Sorority Sister Caught Cheating On Her Exams

Is cheating on exams against sorority rules? Do sorority girls cheat on college exams? Well, many sorority girls are honest, helpful, and caring, but not all sisters¬†are this way. A sorority girl at a local university was caught cheating on her exams. On campus, she goes by the name of “Bobo.” With a 3.82 GPA and a college scholarship, you would expect that she would have everything going for her. But when she was caught cheating on her exams, everything went downhill.

sorority sister


The following is from a fellow student in the class that wanted to tell her story.

“She walked into class with a dirty smirk on ¬†her face, and I knew what she was going to do… I could just tell. I couldn’t let her mess up the curve; she was going to ruin everything and cheat. So I knew that I had to tell the professor, I couldn’t take it anymore! I mean what would you do in that kind of situation? As she sat down in her seat with her yellow pencil, I knew that right after the exam I had to tell the professor. I thought to myself, wait a second… it will be too late. I made believe that I had finished my exam and tapped the professor on the shoulder. I whispered in his ear and hinted that I should come out in the hallway.

sorority sister

This is what I told him: ‘Professor, I know that she is cheating, not only is it wrong, but it is effecting everyone in the classroom. She is also in a sorority, which is hurting our reputation.’ He nodded his head and looked at her through the small glass panel in the door. He opened the door as I walked in behind him. You could see that she put her “cheat sheet” underneath the test booklet. He walked to her desk and picked up her paper. The ‘cheat sheet’ was right on the desk, catching her red-handed. Sometimes we all have to make difficult decisions in life, and I really wish I did not have to do it. She was a sorority sister, but I have now lost all respect for her.”

The question is… If the class was at stake, what would you do?

sorority sister