10 Things to Do When You’re Done with Finals

The dreaded season of finals is over and we finally have some time to relax, but the question is now, what do you do with your time??

10. Sleep

I can guarantee that you are sleep deprived and probably on a major caffeine crash right now. So, I recommend that you get some sleep.

9. Get Your Nails Done

Pampering yourself can truly help you detox from all of your finals. Getting your nails done can be a simple pleasure to get you feeling better in no time!

8. Watch Obscene Amounts of Netflix 

Netflix is one of the best inventions. I suggest you indulge in it. Catch up on your favorite shows you’ve been too busy cramming to watch, or start a new series.

7. Try New Foods

You have most likely been eating Ramen noodles and fast food because you haven’t had time to cook. Try that new place you’ve been dying to go to and have something new to celebrate the end of finals.

6. Go Shopping 

Shopping can be therapeutic. It is also a great idea, because you can shop for your loved ones, or yourself, for the holidays.



Finals Week as Described by Tumblr

The semester break is so close, yet so far away. Unfortunately, the worst week of the semester is approaching. Here is how Tumblr users are feeling about finals week:


This Tumblr user knows that when it comes to when you have to study, we truly don’t commit like we should.

FullSizeRender 2

Binge Drinking

Studying for hours for a test that I still manage to fail makes me want to do a lot of things. Getting drunk is definitely one of those.

FullSizeRender 21


“Your professors are your best resource.” Yeah, maybe if I want my death date to come a bit sooner.

FullSizeRender 7

Going Home

Did you even get every thing done that day if you didn’t take a nap? No, is the correct answer, and finals week is no exception.

FullSizeRender 9


It’s finals week. Nobody is showering or sleeping. There is absolutely no time to care about your appearance.
FullSizeRender 10


15 Things You Rather Do Than Study For Finals

The end of the semester is so bittersweet. You finally get to go home for break and you never have to sit through another day of that lecture that you always end up falling asleep in. Although, you have to pass finals to get there first. Finally cracking open that $100 textbook, highlighting until the entire page is yellow, writing until your hand cramps. There’s a million things you would rather do than sit in the library brain dead for another minute….

15. Go through recruitment again

A week of losing your voice, standing in heels for hours, and insomnia would be better than trying to memorize all of the elements on the Periodic Table for Chemistry.635553957588577002-442030915_Legally-Blonde-Elle-Woods-GIF-Sorority-Recruitment

14. Go on a bad Tinder date 

Nothing’s worse than realizing you only matched with someone because his dog is cute and he ends up having no personality whatsoever. But I mean… at least you got a free dinner out of it, right?

13. Never Eat Pizza Again

Let’s be real here…. Pizza is your one true love. It solves all problems and can never break our hearts. But who wouldn’t give it up to get through finals?3-Eat-Pray-Love-quotes

12. Spend 5 Hours In The Gym

Even for the gym rats out there, five hours is a little extreme. Some of us can barely go up a flight of stairs without being out of breathe at the last step.rs_500x271-150508135356-tumblr_meso4ltNUh1qmxhobo1_r1_500

11. Give Up Your iPhone

Okay….maybe not. It’s pretty much your lifeline.tumblr_nfqjbnFWVu1tsxx7vo1_500





11 Things That Happen During Finals Week at SJU

Finals week is here and we’re already over it because……

11. The week before finals is actually more stressful because of all the group projects and presentations you have due.

10. You’re trying to finish all your papers and you aren’t making sense….

9.You just realized you have less than a week to use 50 Campion swipes.


8. You can never find a study spot in club lib



Hot Guy Motivation For Your Finals

Its almost finals week. You’re stressing. But don’t worry the internet is here to help. Why spend time studying when all you need is hot guys to tell you it’ll be okay. It’ll probably give you more confidence than reading your notes 300 times 24 hours before the test. There is a case for everyone, or maybe every case is for you. Either way, ENJOY!!!!

In case you were worried about how you’re going to do:

In case you’re a gambling type:

In case you’re a little aggressive, but also cuddly:


In case you also need a confidence booster:




The Timeline Of Studying For Finals

Ah finals…. The time where you realize you’ve slacked off all semester and you haven’t learned a thing. Now that it’s too late to withdraw, you have one last chance to pull your 55 up to a passing grade. Time for all-nighters, caffeine highs, and hand cramps from writing pages of notes.


Beginning of the Semester: Go to every class, take notes, study for all tests/quizzes, turn in all assignments on time, feeling like you have the easiest semester. Motivation level: 100self-five


Middle of the Semester: Skip class here and there, get notes from a friend, miss a homework assignment or two, think about opening your textbook that hasn’t moved from the shelf for the past two months. Motivation level: 85



Midterms: Review old tests, make flashcards, dust off the textbook and finally crack it open, get a lower grade than you expected, cry, wipe away your tears with your bad exam grade, tell yourself you’ll work on studying more. Motivation level: 60



A Month Until Finals: Tell yourself every night that you’re going to start studying, plan out what chapters you’re going to study and when, make a study group with classmates, group message them how bad you are going to fail, never end up studying together. Motivation level: 39



Two Weeks Until Finals: Collect all of your crumpled notes, read the first two chapter of the book, cry again because you’re so stressed about your other exams, go out for a night to relieve stress, waste another day sleeping to recover. Tell yourself you have two weeks to cram to make yourself feel better. Motivation Level: 12





10 Times We Were All Buddy the Elf

10. When you make a grand entrance into your favorite frat.

9. When you go home and your mom cooks.

8. When your parents ask for your post-grad plans.

7. When you realize how little you’ve prepared for a final.

6. When you see the guy you’re into.



Finals Week As Told By Alice In Wonderland

As we near the end of the semester, the only thing that crosses our minds is finals week- the week every college student dreads. It’s our “sink or swim” moment. Lewis Caroll, author of Alice in Wonderland, did a justice with his precise movie quotes. Why don’t we take a trip to Wonderland and let him reiterate for us?

“I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.”


True story. You tell yourself you’re going to study numerous times. You’re going to take small breaks in between. You’ll make a schedule of your finals to know the amount of study time you have in between each one. You try to organize your life into a whole week as best you can. Well, in a perfect world, this would work out as expected. But this is reality and life isn’t that simple. You actually cram at the last minute while taking hour long Netflix binges and feeling guilty the entire time.

“It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.”


As finals approach, everything becomes a little vague. Those long chapters, the notes you took last week, even the review the teacher gives out. Well, meet test anxiety at it’s finest. Nothing makes sense now because this is the time when it all matters. This is the judgement day of every semester. This is your “make it or break it” moment.next