10 Reasons Being Greek Gives You The Upper Hand

Greek life is often overlooked and isn’t recognized for all the benefits it truly offers. From a higher GPA to a higher overall self-confidence, going Greek is one of the best decisions one could make and here is why:

10. The academic support is outstanding.

Being Greek gives you all the motivators and power sources you need to excel in school. You have study buddies, tutors, and there’s always someone to help you out on that last minute assignment. Good grades are essential, and you have all the human resources you need.


9. “Greeks Get In Free” is definitely a thing.

Throughout the semester, there’s always events, clubs, and parties that are bound to have a “Greeks Get In Free” night. This is one of the perks you enjoy the most. Think of it as your praise and recognition for being a Greek.


8. The endless job opportunities.

When you’re in desperate need of work, don’t hesitate to ask around. Someone will ALWAYS know of places hiring or taking applications. If you’re lucky, you can easily get a job just by knowing or being friends with someone in your organization.


7. Improve your confidence and leadership skills.

Being a Greek does wonders for your social and leadership skills. As a Greek, you put more effort into getting to know people and interacting more with others. You’re even given several opportunities to be a leader. You empower yourself by being Greek, and the end product is amazing.

6. You’re always surrounded by resources.

If you ever need anything- help with directions, getting test answers, or a really good craftsperson- there is always someone to save the day. When you’re surrounded by tons of other Greeks, there’s a person for everything.



Why I’m Proud to be Anti-Hazing

It feels like a constant game of Russian Roulette when I refresh my Facebook and wait to see Greek letters splashed across the “Trending Topics” sidebar. Of course, just a few days ago there they were: Alpha Tau Omega at IU had been shut down after a video of them sexual assaulting and hazing had been released to the media. I was hurt and embarrassed – but unfortunately not surprised.

Hazing, by definition, is “humiliating and sometimes dangerous initiation rituals, especially as imposed on college students seeking membership to a fraternity or sorority.”  To some people, hazing is ingrained in the very culture of sorority and fraternity life. The counter argument I see constantly is that it’s a tradition. Many see it as a right of passage into their sisterhood or brotherhood, but sometimes it doesn’t end that way. Since 2000,  fifty-seven people have died from injuries received via hazing. These brothers and sisters never made it to their initiation. They never grew in love and respect to your organization because they never got to see the next day. This doesn’t change the opinions or actions of many, however. Hazing is still a big part of “going Greek” for some people. I cannot speak for others, but I will say three things about myself: I was not hazed, I will not haze, and I do not believe in hazing.  

It might not sit well with everyone, I’m sure. Some people think I missed some huge landmark and keys of wisdom by not being hazed. Did I earn my letters? I absolutely did. I earned my letters the day my sisters considered me and knew I was worthy of becoming a part of their sisterhood. I won the right to my letters when I signed my bid card and pledged my loyalty and life to my sorority. I learned the ropes through a positive and uplifting new member development program. It was challenging, but never once did I feel humiliated or belittled by my sisters. To me, hazing is not brave. It’s not smart. And it sure as hell isn’t what our founders wanted from us.



An Ode To The Awesome Pledge Driver

They get you where you need to go, they always let you take over the AUX chord and they will even help you in your quest to get the best, greasy drive-thru food you can think of. They are the beloved pledge drivers.

There is a lot to say about these fine, young gentlemen. I have learned first hand that pledges do not accept tokens of your gratitude in the form of Taco Bell, text messages of recommendations to their pledge masters and/or hugs. So instead of doing any of that, I will simply write a blog post to thank all of the pledge drivers out there for there efforts.

For starters, if it weren’t for pledge drivers, I guarantee there would be much more of a likelihood to drink and drive on college campuses. Thankfully, though, sober drivers ensure the safety for both the people in the car and for the pedestrians walking around campus. Obviously this is the most important thing that pledge drivers do, but again, they are so much more than our chauffeurs.

Pledge drivers are like therapists. We’ve all gone to that one party where we saw Jake hooking up with Jessica even though Jake texted us and asked if we wanted to watch Netflix later which is always code for us to hook up. Seriously, Jake, it’s like sometimes you seem like you don’t even care.

So naturally after seeing Jake and Jessica being gross with their DFMO (dance floor make-out) we leave and get into the first pledge ride we can get. The second we shut the door, we release our emotions and the pledge helps us make reason of Jake’s idiotic actions. Despite the fact that Jake is your pledge driver’s future fraternity brother, he will always take your side whenever you are in his car.

They protect us. They give us their time and seat-warmers during the cold season to ensure that we do not have to walk to the bars in frigid weather. They blast their air conditioning during the early months of school so that we are not dripping with sweat before entering a party (where we will eventually be dripping with sweat, so they really just prolong that inevitability.) They watch out for us as if they are our parents driving us to school. In fact, they are so much more than that, because instead of being our parents, though, they are pledge drivers. And instead of driving us to school, they are driving us to alcohol-fueled social events.

Pledge drivers can also become our friends. We can talk to them for the 5-10 minutes we’re in the car about music, school and home life. You’d be surprised by the deep conversations that can happen in the car with a pledge. The best part is, that once they are done with pledging they will be able to party with you!

So thank you to all the pledge drivers out there for keeping us safe, keeping us happy and allowing us to be obnoxious drunkards who insist that you play “Four Five Seconds” for the entire car ride. You inspire us to be more patient, and we cannot thank you enough for getting us to and from. Drive safely, and we will (try to) drink responsibly.

Much love,

All sorority girls ever

P.S.- you guys are so close to brotherhood. Keep on trucking!


Thoughts At A Frat Party

Going to fraternities are fun. Most sorority girls go to them, myself included. Whether it is your favorite house or the bottom house, you always have fun. And you always look good. But for the things racing through your head when you’re at a frat, here’s a list.

Thoughts At A Frat Party

Thoughts At A Frat Party

20. Is this outfit okay?

Thoughts At A Frat Party

Thoughts At A Frat Party

19. Do I look good?

18. The floor is so sticky.
Thoughts At A Frat Party

17. This party better have good alcohol. None of that plastic crap.
booze 2

16. I’m gonna get so turnt tonight.

15. OMG we have to dance.
Sorority Lyfe

14. Where’s the beer pong?
beer pong

13. This playlist is horrible!
music sucks

12. That guy is making me thirsty.

11. I’m not drunk enough.
drunk more

10. What is that girl doing?
side eye

9. This tastes like cough syrup.

8. I better be careful about the drinks.

7. It’s so loud in here.

6. It’s so hot in here.

5. My feet are hurting. Need more alcohol.

4. Oh she’s wasted. Better go take care of her.
oh no

3. Shots, shots, shots.

2. We looks so hot.
hot hot hot

1. I need food!
taco bell


The 5 F’s of Life

Everyone knows that life has its ups and downs. Sometimes we can prevent these changes, but a lot of times we cannot, no matter how hard we try! So always keep these 5 F’s of Life in mind and you will find your way out of almost any situation.

  1. Faith 


If you were raised to be a southern sorority belle, you know you can’t go through life without Faith. Whether that Faith is in Jesus or another religious affiliation, Faith is the key to living a happy life and fight through the hard times.

  1. Family 


No one is there for you like your family is. They may pass judgment sometimes, but they will always love you no matter what you do. Whether you drunkenly called your parents one night or brought home the town weirdo during your rebellious phase, your family will always be there for you.

  1. Friends


Oh friends! No one understands you better than your friends, especially your sorority sisters! They are there for you when you’ve had a little too much to drink or you need someone to help you pick out your new formal dress. They are there for you no matter what and will never judge you, because they know you will be there for them when they need help.

  1. Fraternities 


What would we do without fraternity guys? They provide us with a place to party every weekend and they always make hilarious stories the next day. Not to mention, fraternity guys make great boyfriends!

  1. Football 


We all know football is the way to any fraternity and southern gentlemen’s heart. We plan our weekends around the big game and not to mention the time we spend planning our next tailgate outfit.


Not-So-Hidden Expectations Behind Fraternity Formals

Written By: Alissa Rotblatt

As I’m riding in a bus filled with rowdy college kids en route to a fraternity formal, more than excitement and even anticipation, I’m feeling relief that my date isn’t some stranger who was desperate for a last-minute setup. My level of stress about this weekend is therefore much less than that of many of the other girls who have ambivalently accepted an invitation. On the surface, formals are simply Greek-sponsored events that give fraternity brothers and their dates a chance to get out of St. Louis for a weekend of fun. Sounds harmless, right? Maybe for some, but formals carry with them more than live bands, dance floors and open bar venues. For a large portion of those attending formals, the added pressures and expectations of a pending hookup aren’t easily avoided.

It is a given, for instance, that if a boy asks you to his formal, you will be sleeping in a bed with him. The implications of this are quite obvious. He pays for the formal, the meals and the hotel room, generally expecting something in return. I find this logic to be absolutely ridiculous. The idea that when a girl says “yes” to formal she is in effect saying “yes” to anything and everything her date has planned for the weekend is not just ignorant; it’s degrading.

I do not mean to intend that guys, or even the more specific fraternity brothers, are solely to blame. Girls play an equal role in accepting the traditions that revolve around formals as uncontested rules. When we fail to question the greater implications of such expectations, we are only further promoting the behaviors we hope to avoid. If you go to a formal and don’t want to hook up with a guy and do it anyway, if you fake sick instead of just saying “no,” or if you feel guilty for not giving your date what he wants, you are only enabling an ideology that is clearly outdated and even immoral in its nature.

I have admittedly played a role in perpetuating this fraternity formal mentality. Once at a formal, my friend felt uncomfortable sleeping in a bed with her date. “Just do it for one night,” I told her. “He brought you here, he paid for the room, and he doesn’t want to share a bed with a guy.” In a not-so-subtle sense, I was telling her to suck it up, to put her needs below those of her date. I was sending the message that her feelings, therefore, were less important than his. This sexist attitude is at the core of every stereotype against women and every abusive relationship. If our feelings are less significant, then we are less significant, and if we are less significant, then we give men even greater incentives to take advantage of us. It is not a stretch to say that when we put aside our own priorities, even for one weekend, we are only a close step away from more catastrophic forms of misogyny.

Boys can’t buy our emotions any more than they can buy our bodies. We say “yes” and then change our minds; we think we have feelings for someone and then realize it’s all wrong, and we agree to go to formal but still aren’t sure that we want to have sex. That doesn’t make us fickle girls—it makes us human.

I’ve apologized again and again for my advice on that night, and I still consider it one of my biggest regrets. What I should have said, and what I’ll say to all the girls invited to formals who are stressing over the events of the evening, is this.

Do what you want to do, and trust yourself. If you don’t want to sleep in that bed, don’t do it. If you don’t want to hook up with him, tell the truth. If he’s pissed and done with you and mad that he spent all this money and the girl he took isn’t going to have sex with him…he can go screw himself, literally. You are not alone. So many other girls and guys at that same formal are worrying about the same thing. If the pressure was off, if the sleeping arrangements weren’t predetermined, and if we stopped worrying about our end-of-the-night hookup, everyone would be having a lot more fun.

Formal doesn’t have to be a trap, though. There is no need to have a catch, a contracted clause, or even a simple expectation of a hookup. You can be a great date without sacrificing yourself. Just like we aren’t predictable, automated machines that can sign away two nights of our life without the slightest hesitation, I’m willing to bet that the same expectations place unwanted pressure on the many guys attending formals.

So, the next time a date tries to guilt you into sleeping with him, remember that it may be his formal but its still your choice. When you take away the fancy dresses and nice suits, you’re only left with a guy paying for a girl to have sex with him, and we all know what that’s called.




5 Facts Fraternity Guys Must Know About Sorority Girls

Written By: Valerie Garate


1.      It’s called being social

When dating a sorority girl, you must know that just because she is dating you, doesn’t mean she can’t talk to other fraternity men. Being social is a part of the Greek life experience.



2.      Nobody likes a blabber mouth.

It’s cute when you brag to your brothers about us, but don’t tell them EVERY detail of the relationship. Know the limit.



3.       “Bro’s before…”

Yes, we know you are crazy about your brothers, and if you could, you would be with them 24/7, but don’t forget to make some time for us, even if it’s for a little bit.



4.       We are dating you, not your fraternity.

You and your sorority girl break up. It happens. Always remember, just because things didn’t work out between you TWO, doesn’t mean your fraternity has to break ties with her as well or get in on the drama.



5.       Don’t hate, appreciate.

As sorority girls, we bust our butts to try to have the highest Greek GPA, throw the best formal, have the most community service hours, to always look our best, etc.  Appreciate our efforts. A little complimenting goes a long way.