10 Things to Thank Your House Mom For

Sometimes, running a house full of sorority women is a thankless job. We all love our House Moms, but in our busy lives, we often forget to thank them for all they do for us.

10. The food.

I don’t just mean the basic groceries, which we do, of course, appreciate. But the days she makes us her world famous better than sex cake? The best days ever. No where in her job description does it say she has to make us special treats, but she still does it. Because she’s the best.

9. Always saying good morning.

No matter how gross I look or how tired I am, nothing brightens my day quite like seeing my house mom as I pour a cup of coffee.

8. All of the random conversations.

Whether it be at the lunch table or in the hallway, our house mom always has time for us. It amazes me that she is able to know each of us so well. Not only can she keep up with everyone’s name and major, but she knows whats going on with us and checks in if she knows we have a lot on our plate.

7. Her patience.

Sometimes, we make messes. Or we forget to put our dishes away. And she only gets a little upset with us when we do. She loves us no matter how much junk we leave sitting in the card room.

6. The fashion advice.

She will always help you decide which shoes go best with your recruitment outfit. But we all know she’ll have the best shoes of anyone in the chapter.



10 Things You Learn About Living In The Sorority House

Things you learn only after you've experienced living in a sorority house with your sisters.

Living in the sorority house has its ups and downs, but lets all admit we would never trade it for the world. Your best memories are made in the house and you are surrounded with your sisters. You form so many different bonds and a family is developed like no other. Howeverrrrrrr, being in a sorority at a SUNY school, we don’t get too fortunate with houses, but we make the best of it.

10. Your house is always dirty, no matter what day or if it was just after you cleaned, an hour later it’s messy. There’s just no hope.cleaning

9. There is always people coming in and out of the house, especially when there is a frat living upstairs from you.