The Stages of a Frat Party As Told By Disney

You’ve made it through week’s grind and decide you deserve to let loose this weekend a have a little fun. You and you friends know that one of the fraternities on campus is having a party and that’s exactly where you plan to be.

It’s time to get ready. Is there a theme you need to dress for? Toga Party? Anything but clothes? Everyone is gathered together swapping clothes, trying to figure out what will look best on everyone.


Let’s pre-game. Whether you are drinking at your place or traveling somewhere else, it’s time to get the night started. This is also your chance to take pictures without fear of “drunk eyes” or spills on your outfit.


Get everyone ready to leave. Unless you’re hosting somehow, you need to travel to the real party. You have to get everyone together and make sure the sober/designated driver has room in their car. (Pro-tip: That last girl your looking for is either downing another last minute shot, taking pictures, or in the bathroom because she already broke the seal.)


Your grand entrance. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since the fraternity began partying, as far as you’re concerned, the party didn’t start until you arrived.


Go get something to drink. Pick your poison. Did you bring your drink or will you be fighting your way to and from the bar while avoiding spilling the entire drink on yourself?


That awkward first half-hour. Assuming your pre-game didn’t run over into this time, there’s a good chance that there will be a chunk of time where you aren’t the only ones there but you’re still waiting for things to pick up. At least you have your friends to hold you over until the fun is in full swing.


The party is in ramping up. The dance floor is filling up. People are playing beer pong and slap cup, and the drinks are flowing.


It’s peak party time. You’re with all of your friends, the music and games are great, and the dance floor is full. If you’re drinking tonight, this is when you’ve hit that perfect level where nothing can bring you down.




Reasons Not to Go Alpha Xi Delta

Spring recruitment is upon us and proof of why we love our sorority smother our Facebook walls. Pictures of #WhyAXiD and comments of why Alpha Xi Delta is such an amaXing sorority cover my sisters’ Facebook and Twitter. I was going through my list of why I love Alpha Xi Delta, and it reminded me of something when I was a child. When my mother and I would go shopping, I would point out everything I wanted. I would point out over half the store and my mother would just shake her head and tell me “the list would be shorter if you pointed things you didn’t like.” Of course I thought that was just silly as a kid. Why would I point out things I don’t like? That would be such a waste of time. Nostalgic as I am about the 90’s, little me did not understand anything about how amazing the Backstreet Boys truly are or that I truly do love too many things… my empty bank account is proof. But my mother did have a point (don’t enjoy that comment too much mom), there are too many reasons that I love AXiD, so I made my shorter list of reasons not to go Alpha Xi Delta:

1. Do not go Alpha Xi Delta if you do not have school spirit and cannot support your sisters. Having school spirit does not mean wearing your school colors every day or painting your nails obnoxious colors, it means getting involved and helping better the school. It also means supporting your sporty sisters, your theater sisters, and your nerdy sisters. Chemistry club having a movie in the planetarium can be fun with a bunch of your best friends with you.

2. Do not go Alpha Xi Delta if you do not like building a sisterhood or a friendship that will last a lifetime. Each of my sisters are truly amaXing in their own way and I would not trade a single one of them. They are all so talented and I admire and look up to each individual woman. How many organizations can you just walk into and say that you admire and look up to every single person? Well if you find one, call me up because I want to work for them. Pillow fights are the only fights I ever get in with my sisters. (Other than the time when I wanted to watch Lion King and I got outvoted for Frozen.)

pillow fight

3. Do not go Alpha Xi Delta if you do not love giving back to the community. My sisters are some of the most caring people I have ever met and Autism Speaks is proof of this love. Light It Up Blue has not only struck the nation, but the world. You’ve heard of the Eiffel Tower, right? Well, once a year they “light it up blue” to bring awareness to Autism Speaks. The Leaning Tower of Pisa? Well, I hear it is a pretty cool place to visit you should check it out (especially when it is lit up blue).


4. Do not go Alpha Xi Delta if you do not care about education. If late sleepovers, laughing for too many hours, and running frantically getting ready for formal is not exciting, then you haven’t done it enough. If you came to school just to be social and not focus on academics, then AXiD is not for you.

5. Do not go Alpha Xi Delta if you do not want to find your potential and grow into a well-rounded woman. Success is not measured by money, or popularity; success is measured by how many hearts you touch, the laughter, the joys, and knowing that you did something to make the world a little bit better. Success is waking up in the morning and knowing that you helped someone and you have touched someone’s heart. To leave your footprint in the sand and leave no regrets that you have done something great. I have witnessed it time and time again an outstanding Alpha Xi Delta woman doing something to reach a greater goal. What is that goal? To make this world a little better, one day at a time and to have every woman see her potential.

So just like my mother said, the list is shorter to point out everything I don’t like about Alpha Xi Delta because that list would be zip. This is Why I went AXiD.