Red Flags of a One Night Stand

College is all a learning experience.  Throughout your four years you will meet new people, lose old friends and develop new relationships.  For many people, a new type of relationship, and one of the shortest you will find, will form and this is the one night stand.  Whether you met him at a bar or he’s the cute guy from last semester’s history class, your relationship will only last you until the next morning when you can walk, heels in hand back to your room at 6am.  However, not everyone is always on the same page with this casual hookup.  So to keep things from ending poorly, here is a list of red flags for your next one night stand:
10. You have to be quiet because his mom is home- Now he deserves the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe he is just trying to save some money on rent but you do not want to wake up in the morning to his mom cooking you breakfast and asking what your intentions with her son are.
9. He has a picture with his girlfriend next to his bed- Although it is just a one night stand, you really do not want to be the other woman.  While you may not owe her anything, the risk of the girlfriend calling him is enough to cause way too much stress.  You do not need that on your conscience.
8. He tells you he is a virgin-  More power to him, he has waited to have sex and that is something most people don’t have the self control to do.  However, you do not want to be the one to take his virginity during a one night long relationship.  You don’t want the risk of making it more than it is.
7. He takes you to his car, not a house- Maybe he is down on his luck and that is completely understandable.  But you do not want to be caught hooking up in a car with a stranger and certainly you are both too drunk to drive the car anywhere secluded.  At the end of the day, not a good idea.
6. He has to tuck his kids into bed first- Good for him, he is clearly a very good looking older man and can pick up a younger girl.  However, he is clearly at a VERY different stage in his life than you are.  Plus you have no idea if his ex is crazy and you do not want to risk that.


10 Upsides to Having a Long Distance Relationship

It has been said multiple times that long distance relationships never work out. Yes, they are hard and require a lot of work, but in the end sometimes, they are really worth the trouble and the worry that come with them.

10.  When you do see them, your face lights up like a Christmas tree. Putting in the effort is one thing after another, but finally seeing the person that you love dearly after months even years of not physically seeing them, is the most amazing feeling in the world.

9. In a long distance relationship, you develop a strong sense of trust that no one could ever break. In any relationship you have to have some trust, but in a long distance relationship that trust is not automatically given, it’s earned.

Do You Trust me

8. Your relationship is more than just physical. Having a physical relationship is hard when you are so far away from each other, but along with that comes a deeper more emotional connection.

7. Independence. Not having your significant other around all the time gives you more time to hang out with your friends and not be attached to your significant other. Learning that you don’t have to depend on each other is a great skill to have when you are apart.


6. Learning to be creative when you can’t see each other. FaceTime and Skype were created for a reason, to communicate with people you cannot see often. Love letters and emails can also be alternatives to not seeing each other, it also brings a classic twist to your relationship.



12 Times You Were Rachel from Friends

12. When you’re just hanging out at with your favorite dudes.

11. Every day of finals week.

10. When you update your resume.

9. When your roommates bring you leftovers.

8. When the guy you only ever “talked” to starts ignoring you.

7. When you see a picture of Zac Efron.



12 Things You Should Thank Your University For

As a college student, we each take pride in our university. We cherish the place we choose to further our knowledge and prepare ourselves for the real world. Here are things we should be forever thankful for:

12. Academic growth.


11. Credibility for future jobs and field networking.


10. A home team to call your own; sports are the heart of every school.


9. It’s the almost perfect location to get away from home and free your soul.

dance party

8. Meeting new people and finding new places to indulge in.


7. Your clubs, interest groups, etc.




10 New Years Resolutions We’re Tired Of Hearing

As the year comes to an end, behold the ridiculous, worn out New Year’s resolutions that people can’t seem to let go of. They don’t seem to change, and they make us want to punch someone in the face. Here are the resolutions that we’re all tired of hearing:

10. I’m going to starting eating better. No, you won’t. You’ll eat healthy for two or three days before cravings get the best of you.


9. I’ll make a workout plan and stick to it. You’ll make the workout plan, but, sweetheart, you will not be sticking to it.


8. I’ll start saving more and spending less. Everyone knows this is easier said than done. Have you forgotten you’re a poor college student?


7. I’m going to quit smoking. Unfortunately, some habits never really die.


6. I promise to pay bills on time and stay debt free. Life itself won’t allow you to follow through with this. But, good luck trying.




Why Our Generation Is The “Robot” Generation

Look around you. Whether you’re walking through the grocery store, going to class, waiting in line, or even driving your car- you’ll see a society defined by a screen and a keyboard. I like to call this the “robot” generation. Instead of giving attention to the life in front of us, we’re constantly giving it up to social networks and telecommunications. And that, my friend, is not okay.

As the years go on, we are becoming more and more consumed by technology and the screens of our phones, tablets, and computers. It’s becoming overwhelming, the amount of time we spend on electronics. Compared to the amount of technology use there was decades ago, we have certainly set a record. Now, technology is a part of us.


The amount of time people spend scrolling on a glass screen throughout the day can be shocking. Instead of talking to someone face to face, people are more prone to text that person- calling them would be a second option. Instead of venting to our significant other or best friend, we turn to social networks. Instead of watching the news on television, we’re sharing it on a Facebook post. We make technology such a large part of our lives when it really doesn’t have to be.

In the present day world, we give more power to technology than it truly deserves. We spend more than a majority of our day looking down at a screen. People laugh it off when the elder generation tell us we’re killing our brain cells.. well, research has proven they have a point. It’s been said that technology can worsen depression, anxiety, and can make you feel obligated. It has initiated drama, relationship problems, and influences a major issue among society- bullying.


Our generation can’t seem to exist without phones, social media, and technology as a whole. For this reason, we lack a lot of experience that the previous generations before us excel in. We’re more vulnerable to miscommunication and bad judgement. We don’t think, and we make the same mistakes over and over again.

There’s nothing wrong with social networking or using your phone daily. Sometimes it can be good communication. For some of us, it’s part of our job and daily routine. But, it is certainly healthier to reduce the time we invest in these gadgets. We could be spending time with family, bonding with our best friends, learning something new, or going on a spontaneous adventure. This time lost is time we’ll never get back, and life is too short for that.


So, the next time you go on a lunch date or decide to take your friend shopping, leave your phone on silent or in the car. A few hours without it won’t kill you. A break from social media and networking can honestly relieve stress and help a person feel better majority of the time.

Appreciate the life in front of you, put your cellphone down.


Finals Week As Told By Alice In Wonderland

As we near the end of the semester, the only thing that crosses our minds is finals week- the week every college student dreads. It’s our “sink or swim” moment. Lewis Caroll, author of Alice in Wonderland, did a justice with his precise movie quotes. Why don’t we take a trip to Wonderland and let him reiterate for us?

“I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.”


True story. You tell yourself you’re going to study numerous times. You’re going to take small breaks in between. You’ll make a schedule of your finals to know the amount of study time you have in between each one. You try to organize your life into a whole week as best you can. Well, in a perfect world, this would work out as expected. But this is reality and life isn’t that simple. You actually cram at the last minute while taking hour long Netflix binges and feeling guilty the entire time.

“It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.”


As finals approach, everything becomes a little vague. Those long chapters, the notes you took last week, even the review the teacher gives out. Well, meet test anxiety at it’s finest. Nothing makes sense now because this is the time when it all matters. This is the judgement day of every semester. This is your “make it or break it”


10 Reasons Why You’re Broke In College

College is a time for fun, adventure, exploration, and for most, a time for budgeting. I for one always seem to be a little short in the cash department, and my bank account always seems to be lacking. Sometimes I have literally $2.34 in my account. Selling things online and to random students who need a pair of shoes I don’t wear anymore can only get you so far. While there are probably dozens, here are 10 reasons why college students are broke. 

10. I cannot count how many times I go “window shopping” and end up blowing almost all my money. I mean I didn’t really NEED that necklace and blouse.. did I?


9. Target. I mean seriously that store is designed to run us dry. You walk in and there is a whole section that is “only 1 dollar”. Walking through the store you just put stuff in your cart because everything is so cute or “affordable” until you see the grand total at the register.


8. Groceries. I mean a head of lettuce is like 4 bucks and that’s the heathy stuff! I never look forward to having to go ring up all my food at the register, but we NEED food to eat (sighs).

7. Alcohol. With all the stress of classes and having to plan for “real life” puts a strain on us poor college students. WE NEED THE BOOZE. I mean for a bottle of wine, I am dropping a good $10. Y’all can do the math.


6. Going out. Well you can only pre-game so much then when you get to the bar you have to pay cover and its $10, are you kidding me? Oh and lets not forget the expensive (and small drinks) you have to buy in order to handle this crowd at the bar.




15 Dogs That Portray College Students

Dogs are amazing, they are man’s best friend but honestly dogs are practically human. Dogs, like humans, have personalities that make them irresistible but also hilarious to encounter. The best thing about dogs is their emotions are so clearly displaced through their facial expressions and their body language. Here are 15 dogs that perfectly describe you in college.

15. When you first start college as a freshman, you feel invincible. Your parents drop you off and its suddenly party central.


14. Eating at the dining hall with your roommate, its not very good but you eat it anyways.


13. When you see your crush in class and you shoot him that “hey good looking” smirk.


12. When you spend the whole day on the couch and your roommate asks “have you been here all day?” .


11. When some random hits on you at the bar, sometimes you just gotta show them who’s boss.




7 Signs You’ve Mastered The Art of “Adulting”

The adult world. Everyone has to go through it, but only some can truly handle it. Growing up has it’s perks but also it’s disadvantages. It’s not easy but this is reality. Sooner or later you just have to get the hang of it. Here’s some signs that you’ve been there:

7. You schedule your own doctor’s/dentist appointments. You avoid getting sick or needing to be seen because you hate scheduling your own appointments. Someone has to do it and it’s no longer your mommy. No one likes going get checkups or filling out paperwork, but you do it because your health is important and you can’t be rich if you die too soon.



6. Naps are not a thing. You don’t have time for naps like you used to. For one, you don’t trust yourself to not oversleep, and for two, you know that there’s always something that needs to be done. Responsibilities don’t go away. The good ole days are gone and you’ve accepted that like a true adult.





10 Disney Quotes To Guide You Through College

College is the best and worst times of our lives. We experience the real world at it’s finest. We’re no longer the little, care-free people (who take naps) that we once were. Sometimes we want to give up and give in. But in the end, college is what you make of it. You can make the best or worst out of it, it’s all up to you!

“All our dreams can come true- if we have the courage to pursue them.” -Walt Disney

10. If you truly believe in your goals and your future, you are capable of achieving that and more! Hard work and patience will guide you to where you want to be. It just takes perseverance, determination, and the will power to do so!


“Have courage and be kind.” -Cinderella

9. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad day or woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Smile, keep your chin up, and be kind to everyone, no matter how you’re feeling. Some are fighting a battle that you may not know about. When you’re kind to others, it brings positive energy to those around you including yourself!

“Never forget who you are.” -The Lion King




The Love, Hate Friendship


... are the content uploads love hate relationship quote quotes PicturesLadies, we all have that one sister or maybe more than one that we love to death but sometimes we hate her guts. She may not even be one of your sisters, she could just be one of your best friends you’ve known forever. Whatever the case may be, you know who it is. She’s always attached to your hip no matter what.

Why you hate her

She’s the girl you really wonder why she acts the way she does in certain situations and it really irritates the living hell out of you. You’re at that first frat party of the year and shes the one who is supposed to be the DD yet she acts as if she has been playing drinking games all night you try to tell her that’s not cool but why would she listen to you. Yeah she’s that girl.. you love her but sometimes you just want to shake her and ask her what the heck she is thinking.. usually she isn’t thinking. You have the flu and you’re in your tiny uncomfortable twin size bed in your dorm room trying to sleep, you finally pass out and she calls you at 3 A.M from a payphone at some cheap college bar needing you to pick her up, you have to crawl out of your bed and go find your car out in the 409. She’s also the girl who gets googly eyes around that one guy that she’s desperately in love with but he has a girlfriend..she will talk about him every time you are with her. She makes everything about her most of the time but she claims she doesn’t mean to. She acts like a baby when you don’t do what she wants to do so you eventually have to give in. She’s usually a pain in the ass 24/7.

Why you love her

She is always there for you no matter what. You fight about the most silly things but you get over it fast. The 3 A.M calls are worth it in the end, she called YOU, she could have called anyone but she chose you! She talks about that one guy in front of you even though your sick of it she does it because she knows you wont judge her and you are willing to listen. You love her because she is your best friend and nothing can change that. You have to know how to be forgiving, even though she does things you hate you will always love her. She has your back and you have hers. You should feel lucky that she is open with you because if she wasn’t and she wasn’t a pain in the ass then you two wouldn’t have the memories, you wouldn’t have anything to look back on. Its the small things that count. Don’t beat her up when she has an attitude with you, just give her one back and then make up. Just because yall have a love hate relationship just means you have a stronger connection, you know what makes each other tick.