6 Times You Realized You’re Actually an Adult

Turning 18 always seemed glamorous. That was until I realized that I’d officially be an adult. Now, at 19, I’ve realized that I’m not ready to have to adult, but it’s too late now. I may not think that I’m old enough, or wise enough, to be an adult, but I have caught myself doing adult things. Whether I think I’m ready or not, my time to be an adult is here. I’m sure whether you, like me, are not ready to adult, you’ve done the following things, and you’ve realized you’re turning into an adult.

Doing Laundry

Doing your own laundry for the first time. For me, it was terrifying. If you make a mistake, all of your clothes are at risk.


Favorite Social Media is Facebook

“Facebook is for old people.” If that statement is true, count me as an old person then. Because of college, Facebook has become my favorite social media platform because it allows me to stay in contact with everyone in my life.


Getting Mad When People are Loud

Call me old, but I get so annoyed when people are being too loud. I’m practically turning into Mr. Heckles from Friends.





What It’s Really Like Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day of love. Too bad this Valentine’s Day, I’ll be embracing how single I am, just like I do every other year. I’ve come to the conclusion that I always feel the same way towards Valentine’s Day. Being single on Valentine’s Day actually sucks, and this is my timeline of thoughts on Valentine’s Day.

Beginning of February

Oh look, Valentine’s Day candy. It seems like it was just Christmas. Maybe I should buy some of conversation hearts to have at home.


Week Before Valentine’s Day

Maybe someone will surprise me this year with flowers or something. There has to be someone out there who is dying to confess their love to me.


Day Before Valentine’s Day

Well, nobody has confessed their love to me yet. Looks like it will be another year of me being single on Valentine’s Day.


10 a.m. on Valentine’s Day

*receives text from mom* Oh, thanks mom. Love you too.




7 Ways Social Media Has Ruined All Of Our Lives

Social media is one of the biggest influences of our generation. Whether it’s  because this is what we have grown up with or because all of us are attention seekers isn’t the point. It’s here and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Although it’s an awesome way to stay in touch with friends and family, get ideas, and inspire others it does have its downsides. Here are seven ways social media has ruined our lives.

7. It gets in the way of friendships.

Social Media

We’ve all become accustomed to being in constant contact with each other. When we aren’t able to see our friends all the time we assume they don’t like us anymore. But that isn’t always true! Sometimes people just get busy. Being in college and being in a sorority is already a lot, plus add in work and any other clubs or extra curricular activities and you may forget to reply to a few texts.

6. It makes us think we need to share EVERYTHING.

Social Media
You know, not everyone needs to know what your eating for dinner. With Facebook people post about all their relationship problems and sometimes that just makes everything worse. On Twitter whenever we have some issue with an ex or whoever, we always sub-tweet. It never works because you can always tell who they’re talking about. Instagram is basically a feed of selfies and of course during recruitment and big little reveal you have to post at least four pictures in a day. And don’t even get me started on Snapchat. Friday nights there’s always five ten second videos of some dark room with loud music and strobe lights. Yes, we see you’re at the same party we are also at. Cool.

5. We are more likely to compare ourselves to others.

Social Media

I know this has happened more than once. You follow some fashion blogger on Instagram or Tumbler and want to copy their style. Then you want their hair, their makeup, and then you just want to change everything about yourself to look like them. It’s a slippery slope that’s easy to fall down. Everyone wants to be unique so we try so hard to be “different” instead of just being ourselves.

4. It can complicate romantic relationships.

Social Media

You know what they say, a relationships lasts longer when you keep others out of it. Today many of us post every argument we have with our significant other to social media. This can cause fights to happen and weaken relationships. A lot of people our age don’t know how to communicate face to face but instead turn to social media to air our dirty laundry. Maybe instead of sub-tweeting about how you hate when bae chews with his mouth open, you can just have a conversation with him about it.

3. It distracts us from living in the moment.

Social Media

How many times have you been at a concert or an event watching the action through the screen of your phone? Why do we all feel the need to document everything we do. I know you want to keep your memories alive in videos and pictures to look back on later, trust me I do too. But we should enjoy the moment. Put down your phone and just enjoy. Or at least limit it to one snap per event, please?

2. It makes it easier for negativity to enter our lives.

Social Media

With the prevalence of social media it’s very easy to compare ourselves to others. Sometimes it’s hard to see the value in ourselves. It’s really easy for people to talk about others behind the safety of a computer screen. Cyber-bullying is a terrible phenomenon but as strong women we need to rise above petty social media drama. Social media is great and all, but you have to remember that it doesn’t define you.

1. It distracts us from more important things.

Social Media
Social media is a HUGE time sucker. What’s the first thing you check in the morning? I’d be almost one hundred percent certain it’s your phone. What are we usually doing when we’re supposed to be doing homework? Reading some article on Facebook or scrolling through Twitter or Instagram. I can recall so many times I said I was going to take a five-minute homework break to look at some Vine videos that turned into an hour. I feel your pain. The allure of social media is really hard to get away from when you have a term paper due in the morning.

Alright, I’ve got to go. I need to approve my new Instagram followers.


Reasons Not to Go Alpha Xi Delta

Spring recruitment is upon us and proof of why we love our sorority smother our Facebook walls. Pictures of #WhyAXiD and comments of why Alpha Xi Delta is such an amaXing sorority cover my sisters’ Facebook and Twitter. I was going through my list of why I love Alpha Xi Delta, and it reminded me of something when I was a child. When my mother and I would go shopping, I would point out everything I wanted. I would point out over half the store and my mother would just shake her head and tell me “the list would be shorter if you pointed things you didn’t like.” Of course I thought that was just silly as a kid. Why would I point out things I don’t like? That would be such a waste of time. Nostalgic as I am about the 90’s, little me did not understand anything about how amazing the Backstreet Boys truly are or that I truly do love too many things… my empty bank account is proof. But my mother did have a point (don’t enjoy that comment too much mom), there are too many reasons that I love AXiD, so I made my shorter list of reasons not to go Alpha Xi Delta:

1. Do not go Alpha Xi Delta if you do not have school spirit and cannot support your sisters. Having school spirit does not mean wearing your school colors every day or painting your nails obnoxious colors, it means getting involved and helping better the school. It also means supporting your sporty sisters, your theater sisters, and your nerdy sisters. Chemistry club having a movie in the planetarium can be fun with a bunch of your best friends with you.

2. Do not go Alpha Xi Delta if you do not like building a sisterhood or a friendship that will last a lifetime. Each of my sisters are truly amaXing in their own way and I would not trade a single one of them. They are all so talented and I admire and look up to each individual woman. How many organizations can you just walk into and say that you admire and look up to every single person? Well if you find one, call me up because I want to work for them. Pillow fights are the only fights I ever get in with my sisters. (Other than the time when I wanted to watch Lion King and I got outvoted for Frozen.)

pillow fight

3. Do not go Alpha Xi Delta if you do not love giving back to the community. My sisters are some of the most caring people I have ever met and Autism Speaks is proof of this love. Light It Up Blue has not only struck the nation, but the world. You’ve heard of the Eiffel Tower, right? Well, once a year they “light it up blue” to bring awareness to Autism Speaks. The Leaning Tower of Pisa? Well, I hear it is a pretty cool place to visit you should check it out (especially when it is lit up blue).


4. Do not go Alpha Xi Delta if you do not care about education. If late sleepovers, laughing for too many hours, and running frantically getting ready for formal is not exciting, then you haven’t done it enough. If you came to school just to be social and not focus on academics, then AXiD is not for you.

5. Do not go Alpha Xi Delta if you do not want to find your potential and grow into a well-rounded woman. Success is not measured by money, or popularity; success is measured by how many hearts you touch, the laughter, the joys, and knowing that you did something to make the world a little bit better. Success is waking up in the morning and knowing that you helped someone and you have touched someone’s heart. To leave your footprint in the sand and leave no regrets that you have done something great. I have witnessed it time and time again an outstanding Alpha Xi Delta woman doing something to reach a greater goal. What is that goal? To make this world a little better, one day at a time and to have every woman see her potential.

So just like my mother said, the list is shorter to point out everything I don’t like about Alpha Xi Delta because that list would be zip. This is Why I went AXiD.


The Struggle of Being a Commuter in a Sorority

Being a commuter is great! Home-cooked meals every night, still being annoyed by your parents, being free to take off your pants as soon as you walk in the door without any hesitation of who might be in your room; it’s a grand time! Minus the 30 minute drive to and from school… without traffic. Most people do not understand the struggles of a commuter who is also in greek. While most of my sisters can go take a nap in their bed in-between classes, I have to resort to constantly having a pillow and blanket in my car for those long breaks where all you want to do is go home, but you know that if you go home you probably are not coming back. Every Monday night meeting I have to carry my clothes and makeup with me, and hastily change and put my makeup on in a school bathroom. I don’t have the luxury of having time to do these things at home.

Being A Commuter

A Sorority Commuter


 I live out of my car. I don’t say that as a joke. My car is a mess, and my trunk is a closet because of cases of spontaneous sorority events or fraternity parties. Because of my school and work and sorority schedule, I don’t see my parents- AND I LIVE WITH THEM! I am only home on average the 7 hours I get to sleep. That’s not including the times I am in shows; being a drama major also has its ups and downs with my schedule by throwing in late rehearsals and performances.

Being A Commuter

Sorority Lyfe


Some of my sisters understand, having had to commute at some point in their college career, but I’ll still get the occasional, “How come you don’t come out that often?” or, “Why weren’t you at sorority event?”.

Being A Commuter

Sorority Lyfe


To be quite honest, the perk of being a commuter is getting to spend more time with my family than living on campus, and most times I would rather sit on the couch with my mom, or actually get more than 7 hours of sleep than going out. Most of the time I won’t even be notified about a party until it’s an hour before, and I’m already home and in my PJ’s and don’t want to take an hour to get ready then another half-hour to drive to school.

So, be kind to your sisters who commute! Sure, they get some perks, but chances are they are running on very low energy and have a very tight schedule as it is.

Being A Commuter

Sorority Lyfe



MSU Gamma Phi Beta’s Social Media is on Point

With the world of social media booming, it is almost impossible to be anyone worth mentioning if you lack this brilliant tool. From the rise of Facebook, to Twitter, Instagram, tumblr, and Pinterest booming as well, organizations, businesses, and people can be all over the web. As elections have ended for the fall semester in the world of Sororities, it is imperative the right social media chair has been appointed. This person has to understand the philosophy of, “if it wasn’t posted on social media, did it even happen?” Through various outlets of social media, sororities are able to market themselves, something crucial for not only recruiting prospective members, but for letting the rest of the world know how kick a** they are. One such sorority that is encompassing the world of college creativity, marketing, and appropriate hashtags is none other than my pride and joy, Gamma Phi Beta of MSU.