6 Times You Realized You’re Actually an Adult

Turning 18 always seemed glamorous. That was until I realized that I’d officially be an adult. Now, at 19, I’ve realized that I’m not ready to have to adult, but it’s too late now. I may not think that I’m old enough, or wise enough, to be an adult, but I have caught myself doing adult things. Whether I think I’m ready or not, my time to be an adult is here. I’m sure whether you, like me, are not ready to adult, you’ve done the following things, and you’ve realized you’re turning into an adult.

Doing Laundry

Doing your own laundry for the first time. For me, it was terrifying. If you make a mistake, all of your clothes are at risk.


Favorite Social Media is Facebook

“Facebook is for old people.” If that statement is true, count me as an old person then. Because of college, Facebook has become my favorite social media platform because it allows me to stay in contact with everyone in my life.


Getting Mad When People are Loud

Call me old, but I get so annoyed when people are being too loud. I’m practically turning into Mr. Heckles from Friends.





10 Reasons Why You’re Broke In College

College is a time for fun, adventure, exploration, and for most, a time for budgeting. I for one always seem to be a little short in the cash department, and my bank account always seems to be lacking. Sometimes I have literally $2.34 in my account. Selling things online and to random students who need a pair of shoes I don’t wear anymore can only get you so far. While there are probably dozens, here are 10 reasons why college students are broke. 

10. I cannot count how many times I go “window shopping” and end up blowing almost all my money. I mean I didn’t really NEED that necklace and blouse.. did I?


9. Target. I mean seriously that store is designed to run us dry. You walk in and there is a whole section that is “only 1 dollar”. Walking through the store you just put stuff in your cart because everything is so cute or “affordable” until you see the grand total at the register.


8. Groceries. I mean a head of lettuce is like 4 bucks and that’s the heathy stuff! I never look forward to having to go ring up all my food at the register, but we NEED food to eat (sighs).


7. Alcohol. With all the stress of classes and having to plan for “real life” puts a strain on us poor college students. WE NEED THE BOOZE. I mean for a bottle of wine, I am dropping a good $10. Y’all can do the math.


6. Going out. Well you can only pre-game so much then when you get to the bar you have to pay cover and its $10, are you kidding me? Oh and lets not forget the expensive (and small drinks) you have to buy in order to handle this crowd at the bar.