

sorry by justin bieber

25.) Ew, I do not want to go there, they’re all weird. *goes and leaves being the flip cup champ*


24.) Are we going to the bar tonight?

shots poured

23.) What are we going to drunk eat later?

drunk eating 2

22.) I hate her, why is she here?

 i dont like you


21.) LOL, I just hooked up with him last night and she thinks their dating

  i regret nothing



Dear Outsiders, I’m Sorry Joining a Sorority Was Never Your Cup of Tea

thousand islands

While entering college, I never knew I was going to end up joining a sorority. The thought never crossed my mind and honestly I didn’t even know Brockport had sororities and fraternities. I was always the “athletic girl” or the “gym rat.” However, I never knew that I would have a whole other world introduced to me besides the “college world.” My friends and family from home were even surprised I was going to become a “sorority girl” because never had I ever even brought up the topic. I think I was so caught up in going away and meeting so many people …and I did from joining Phi Sigma Sigma. I met my lifelong best friends and my future bridesmaids.

I hate when people say “sororities are stupid” “you pay for your friends” “what do you even do besides drink and party?” “Do you have friends outside out the sorority?” “don’t you have to likeeeee buy Tory Burch boots and Jack Rodgers Flip Flops oh and that new Kate Spade bag that just came out?”….like what? Where do you people get these scenarios from? Movies? Little do you all know what you see in the movies about sororities is far from the reality of what our organizations are about.

Each person in our organization brings something to the table. You become best friends with people you never EVER think you would become friends with just because maybe she has a different style than you, or maybe doesn’t like to drink three nights a week, or likes country instead of the Dave Matthews band, or is a cat lady instead of a dog lover. Honestly, who gives a shit because what we all have in common is we love our organization, what we get out of it, what we stand for, and how we give back to our campus and our community because we strive to be the best and show what we stand for besides a red solo up.

Did you know a majority of college campus campus that have Greek Life maintain the highest GPA on their college campuses? Or that country star Carrie Underwood, the lovely Tory Burch, Nashville and Friday Night Lights Star Connie Britton, and One Tree Hill actress Sophia Bush were all in sororities? More than half of girls in the United States have something in common with a celebrity and similar values other than their talent. Also little do you all know, if it wasn’t for some of this celebrities or as we like to call them Alumni, our chapters wouldn’t continue letter alone exist. It’s definitely something to think about.

While making our resumes it’s actually hard to narrow it down to one full page since the amount of positions you hold during your time as an active can be 5 or more. Whether you’re president, vice, member at large, public relations chair, recruitment chair, scholarship chair, I could go on and on, but we gain a whole lot our of these positions that are going to benefit us for life. The amount of network experience we have by the end of one semester is actually outrageous.

Also, did I mention there’s always someone to hang out with? There are usually 50+ sisters to always turn too if you want to go to the gym, grab a slice or pizza, go to the library with, or even binge watch Netflix, we have it all.

I’m not saying not joining a sorority is the end of the world. I am just trying to make the point that if I haven’t joined such a wonderful organization I wouldn’t know where I would be without these wonderful women and all the skills I have learned so far. If I didn’t go outside of my comfort zone and test the waters a little bit who know what I would be doing.

So next time you want to label a sorority as a bunch of stupid blonde girls, a cult, girls who haze, or a bunch of drunk girls, think about it, maybe if you sparked an interest or gave a sorority a chance, you could have been happier than you are now. So who knows your best friend, maid of honor, spirit animal, or hey that frat boy that you could of had that potential relationship with could be just walking around still because I forgot “sororities are stupid.”


Real Feelings You Go Through During Greek Week Explained Through GIFS

Homecoming Week, Greek Week, or whatever your university calls it- we all know the time, sweat, and tears that go into the preparation of any competition against any other greek groups. Of course, it’s all fun and exciting, but what the audience doesn’t see is the team-building and exhausting practices that happen behind the scenes of the perfectly executed performances and winning groups.

10. Knowing you have practice today


It always seems to be at an awkward time when all you want to do is nap

9. Practice


I don’t know if it’s just me, but I never know what’s going on at practice

8. When sisters are arguing


Seriously can”t we??

7. When you finally get the routine down


Weeks of practice and you FINALLY feel like you’re coming close to kind of getting it- kind of

6. Days before the competition and you’re still not prepared


Practicing in the hallways, on your way to class, anywhere and everywhere because you’re not about to be the one person that gets up there and doesn’t know what they’re doing




8 Reasons I Chose Not To Live In My Sorority House

Entering my second year submerged in the sorority scene, I contemplated signing up for a bed in our sorority house (well, it’s more of a dorm but still). I want to get more involved… I want to actually be sisters, I kept thinking. There were a lot of reasons why I should have lived in our cluster, but ultimately I’m content with my decision to pass because of my own opinions… and a few materialistic things but hey, everyone’s thinking it.

8. Distractions. I’m a huge nerd. I feel incomplete if I know there’s something yet to be crossed off my to-do list. I’m also far too lazy to make the trek to the library, so I try to be productive in my room, which I wouldn’t be able to do if 30 girls are having a high school musical dance party in the next room and keep interrupting my lecture video on The Constitution to see if I want to join.

7. Non-Greek friends. I want them. My roommate is a member of a different sorority and our hobbies include complaining about sorority things and doing non-sorority things. We adore our sororities and all they stand for but it’s easy to lose sight of the world outside of Greek life.  I want to have different experiences and friends to do life with, knowing my sisters are always there. There’s more to life than chanting and crafting (sorry to break it to ya).

6. I’m Always Allowed In. Our sorority house is open 24/7 to all the members, so it’s not elusive uncharted territory. I can order a pizza and watch Disney movies on the couch with sisters anytime I want, but luckily I don’t have to clean the kitchen or sleep there. It’s used as a meeting spot for our chapter and that’s good enough for me.

5. …But Boys Aren’t. I have a boyfriend from out of state, and honestly, this was a heavy hitter in deciding against living in the house. I would rather spend the time I would devising plans to sneak him in on actually spending time with him. I love my sisters, but I kinda sorta love my boyfriend more. Even if I was single, boys are like… essential. You know what else is essential?



10 Reasons We NEED Legally Blonde 3

Face it. We all love Elle Woods. Don’t lie to yourself. If you could have pledged Delta Nu, you would have. Elle taught us a lot about life. She taught us that just because you are in a sorority, it doesn’t mean you are dumb. She taught us that even the most “useless” majors can get you as far as you want in life. She taught us to use heartbreak to make ourselves better. She taught us that girls can do anything they set their minds to, and look great doing it. But most importantly, she taught us that being true to yourself never goes out of style.

Personally, I think she has a few more things to share with us. That’s why when Reese Witherspoon hinted she’d be down to make a third movie, I knew it wasn’t just something I wanted, it was something I needed in my life.

10. The outfits.

Fashion has come such a long way since 2001. Don’t tell me you’re not dying to see what looks Elle would be rocking this decade. Obvi it’s still all pink.

9. We need to be reminded how much we love Emmett.

I don’t really need to say more, but I will. I. Love. Emmett. Forest. It’s not often popular media gives us a man whose sole purpose is to support his female counterpart, and I can’t get enough of it. I mean, sure, I’m positive he’s a kickass lawyer, but he would drop everything to help Elle succeed and that, my friends, is true love.



15 Things Only SUNY Brockport Students Will Understand

When people think of college they usually think of Syracuse, Standford, UCONN, USF, NCU or another one of those ridiculous ivy league schools that will put you in debt for 50 years. A lot of people bash state schools just because we aren’t private and our tuition isn’t $50,000 a year. Seeing as I am a student at SUNY Brockport, I can say that it was the best decision I have ever made. My friends and I sort of like to call Brockport, the hidden gem of all SUNY schools.


15.) It is totally normal to see 50 squirrels running all over campus while walking to class. They are kind of like our campus pet.


14.) While living on campus, we knew we had to wake up an extra 20 mins to make that two mile walk to Hartwell.

long walks

13.) The Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas in the Union are da bomb.com.

oh yes



8 Famous Greeks And The Type Of Member They Probably Were

8. Steven Spielberg- Theta Chi

Famous Greeks

Spielberg was totally the brother who spent a little too much time alone in his room. He was the artsy kid that was always taking weird classes and attending those weird free events on campus. He was definitely responsible for any and all rush videos and if frats had Tumblr pages, he was in charge. He was probably a bit of an outsider and missed too many of the keggers to be a true frat star, but hey, look who’s laughing now. At least now we know what we was doing all those years cooped up in his room but at the time, it probably just looked super sketchy.

7. James Marsden- Delta Tau Delta

Famous Greeks

Marsden was for sure the “pretty boy pledge” that was basically treated like a freshman all four years. He was picked on constantly and was always forced to shotgun yet another beer. Marsden was probably forced to clean up after every house party and clean the urinals with a toothbrush. At dinnertime, he was always served last and DEFINITELY sang in the communal showers. In his defense, he did the chapter wonders for attracting the ladies, but the older brothers would steal them from him every time.

 6. Bob Barker- Sigma Nu

Famous Greeks

Call me crazy, but I’m sure Barker was a grade A frat star back in the day. He had women waiting on his hands and feet, and was the first guy to invite the other sororities over to party. When it came to socials, Barker meant business and always showed up to the event in the best themed outfit out of anyone else. He was the first guy to get up on the table and dance with the ladies. Hell, he had so much fun in college he kept smiling for years after.

5. Matthew McConaughey- Delta Tau Delta

Famous Greeks

Matt was a mix of pretty boy and frat star. We will call him party boy. Matt was the brother who would be dancing in the chapter room, beer in hand, with the speaker system blasting, an hour before the pregame even started. But his real vice was football tailgates. He would throw on a flannel and cowboy boots and belt country music at the top of his lungs while standing on the bed of a pickup truck. His favorite song would have been “Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy” but whenever girls were present he would change the lyrics to “save a horse, ride a McConaughey”.

4. Brad Pitt- Sigma Chi

Famous Greeks

Pitt was the weird pledge that thought he was really good with the ladies because he tried to get into a spiritual conversation with them while a roaring party was happening in the same room. In reality the girls went for it because he’s so good-looking but instantly turned away when he tried to make the conversation about their Zodiac sign. He was a great pot buddy for all the brothers but something about him was secretly a bit soft.

3. Tory Burch- Kappa Alpha Theta

Famous Greeks

Tory is what every sorority girl strives to be. In college, she was constantly busy, she was probably totally addicted to her planner and missed a few too many socials while she was applying for internships and planning how her life was gonna go to a T. She probably had a position and was on top of every task that was asked of her. She always had the best outfits at meeting and you would never see her on campus in less than a dress and belted cardigan.

2. Carrie Underwood- Sigma Sigma Sigma

Famous Greeks

Carrie was every southern fried frat boy’s dream girl. She was the girl dancing on the bed of pick up trucks at tailgates, her and McConaughey would get along great. Every guy drooled at the sight of her in her lettered game day shirt, Daisy Duke’s and cowboy boots. She got asked to every Weekender and kept up with the boys shotgunning beers on every single one of them She could throw on a TriSig tank top and jeans to go to class and still catch the attention of every guy on campus.

1. Lo Bosworth- Kappa Kappa Gamma

Famous Greeks

Miss Lolo didn’t miss any event in her entire 4 years. She was anywhere and everywhere. Everyone knew Lo and she always had the best gossip after a fun weekend and chapter meeting. Even though she did show up to everything and was a super active member, she participated with huge black sunglasses on and a chronic resting bitch face. The newest pledge class was definitely terrified of her and her little could not have been more honored to be related to her.




4 Reactions to Being in a Service Sorority

How Do You React To Being In A service sorority?

What is that?

Service Sorority

Service Sorority Life


This is definitely the most frequent question I’ve gotten as a sister in a service sorority. Either the person asking doesn’t know the difference between a service and social sorority, or they feel like adding the word service before sorority invalidates the concept of being a member of the greek community. So, for anyone who doesn’t already know, a service sorority is a sisterhood of women with roots in service. The purpose of a service sorority is to create leadership and sisterhood while giving back to the world – whether that be locally, nationally, or internationally. Service sororities can be Panhellenic in certain universities, but typically they are run under only their own national organization.

So you don’t party?

Service Sorority

Service Sorority


Usually this question comes from non-greeks. Most people automatically associate participation in sororities and fraternities with partying – and that’s it. Being greek is so much more than partying. It’s making connections with other people who have the same interests. The difference between a social and service sorority is in the foundation of these connections. Social sororities have a sisterhood with strong group participation in social events (which still doesn’t mean “just partying.”) Service sororities are sisterhoods founded on the roots of service. In other words, we don’t have socials/swaps/mixers or anything related to social organizing outside of the many service events we have throughout the year. There are social gatherings with the purpose of giving back to the community.

You’re not really greek.

Giphy - Family Fued

Okay, personal opinion, but that’s just a rude statement. Yes, I am really greek. I rushed for a week, and was (thankfully) accepted as a pledge. Pledging, like in any other sorority, involved learning about standards, the history of my sorority and chapter, knowing the actives, and learning about what the sorority stands for. I also have an incredible big who helps me whenever I ask, a family of girls who all love taking too many selfies, and a sisterhood of women who are as outstanding and reputable as the sorority has called for. It’s a sisterhood, it’s networking, and it’s being a part of a community that loves me as much as I love it. Isn’t that what being greek is really about?

I want to join.

Giphy - Happy Patrick

In case you couldn’t already guess, this is the best reaction I’ve ever gotten. I encourage everyone to reach out to the service sororities at their university – if not to join, then to do a philanthropy event with. Fundraising is our speciality and, from my perspective, pairing up with social sororities is a great way to spread the news about events, as well as awareness to an important cause.

In no way does this mean service sororities are better than social sororities, or vice versa. It’s all about where you fit in as a person. I love my sorority and my sisters; I’m proud to say I’m a sorority girl. I’m also proud to say my sorority is rooted in service. The best experience of my first semester was finding my home in my philanthropy loving, constantly fundraising, crazy-fun group of women that is my service sorority.