Life Goals We ALL Want

Yes, yes, yes, we all have life goals. But did you ever think that maybe we all have similar goals we want to reach in life? See for yourself!

10. Have a banging job



9. Find a hot significant other



8. Have lots and lots of puppies



7. Learn how to f***ing cook like Betty Crocker



6. Travel insanely






How I Fell In Love With The Wrong Major

Since I could walk and stumble into a doctor’s office for my first check up, I’ve only dreamed of one day becoming a hero in scrubs. I wanted to live to keep others alive and healthy. I wanted to be a nurse.

I thought it was my purpose in life. I thought it was my dream career and the only thing that I was destined for. But, I was wrong.

From an outside point of view, being a nurse seemed like the absolute perfect profession. My job would be to make people better, serve as a health care promoter, and I would work daily to put back together what was fractured or broken. I was ready to meet the needs of others. I was ready to be someone’s hand to hold and shoulder to lean on. I was ready for a life devoted to caring for individuals, families, and communities. But, I was not ready for the commitment, emotional stability, and struggle that it took. 

Of course I knew it took time, hard work, and dedication. But I didn’t know exactly how much it would take. Since I was a freshman in high school, I was aware of the needed schooling, requirements, degree plan, etc. I had it all planned out. I picked my top three choice colleges to rank the top in nursing. I joined my college’s nursing organization on campus. I even had a Pinterest board of nursing quotes, lingo, and scrubs.



The 10 Stages of Falling in Friend-Love

Have you ever met someone and instantly known you needed her in your squad? You can’t exactly put into words why you love her so much, but you totally do and have from the beginning. Welcome to friend-love.

10. You slyly figure out ways to get to know her better.

Volunteering to work together on projects, inviting her over to work on them. You want to become BFFs with this girl, you gotta work for it.

9. When you realize she wants to be friends with you, too.

WHAT? You wanted to hang out with me? How funny.

8. You realize you’re basically the same person.

The “where have you been all my life?” conversation is very real. How can two people be so similar? It’s unreal.

7. You find out she’s dorky in the exact same way you are.

When you have random dance parties to your favorite songs, you have the same go-to moves. You geek out over the same stuff. It’s amazing. She brings out the goofiness in you because you’re unashamed to be goofy together.

6. You discover that you have a mutual obsession.

When you have the same favorite movie, music, actor, color, clothing brand, whatever as your friend-crush, you freak. You guys constantly reference it, and have way too many inside jokes revolving around it.



11 Life Lessons That Glee Taught Us

When Glee ended in Spring 2015, fans were sad to finally say goodbye to the beloved characters they had been following for the show’s six seasons. Fortunately for us, these lessons that Glee taught us over the years will stick with us forever.

11. Be Yourself. 

If there was just one theme prominent in every episode of Glee, it was that you’re happiest when you’re being yourself. Be who you want to be, not who other people want you to be.


10. Sometimes the Meanest People Can Have the Kindest Hearts.

Take Sue for example. She has dealt with major problems her whole life causing her to be against Mr. Schu and the glee club. Even with her mean demeanor, Sue has a soft spot for her sister, who had Down Syndrome. Later, Sue takes under her wing, Becky, a student who also has Down Syndrome.


9. Gay is Okay

Glee taught us that we need to be accepting of everyone. Mr. Schu made the glee club a place where anybody could feel accepted. The William McKinley Glee Club opened its arms to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students. From the lives of the characters, we learned that just because they weren’t heterosexual, doesn’t mean they weren’t just like all of us.