The 18 Best Things About Having Guy Friends

The coveted, platonic relationship between a guy and a girl BFF is something most only see as legend.

Two people with potential sexual energy CANNOT POSSIBLY get along without wanting to jump each other. Am I right?

eye roll


The answer is no. Having a close guy friend has more benefits than any potential uncomfortableness that may be brought on by two close friends hanging out alone. Not to mention that most of the time, they’re more like a brother than any kind of potential hook-up, the prospect of which makes you actually want to vom.

threw up


The Ed Sheeran to your Taylor Swift, the Harry Potter to your Hermione Granger, you’re there for them through thick and thin, with the added bonus of giving insight to the often-confusing female perspective and none of the jealousy. They’re a great balance to have in a world surrounded by sometimes catty, passive aggressive female friends; here’s why:

18. Once you’re in the inner circle, guys will open up around you with their ridiculous, raunchy, crude humor… and it’s hilarious.



17. Their jackets are warm, more comfy, and essentially up for grabs at all times.



16. Their perspective is invaluable because they know how boys think in all situations. (As is yours when they’re wondering whether their GF is being crazy).

bitches be crazy


15. Boys have limited drama.



14. They’re a perfect cover when you’re trying to duck the creepy guy at the bar.

fake bf


13. They’re protective over you like you are their actual sisters.

protective 2




What You Shouldn’t Say To A Sorority Girl

Being a sorority girl has its perks, but then it does have a few downsides. I’m talking about the ridiculous, untrue things people ask or say to us. Not sure what I mean? Check this out:


17. “You must only care about looks during formal recruitment.”


Appearance matters but it doesn’t play a major factor into deciding who we want.


16. “I heard you guys hate the other sororities. Like you don’t talk to them.”



15. “Oh, so you’re in a sorority. This means you sleep around then.”


I mean, we sleep around with food. Is that what you meant?


14. “Which one’s this?” *starts doing some weird hand symbol that doesn’t even exist*



No. Like what are you even doing there.




30 Struggles That Only Girls Will Understand

Guys have it so easy. They wake up, throw on the first shirt they see, brush their teeth and they’re ready for the day. But girls on the other hand, it’s a process. They don’t understand all the time that goes into turning us from a zombie to a decent looking human being…. So next time your man yell at you because you’re late to dinner, tell him to cut you a break. It’s a struggle being a girl… And no, he will never be able to understand any of it….


30) The struggle of putting on mascaragirlcode_makeup_600px_blog-only

29) Pulling out half your eyelashes while using an eyelash curler


28) Looking like a raccoon after you take off your makeup


27) Wanting abs and a cheeseburger at the same time


26) Periods….. No explanation needed.


25) Untangling your hair after a shower, or swimming, or having it up in a bun, or being outside on a windy day, or just anything in general for that matter


24) Having a closet overflowing with clothes but still always needing more


23) Ripping your favorite lace thong that costs $12.50… Thanks Victorias Secret


22) Having expensive taste…. in everything.


21) Always being expected to know how to cook like a professional chef




Struggles of a Girl Who Travels Often

Whether you are a traveling athlete, military brat, or just a wannabe hippie, you know what it takes to be away so often. Being on the road can either fill your soul or completely empty it. After a certain number of nights spent in a hotel or days in a car, you realize that your vision is home is blurry and that is a very confusing feeling.

Personally, I traveled initially because I played national-level volleyball. Every other weekend was spent in a different state, which made you seem really cool because not a lot of middle/high school students can say that they have experienced that. However, to you it is just second nature. Always having a bag packed is a normal and very necessary thing to do. Waking up at 6 in the morning because you have to be on court or on field by 7 sucks, but your love for the sport surpassed that negative feeling. You understand what it is like to live out of your overnight bag because your time there was too short to unpack. You also understand that after having a losing weekend, the drive back home is awful.

I have done a lot of traveling outside of volleyball as well because of my dad’s job, which I think a lot of people can relate to. If one of your parents travels for work, you know what it is like to say goodbyes after visiting them or you know the feeling after they tell you that their new job is on the other side of the country. However, visiting them wherever they are becomes one of the best things in the world. You get to see new places from a non-tourist vision and possibly even live there for a couple months or so. But then as soon as you start to think of this place as home, it is time to leave. You become discouraged and start to wonder if you will ever find home.
travel article featured picThis right here is the biggest struggle of all when it comes to being someone who has traveled all of their life. People tell you that you are incapable of being happy anywhere and that you just need to stay in one place. However, to me I think it is that we are happy anywhere and everywhere. We love every new place we go to. Yes, there comes a point when we need to settle down someplace, but that time and place will make itself known to you. Do not let anyone tell you that you are incapable of being happy somewhere, because you and I both know that it is not true. All it takes is a little searching to find the place that is right for you.


Why Anna Kendrick Is Every Girl’s Spirit Animal

Anna Kendrick is the awkward funny best friend every girl wants to be.

20. And not just cause she’s totally flawless

anna pretty

19. But also because she’s full of hilarity

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 1.45.18 PM

18. We love her awkward selfies

anna awk

17. And straight-faced comedy

suck it

16. She says what the world’s really thinking

brittany snow

15. No seriously, no topic is off limits.


14. Speaking of, her Twitter makes us LAUGH

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 10.55.29 PM

13. BRB, laughing forever

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 12.08.47 PM

12. She classily avoided the whole ‘Celeb-Cell-Phone-Hacking Thing’

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 12.30.13 PM

11. And as a bonus, she’s in the best movie franchise EVER






11 Stages Of Becoming A Sorority Girl

Every fall a new group of girls, fresh out of high school, make their way to college. During the first semester, the girls that chose to rush (and got a bid) transform into what we call a “basic sorority girl.”  This isn’t a process that happens overnight, but it happens in stages. (Kind of like how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly). Below is a list of these stages; Read them to see if that girl in chem is about to break out of her cocoon, with a PSL in hand, of course.

11. Your t-shirts keep getting bigger and bigger.

Meghan Trainor Music animated GIF

10. On Wednesday we wear letters.

Mean Girls Movies animated GIF

9. You can write an entire dictionary of “Frat Lingo”.

Neighborsmovie Neighbors Movie animated GIF



11 Tips for Avoiding the Freshman Fifteen

Avoiding The Freshman

Unfortunately, one part of college life seems inevitable; the dreaded freshman fifteen! Luckily, if you are diligent enough to avoid packing on the pounds, this weight gain can be avoided. Here are some important tips to remember to make sure you can maintain a rockin’ hot bod:

11. Set a goal:
Setting a goal is the best way to keep your weight on track! Whether it is to lose five pounds or one hundred pounds, your journey must begin with a plan! A goal can range from a few months to a few years. Whatever that goal might be, make a definite deadline to keep yourself working towards the end!

Freshman Fifteen


10. Make a workout schedule:
Mapping out a schedule is a guarantee for success. At times, it may seem impossible to force yourself to go to the gym when you’re being bombarded with papers and exams. Try making a calendar or adding reminders in your phone! Scheduling workouts around your classes and activities is important to keep yourself from being caught up in the books!

Freshman Fifteen


9. Throw out the junk:
To ensure you don’t eat out of boredom, make sure junk food doesn’t cross through your dorm room door. Make sure you don’t stock your dorm with Girl Scout cookies and potato chips. Keeping the junk out of sight and substituting the bad foods for something healthier like apples and peanut butter can help keep you on the right track and keep the cravings at bay.

Freshman Fifteen


8. Miles of Smiles:
Let’s face it; there are probably a billion other things you would rather be doing than running, doing crunches, and doing squats. How does one solve this dilemma? Make your work out fun! Grab some girls and go to a Zumba class, learn some new dance moves, walk around the mall and go window shopping, try a cycle class with awesome tunes, or even just turn the radio on in your dorm and start moving! Look online for great alternatives to the dreaded treadmill.

Freshman Fifteen


7. The Great Outdoors:

Tons of students get pent up in their dorms watching TV. Why not take a walk outside? Even just a ten minute jog can improve your mood. Ride your bike, walk the dog, go on a tour or spend your time exploring campus. When you can, ride your bike or walk to a friend’s house! It’s great for the environment and your health!

Freshman Fifteen


6. Mindless munchies:
This is no doubt one of the hardest struggles any college student faces. Eating out of boredom is one of the most difficult habits to break, and many don’t even notice they’re doing it! To avoid this, many have found it beneficial to keep a food diary by recording their daily meals. Making a conscious effort to track your food intake will allow you to see if you are overeating!
Keep yourself away from the pantry by finding things to occupy your time and destroy your boredom! Go for a walk, study outside, and find a new club or hobby. Keep your life active so you don’t fill your boredom with food.

Freshman Fifteen


5. Power in pairs:
There’s got to be at least one of your friends who want to stay fit too. Call her up and force her to go pump some iron with you, and make her do the same. Ask her to make sure you order a salad at dinner instead of a large order of fries. No matter how much you complain, if she’s a good friend she will do her best to help you be the hot mama you want to be! Nothing is better than a successful high five with your bestie after a killer cross fit workout!

Freshman Fifteen


4. Device Dilemma:
Electronics become a part of our lives more and more ever day. Between all the social media, TV, and Netflix we have to keep up with, it’s hard to fall into the trap of living a sedentary life. To maintain your weight, one must take a minimum of 10,000 steps a day. So instead of binge watching Gossip Girl for three days straight, try to spread your TV time apart. If you just HAVE to keep going, download it to your smartphone and watch it on the treadmill. Gossip girl may make you happy, but let’s face it, a bangin’ bod is even better!

Freshman Fifteen


3. Avoid the bad drinks:
Alcohol is a blessing and a curse. Unfortunately, this God-given gift may be one of the sources of your freshman fifteen blues. Parties and events surround you with unhealthy drinks that are packed with sugar and carbs. Next time you go to the bar, avoid ordering beers and sugary drinks! Drinks mixed with juice are healthier and don’t pack as many carbs as beer. Check labels and be smart!

Freshman Fifteen


2. Review Your diet
As we grow up, our body changes. If we don’t change our diet along with our body, it can result in a weight gain. Your metabolism can’t handle the pizza and ramen diet like it did when you were a kid! Do some research online and see if the foods you eat every day are as good as you think they are! A healthy body is actually achieved seventy percent at the table and thirty percent in the gym, so choose wisely! Look of some diet plans that fit your needs and will give you that extra push to reach your goal.

Freshman Fifteen


1. Treat yourself at least once
Treat yourself?! Yes, that’s right. After working so hard, it IS okay to have a little treat. One piece of pizza a month won’t kill you, and it will tide you over when you’re getting sick of all of those leafy greens! The goal is to stay healthy without starving yourself. Love your body and reward it occasionally, but nourish it with health foods as much as possible! Remember to love your body no matter what step of your journey you are at!

Freshman Fifteen



“Wear Your Letters on Your Heart” International Badge Day

What is International Badge Day?

Newly initiated members may not know what International Badge Day even is, so here is a quick overview of what it is! International Badge Day was introduced in 1997 by the National Panhellenic Conference to set aside a day or an event for women everywhere to wear their sorority badges or letters in celebration of sisterhood.




Why should this day mean something to you?

Even though we may have some type of stigma against a certain sorority, at the end of the day we are all sisters. We all went through rush together when we didn’t even know what house we would end up in so why should our persona change about each other. There’s one to help you when you’re hurting and another who’s always there to have a good time. There is one who will pray for you, and one who will cry with you. Some will fight for you, and others will put you in your place when you’re out of line and need a reminder. There is one who understands your roommate issues or your family problems. There is one who will sympathize with you and another who confronts you with all your faults, but every one of them love you, because they are your sisters. By wearing your badge over your heart we remind ourselves of our traditions, ideals, values and principles. We also wear our badges to show respect and appreciation for our Founders.

You are always wearing your letters!

We don’t only wear our letters when we have to or want to, we are always wearing our letters. Our letters will always be a part of who we are as women. No matter where you are or what you are doing you are ALWAYS representing your sorority. You choose how you want your sorority to be perceived, so be mindful of that.

You can take the sisters out of the sorority, but you can’t take the sisterhood out of the sisters!

International Badge Day Sigma Sigma Sigma Cover banner


Top Ways to Stay Focused This Semester

Well, you made it through your first semester of the year. It may have been tough as nails for some and a breeze for others. From school work to philanthropy events you have been busy, you may have taken some shortcuts that may have not been the best choice, you may have stayed out too late when you should have been studying for that big test you have the next morning, or you may have not been focused on what you need to be focused on. Well, luckily for you it’s a new year, but is it still the old you?

As we encroach on a new semester, many of us have set new goals for ourselves. May that be getting better grades, to staying away from the jerks, or to be more involved in your sorority. Spring semester can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You’re going to have to focus and work hard in order for this semester to be your best friend. Here are some pointers of how you can stay focused this semester!

Tip No. 1- Stay off your phone while studying or in class!!

No one is more important than your education!! Just put it away! Cell phones are a major distraction when you are trying to focus! I promise that your friends will be there after class!

Tip No. 2-  If you have to listen to music while you study then listen to classical music

Classical music doesn’t have words which is better to listen to when you are trying to focus. When you listen to music genres such as country, rap, or any other genre in that matter while you are studying the brain doesn’t know what to focus on more because what you are listening to and what your trying to study is being processed by the same part of your brain.

Tip No. 3- Set goals and write them on sticky notes, put them somewhere you will see everyday

When you write down your goals and put them somewhere you will see them everyday because you will be constantly reminded of your goals. Set new goals each week!

Tip No. 4- Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Don’t be scared to go to your professors office hours to ask for help on an assignment, your professor is there to help you. If you don’t want to go to your professor for help then you can also go to a tutor! If you have any questions that you don’t want to ask anyone then your sisters are always available to help you! Most of your older sisters most likely have already taken your classes which is a huge advantage!

Tip No. 5- Highlighting notes and rewrite them

Don’t be afraid to mark up your notes! Highlighting and color coding your notes will help you find important information you need to know. Then you can rewrite it which will help put it in your memory. I find that reading your notes out loud helps too!

Tip No. 6- Free yourself from distractions

Shut off all of your electronics, your social media and your TV, sit down at a desk in a chair, not your bed and study. This way you are free from distractions and you are able to focus better. If you can’t focus in your dorm room then go to the library and find a quiet area or study with a group if that’s what helps you.

Tip No. 7- Study buddy

If you can’t sit in a room alone and study then get a study buddy, someone like a sister that is responsible and yall can give each other motivation!

Tip No. 8.- Study breaks

Every hour you study you should take a 10 minute break to close your book and relax for a few minutes. Don’t take a long break because this will de-motivate you and you wont want t0 get back to work.

Tip No. 9- Reward yourself when you make an A on a test

May this be a bar of chocolate, a shopping spree, or a mani pedi do something to reward yourself when you do well on a test because this will keep you focused and make you want to do well!

Tip No. 10- Make lists and write in a planner

I am a visual person and like to make lists or write things in my planner! Doing this helps me to stay organized and when i write a list and i’m done with one of the tasks it feels amazing to be able to cross something off the list!


I hope these tips help you all, I myself have trouble focusing in school but I believe that these tips will help. In my high school I had mainly coaches as my teachers so classes weren’t very challenging. Then I got to college and had a huge wake up call, I realized that I was no longer in any blow off classes, I had to use every fiber in me to sit down and focus on my school work. It is possible, all you have to do is believe in yourself, set goals and work on achieving them!


35 Thoughts Every Girl Has In Victoria’s Secret

Awh, Vikkies Secret…the haven for girls who long to seduce their men with bombshell bras and 5 for $27 panties. Well, there are a few thoughts that will occur in every girls mind as they walk the white sparkly tiled floors of Victoria’s Secret.

35. Oh! Victoria’s Secret, I’ll just run in for a little bit.

34. Wow, this store is really crowded.

33. Is there a sale?

32. God, I hope so.

31. Why are there so many men in here?

30. Must be shopping for their wives…

29. What if they wear it…

28. No. Totes for their wives…or mistresses… XOXO Gossip Girl

27. I could use some panties….

26. Oh LAWD, 5 FOR $27 SALE, HOLLA

25. What discounts could I get if I work here?

24. *Sees new “right off the runway bra”* I’ll look good in this!

Victoria's Secret


Expectations Vs. Reality of Being in a Sorority

8. Priorities

Expectation: Schoolwork is secondary to all things Greek.

14 Expectations Vs. Reality About Being A Sorority Girl, In GIFs

Reality: You and a few of your sisters have basically commissioned an entire section in the library thanks to the amount of time you spend there.

14 Expectations Vs. Reality About Being A Sorority Girl, In GIFs

9. Diet

Expectation: You are required to be on a strict diet to keep up your ~*rockin’ college girl bod*~.

14 Expectations Vs. Reality About Being A Sorority Girl, In GIFs

Reality: The 4 major food groups in your diet: pizza, pizza, pizza and whatever free food is being given out on campus (if it’s free you will find it).

14 Expectations Vs. Reality About Being A Sorority Girl, In GIFs

(If it’s pizza, you will definitely find it.)

10. Greek Week

Expectation: Greek competitions are terrifying battles between sororities on campus.

14 Expectations Vs. Reality About Being A Sorority Girl, In GIFs

Reality: Greek Week is war! Take no prisoners! Show now mercy! You were born for this and/or have been practicing for 3 months straight! (So yeah, this one’s sort of accurate.)

14 Expectations Vs. Reality About Being A Sorority Girl, In GIFs

11. Formalwear

Expectations: You spend all your free time getting all dressed up with your sisters for formals.

14 Expectations Vs. Reality About Being A Sorority Girl, In GIFs

Reality: The bus leaves in a half hour and you still don’t have a dress or shoes and you’re already a little tipsy. You may or may not have just used lipstick for blush…and lip liner as eyeliner.

14 Expectations Vs. Reality About Being A Sorority Girl, In GIFs

12. Formals

Expectations: Formals are basically prom, i.e. the most magical nights of the year full of dancing and romance.

13 Expectations Vs. Reality About Being A Sorority Girl, In GIFs

Reality: You dance for approximately 2.5 seconds before your feet hurt too much to move and your date is too drunk to stand.

13 Expectations Vs. Reality About Being A Sorority Girl, In GIFs

13. And sometimes your expectations are met…

Expectation: You have the best four years ever with some of the best women ever!

14 Expectations Vs. Reality About Being A Sorority Girl, In GIFs

Reality: You actually have the best four years ever with some of the best women ever!

14 Expectations Vs. Reality About Being A Sorority Girl, In GIFs

14. And sometimes they are exceeded:

Expectation: You are in the wedding of a sister or two.

14 Expectations Vs. Reality About Being A Sorority Girl, In GIFs

Reality: You are in the wedding party of all five of your closest sisters and are the godmother to your big sister’s first child. Yes, this is a shout out, and yes, I’m so excited.

14 Expectations Vs. Reality About Being A Sorority Girl, In GIFs