The 18 Best Things About Having Guy Friends

The coveted, platonic relationship between a guy and a girl BFF is something most only see as legend.

Two people with potential sexual energy CANNOT POSSIBLY get along without wanting to jump each other. Am I right?

eye roll


The answer is no. Having a close guy friend has more benefits than any potential uncomfortableness that may be brought on by two close friends hanging out alone. Not to mention that most of the time, they’re more like a brother than any kind of potential hook-up, the prospect of which makes you actually want to vom.

threw up


The Ed Sheeran to your Taylor Swift, the Harry Potter to your Hermione Granger, you’re there for them through thick and thin, with the added bonus of giving insight to the often-confusing female perspective and none of the jealousy. They’re a great balance to have in a world surrounded by sometimes catty, passive aggressive female friends; here’s why:

18. Once you’re in the inner circle, guys will open up around you with their ridiculous, raunchy, crude humor… and it’s hilarious.



17. Their jackets are warm, more comfy, and essentially up for grabs at all times.



16. Their perspective is invaluable because they know how boys think in all situations. (As is yours when they’re wondering whether their GF is being crazy).

bitches be crazy


15. Boys have limited drama.



14. They’re a perfect cover when you’re trying to duck the creepy guy at the bar.

fake bf


13. They’re protective over you like you are their actual sisters.

protective 2




10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Boys

Guys are great and all but sometimes(and by that I mean most of the time) they’re a little too much to handle. Your dog on the other hand-always loyal, always wants to cuddle, and always happy. Now, someone might have said that a dog is man’s best friend but a dog can replace a man.

10) They want to cuddle 24/7

A dogs daily routine reveals around 15+ hours of napping. Chances are when you get home from a long day, your pup will be down for a mid-afternoon snooze too.


9) They’re always happy to see you

You can leave to go get milk at the store and when you come back, it will be like you’ve been gone for hours. Shout out to pups for never getting sick of you


8) No mess

There’s no one else to leave the seat up, get toothpaste all over the sink, leave dirty clothes everywhere, leave dirty dishes in the sink. Unless your pup isn’t house trained, you’ll have a pretty spotless house.

Dog on the toilet

7) They won’t cheat

Both your pup and BF will look at other girls, but who still will come back at the end of the night? Yeah, pup knows not to bite the hand that feeds ’em….


6) Dogs can’t complain about your driving

I mean, they can but all they do in the car is sleep or stick they’re head out the window. They don’t really care as long as they can still do that no matter how many lights you run

…..And you’re lying if you haven’t had a guy complain about your driving at least once.





20 GIFS That Will Make You Boy Crazy

Boys, boys, boys.

Sometimes we just wanna stare at something cute and imagine it’s also charming and rich, okay?


20. Like Channing Tatum in Magic Mike.


19. Or Jensen Ackles as the fearless Dean Winchester.



18. You could also take a shot at Jared Padalecki as his brother, Sammy.



17. Or ripped Deadpool leading man, Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds


16. And especially the hot dinosaur trainer, Owen, played by Chris Pratt.

Chris Pratt



What Sports Mean to the Girl Who Hates Sports

It’s not just a word. Heck, it’s not even just something we’ll never play. It’s all about the…

Cute outfits. Yes, I want your jersey to wear as a dress with my white high top converse.

Cute pictures. “I’m going to cheer and hold up this foam finger in a sec, here’s my phone take an action shot.”

Drinking. If it’s a reason to slam tequila shots then hell yeah I’ll roll with it.

Flirting. Sports= boys. Lots of ‘em sweating and rowdy.




10 Ways To Show Him You’re Not Interested

Okay, he’s cute. But his friend is cuter. Or maybe you have a guy at home. Whatever the reason for doing so, sometimes it’s awkward to relay the disinterested vibe to a guy. You don’t want to be mean, but you certainly don’t want to end up in his bed tomorrow morning. What do you do to nip it in the bud?

10. Wear jewelry that your boyfriend gave you… or looks like a boyfriend would give you if you had one. Guys can spot a ring or a classic “boyfriend” necklace from a mile away. And if they don’t, they’ll probably compliment it as a conversation starter to which you can respond, “Thanks, my boyfriend got it for me.”

9. Don’t take free drinks. Guys buy you drinks so they can 1) assert their dominance and show off 2) get you drunk so your judgment is impaired and they have a higher chance of taking you home. Duh.

8. Don’t flirt back. Don’t touch them in any way because that can easily be misconstrued as flirtatious. Be nice…but not too nice.

7. Unmatch on Tinder. Why bother with his “???” messages when you haven’t responded in a few hours. Just unmatch and set him loose on another innocent Tinderella.

6. Don’t answer his texts. If you can help it, don’t even give him your number. Don’t start or continue a conversation with a guy that you have no interest in. If he’s a random guy you met at a bar, you’ll never see him again anyway. If it’s someone who you’ll see from time to time or someone you’d consider being friends with, be absolutely sure the conversation stays platonic.



13 Things You Tolerate With A Party Girl Roommate

My roommates signature move is to barge into my room unannounced, dive bomb my bed and straddle me as she yells, “LET’S F***ING PARTY!” We’ve been roomies for  two wonderful years, and it’s been quite an adventure. I party quite frequently, but I’m no match for her. If your roomie is a partier, here’s a few things you’ll have to get used to as the “responsible” one.

13. Hearing the post-game arrive at 3am on a Wednesday. The dollar beer special wasn’t enough to satisfy these party animals. They need to return to my apartment to blast “Fat Lip” by Sum 41 and crush another 30 rack before their 9am class tomorrow.

12. Picking her up from the party. Sometimes she drunk types the address wrong and sends me 6 miles in the opposite direction. Sometimes I pick her up the morning after the party.

11. Cleaning the sticky counter. After every pregame full of spilled shots and card games, I have to salvage what’s left of my card deck and wipe down the counter just to enjoy a bowl of cereal without my spoon sticking to the counter.

10. Listening to midday vom sessions. I’m just in my bed reading something for class and can’t concentrate because I hear my roommate dry heaving in the bathroom. Honestly, I’m used to it by now.

9. Dealing with drunk drama sessions. Without fail, she comes into my room every night when I’m dead asleep, crawls onto my bed and tells me literally every detail about the night whether I asked or not.

8. Not knowing if people are sleeping on your couch. Every morning I peek out my door to the couch to check if any drunkies passed out there, or if it’s safe to start making eggs in my towel.



Red Flags of a One Night Stand

College is all a learning experience.  Throughout your four years you will meet new people, lose old friends and develop new relationships.  For many people, a new type of relationship, and one of the shortest you will find, will form and this is the one night stand.  Whether you met him at a bar or he’s the cute guy from last semester’s history class, your relationship will only last you until the next morning when you can walk, heels in hand back to your room at 6am.  However, not everyone is always on the same page with this casual hookup.  So to keep things from ending poorly, here is a list of red flags for your next one night stand:
10. You have to be quiet because his mom is home- Now he deserves the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe he is just trying to save some money on rent but you do not want to wake up in the morning to his mom cooking you breakfast and asking what your intentions with her son are.
9. He has a picture with his girlfriend next to his bed- Although it is just a one night stand, you really do not want to be the other woman.  While you may not owe her anything, the risk of the girlfriend calling him is enough to cause way too much stress.  You do not need that on your conscience.
8. He tells you he is a virgin-  More power to him, he has waited to have sex and that is something most people don’t have the self control to do.  However, you do not want to be the one to take his virginity during a one night long relationship.  You don’t want the risk of making it more than it is.
7. He takes you to his car, not a house- Maybe he is down on his luck and that is completely understandable.  But you do not want to be caught hooking up in a car with a stranger and certainly you are both too drunk to drive the car anywhere secluded.  At the end of the day, not a good idea.
6. He has to tuck his kids into bed first- Good for him, he is clearly a very good looking older man and can pick up a younger girl.  However, he is clearly at a VERY different stage in his life than you are.  Plus you have no idea if his ex is crazy and you do not want to risk that.


Cons of Never Bringing a Boy Home

Bringing the opposite sex home to meet the people who know you best can be a little wishy washy. I’ve seen my two sisters bring a couple of guys home to meet our parents and they acted like it was a routine thing. In my young ripe life that I am living I have only brought one guy that turned into more than a friend home to meet my family and that was because my dad said I had to. I guess you could say I am a cautious person when it comes to my personal life and my family life becoming one, yet I do have my reasons. These are the cons of never bringing my guys home.

Home Base

My house is my safe haven. It is where I can be myself and not be judge and all that. It is a place where I am comfortable and carefree and I where no one cares if i wear pants or not. Bringing someone foreign into my space takes a lot. In my eyes, if I bring a guy to my house they are able to see my vulnerable side and not the tough front that everyone is so familiar with. Then there’s my family.


Meet my family, they’re embarrassing

I’m pretty sure that everyone feels one of three ways about their families. First they are either completely and utterly embarrassed of their family and don’t want to be seen with them anywhere. Second, they are completely comfortable with the actions of their family and most likely engages in those actions with them. Finally, they feel both ways, sometimes they are too embarrassed to be seen with them or better yet they say ‘to hell with it’ and act a fool along side your blood line. Yet my family has a way of rambling embarrassing things when boys stop by. I think it is a way of dealing with the shock that I actually brought someone into our house and that someone happens to be a boy so they just happen to be choked up with word vomit that happens to contain the most embarrassing things that they can think of about me. Bright red is not a flattering color on my face and embarrassment is not a warm feeling.





11 Reasons Why Having a Best Guy Friend is Awesome

Growing up being the girl with a majority of guy friends is really hard, and it only gets worse with age. In college, if you have a guy friend that you hang out with a lot, you’re always asked if you are dating each other, which is really annoying. And if you’re not dating, everyone assumes you are or really wants you to. However, having a guy best friend can be the best thing that will ever happen to you. Here are some reasons why:

 You always have a date to everything. Having a good guy friend being your date means you have someone who is reliable, helpful and not trying to hook up with you at the end of the night.


10. They are so helpful and they’ll take care of you by picking you up when you’re down.


9. They’ll always make sure you’re okay, especially after heartbreak.

Best Friend

8. They’ll pick you up when you’re way too drunk to drive.


7. They will talk about anything with you, and I mean anything.





8 Reasons Why I’m Grateful For My Strict Parents

We’ve all screamed “I HATE YOU!” at the top of our lungs, swore that “Welcome to My Life” by Simple Plan was our anthem in middle school, and plotted completely unrealistic plans to move out and disown our parents by the age of 18. No? Just me? Okay.

I remember thinking I was sentenced to 18 years in prison with my parents as my patrol officers. Strict parents are a rebellious child’s worst nightmare, but now that I’m a bit older and wiser, I realize that there are a few things that I owe to my parents…

8. I will never curse during an interview. Growing up in a family where “shut up” was considered a bad word, I’ve been trained to get a bit creative with my adjectives. It’s always been “fudge” instead of… you know… and “crap” instead of…you know. One of the biggest strikes in a presentation, speech or interview is dropping the F-bomb when things go array. I’m proud that I don’t swear like a sailor (it’s more attractive too).

7. I’m a lightweight. I didn’t get away with sh- crap… in high school. I got caught almost every single time I went to a party. My parents were against me drinking at a young age, so I wasn’t able to get away with shotgunning natties every weekend. The brightside? I have such a low tolerance that now, in college, I get wasted way quicker than everyone else and spend less money on alcohol doing it. Thanks, dad!

6. I have an outstanding work ethic. I’m not a quitter; I was never allowed to be. My parents drilled into me that a pretty face will only get me so far, and I need brains, talent and determination behind my fake eyelashes and glossy lips. I hate making excuses for things. If there’s a will, there’s a way, and I always have a will.

5. I was accepted to every school I applied to. I wasn’t allowed to go out on school nights, especially if my homework wasn’t done. My mother sat with me every night of second grade practicing multiplication tables until I could do it in my sleep. What I’m most thankful for is that my parents didn’t push me to get A’s. My parents pushed me to want to get A’s. They just wanted me to understand how important education is, and because of that, I pushed myself harder than they ever did.




8 Reasons I Chose Not To Live In My Sorority House

Entering my second year submerged in the sorority scene, I contemplated signing up for a bed in our sorority house (well, it’s more of a dorm but still). I want to get more involved… I want to actually be sisters, I kept thinking. There were a lot of reasons why I should have lived in our cluster, but ultimately I’m content with my decision to pass because of my own opinions… and a few materialistic things but hey, everyone’s thinking it.

8. Distractions. I’m a huge nerd. I feel incomplete if I know there’s something yet to be crossed off my to-do list. I’m also far too lazy to make the trek to the library, so I try to be productive in my room, which I wouldn’t be able to do if 30 girls are having a high school musical dance party in the next room and keep interrupting my lecture video on The Constitution to see if I want to join.

7. Non-Greek friends. I want them. My roommate is a member of a different sorority and our hobbies include complaining about sorority things and doing non-sorority things. We adore our sororities and all they stand for but it’s easy to lose sight of the world outside of Greek life.  I want to have different experiences and friends to do life with, knowing my sisters are always there. There’s more to life than chanting and crafting (sorry to break it to ya).

6. I’m Always Allowed In. Our sorority house is open 24/7 to all the members, so it’s not elusive uncharted territory. I can order a pizza and watch Disney movies on the couch with sisters anytime I want, but luckily I don’t have to clean the kitchen or sleep there. It’s used as a meeting spot for our chapter and that’s good enough for me.

5. …But Boys Aren’t. I have a boyfriend from out of state, and honestly, this was a heavy hitter in deciding against living in the house. I would rather spend the time I would devising plans to sneak him in on actually spending time with him. I love my sisters, but I kinda sorta love my boyfriend more. Even if I was single, boys are like… essential. You know what else is essential?



Dating the Face of the Fraternity

Whether he’s the president, on exec, or king frat, it can be hard dating someone who represents an entire fraternity.

He’s the guy every one knows.
Meaning, yes, even every girl knows him, too (and has probably already thought of booting you out of your position).

You get to know all of his bros. Every. Single. One.
He has such a tight relationship with his bros, that it just screams brotherhood. Therefore, you get to reap the benefits and really get to know a fraternity you probably didn’t have a second thought about when you first joined. But you love them each like your own brothers.

In public, it’s always all about the frat.
You never catch him without either a rush shirt or his letters on. He is dedicated to showing his pride in his house. Which is admittedly kind of cute, but you still wish he’d wear your crush tank at least once.

He’s not afraid of anything.
Meaning that if given a challenge, he most certainly will do it no matter how reckless it is. And how many times you tell him that no, he cannot surf down the stairs on the couch and it doesn’t matter how much cushion is on it, you want your security deposit back and your boyfriend alive.

His confidence level is off the charts.
Being the main person people think of when they think of a fraternity is a high honor, and a major confidence boost. It’s nice to see him hold his head high- even when you have to hold it over the toilet. #FRATHARD

No matter who he meets, you’re still his girl.
Sure, he may meet several girls a night. All more than likely to have flirted and tried to see if they can sneak a pass. But at the end of the day, it’s you he comes home to, and you who he’s thinking about when he’s out. You that he’s proud to have. And you’re sure proud to have him.