15 ’90s Girls We All Wanted to Be

The ’90s were the best of times; hair scrunchies, platform shoes, glitter for days. Ah, memories.

Truth be told, the ’90s were a high point for girl power. From TV to music to film, ’90s women were hot, fierce forces to be reckoned with. We looked up to them, in all their peace-sign throwing glory… especially the fifteen listed below.



15. Britney Spears


Let’s start with the obvious… ‘90s Britney was the hottest girl in town. She was dating the most famous boy band singer of the ‘90s (one Mr. Justin Timberlake), she rocked the adorable school-girl vibe, she had yet to get knocked up by K-Fed and shave her head. She was it. And we wanted it.



14. Christina Aguilera

If you weren’t wanting to be the ’90s good girl, it’s because you wanted to be the ’90s bad girl. Pre-mom Christina was the badass Genie in A Bottle we all envied.



13. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

The only thing we loved more than one awesome ’90s girl was TWO of them. In the late ’90s, the Olsens were just beginning to hit their prime, gracefully moving towards a career that would leave them financially set for life. Between the funky style and hot on-screen boyfriends, we all wanted to be their bestie (and we all had a favorite… looking at you, Mary-Kate).



12. Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone played rich, hilarious Cher in ’90s Clueless. Clever and fashion-forward, she and bestie Dion would hop in that cute little white Jeep and drive off into the perfect life we all wanted.

alicia silverstone


11. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston grabbed all the cute guys- she was married to Brad Pitt, for God’s sake! She played adorable fashionista on the best sitcom of all-time, Friends, and she even coined the signature ‘Rachel Green’ haircut. What’s not to love?

jennifer aniston







8 Famous Greeks And The Type Of Member They Probably Were

8. Steven Spielberg- Theta Chi

Famous Greeks

Spielberg was totally the brother who spent a little too much time alone in his room. He was the artsy kid that was always taking weird classes and attending those weird free events on campus. He was definitely responsible for any and all rush videos and if frats had Tumblr pages, he was in charge. He was probably a bit of an outsider and missed too many of the keggers to be a true frat star, but hey, look who’s laughing now. At least now we know what we was doing all those years cooped up in his room but at the time, it probably just looked super sketchy.

7. James Marsden- Delta Tau Delta

Famous Greeks

Marsden was for sure the “pretty boy pledge” that was basically treated like a freshman all four years. He was picked on constantly and was always forced to shotgun yet another beer. Marsden was probably forced to clean up after every house party and clean the urinals with a toothbrush. At dinnertime, he was always served last and DEFINITELY sang in the communal showers. In his defense, he did the chapter wonders for attracting the ladies, but the older brothers would steal them from him every time.

 6. Bob Barker- Sigma Nu

Famous Greeks

Call me crazy, but I’m sure Barker was a grade A frat star back in the day. He had women waiting on his hands and feet, and was the first guy to invite the other sororities over to party. When it came to socials, Barker meant business and always showed up to the event in the best themed outfit out of anyone else. He was the first guy to get up on the table and dance with the ladies. Hell, he had so much fun in college he kept smiling for years after.

5. Matthew McConaughey- Delta Tau Delta

Famous Greeks

Matt was a mix of pretty boy and frat star. We will call him party boy. Matt was the brother who would be dancing in the chapter room, beer in hand, with the speaker system blasting, an hour before the pregame even started. But his real vice was football tailgates. He would throw on a flannel and cowboy boots and belt country music at the top of his lungs while standing on the bed of a pickup truck. His favorite song would have been “Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy” but whenever girls were present he would change the lyrics to “save a horse, ride a McConaughey”.

4. Brad Pitt- Sigma Chi

Famous Greeks

Pitt was the weird pledge that thought he was really good with the ladies because he tried to get into a spiritual conversation with them while a roaring party was happening in the same room. In reality the girls went for it because he’s so good-looking but instantly turned away when he tried to make the conversation about their Zodiac sign. He was a great pot buddy for all the brothers but something about him was secretly a bit soft.

3. Tory Burch- Kappa Alpha Theta

Famous Greeks

Tory is what every sorority girl strives to be. In college, she was constantly busy, she was probably totally addicted to her planner and missed a few too many socials while she was applying for internships and planning how her life was gonna go to a T. She probably had a position and was on top of every task that was asked of her. She always had the best outfits at meeting and you would never see her on campus in less than a dress and belted cardigan.

2. Carrie Underwood- Sigma Sigma Sigma

Famous Greeks

Carrie was every southern fried frat boy’s dream girl. She was the girl dancing on the bed of pick up trucks at tailgates, her and McConaughey would get along great. Every guy drooled at the sight of her in her lettered game day shirt, Daisy Duke’s and cowboy boots. She got asked to every Weekender and kept up with the boys shotgunning beers on every single one of them She could throw on a TriSig tank top and jeans to go to class and still catch the attention of every guy on campus.

1. Lo Bosworth- Kappa Kappa Gamma

Famous Greeks

Miss Lolo didn’t miss any event in her entire 4 years. She was anywhere and everywhere. Everyone knew Lo and she always had the best gossip after a fun weekend and chapter meeting. Even though she did show up to everything and was a super active member, she participated with huge black sunglasses on and a chronic resting bitch face. The newest pledge class was definitely terrified of her and her little could not have been more honored to be related to her.