10 Things to Thank Your House Mom For

Sometimes, running a house full of sorority women is a thankless job. We all love our House Moms, but in our busy lives, we often forget to thank them for all they do for us.

10. The food.

I don’t just mean the basic groceries, which we do, of course, appreciate. But the days she makes us her world famous better than sex cake? The best days ever. No where in her job description does it say she has to make us special treats, but she still does it. Because she’s the best.

9. Always saying good morning.

No matter how gross I look or how tired I am, nothing brightens my day quite like seeing my house mom as I pour a cup of coffee.

8. All of the random conversations.

Whether it be at the lunch table or in the hallway, our house mom always has time for us. It amazes me that she is able to know each of us so well. Not only can she keep up with everyone’s name and major, but she knows whats going on with us and checks in if she knows we have a lot on our plate.

7. Her patience.

Sometimes, we make messes. Or we forget to put our dishes away. And she only gets a little upset with us when we do. She loves us no matter how much junk we leave sitting in the card room.

6. The fashion advice.

She will always help you decide which shoes go best with your recruitment outfit. But we all know she’ll have the best shoes of anyone in the chapter.



Why I Love Being Greek at a Small School

When most people think of Greek life, they think of massive colleges with huge chapters. My school is small, and only has three panhellenic sororities on campus. As fancy as Greek life at big schools may seem, I wouldn’t trade my tiny little Greek community for anything.

I love knowing every single girl in my chapter well. I don’t just mean knowing their names. I can, for the most part, tell you where they’re from, their major, and something they love to do. Chances are, if you point at a girl in my chapter, I have an amazing memory with her.

I love knowing most of the girls in the other chapters. Some of my dearest friends can be found in the other two chapters on campus, and I love the diversity they bring to our friend group. I love being able to tell PNMs about all three chapters when they ask about Greek life, and not just because I was a Rho Gamma.

I love seeing a friendly face anywhere I go on campus. Because our campus is small but our Greek life is heavily present, it’s almost impossible to walk to class and not run into one of my sisters. They always say hi, ask how my day is going, and it always leaves me with a smile.

I love that I know our Greek advisor personally. I love that she’s able to be involved with each chapter because she isn’t in charge of 20 sororities. She knows us all well and knows how each house functions.

I love that because we have three panhellenic chapters, each chapter has a unique identity. I love that it’s easy for girls to find their home here because we don’t have houses that are so similar that they compete for the same girls.

I wouldn’t trade my tiny slice of Greek heaven for anything in the world.


10 reasons why you should have friends outside of Greek life

This seems like a no-brainer but to some it may be a difficult concept. It’s great to be friends with all of the amazing women in your sorority and in Greek life as a whole. That said, it’s also very important to not limit those you make friends with by their affiliations to the Greek system you hold so dear. If you’re wondering why this is so important I’ve listed just a few reasons below:

10. They are a great unbiased outlet for listening to all the ups and downs you may experience in your sorority.


9. They will listen to every officer speech, rho gamma presentation, and big/little poem you ever write because they genuinely care about your success in your organization.


8. They will introduce you to other clubs, teams, and organizations on campus you may want to get involved in as well.


7. They will always remind you to take a step back from sorority drama and remember why you joined in the first place.

phi mu

6. They will get you talking about things not related to Greek life when you really just need a break from it all.




10 Reasons To Love Being Disaffiliated For Recruitment

At my school, we’re Rho Gammas. Every campus has a different name for us, but every group does the same thing: we take off our letters to help you find yours. Wether you’re a recruitment counselor or a member of Panhel Exec board, it can be hard (and kind of sad) to be separated from your sisters, at least publicly. Luckily, there are some perks.


Since we can’t wear the plethora of shirts we have with our own chapter on them, being disaffiliated kind of eliminates your entire wardrobe. So, we obviously have to do an order of shirts that say Rho Gamma, or Pi Chi, or whatever on them. Right?

9. Getting to know other disaffiliated girls.

If your group is paired with the group of a girl you barely know, you’re about to spend 45 minutes eating food and sitting in a stranger’s bedroom with said girl. Chances are you’re gonna find something to talk and laugh about. The next time you see her on campus, you both smile and say hello and maybe make plans to grab coffee. And isn’t that what being a Greek woman is all about?

8. Getting the inside scoop.

As their recruitment counselor, the PNMs come to you with tough decisions. If they’re torn between to houses, you know about it. And you, with your infinite wisdom, get to help them figure out which one fits them better. You also know which girls become horrible and catty the second they step out of the houses.

7. Recruitment Week is a lot less stressful for us.

The week leading up to recruitment? That pretty much sucks. But we don’t have the pressure of impressing the girls, following your Recruitment Chair’s dress code, asking the right questions, and making sure you’re perfectly Panhellenic. We just have to put them in alphabetical order and hold their shit. Boom.

6. The questions.

The PNMs want nothing more than to figure out our affiliation. They will ask and guess and try to stalk our social media through its airtight security (thanks, Panhel). It’s fun to hear their guesses. It’s also fun to try and trick them. It’s even more fun when they figure out they get to be your sister.



10 Reasons Why Nancy Drew Would Make The Best Sorority Girl

Nancy Drew was my favorite book series growing up and many women would agree I’m sure. Women such as Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Sandra Day O’ Connor have all cited her as an influence in their lives because of her strength and sense of individuality. The series has been translated into 45 different languages, has various book series spinoffs for all ages, has movies bearing Nancy Drew’s name, and merchandise with the famous detective’s face. Nancy Drew’s legacy is clear and though she has been envisioned in many different ways I think Nancy Drew would have made a great sorority girl.

Here are a couple reasons why:

10. She would make the best risk management chair

nd 2 risk management

She knows how to do CPR, has basic first aid skills, and always takes care of her friends in an emergency. Whether a fellow sister were to get hurt at a function or was struggling with mental illness she would know exactly what to do. She would be an expert on campus resources and workshops to improve the wellness of the members of her sorority.

9. She would the best little, big, and grandbig

nd friends

She is always there for her best friends, Bess and George so you know she would do everything for her sorority family. She would be there when her little struggles with a breakup or to celebrate her grandlittle’s new job. No matter good or bad, she would step up to the plate and be a mentor, friend, and confidant.

8. She would make the best Scholarship/Academic chair

nd academic

She’s a know-it-all in a good way. She loves her classes, studying for exams, and always writes the prettiest notes and flashcards. She would help you get through study hours and become the best student you can be because she genuinely cares.

7. She is a total night owl 

nd locked out

Nancy Drew is constantly solving mysteries in the dead of night so she is no stranger to staying up late. When some sisters would be ready to turn in for the night she would be ready for more. Staying up to study for a final exam with her sisters or on a epic senior bar crawl mission she would always be ready to keep exploring and having a good time.

6. She knows how to kick back and relax

holiday 2

Though her vacations always seem to end in her solving mysteries, Nancy Drew does know how to have a good time. She is always invited to parties, weddings, and so many different events. In between chasing after the bad guys she always makes sure to go out to dinner, lounge by the pool, or do something else exciting.



Thoughts When Paying Dues

So, it’s that time again… chapter dues are posted.


You’ve been dodging your Big’s ‘pay your sh*t’ texts all week and the last day has finally caught up to you.


You look at your ‘payment due’ and lament the fact that you took the high road and offered to pay your own way through your sorority.


You briefly wonder whether your pride is worth it… maybe you should just call Dad?


No. NO. You’re a strong, independent woman and you can DO THIS.


Carefully, you open the details of your transactions. You read the outlandish charges on your account and begin the inner war with your past self.




I mean did I REALLY need all those date shirts? He wasn’t even that much fun.

Plus, he ended up acting like a drunken fool and I had help him walk. It was like aiding a baby giraffe.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 3.13.27 PM

You swear to yourself that you will never purchase another date shirt again… though, even in this moment, you know it’s a lie.




The 12 Days of Srat-mas

On the first day of Srat-mas, my sisters gave to me:
An invite to a frat party.

On the second day of Srat-mas, my sisters gave to me:
Two handmade paddles and an invite to a frat party.

On the third day of Srat-mas, my sisters gave to me:
Three comfort colors, two handmade paddles, and an invite to a frat party.

On the fourth day of Srat-mas, my sisters gave to me:
Four Venti lattes, three comfort colors, two handmade paddles, and an invite to a frat party.

On the fifth day of Srat-mas, my sisters gave to me:
FIVE LEGACIES, four Venti lattes, three comfort colors, two handmade paddles, and an invite to a frat party.

On the sixth day of Srat-mas, my sisters gave to me:
Six pearl earrings, FIVE LEGACIES, four Venti lattes, three comfort colors, two handmade paddles, and an invite to a frat party.



12 Times You Were Rachel from Friends

12. When you’re just hanging out at with your favorite dudes.

11. Every day of finals week.

10. When you update your resume.

9. When your roommates bring you leftovers.

8. When the guy you only ever “talked” to starts ignoring you.

7. When you see a picture of Zac Efron.



Dealing with FOMO – Study Abroad

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite times of the year. Seeing family, eating mountains of delicious food- all the speciality wines and hard liquors get broken out of the typically locked adult cabinets. Wait until you get to the point where everyone in your family is old enough to abandon the football broadcast for a lively game of Cards Against Humanity instead of the traditional poker. It’s hilariously traumatic.

Anyway, this year, my family was asking me about my time that I spend studying abroad in England. I was happily chatting away when in my haste, I sputtered that part of me was anxious about the FOMO when it came to my participation in my sorority. Their blank stares met mine as I realized that most people don’t speak sorority girl. Time to explain how I dealt with my fear of missing out in a new social life to my bewildered family.

giphy (1)

I studied aboard the spring semester of my junior year, just one semester after joining my sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma at Temple University. Temple has a very extensive international network. Many sisters in my chapter study abroad each semester, including the summer, and I know we’ve all gone through this insane fear. Before I even went out for recruitment, I made sure that my intention to study abroad the next semester wouldn’t affect my membership. Still, I was nervous. This new intense social life was just beginning and I knew that I would be missing out on a lot when I went away. My chapter at the time was right around 150 girls. How could I, after just joining, make sure that I still had a presence at my chapter back home? I was about to disappear for six months, and then it would be summer.

Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter whether you have a chapter of 25 girls or 300 girls – those girls will be missing you just as much as you are missing them. My twin sent me a care package filled with girl scout cookies and swag. I met up with a sister who was studying abroad in Spain when I traveled to Barcelona. I would get posts on my Facebook wall to remind me that I was loved and missed. Best of all, my social media ego exploded from the WCWs thrown at me and was thrilled to throw them right back.

giphy (4)

The best way to deal with FOMO, because there is no stopping it (despite all the denial and the wine), is to accept that it’s happening. The themed socials, the fundraisers, recruitment, Greek Week and that newly single gorgeous fraternity boy will all pass you by during the time that you are away. You’ll miss out on the pictures, the drunk takeout and Sunday brunch. You can keep up with the posts in your private groups on social media all you want.

But before we nestle into bed for a Netflix binge with a pint of ice cream that will surely make the scary FOMO go away, take a deep breath, and remember something very, very important.

giphy (3)

Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity. While the semester back home is continuing on without you, you’re in a different country sipping wine in a vineyard in Italy, or snagging a handsome French man to kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower, and you should be focusing all of your energy absorbing as much of the amazing world that we live in. I realized that I should be appreciating the windmills in Holland instead of hiding back in my flat at my University watching my chapters Greek Sing performance from Greek Week over and over again.

The best part of studying abroad is how busy you will get. You should make efforts to maximize your time while you’re away because you never know the next time you’ll be back. You will be distracted by all the culture, the parties, the people and the adventures that you will have and slowly, your FOMO will be the last thing on your mind.

Don’t let the FOMO stop you from taking the risk and studying abroad. It is not pleasant, but your chapter isn’t going to forget about you. They’re always going to be there to support you. In your worst case scenario, when you’re trapped in an airport after missing your plane, and your parent’s aren’t answering your calls, your sisters will. Take it from someone who made it through to the other side. You. Can. Do this!

giphy (5)


The 10 Different Types of Cliques In Your Sorority

Even the best sisterhoods have a few cliques. It’s human nature to gravitate toward friends you have the most in common with, after all. Unsure of which cliques your sorority has? Here are a few of the most common cliques within a sorority:


10.) The Face Team – These are the girls all over your chapter’s Instagram, and they’re always in the very front of group pics. They always look good, and they make your chapter look good just by wearing your letters around campus. They like to stick together because how else are they going to get perfect “candid” group pics?


9.) Intramural Queens – This group of friends is always killing it during IM games, and is always found at the gym. Squatting, lifting, running, yoga, these girls do it all together.They stay fit as a fiddle and help each other to do it.


8.) The Jewish-American Princesses – These are the Jewish girls in your sorority who stick together, go to temple together, celebrate Hanukkah together, and who will eventually post the most amazing pics when they all go on Birthright together. You’ll spend your summer sitting at home and living through their beautiful Snapchats and stalking their Facebook album of the amazing trip, wishing that you were born Jewish too.


7.) The 4.0 Crew – These are the girls that keep your entire chapter’s GPA up. If your sorority house has a study, that’s where you’ll most often  find this clique. They can go out and have fun too, but their grades and future matter, so you’ll never catch this friend group out during Finals week or the day before an important exam.


6.) The Typical Sorority Girls – These are the girls who were born to be in a sorority. They knew they wanted to rush before they even reached high school. They probably own a Lilly Pulitzer agenda, a pearl necklace, and at least one Alex & Ani Bracelet (the one with their letters on it, of course). They seem like the stereotypical sorority girls you see in movies and television shows, but it’s only because they love sorority life so much.




Sorority Life Fact Or Fiction: Scream Queens’ KKT

If you’ve tuned into new Fall television premieres at all then you’ve probably watched or heard about Scream Queens on Fox. Love it or hate it, there is an ounce of fact and of fiction about sorority life within the heavy social satire it exhibits.

10. Fact: Sorority girls love coordinating their outfits. 

scream coord

Everybody knows that the Chanel’s love rocking pastels, jeweled collars, and fake fur and you and your little love wearing matching lettered sweatshirts. Which is basically the same thing. Am I right?

9. Fiction: Less than ten girls live in a sorority house. 

house 2

Normally if you’re in a housed sorority there will be more like 50-80 girls living in the house at any given time depending on the size of the house and the live-on restrictions of your campus. Normally, most girls live in the house their sophomore year with one or two roommates and then off-campus in a house or apartment their junior and senior year. You may live with friends in your sorority or maybe not. You should also consider that some sororities are unhoused and others have designated communities within the dorms. That said, Scream Queens is extremely unrealistic in the sense of the large living and closet spaces the KKT sisters have within their house.

8. Fact: Holiday celebrations are even more fun in a sorority.

halloween 2

Halloween, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day. You name a holiday and there will probably be a philanthropy event, party, cookie swap, or some other sisterhood activity associated with it.

7. Fiction: Sororities condone hazing and dangerous or demeaning rituals like hell week.

hell week

Contrary to the media, hazing is not a widespread issue in Greek life. Whether you’re looking into rushing a local, Panhellenic, Divine Nine, LGBT+, academic, religious, or service sorority, we all report to councils and/or the greek life headquarters on campus. That said, they do not and we do not condone hazing in any way or form. In fact, we spoil our new members. We give you t-shirts, notifiers, an amazing house to live in, and a family to love not for four years but for life. Sigma Kappa among other sororities even has a philanthropy called RESPΣΚT to celebrate the benefits of sorority membership while condemning hazing and other negative behaviors. They aim to provide anti-hazing, self-esteem, and empowerment workshops, activities, and resources year round.

6. Fact: When your song comes on you drop everything else. 


The Weeknd, Nick Jonas, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj. We’ve all got that artist with that perfect song that we just love to dance to, rock out to, and belt the words out to loudly and obnoxiously. Whether you’re at a function, in the house, or out in public, it is your time to shine.



10 Times Your Sorority House Felt Like Home

They say home is where the heart is. Well, your heart lies where your sisters are, and you’ll always be able to find them at your all-important sorority house. This house is your sanctuary, your happy place, and your home away from home.

10. It was there when you needed a place to study or hold emergency tutor sessions.


9. It’s where you can sit and talk with your sisters, discussing any and everything, for hours at a time.


8. There’s always a place to paint, make posters, craft, and express your artistic side to it’s fullest.


7. It was there for you on Bid Day when you made one of the best decisions of your life.


6. It was there when you needed a place to vent and cry over life’s responsibilities. Someone’s always there to listen.