10 Things That Made the 90’s For Us Millennial Kids

Ah, the 90’s. What a time to be alive. The time of quirky foods, non-nutritional foods, outrageous clothes, and when technology was not yet on our side…. Don’t know how we lived without iPhones or Netflix….

10) Blockbuster- The most exciting thing about our Friday nights is going to the bar with friends, but way back when, it was going to the video store with your parents and picking up the “newest release” that you never got the chance to see in theaters and waited a month for on DVD. Nowadays, that wait doesn’t exist. Most people download movies the same day it gets released. How did we live back then?


9) Hit-Clips- Before ITunes, Pandora, Spotify, and Youtube came into play there was HitClips. Yeah, those little boom-boxes that played a minute of the latest tunes from Brittney Spears(pre-psycho phase), to Aaron Carter(pre-rehab phase).


8)Kid Cuisine- When mom said she wasn’t cooking for dinner, your face lit up because you got to eat a Kid Cuisine in front of the TV all night… From mac and cheese, to dinosaur chicken nuggets, they had it all. They apparently are still around but hard to find.


7) Sugary Candy- Ah, the sugar coma that started it all. It came in liquids, solids, powders, in ever flavor you could think of. I don’t know how all of us haven’t ended up with heart disease because of all the junk we used to eat…


6) Computer games- Before the App store was a thing we spent hours frying our brains in front of the computer screen playing simulated games with the worst graphics possible. Don’t know how we all found them fun, but somehow we would play them for hours.





What your go-to dinner says about you

Every one has a go to dinner during college. You switch it up every once in a while, but these are the meals everyone knows you by. And these few foods and personalities are very common everyone can see it.

Pasta: You love the olive garden, and never change your order. Your idea of the perfect Saturday night is binge watching some old Netflix tv show in your blanket and ignoring ever text you get asking to chill. Maybe switch it up next weekend. Trust me, spicing it up is great.

Pizza: You never commit to a man. You love to string them along though. You’re the fun one to take to formal, mess around with, and guys love you because they don’t have to worry about calling. On weekends you’re most likely to be found drunk on a school night instead of doing work.


Mac and Cheese: You’re the nerd of the group. Your GPA is either a 4.0 or you spend every night crying about your 3.9. You love the mac and cheese life because its the easiest to make at 3am when you finally get home from (kicked out of) the library. Maybe one Saturday you need to put down the books and explore your college’s night life. It may drop your HW grade .1 point, but that is what college is about.


Chicken: You have your sh*t together. You have a 5 year plan, an internship this summer, a job lined up for after college, the perfect boyfriend, and the best roommates. Keep doing you girl! Keep working at your life because trust me, even if you don’t think its perfect, everyone has you as their #lifegoals. You are rocking that Lilly planner!! You do you!!!


Chinese Take-out: Pull yourself together. You may not have seen the freshmen 15 hit, but it will. And when it does you’ll feel it. You can’t spend every night up till 5 am  watching TV and “hanging out” with every person on your floor. This isn’t high school. You have to start pulling your weight in group projects and actually doing your homework. People are gunna notice if you ask to copy theirs every night, and they won’t be nice about it. Call home, go to the gym, and eat a salad. Your tight pants and tired mind will thank me.



Girls Guide: How to Survive Missing Home

We have all heard of home sickness once or twice in our life time and have experienced it before even if we didn’t know it. Whether it was while we were away at over night camp, staying the week with your grandparents, or when our parents dropped us off at college. The difficult thing is that it never actually goes away, in fact home sickness tends to come in waves and at the most random times. I’ve found that it interrupts my life during the most stressful times. It could be around the time of a major exam or when I’ve been in silent mode with a friend. Throughout the years at college I have found little ways to make college feel a little more like home especially while living in my own apartment. Following these steps will bring you one step closer to your happy place.


Take a second to close your eyes and think back to when you were in high school and you would walk through the front door after getting off the bus. What do you smell? The cookies that mom has just taken out of the oven that are cooling on the counter. Or you catch a whiff of the freshly cut roses that were just picked from the garden. Whatever smell comes to your mind it’s there and it is a memory. So let’s bring those memories back. I’m not saying that you have to bake racks of cookies cause that will get expensive fast and will go straight to your butt. All you have to do is take a trip to your nearest WalMart and head to their candle isle, pick up a $3 candle ranging from the smells of sugar cookies to freshly bloomed roses.



I believe that artwork can embody a lot of memories. From an animal calendar representing all of the animal babies that you had to leave behind at home. One special piece of artwork that I have incorporated into the flow at my apartment are crosses. My family loves crosses for their artistic appeal as well as their religious contribution; so we choose to hang them up right next to the front door. We do this as a symbol of when we are walking out the front door we are walking past the cross which symbolizes Christ coming with us on our journeys outside of the house. So I have a little cross hanging by my front door and it gives me my memories of my family and the comforts that it comes with.



Pictures are known to hold the best of best memories so why not stock up. Having pictures of all the things that you love surround you in your own personal space can help you when you have a home sick episode. Whenever you are feeling down all you have to do is look at one of the pictures that you cherish most and you’re taken away for a sweet moment just to remember that time.

hall of picts



20 Things Only RPI Students Understand

Getting into a school like Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and making your way through the difficult course-load is tough. As one of the proud students of RPI, you have come to find that there are certain things that those who go elsewhere just won’t ever get.

20. No, you don’t go to RIT/WPI/MIT. Going home for the holidays, every relative is going to ask how school’s going up at RIT… or WPI… or MIT. For some reason, no one can ever actually get that you go to RPI.


19. The Ratio. This one’s actually gotten better in recent years, but it still stands that RPI’s male to female ratio is a wonderful 65/35. It’s slightly offset by Troy’s other college, Russell Sage College, which is basically all girls.


18. Mascot? RPI’s had numerous mascots over the years, from the Engineers, to Puckman, to the Bachelors, and the Redhawks, it’s hard to keep them straight.


17. Shuttle Problems. RPI’s shuttle service can be really annoying. Even though there’s an app that lets you track their locations, you almost always end up watching it leave the stop and have to wait 15 minutes for the next one.


16. Frat Parties or No Parties. Being an engineering school means you have limited options for parties.. Luckily there are around 30 fraternities at RPI, most of which have nice houses and throw great parties. So where’re you going on Friday night? ZOO?, RSE?, Phi Tau?


15. Archies are a Myth. If you become an Architecture Major at RPI, you’re basically condemning yourself to a life of no sleep, and indentured servitude. The Greene Building (the architecture building), is your second home, and your friends will always be surprised when you text your group saying you’re actually free for once.


14. Psychology Classes. RPI’s classes are NOT easy. However, the lower level psychs are often GPA boosters for all the poor engineering and science students, who only dream of getting As in their regular classes.


13. Commons. Unless there’s a special event, the food there is not really any good. Mystery meat and Chinese food is always on the menu. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try the pizza bagels, if you’re lucky you’ll get a cinnamon raisin bagel…


12. The Approach. The bane of any students who live in downtown, the Approach is a huge staircase that leads up Troy’s big hill to RPI’s campus. Composed of an ungodly amount of stairs, if you’re not winded and sweating by the time you’re done lugging your heavy science books to the top, you’re inhuman.


11. Humans Vs. Zombies. It’s basically a giant game of tag with a Walking Dead theme. The random guys running around with guns and bandanas on their arms aren’t gang members (unless you’re in South Troy), they’re humans who’re fighting their zombie counterparts. If you’re lucky, one of them will disrupt your class, radio-in-hand, yelling some gibberish about a horde by the Sage building.




Cristina Yang is the Little Voice in Your Head

You may not say everything on your mind (which is shocking because you seem to be right) but Cristina Yang knows how you feel, and isn’t afraid to say whats on her and everyone else’s mind. Here’s 13 times she tells it how you see it:

13)Every time you text LOL


You are actually laughing, you just don’t find it necessary to let everyone know.

12) When a guy friend asks you what a girl is trying to say


But like how should you know? Girls are confusing when they talk, you can’t keep up.

11) Getting invited to a party, and there’s not even snacks


Doesn’t matter if its family, friends, some random person whose house you wandered into. There better be food or there won’t be you.

10) Being wayyyy to sober when you shouldn’t be


Maybe you ended up in a fraternity basement before you blacked out, or studying for finals, or on a random Wednesday when school is just too much, or literally anything when you’re sober, and its terrible.

9) And then you make the final decision to start drinking


Three words, all you need.

8) You held the door for someone and they say thank you


You say “you’re welcome” but you know that you’re the true hero in the world.



10 Thoughts Every Sorority Girl Has During Meal Plan

If your sorority house is fortunate enough to have a meal plan for you, you’ve definitely had at least one or two of these thoughts before. Nothing stands between a sorority girl and her food.

10.) Ugh! carbs? Right before Spring Break? (Or Summer break, or Formal, or Halloween, etc.)


9.) Ugh! No carbs? What am I, a rabbit?


8.)  I heard the sorority next door has LOBSTER for dinner. How can I get myself invited over there for dinner?


7.) Do you think anyone will notice if I go up for seconds? Probably not, right?


6.) I … don’t like this. Any of it. Is there a nice way to suggest we never have this for dinner ever again?




10 Struggles of Waiting Tables

If you’re paying your way through college or just want a little spending money, you have most likely had a job in the restaurant business. I’ve had many different types of jobs, but I have to say waiting tables has to be the most stressful one I’ve had. Not only are you on your feet all day, you’re also weight-lifting (do you think those giant trays of food are light??). Don’t even get me started on the fact that customers take every problem with the restaurant out on you. Here are some struggles your average waitress/waiter probably deals with whenever they clock in:

10. “Anything to drink?” “yes.” ….f4160ccb2b1c5f7b54258ff0235ad7d4

Ok, um… What would you like to drink then?…

9. When it gets really busy and you’re literally RUNNING around the restaurant to take care of everyone

Oh yes I can go get you a take-out box, yeah I can go check on your food, order up? yeah be there in a sec. Oh you want your check? Ok let me just SPRINT across the restaurant real quick.

8. When it’s super slow and there’s nothing to do


You’ve re-stocked everything, folded all the silverware, cleaned every table, and now you’re just looking for things to do. This is especially bad when there’s a lot of you, so each one is jumping at the chance to do something.

7. When people forget what they ordered


So here’s the club sandwich… *awkward silence as everyone looks at each other and your arms are slowly giving out because you’re holding 3 other plates* “OH OH I ordered that haha”.

6. When they ask for something, but don’t use it


I’m really glad I brought that for you and am now throwing it away



Why Chik-Fil-A breakfast is the best thing to ever happen

cfa-fb-mainBeing from New York and going to school where there are two Chik-Fil-A’s within a few minutes has honestly changed my life. Not that I eat Chik-Fil-A everyday, or even eat fast food that often. There’s just something about having real chicken and sweet tea on a Saturday after shopping for a few hours that you don’t have in New York. One of my best friends from Alabama told me, you have to try Chik-Fil-A breakfast, it will triumph every other kind of breakfast you could order out. So 9 am on a random Saturday, we piled in the car and got breakfast. Undoubtedly, the best thing to ever happen. It’s super cheap and probably the best hangover food I’ve ever had.

10. If you order a “breakfast meal,” they give you hash browns and a small coffee.

I’m sorry but their hash browns are so addicting. They only give you a small container so you have to savor them but oh my gosh so worth it. And their coffee is actually really good. It may not be Starbucks, but when you’ve had a long night out and need it ASAP, it does the trick.


9. It’s super cheap. Something every college student wants to hear.

Seriously I got a spicy chicken biscuit with hash browns and a small coffee for $3.41. The coffee I would have ordered at Starbucks would have been more expensive than my entire breakfast. You can’t spend over 6.00 on their entire breakfast menu, which is great news for all of us poor college students.


8. There’s anything on the menu from a breakfast burrito to the infamous chicken biscuits.

I had my first chicken and biscuit when I was in Texas a few years ago, and never went back. I can’t even tell you how many places I’ve tried with traveling across the South, and honestly Chik-Fil-A has the best breakfast chicken and biscuits. They even have tiny packets of honey if you’re trying to be real authentic.


7. You can still order waffle fries at 9 am if you wanted.

You cannot go to Chik-Fil-A and not order their waffle fries with a meal. If you can’t get enough carbs from the hash browns, you can always order fries!

chik fil a menu

6. You can still order whatever you feel like at 9 am if you wanted.

Not only can you just order waffle fries, but you can order anything off the regular menu as well! That chicken tortilla soup might not be calling your name that early, but the chicken nuggets might be…

drive thru



Thanksgiving as Told by F.R.I.E.N.D.S

October is over, Halloween has passed, and now it’s time to prepare for Thanksgiving. I for one am ready to party like a pilgrim in a few weeks. Just imagining the turkey, the stuffing, and abundance of pies makes my mouth water. As an American, Thanksgiving is a big deal and the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. knows exactly how to portray this amazing holiday.

Finally getting a break from school/work/life in general to just lay back and relax with family, and more importantly eat. 6f19e88584ae0b8d_8c.xxxlarge

When the whole family is together under the same roof you can’t help but get a little excited. 


That is until that one weird cousin of yours starts annoying you and you start rethinking that excitement.


Playing rock paper scissors with your siblings to decide who has to share their bed with grandma. 


When your mom asks you to help cook one of the dozen dishes that will be served, but you totally mess it up.




A Play By Play of Your Trip To Chipotle

american horror story animated GIF

Or…. you could just drive to Chipotle.

After a long day of lectures and work, you realize you’ve neglected a craving all day. Your stomach is clearly not happy with you, because contrary to popular belief, you cannot load it with coffee and m&m’s all day and expect it to be fine. You. Need. SUBSTANCE!

Rally the pals because it is GO TIME Y’ALL.


And Wednesdays, Thursdays, days that end in Y…….

Run on over to the Srat Castle, and let em know where you’re going (even though they already know) and extend the invite. All of a sudden, people start throwing you some of these….




11 Tips for Avoiding the Freshman Fifteen

Avoiding The Freshman

Unfortunately, one part of college life seems inevitable; the dreaded freshman fifteen! Luckily, if you are diligent enough to avoid packing on the pounds, this weight gain can be avoided. Here are some important tips to remember to make sure you can maintain a rockin’ hot bod:

11. Set a goal:
Setting a goal is the best way to keep your weight on track! Whether it is to lose five pounds or one hundred pounds, your journey must begin with a plan! A goal can range from a few months to a few years. Whatever that goal might be, make a definite deadline to keep yourself working towards the end!

Freshman Fifteen


10. Make a workout schedule:
Mapping out a schedule is a guarantee for success. At times, it may seem impossible to force yourself to go to the gym when you’re being bombarded with papers and exams. Try making a calendar or adding reminders in your phone! Scheduling workouts around your classes and activities is important to keep yourself from being caught up in the books!

Freshman Fifteen


9. Throw out the junk:
To ensure you don’t eat out of boredom, make sure junk food doesn’t cross through your dorm room door. Make sure you don’t stock your dorm with Girl Scout cookies and potato chips. Keeping the junk out of sight and substituting the bad foods for something healthier like apples and peanut butter can help keep you on the right track and keep the cravings at bay.

Freshman Fifteen


8. Miles of Smiles:
Let’s face it; there are probably a billion other things you would rather be doing than running, doing crunches, and doing squats. How does one solve this dilemma? Make your work out fun! Grab some girls and go to a Zumba class, learn some new dance moves, walk around the mall and go window shopping, try a cycle class with awesome tunes, or even just turn the radio on in your dorm and start moving! Look online for great alternatives to the dreaded treadmill.

Freshman Fifteen


7. The Great Outdoors:

Tons of students get pent up in their dorms watching TV. Why not take a walk outside? Even just a ten minute jog can improve your mood. Ride your bike, walk the dog, go on a tour or spend your time exploring campus. When you can, ride your bike or walk to a friend’s house! It’s great for the environment and your health!

Freshman Fifteen


6. Mindless munchies:
This is no doubt one of the hardest struggles any college student faces. Eating out of boredom is one of the most difficult habits to break, and many don’t even notice they’re doing it! To avoid this, many have found it beneficial to keep a food diary by recording their daily meals. Making a conscious effort to track your food intake will allow you to see if you are overeating!
Keep yourself away from the pantry by finding things to occupy your time and destroy your boredom! Go for a walk, study outside, and find a new club or hobby. Keep your life active so you don’t fill your boredom with food.

Freshman Fifteen


5. Power in pairs:
There’s got to be at least one of your friends who want to stay fit too. Call her up and force her to go pump some iron with you, and make her do the same. Ask her to make sure you order a salad at dinner instead of a large order of fries. No matter how much you complain, if she’s a good friend she will do her best to help you be the hot mama you want to be! Nothing is better than a successful high five with your bestie after a killer cross fit workout!

Freshman Fifteen


4. Device Dilemma:
Electronics become a part of our lives more and more ever day. Between all the social media, TV, and Netflix we have to keep up with, it’s hard to fall into the trap of living a sedentary life. To maintain your weight, one must take a minimum of 10,000 steps a day. So instead of binge watching Gossip Girl for three days straight, try to spread your TV time apart. If you just HAVE to keep going, download it to your smartphone and watch it on the treadmill. Gossip girl may make you happy, but let’s face it, a bangin’ bod is even better!

Freshman Fifteen


3. Avoid the bad drinks:
Alcohol is a blessing and a curse. Unfortunately, this God-given gift may be one of the sources of your freshman fifteen blues. Parties and events surround you with unhealthy drinks that are packed with sugar and carbs. Next time you go to the bar, avoid ordering beers and sugary drinks! Drinks mixed with juice are healthier and don’t pack as many carbs as beer. Check labels and be smart!

Freshman Fifteen


2. Review Your diet
As we grow up, our body changes. If we don’t change our diet along with our body, it can result in a weight gain. Your metabolism can’t handle the pizza and ramen diet like it did when you were a kid! Do some research online and see if the foods you eat every day are as good as you think they are! A healthy body is actually achieved seventy percent at the table and thirty percent in the gym, so choose wisely! Look of some diet plans that fit your needs and will give you that extra push to reach your goal.

Freshman Fifteen


1. Treat yourself at least once
Treat yourself?! Yes, that’s right. After working so hard, it IS okay to have a little treat. One piece of pizza a month won’t kill you, and it will tide you over when you’re getting sick of all of those leafy greens! The goal is to stay healthy without starving yourself. Love your body and reward it occasionally, but nourish it with health foods as much as possible! Remember to love your body no matter what step of your journey you are at!

Freshman Fifteen