3 Things Society Overreacts to

I understand that as a society, there are things wrong, and we must address them. But recently we have started making mountains out of mole hills, making issues larger than they are, and blowing every little word out of proportion.


1) Bullying: Almost every month in High School, there was some sort of program/meeting/assembly about bullying. I went to an all white, extremely middle-class, public high school. While people were terribly mean to each other, there was never really bullying. And I get that it is a problem with certain people, in different schools, but really the way that it blew up for 3 or 4 years was extremely unnecessary.


If you’re getting bullied on the internet the best fix is to shut off the computer… If you’re getting bullied in real life, just walk away. No one cares as much as the adults in school think they did. Instead of spending at least a week over the school year talking about a subject that didn’t entirely pertain to us, really it is up to the parents to deal with that. A good ole smack to the back of the head is really all that is needed to fix a bully, not a seminar on feelings.


2) Hazing: This is an issue. People died, and laws needed to be put into place. But society has taken this issue, and turned it into everything. My sorority is not allowed to do anything anymore. There are no requirements to meet to be initiated. Basically you have to be recruited, then sit around for 7 weeks not really learning anything, and not having to do anything you don’t want to. We can’t even encourage them to do certain things, like getting to know each other better, trying to meet all the sisters in the chapter, or even scavenger hunts. Society took a handful of terrible incidents, and blew it into a complete national overhaul.


Every national chapter is too worried covering their asses as to not get thrown into the news that chapters walk around on eggshells, making everything optional, and not doing anything that may be seen as possibly a slight suggestion of hazing. Its bullsh*t. Paddling, naked laps, bottle squats, and body shaming. These are things that should never be done to another person. These are the types of hazing that should be banned, and that people should get in trouble for. Conversations, games, knowledge about the organization you are joining, getting to know each other, and  responsibilities around campus. These are things that are banned, that chapters can get totally f-ed over for, that make no sense to me. And its not just in Greek life. Its sports, student government, classes. Every one is watching their backs and turning into complete babies. How are people supposed to know how to set up the sports equipment if they aren’t taught how to as freshmen?


3) Shaming: There is now a disclaimer on the first amendment. No longer is it freedom of speech. Now its the freedom to say things that don’t offend any one and doesn’t have an opinion on anything, and that can’t be taken negativity. Say someone has slept with a guy she shouldn’t have? Slut shaming. Say someone that large is unhealthy and more likely to develop heart problems? Fat shaming. Say you don’t like the way someone’s body looks? Body shaming. Anything you have a differing opinion on is shaming.


My friend recently commented on how a celebrity had gained a few pounds. He was then immediately attacked by everyone else in my group about how he is fat shaming, and body shaming, and how he didn’t have the right to talk about her like that because his views weren’t perfect. Basically he was allowed he wasn’t aloud to voice his opinion. Stop! It is a first amendment right that you can say what you want, as long as you’re not threatening the life or rights of another human being. You can say what ever you want. And people are allowed to disagree with you. But no one should ever feel like what they believe in is not allowed to be shared openly.




Why Going To A Small College Is Equivalent To A Bigger High School

On one hand going to school on a small campus can have a its benefits. It has that small town feel to where they have family owned diners with the best breakfast, the locals come and support at the football games, and the owner of the small boutique knows your name. Don’t let the hometown goodness fool you because once you step on campus that filter goes away. The cons that you will probably run to things such as:

Your Business is Their Business

Everyone knows either from personal experience or  witnessing someone going through their business being put out for everyone to enjoy, except that person. At a small school it seems like  everyone is connected to everyone by someone; everyone is each other’s mutual friend. So say you end up getting into it with one of your good friends. She tells the guy she is talking to, he tells his roommates, they tell their teammates, the teammates tell their girlfriends, and the girlfriends tell their friends, and one of those friends come right back to you. Theirs no room for you to live and make a mistake or two because I’m pretty sure that’s a part of life; you know the phrase “you live and you learn”? No? I guess that’s what happens when people see things one way.

mind ya business

Lose 1 friend, lose all friends

Sometimes you feel like campus is so small that you can be friends with everybody. I mean maybe if you try hard enough that could possibly work out. In reality you find a group of people that mesh the best with you and your ways. Yet when you first find this group of friends you’re not thinking about the flaws that they have, you’re thinking about what party you guys are going to crash this weekend. Then you turn around and do something that is not to the liking of the ring leader. When queen bee is upset everyone catches her wrath. She says jump her workers ask how high. She says we out they grab her stuff. So once she decides that she is done with you then her followers are done with you as well. Then you have to start from scratch and find yourself a new group of friends.

we out



The 10 Worst Girls You Know

If you can make me laugh, you can be in my circle. If you’re any of these people below… you can’t. As my bestie’s ex bf once put it, “my treehouse is full” (and nobody has room for girls like this).

You can't sit with us

10. The Drama Queen

This girl’s always startin’ something. If a friend says ‘nice shirt’, she probably assumes it was a back-handed comment about how her entire outfit sucks… and then tries to get you to talk sh*t about them for an hour.


9. The Negative Nancy

Let’s be clear: this girl thinks EVERYTHING IS AWFUL. A boy smiles at her? UGH, HE WAS PROBABLY LAUGHING AT ME. Find $10 on the ground? UGH, I’M JUST GOING TO HAVE TO USE THIS ON RENT. Get invited to a party? UGH, THIS IS GOING TO BE SUCH A BAD NIGHT. You can’t win.


8. The Girl Who Hates Girls

This girl doesn’t like you because you were also born with a double-X chromosome. Maybe she’s threatened? Maybe she’s jealous? Maybe you look better in a leather jacket than she does? There’s really no logical explanation.

girl hate

7. The Flirty “Friend”

This girl will flirt with your boyfriend right in front of your face and pretend she was just too drunk to know what was happening. Do. Not. Trust. Her.

bf stealer

6. The “Helpless Because I’m A Girl” – Girl

Nothing annoys me more than a girl who refuses to do anything for herself. ‘Help, I can’t do this hard task by myself! I’m a girl!’… ugh. This is not the 1920’s, okay? BELIEVE ME, boys, she knows what she’s doing. In reality, she’s the mastermind of us all.

help me



10 One Tree Hill Quotes to Lead You Through Life

One Tree Hill may have ended in 2012, but the beloved characters will forever hold a place in our hearts. Who amongst us didn’t celebrate with the Scott brothers when the Ravens finally won the State Championships? Who didn’t cheer when Peyton threatened the tactless nurse because Haley was in pain and pregnant? Who didn’t cry with Brooke as she let her heartbreak fuel the celebrated Clothes Over Bros beginning? Robots, that’s who.

not crying

            One Tree Hill’s storyline resonated with young viewers because it allowed us to grow up alongside characters we could empathize with. We wanted to know them. We wanted to be them. Excellent underground music meets witty literary references meets attractive and relatable characters, making for one of the best teen dramas to date. If you can’t tell, I’m still not completely over it.

not okay

And so, as the words of the poetic Lucas Scott are forever written in our minds and on our hearts, so are some of the most iconic quotes from this cherished series. With that, I give you: 10 One Tree Hill Quotes To Lead You Through Life: