The Week Before Spring Break as Told by SNL

The week before Spring Break, otherwise known as midterm week can be hell.  Between papers, tests, and other assignments this week is stressful. Thankfully there is a light at the end of the tunnel, however, known as Spring Break.

10. When all of your teachers assign a boat load of homework and assignments all due the week before break

9. Group projects… don’t even get me started

8. When you have a midterm tomorrow and you haven’t opened a book yet.

7. When your professor asks if you’re ready for the exam

6. ..and you just give her a look of horror

I’m going to fail.




Moving Back for Spring Semester as Told by New Girl

Congratulations collegiates! You did it. You survived the awkward banter at Christmas, watched all the Netflix you humanly could, and most importantly you got through the boredom of being somewhere where there is absolutely nothing to do. Once you realize the day has finally come, you go through a few exciting steps, from catching up with friends to new classes.

10. You realize it’s THE day…the day you’re going back to school


9. You get to see your long lost friends 

Hopefully your hugs are better than this…

8. You catch up with your college friends

7. You can finally show your roommates the new cooking skills you acquired over break…

…or lack there of


6. There are so many new hotties in your classes