10 College Norms That Are Actually Really Weird

Nothing will ever be like college. You really don’t realize how strange our habits are until you look at them like this…

10. Recruitment. We all wear the same outfit. We bounce and cheer in these random girls’ faces and hope that entices them to join our sisterhood. We have insanely intricate rotation systems and processes to vet girls… all in one short weekend.

9. Ending up at Taco Bell more than one night a week. Out of all the food options you have and all the places you could possibly be, why is it that you’re waiting on the TBell line more often than you’re proud of?

8. Setting alarms for 17 minute naps. College students just don’t have time management skills. Or motivation. We literally would rather torture ourselves by going in and out of sleep instead of actually just studying and then going to sleep. The ultimate form of procrastination.

7. Pregaming in the shower. There’s just not enough time between sleeping ALL day and when the Uber arrives for me to look completely on point AND be plastered for the frat party. Girls multi-task all the time.

6. Going to a stranger’s house for a party. But Sarah knows Kelly who knows Michelle who knows someone who knows one of the guys who’s in that frat.



Stages of picking out a formal dress

As formal season rapidly approaches, dress planing has obviously started months ago. Has he asked you yet? Probably not. Are you more than prepared to say yes even though you tell him you need to “check your calendar”? Yes. Have you been prepping for this night for like 2 months? H&ll yeah! But before you finally walk out that door in heels slightly too high, these are the steps you take to pick out that perfect dress.

Pinterest: This stage happens for months if not years. Randomly in the summer if you’re bored, when you’re at work with nothing to do,  or even when you’re watching some fashion show on TV you are on Pinterest. Every dress from every color. You have different boards for different themes, colors, seasons, level of hotness of date, even different styles of dress and different ways you want the night to end. No matter what they formal is, you are ready for anything. You clearly have a favorite style and color, but that will never stop you from pinning anything that even remotely catches your eye.

Casual mall trip: 

You don’t expect to find anything this time, but the lure of trying on every dress you see sounds like a fantastic idea. Maybe you were walking around with friends and saw the cutest thing on the rack, or you’re with your mom and hoping maybe she’ll buy that dress that makes your ass look huge and your wallet look tiny. Any way you’re basically just here for the fun. Its like a dress pregame. Soon you realize that the dress might have to wait until all that winter weight is gone, from three winters ago.


Now you actually want your dress. You want to have that moment when you know that its the one. And you hate yourself. Nothing looks good, nothing fits, nothing is your size. Everything makes you look like a fat ugly cow. No matter how many people tell you how amazing you look, you are not ready for any of this. You want out of the store as soon as possible, and you want a pizza all to yourself. This is the moment where you swear yourself to the gym, and off candy, and even maybe off alcohol. Formal season is serious business. How are you expected to take pictures when you can’t look in a mirror.

The one:

You find it. Finally after searching for what feels like forever. It fits perfectly, it shows exactly what you want it to show. You are going to be the belle of the ball. No one can top you, and you know it! HOT DAMN! You are so ready for formal, no go out there and kick its butt!!!!

The moment of doubt:

 So like you were supposed to stay off the internet for the next week, but here you are crying over your laptop, about a dress that isn’t yours. It took you so long to find the actual one, and now you’re doubting everything you once held so dear. But you realize, that the first dress you had is the perfect one, and you don’t need to worry if there is something better out there because there is not.


And maybe now is the perfect time for someone to actually ask you.


My Boyfriend’s Fraternity Doesn’t do Sweethearts, And I’m Glad

Women are vicious. They can be dramatic, crazy, irrational, and down right mean sometimes. Throw in the ability to call yourself the sweetheart of a fraternity, and there is nothing that can stand in a woman’s way. Fraternities all over the country have to deal with the fighting, and normally they use the girl’s willingness to do literally anything for entertainment purposes. These can range from convincing them to bake, to an all out Miss America pageant. I know when I learned about sweethearting I was ready to do anything to get those letters. And then I learned that the Fraternity that my boyfriend joined didn’t do sweethearts.


While that was hard to come to terms with at the beginning, now I realize it was a blessing in disguise. There is a sense of peace between the girlfriends and girls that hang around the house, in a weird sort of way it is relaxing. There is no point in the year when suddenly everyone is against each other, or people are trying to manipulate each other, and the house is torn apart by which girl they support.


My freshmen year, there was a ton of tension between girlfriends and girl friends. While I didn’t know a ton about the feud, I could still feel that it was there, and I was scared to commit to being friends with either group. While that fighting has lessened over the years, there is still a few girls that come into the house that stir up that fighting spirit. And those girls are completely despised.





The Stages of a Frat Party As Told By Disney

You’ve made it through week’s grind and decide you deserve to let loose this weekend a have a little fun. You and you friends know that one of the fraternities on campus is having a party and that’s exactly where you plan to be.

It’s time to get ready. Is there a theme you need to dress for? Toga Party? Anything but clothes? Everyone is gathered together swapping clothes, trying to figure out what will look best on everyone.


Let’s pre-game. Whether you are drinking at your place or traveling somewhere else, it’s time to get the night started. This is also your chance to take pictures without fear of “drunk eyes” or spills on your outfit.


Get everyone ready to leave. Unless you’re hosting somehow, you need to travel to the real party. You have to get everyone together and make sure the sober/designated driver has room in their car. (Pro-tip: That last girl your looking for is either downing another last minute shot, taking pictures, or in the bathroom because she already broke the seal.)


Your grand entrance. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since the fraternity began partying, as far as you’re concerned, the party didn’t start until you arrived.


Go get something to drink. Pick your poison. Did you bring your drink or will you be fighting your way to and from the bar while avoiding spilling the entire drink on yourself?


That awkward first half-hour. Assuming your pre-game didn’t run over into this time, there’s a good chance that there will be a chunk of time where you aren’t the only ones there but you’re still waiting for things to pick up. At least you have your friends to hold you over until the fun is in full swing.


The party is in ramping up. The dance floor is filling up. People are playing beer pong and slap cup, and the drinks are flowing.


It’s peak party time. You’re with all of your friends, the music and games are great, and the dance floor is full. If you’re drinking tonight, this is when you’ve hit that perfect level where nothing can bring you down.




10 Greatest Frat Party Finds

The Greatest Frat Party

When the weekend arrives  we all gear up for the next round of frat parties. There’s houses that you favor over others, and parties can be a hit or miss. There are a few things that can make a party one we never want to leave, and they’re super simple!

10. A beverage that is not alcohol… or cranberry juice. Thanks to the cute guy that offered me the shot I’m holding, but no thanks to the frat bros that don’t have a drop of any liquid that’s not liquor. No orange juice, no diet coke- just tap water that runs slightly brown and good old natty lights. It’s a rare and beautiful thing to see a carton of orange juice following the bottle of Jack Daniels that is floating around the room. Not every girl can handle liquor straight (props to those who can) and not every girl wants to drink every single night. Sometimes it’s nice to kick back with a red solo cup of diet coke and not have to deal with a killer hangover in the morning.

 Greatest Frat Party

9. Seats. Despite how cute you look in your new heels, you’re going to be begging for a chair to relieve your already-blistering feet.  After hanging on the dance floor for an hour partying with the cute boys, the last thing any girl wants to do is stand against a wall with her feet on fire and her legs about to buckle. Is having your shoe game on point worth the barefoot walk to Tacobell? Obvs- but it would be nice if the frat house had a chair or two instead of an entire first floor with no furniture and just a DJ booth.

Greatest Frat Party


8. Games. Every frat party will feature some good ol’ beer pong and the occasional game of flip cup. A memorable rager will bring something more to the table. Maybe it’s corn hole and ladder ball set up outside (sorority sisters vs. frat bros?) or a karaoke machine set up next to the DJ booth, entertainment that doesn’t focus on drinking will spice things up and allow everyone a reason to talk to each other more than just asking who is next on the BP table. Who doesn’t love drunk karaoke anyway?

 Greatest Frat Party

7. Seeing your ex with a total downgrade. Ha. Ha. Ha. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you look hot and seeing your ex walk through the door followed by a girl who is… well, less hot. You can’t help but have a smirk on your face and suddenly that “hey can we talk” text you were thinking about sending him becomes a distant memory. You know he’s sneaking peeks at you flirting with frat guys, and his girlfriend won’t stop whispering to her friends about you. It doesn’t matter though, because you’re a boss ass bitch.

 Greatest Frat Party

6. Gentlemen. When thinking of the stereotypical frat bro, “sweet, kind and caring” probably won’t come to mind before pastel pants and beer bongs do. It’s a breath of fresh air to find a frat star who will give you his sweater when it’s chilly, not roll his eyes when you ask him to take a picture of you, and not dead you if you don’t want to hook up with him. Finding reliable guys makes the party feel safer and more inviting.

 Greatest Frat Party

5. Food. How awesome would it be to save the 2a.m. Jimmy Johns run for next weekend because the host frat ordered a few dozen 99 cent hamburgers for the tail end of the festivities? We can all agree that besides the cops busting it, the #2 reason why we dip out of frat parties is because we’re way too hungry to enjoy ourselves (and could use something greasy to sober up). Even if there were store-bought cookies and chips, any effort would be a pleasant surprise that would keep the rager going longer.

greatest frat party

4. Those super nice drunk girls you meet in the bathroom. Well, this isn’t exactly rare to find, but it definitely gives you a good laugh and a (vague) memory the next morning. For some reason, the bathroom is a magical land of cold tiles and little toilet paper that makes bitch faces and attitudes mysteriously vanish. Even if you barge through the door (because the lock is probably broken) and walk in on two girls crying, you’ll probably end up joining in on a group hug and taking an Instagram picture together.

 Greatest Frat Party

3. A Clean Bathroom. Boys are gross and so are their bathrooms. With your luck, it was hair cut day at the frat house and the entire floor is covered with excess hair. There’s mold outlining the sink and toilet, and you might even be greeted by an un-flushed toilet. You never know what you’ll get when you swing open the bathroom door, but it would be a gift from above to walk into bathroom that doesn’t make you want to vomit… and not from drinking. It’s actually attractive when guys are clean and hygienic.

greatest frat party

2. Good lighting/ Picture backgrounds. Dark frat houses aren’t usually ideal for snapping a new profile picture, but if there’s a room that actually has working lights where you can actually see how cute your outfit is, it’s a total plus! Girls’ eyes also light up when they catch a glimpse of a huge American flag, frat flag, or poster on the wall that they can pose in front of for the perfect Friday night Insta post. Pictures are the perfect memories!

 Greatest Frat Party

1. Dogs. Having a furry frat house friend scampering around in the backyard is not only great for cute pictures, but adds a massive amount of cuteness to the fun! It’s adorable to watch the guys play with their dog, and it’s nice to obsess over something that isn’t a boy for once, right?

 Greatest Frat Party

These are a few of the hidden treasures that make every frat party a bit more enjoyable. Take notes, frat boys!



Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover (or a Guy by His Letters)

Everyone has that favorite fraternity. It’s the one you inevitably end up at every weekend. Whether you start there or not, you’ll always end up on their back porch at one in the morning singing some loud patriotic, country song. Maybe your boyfriend or crush is a brother, or the guys are ridiculously hot. Maybe it’s where all your friends are or where you’re the most comfortable. For me, I spend A LOT OF TIME (as in every weekend) at one house. The guys are genuine, easy to talk to, and my boyfriend is rushing there next Fall.

Now, it’s story time. Once upon a time, naive first semester me went out every weekend to New Row. This grand stretch of glorious houses, filled with more than enough new boys could entertain my friends and I for hours. In a big university like mine, there are thirty fraternities. A few are well known, either as being great or completely underrated. Everyone else kind of falls in the middle. Every now and then, we would venture to Old Row – which we viewed as the slightly forgotten area. The houses may be smaller and the amount of members typically matched it. After going to more than a few bigger fraternity parties, my also naive friends and I ended up in a quiet Old Row house (which I will continue to leave unnamed). This place was different – the bathrooms were always clean and well decorated, there were enough people to have fun without it being cramped, and you could talk without yelling to the person next to you. After going to the house once and coming back a few weekends later, I discovered the best part of the fraternity. The brothers cared to know my name.

Okay, about now you’re probably reading this thinking, so what? Maybe I’m just too quiet to approach people or no one wants to remember my name at the other houses. But that wasn’t it. It’s not for lacking of trying by the brothers in other houses – it’s just these guys were able to be friends with literally everyone who walked through the door. There were no closed parties and they could care less if you’re Greek or not. They just want to have fun, which is why I like them.

If you mentioned this fraternity to me in the beginning of the year, I doubt I would have known anything about them outside of their placement on Old Row. There are nice guys and terrible guys in every house and neither should be judged by their letters. So, my lesson to all of you lovely women (and men, if you’re reading this) is to not judge a house by its reputation or a guy by the letters he wears. Every brother earned his right to wear them and if he was chosen by an organization, there’s a reason why. Venture out from the fraternities you always hear about and meet some new people. You never know where you’ll meet the brothers who you’ll personally decide make up the best house on campus.


The 5 F’s of Life

Everyone knows that life has its ups and downs. Sometimes we can prevent these changes, but a lot of times we cannot, no matter how hard we try! So always keep these 5 F’s of Life in mind and you will find your way out of almost any situation.

  1. Faith 


If you were raised to be a southern sorority belle, you know you can’t go through life without Faith. Whether that Faith is in Jesus or another religious affiliation, Faith is the key to living a happy life and fight through the hard times.

  1. Family 


No one is there for you like your family is. They may pass judgment sometimes, but they will always love you no matter what you do. Whether you drunkenly called your parents one night or brought home the town weirdo during your rebellious phase, your family will always be there for you.

  1. Friends


Oh friends! No one understands you better than your friends, especially your sorority sisters! They are there for you when you’ve had a little too much to drink or you need someone to help you pick out your new formal dress. They are there for you no matter what and will never judge you, because they know you will be there for them when they need help.

  1. Fraternities 


What would we do without fraternity guys? They provide us with a place to party every weekend and they always make hilarious stories the next day. Not to mention, fraternity guys make great boyfriends!

  1. Football 


We all know football is the way to any fraternity and southern gentlemen’s heart. We plan our weekends around the big game and not to mention the time we spend planning our next tailgate outfit.