10 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Life is one big game of chance. As a person you develop certain things that will hold you back a little bit. Being a girl, well some people think that is a set back that we are born with. You are given different paths to choose from and once you choose one you pray that you picked the right one. Yet in the end you end up to where you are suppose to be. Yet having a leg up on the competition just by having a couple of clues on life in your pocket that can make your life a little bit more pretty never hurt anybody either.

10. Breaking The New Shoes In

Nobody enjoys the pain it takes to get your new shoes to the level of comfort that all of your other shoes are at so here is a little trick that I’ve learned. All you need is a hair dryer, your thickest pair of winter socks, and your new shoes. Put on your socks then your shoes and put your hair dryer on them. You’ll be blow hot air onto the tight spots of those new shoes you splurged on.

break in

9. Makin’ Bank

The classic way to store money is a safe or you safety deposit box if you’re banking like that. Yet if you just want to put away a couple of dollars just use your Chapstick to hide some of your cash for those late night McDonald’s run. I know you’re thinking “Why Chapstick?” Well It’s small and easy to carry around, plus no one will think to look in your tube of Chapstick for money…..until now.


8. All The Colors

As we get older we start accumulating things that actually have a purpose in our life. For example, keys. Yes I said keys. As we hit adulthood we get an apartment which comes with a key, a mailbox comes with a key, your spare car key, your parent’s house key, and whatever else you have a key to. After a while those keys start to look the same so all you have to do is paint them! By painting each key a certain color it will help you find that certain key a lot quicker.


7. Those Jeans Are Icy 

A new trick that I’ve learned is kind of on the odd side. Say you have a pair of jeans that are your go to and you want to wear them tomorrow but they stink and you’re too lazy to wash them. Well then you stick them in a plastic bag and put them in your freezer overnight. I’m not sure why this works but I do know that it works. Just don’t put the jeans on straight out of the freezer it doesn’t have the same comforting feeling as the dryer.

cold jeans

6. No More D.O.

By D.O. I mean deodorant. Have you noticed that every time you slip on your little black dress you have an unwanted accessory. The deodorant marks that never come off. Well here is a trick to get those marks off. All you have to do is take a pair of tights or nylons and rub the marks right out.

do marks