11 Times You Wished You Were Blair Waldorf

Everyone’s Queen B has been providing inspiration to all basic bitches for years.

11. When she always looked fierce.

Blair rocked outfits that none of us will ever be brave enough to try. And she looked damn good doing it.

10. When her work ethic could make anyone feel inadequate.

Say what you will, Blair worked hard for what she wanted. Even if her methods weren’t always pure, she wasn’t afraid of dirty work.

9. When she knew the ways of the world.

She’s not wrong, is she? There’s nothing quite like spending an exuberant amount of money.

8. When she would do anything for her friends.

No matter how much she and Serena fought, Blair always dropped everything when Serena needed her. She knew Serena better than anyone, and alway knew what was best for her.

7. When she dropped this wisdom.

Blair had it figured out. Who doesn’t want to be all powerful? Cause B sure was.

6. When she never hesitated to cut toxic people from her life.

Sure, she was maybe a little dramatic when she banished Little J, but honestly, who wouldn’t?



20 Blair Waldorf Quotes Every College Girl Should Hear

Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf, better known as Queen B, is known for being a catty, bossy, underhanded, and manipulative, and for these reasons, the world loves her. She doesn’t need to hide who she is, or pretend to be someone she’s not. She works hard and goes for what she wants, even if the entire world is against her. She doesn’t love easily, but when she does love, it’s with her entire heart and soul. She would do anything for the people in her life she cares about. She can take down an entire school of girls if she has to, and look stylish doing it. Here’s some great life advice, straight from the Queen of the Upper East Side herself:


20. “When and if we end up together, it has to be as equals with nothing over our heads. It’s the only shot we have.”

Chuck and Blair are one of television’s favorite couples. Despite their ups and downs, you never stop rooting for this dastardly duo. Blair makes an important point, relationships can’t work if you’re not on equal footing with your partner. Keeping secrets and holding things above your partner’s head will only lead to a nasty downfall.


19. “I just need to know that you’ll be there for me.”


College can be stressful, and it’s even worse when you’re on your own. The most important thing is to have friends who will be there for you, who would lift you up when you’re down. Blair wouldn’t be the queen if she didn’t have subjects friends to help her get through life.


18. “I lose my true self but I want to be found.”

It’s so easy to lose sight of who you are and what you believe in, especially in the whirlwind that is college. When things get tough, remember your roots and let yourself be found.


17. “You can’t make people love you, but you can make them fear you.”

No matter how hard you try, you can never make everyone love you. There are always gonna be some people who hate you, even if they have no reason at all. Don’t stress yourself trying to be liked by everybody. Stay true to yourself and make them respect you, and love will come your way.


16.  “As you can see, I survived without you.”

Here’s something they never tell you about growing up. You will lose friends. You will lose people you thought would be in your life forever. But in the end, you will survive it, and be stronger for it. Never force people to stay in your life if they don’t want to be there. You deserve people who want to be in your life of their own free will.


15.  “I’ve been waiting all summer to feel sparkly again and I won’t be pulled back into the darkness.”

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is surrounding ourselves with negative people. If there’s someone in your life who doesn’t make you feel “sparkly”, drop them. Don’t let other people force you into darkness when you deserve to walk in the light.


14. “Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop.”

Bad days happen. Sometimes all you need is the mall, your besties, and a little extra spending money, and suddenly the world will seem right again.


13. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta go kill myself. Or max out my credit card; whichever comes first.

Dramatics aside, Blair knows how to deal with stress. her wit and dramatics are part of what makes her one of the show’s most lovable characters.


12.  “Tell me what you feel for me is real or if it’s just a game? If it’s real, we’ll figure it out, but if not then please just let me go.”

Relationships are hard. Relationships in college are harder. Don’t let anyone play with your emotions or use you. If it’s real, hold on as hard as you can. But if what you have isn’t real, save yourself the heartache and let go.


11. “The most important thing in a relationship is trust. After sex. And hygiene. And earning potential.”

Sex, hygiene, and earning potential aside, Blair definitely hits the nail on the head. If you can’t trust your partner in a relationship, it simply won’t work. Trust is everything.





The Gossip Girl Version Type of Girls In Your Chapter

Gossip Girl

When it comes to covering all types of personalities, Gossip Girl is basically the holy grail. Beyond that, there is a girl in all of our chapters that fits right in with an Upper East Sider and surely idolize them in their spare time to make sure you know it.

The Blair Waldorf Sister

Gossip Girl

This is the girl we are all slightly envious of. She always looks like a straight 10, never would you ever catch her slipping. She shows up on time to all of her classes in a full blown outfit and hairdo, sits up straight the whole time, turns in paper early, finished tests first, and makes straight As. She holds immense power over any younger girl in the chapter, if you want better attendance, more spirit on campus, better relations with other houses, this is the girl that will make the announcement at meeting. If she’s not already president, she will be one day. Her lazy day outfits at least consist of full LuLu Lemon because she would never be caught dead in something shambly, even if she is laying in bed all day (which she isn’t because she has the agenda of  Coco Chanel). She attends EVERY event which totally helps her be recognized by anyone and everyone. She’s basically a model sister.

The Serena VanDerWoodsen Sister

Gossip Girl

You’re jealous of this girl, but in a different way. Your jealous of her ability to appear effortless without realizing she’s absolutely perfect. She shows up to every event AND participates in all of them. She is on every philanthropy sports team and will be the first one dancing on a table at a social. She gives your chapter the most amazing reputation to the other houses because everyone wants to be friends with her, and every guy wants to date her. She looks cool when she rocks effortless outfits on campus. She doesn’t even show up to class because she is having too much fun somewhere else but will still somehow swing immaculate grades and an amazing career post graduation. No one can figure out how she pulls all of this off, she’s the epitome of perf.

The Jenny Humphrey Sister

Gossip Girl

Jenny’s sorority persona takes a bit more of a negative turn. This is the sister that is typically involved in all the wrong ways. If there was an award for going to the most frat socials, she would win no doubt, but an award for most foundation events? Dead last. Sorority-Little-J will be at every social event ever, every frat party, ever, but when it comes down to things as simple as chapter meeting and philanthropies, she goes totally MIA. She’s a bit too cool for school and a bit needs-to-be-put-in-her-place. But regardless of her lack of positive attendance, we all love this girl (or love to hate) because she is doing her own thing, having fun, and downright DGAF-ing…hard.

The Vanessa Abrams Sister

Gossip Girl

This sister is probably abroad right now. She is completely set on her goals in life and is a firm believer in her own opinion and is willing to back it up at any moment. She advocates hard for your philanthropy and would never want your chapter to be represented on campus the wrong way. She wants to convince the entire world about the benefits of Greek life and squash all the petty, girly-girl stereotypes surrounding sororities. She’s all for Panhel unity and wouldn’t hurt a flea…unless they opposed her political views. She is the voice of your chapter for other campus organizations and is the best at coming up with punny sayings using your chapter’s letters to put on tank tops. Also she plans yoga sisterhoods.

The Georgina Sparks Sister

Gossip Girl

This sister is the one the entire chapter is friends with somehow. She knows everyone so naturally she is at every single party on The Row. She knows everything about anyone. She is the perfect girl to ask to set you up for a fraternity’s formal but the WORST one to ask to make sure you don’t blackout tonight. She is the sister that everyone thinks isn’t human because of her ability to be at every single party and still have the energy to come to chapter the next night to talk about everything that happened. Basically, this girl is crazy, but we all love her.

Gossip Girl