30 Things Your Big Teaches You About Sorority Life

30. Kindness never goes out of style.


29. The proper way to little hunt.


28. How to treat your future little.


27. Never be afraid to call her after a hook up to save you from doing the walk of shame.


26. How to hide my flask at formal without getting caught by exec.




The mom from mean girls is pretty amazing. Check out the article and find out the real truth about her.


1. After becoming her rush crush and you accept your bid, she tries super hard to show you she’s ~perfect~ big material.

Mom From Mean Girls

Sorority Lyfe


2. She tries to impress you with her “edgy” slang (really Big? Swag?) and knowledge of fraternity parties.

Mom From Mean Girls

Sorority Lyfe


3. She’s your ultimate wing woman and has your back in every situation, nothing is too awkward for your Big.


4. She loves taking selfies and theme party pictures with you, and they ALWAYS go on her Instagram.


5. Your Big is always asking about the latest gossip about your pledge class.


6. And sometimes her dance moves at parties get a little questionable. *Big attempts twerking*

aisle dancing

7. But no matter the crazy things she does you love her and still think she’s the perfect Big Sis for you.



So You’re Going To Be A Big: The Do’s And Don’ts To Be A Good Big

Happy 2015 sorority gals! With spring rush right around the corner, plenty of you are feeling the excitement that comes with new sisters. Guess what else that means! It’s time to get yourself a little! (or littles!!) Here are some basic Do’s and Don’ts of being a great Big to your wonderful Littles!

DO spend your time getting to know them
Remember how nervous you were during your rush process? Your little is totes feeling the pressure that comes with a crop of new friends, the sudden bonding with your sisterhood, and trying to find their place in your sorority. It helps to have a Big there to support and guide them through this. Having a little is a big responsibility (no pun intended), and remember to make time between boyfriends, work, school, and your social life.

DON’T freak out if you aren’t BFFs
Sometimes you and your little won’t see eye to eye on everything. You love Harry Potter, she doesn’t know what a Hufflepuff is. She may love punk music while you chill out to R&B. Chances are, your sorority thought you’d be a good fit for her. Find your common ground and build from there. And if she still isn’t your 3 A.M. phone call? Don’t fret. It’s not personal! If you do have a serious problem, talk to your chapter’s recruitment and perhaps they’ll help you two find your perfect matches.

DO surprise your little!

Good Big

Sorority Lyfe

How good do you feel when someone surprises you with something “just because”? As a Big, remember that your little may be feeling a bit nervous about fitting in. By reminding her that you thought about her, she’ll feel closer to you and the sisterhood in general. Think about the sisters that were kindest to you in your rush year and how it impacted you. Then, pass it on!

DON’T think you have to spend so much
Listen up, ladies. I’m the definition of a broke college student. I know the stress that comes from wanting to spoil your little and also wanting to eat food this week. With the Pinterest boards and Facebook photos of gift baskets bigger than your head, you may feel a bit discouraged. But believe me, your little will love anything you get her. T-shirts, canvases, anything with your letters, and even just cute stuffed animals will make your little swoon. I know girls who didn’t get the fanciest items at reveal but have the greatest memories of their Big’s thoughtfulness. Use your crafty skills, dollar sections, and your colors to make a unique (and thrifty) present without breaking the bank.

DO listen to your little

Good Big

Sorority Lyfe

Sometimes, with a crop of fresh faces comes a bit of drama. I know, we all love each other, but with miscommunications and unfamiliarity, there will be tension. Make sure that if your little voices a concern, you address it in a respectful manner. They want to be a part of your sisterhood and if you dismiss their thoughts, they may feel like they are second-class to senior sisters. You know the personalities of your sisters better than they do and sometimes misunderstandings or intimidation cause more trouble unintentionally.

Remember that you are an important part in your little’s life and will always be one of the people she will remember most about her time in your sisterhood. Have fun and good luck!


27 New Year’s Resolutions Sorority Girls Have For 2015

We recently did a poll asking our Brand Ambassadors what their New Year’s Resolutions were for 2015, and these are the results we received. Enjoy reading, and make sure to check out the rest of the content on SororityLyfe.com! To become a Brand Ambassador, please email us at [email protected]


27. To have a great school year

26. To end up somewhere warm for spring break

25. To be on the dean’s list

24. To have a boyfriend

23. To score a bikini bod

22. To land a summer internship/job

21. To be less of a snob

20. To eat Chipotle at least once a month

19. To be a better friend to those around me



4 Big/Little Reveal Ideas You Will Love

Are you trying to think of creative ideas for your Big/ Little Reveal? This is a fun event for both the new members and the initiated members. Don’t hesitate to ask your sisters for ideas. We are sure that they would love to help you come up with something great.


Below are a few ideas that we came across or have seen to help get your creative juices flowing.


4. Create 2 puzzle pieces out of your sororities’ mascot or symbol. You can decorate it however you like. The little gets the piece with her name and then has to find the match with her bigs name.


3. Give each little a box that has a balloon inside. When they open the box have it filled with helium to fly out (make sure it is attached to the bottom) and have their bigs name on it.


2. Give littles socks that match their bigs. Hold a blanket in front of the bigs and have the little stand on the other side of their matching pair of socks. Drop the blanket to reveal their big.


1. Play an elimination game. Give the little clues about their big. Have people who match the question step forward (i.e. I have brown hair), and continue until only their big is left. 4 to 5 clues would be enough.


Make sure to check your national sorority’s policies regarding the reveal. They may have some restrictions on things like scavenger hunts, blindfolds, etc. Remember that Big/Little Reveal is a celebration, not meant to make any member feel uncomfortable.


How did you find out who your big was? What are some other great Big/ Little Reveal ideas that you have seen?


Casey, Kate, and Rachel


Why Your Sorority Big/Little Is The Only Valentine You Need

Written By: Michelle Giuseffi

Last year I lived with a big/little pair that got each other Valentine’s Day gifts. Now, my little and I have both had boyfriends since we met, but I can think of tons of reasons why she (or my big) would make the perfect valentine!

1. She knows what you’re thinking before you say it. This happened to my little and me last night actually…

2. You start conversations with “you’ll appreciate this” and she immediately recognizes the context.

3. You had a rush crush on her immediately. And when you met your big, you didn’t even know what a “rush crush” was yet.

4. She thinks you’re perfect no matter what. Let’s be real, no boy will ever think you’re perfect.

5. You can drink wine (if you’re both over 21, of course), paint your nails, and watch some cheesy rom com like He’s Just Not That Into You on v-day.

6. When a sorority song comes on at a restaurant, during a commercial, or whatever, she’ll start singing with you instead of looking at you like a crazy person as a guy would.

7. She won’t judge you if you just want to order take out, and you won’t have to sit thisclose to another couple at a crowded restaurant.

8. You’ll always be each other’s Woman Crush Wednesday, and the picture on Instagram will always be of your good side.

9. I mean, who else is going to make you a megaphone-shaped pillow (or lips in my big’s case)? Not a guy.

10. She’s pretty much your soulmate.